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Texas Attorney Files Eligibility Lawsuit Against Ted Cruz…

The case is Schwartz v. Cruz, 4:16-cv-00106, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas (Houston) – and the suit was filed yesterday.  An 85-year-old lawyer, who claims no party affiliation, has filed a 28 page complaint with the U.S. District … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Supreme Court – Democrats Waged Jackboot Campaign Using Govt Officials To Target Political Opposition…

A ruling this morning from the Wisconsin Supreme Court (read here), rendered official what observers have long known for a long time: Wisconsin Democrats did, in fact, launch a massive, multi-county “John Doe” investigation of the state’s conservatives, featuring extraordinarily broad subpoenas … Continue reading

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Marion County Florida Votes To Restore Flying Confederate Flag…

FLORIDA – The Marion County Commission on Tuesday unanimously agreed to restore the Confederate flag that had been removed from the McPherson Governmental Complex two weeks ago. Several members of the public spoke in favor of restoring the flag during … Continue reading

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Must Watch Video – Mark Levin ALEC 2014

This is the most important delivery of information this year. Take the time to watch this presentation from Mark Levin. Watch it without distraction. It’s arguably the most important material ever presented to an audience that can actually make a … Continue reading

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Bonus Whittle Video: Give Back The Senate! (To its rightful owners)

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A Very Good Synopsis: “The Day After”…

“I’ve patiently endured for the last few years a lot of lunatic frothing on message boards and in comment sections of various blogs. I’ve read a lot of proclamations from a sundry of leftists all who mouth essentially the same … Continue reading

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Police Still Hunting For PA State Trooper Killer Suspect Eric Frein…. May Have Pre-Planned Rampage for Months or Years..

There are some remarkable similarities to Eric Robert Rudolph, the Atlanta Olympic bomber that many people might remember. Rudolph used his extensive knowledge of the North Carolina mountains to evade capture for years… PENNSYLVANIA – State police said Eric Frein, … Continue reading

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