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While President Zero Fiddles With Lionel Richie – Only Benjamin Netanyahu and Fatah el-Sisi Stand In Opposition To Expanding Radical Islamic Terror…

Last night in Washington DC the mandatory Mooch Obama school nutrition standard was set aside as our rulers dined on something a little more, well, exotic: But don’t worry, in the event the unwashed peasants had any difficulty understanding how the .0000001% live on … Continue reading

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*UPDATE* Heads Up Indiana ! – Second American Aid Worker Has Fully Presented Ebola in Liberia – Family of First Victim Flew Into U.S. “about a week ago”….

BREAKING NEWS: Ebola forces Liberia to shut border crossings  (link) *NOTE*  Did Dr. Kent Brantly’s family anticipate the border closure ? (see article below) BOONE, N.C. (AP) — A second American aid worker has tested positive for the Ebola virus … Continue reading

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A Bittersweet Moment – Daniel Wani Holds His Daughter Maya As Wife Still Faces Hanging For Marrying Christian…

(Via ABC)  The baby girl born to a woman sentenced to hang in Sudan for marrying a Christian American citizen met her father for the first time — a moment that was captured in a bittersweet photo. Daniel Wani, an … Continue reading

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No Obama #Hashtag For Christian Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan For Her Faith – Husband Says She Won’t Convert To Islam….

Unlike the socially hip meme toward the missing/kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls, and unlike a black Harvard Professor arrested by police -and quickly defined by the White House as “acting stupidly”-; and unlike a 17-year-old disciplinary diversion student killed in the act of attacking a Hispanic … Continue reading

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Boko Haram Strikes Again – 46 Dead In Twin Car Bombs – *UPDATE* Death Toll Climbs Over 100

Nigeria – At least 118 people have been killed and dozens wounded in two bomb blasts that caused buildings to collapse in a crowded market area of the Nigerian city of Jos, authorities say. The massive car bombs on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Blade Runner Trial Day #2 – Oscar Pistorius Cries In Courtroom – *Cough* *Cough* “Cries”

Via NY Daily News – It was an Oscar-worthy performance. The South African “Blade Runner” clasped his ears and burst into tears Tuesday after his lawyer began describing how “some fragments of the bullet” he fired were removed from his … Continue reading

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If He Believes It, It Must Be True – Article and President Obama Interview Worth Digesting

The Weekly Standard has some excellent analysis of a VERY insightful interview given by President Obama to  Jeff Goldberg of Bloomberg Media.  The Full Obama foreign policy interview is HERE.  (A must read for those who tackle understanding of what motivates … Continue reading

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