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Blade Runner Trial Day #2 – Oscar Pistorius Cries In Courtroom – *Cough* *Cough* “Cries”

Via NY Daily News – It was an Oscar-worthy performance. The South African “Blade Runner” clasped his ears and burst into tears Tuesday after his lawyer began describing how “some fragments of the bullet” he fired were removed from his … Continue reading

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If He Believes It, It Must Be True – Article and President Obama Interview Worth Digesting

The Weekly Standard has some excellent analysis of a VERY insightful interview given by President Obama to  Jeff Goldberg of Bloomberg Media.  The Full Obama foreign policy interview is HERE.  (A must read for those who tackle understanding of what motivates … Continue reading

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Blade Runner Trial – Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Began Today

I have not followed all the nuances around this event.  However, when saw the floor plan for the first time, and contrast it against the story he was telling, his version of events just doesn’t pass the sniff test.    What … Continue reading

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Obama / Clinton and The al-Qaeda Disconnect…. “CORE” al-Qaeda (video)

Most people know al-Qaeda (as a terror entity) has evolved over the past 10+ years.   Recently the Obama administration has doggedly tried to parse and obfuscate around a principle that CORE al-Qaeda has been destroyed. This claim is essential to framing … Continue reading

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State Dept Evacuates South Sudan – “out of an abundance of caution”…

Ketchup Boy thinking:   ‘D’oh,..  I’m not gonna end up with this Sudan thing hung around my neck the way Hilary ended up with Libya; yeah, it makes a difference’….  (South Sudan) Nonessential U.S. Embassy personnel were evacuated Friday from South … Continue reading

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Quick Reaction Force Staged – 150 Marines Deployed To Djibouti

Rotten week to be advance deployed……  Grrrrr….  and some leftist idiots say our fine MAGTF guys are paid too much – or afforded more regard than they deserve.  {spit}   Keep them all in your prayers. WASHINGTON DC – About 150 Marines … Continue reading

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The South African Mr. Bean Went To Mandela Funeral – Put On Stage As Interpreter….

One of the interesting aspects of the Treehouse is the international readership and how they contribute to our understanding of events. A recent link from a South African reader was sent to us outlining accuracy within a particular regional article was. So … Continue reading

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Tu-Tu HaZ A Sad – Not Invited To Private Mandela Funeral

Yes Alice, they are still having funerals on the traveling tour. JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Another snag hit South Africa’s long goodbye to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela on Saturday when his longtime ally Desmond Tutu said he had not been accredited as … Continue reading

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The Mandela Deaf Interpreter Has A History Of Criminal Violence Including Charges of Murder / Kidnapping – Criminal Files Mysteriously Now Missing…

Thamsanqa Jantjie, the fake sign language interpreter from the Mandela Funeral is reportedly -according to his own admissions- being treated for schizophrenia. However an alarming investigative media report released today from South Africa also reveals he has faced serious criminal charges before including:  rape … Continue reading

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Elijah Cummings Says Fighting Against ObamaCare Detractors is Just Like Fighting Against Apartheid Supporters..

If you do not support ObamaCare, not only are you racist, you are a person who supports Apartheid.   If you do not support President Obama you are the kind of person who would have enjoyed seeing Nelson Mandela rot in … Continue reading

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