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Progressivism, And The Battle Against Educated Citizens

The Struggle For Stupidity And Standard, State, Stupidity at that   What 8th-Graders Were Expected To Know in 1910 About these ads

About these ads
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The Murderer In The Kremlin – The Latest in a Long Line of Murderers

Love Bill Whittle’s historical perspective.  As Bill points out, the KGB is NOT just another organization like our CIA.  It’s much, much, more dark and evil.

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ICE Demands “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) Identifier Drop Use of The Word “Alien” – The Mass Disbursement of Bus Loads of Illegal Aliens Continue…

A key federal agency, ICE, begins the process of naturalizing the illegal alien flow into the U.S.   Controlling the verbiage and words is a key element in deceiving the public, and keeping the electorate unaware of what is actually going on. In the foreground … Continue reading

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Brothers From An Ideological Mother – Turkey’s Erdogan Campaign Logo Looks Remarkably Similar To His Friends’…

Prediction. If Turkey requests our engagement, due to their border interests being compromised, within 10 Days the U.S. will begin offensive mititary engagements in Iraq against ISIS forces.

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Seattle Is For Socialists – Seattle Moonbats Approve $15/hr Minimum Wage….

Apparently the left-wing Seattle Moonbats did not pause in their march for social justice to ask or evaluate SeaTac, a suburb of Seattle, where their $15 wage began earlier this year.    Here’s a brief snippet of some conversation with a SeaTac employee: SURPRISE !  15 … Continue reading

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Turning of the Tide? White officer sues for racial discrimination in NY and wins

Lt. Christopher Barella, who is a white male, successfully  sued the village of Freeport in Long Island, NY for racial discrimination after he was denied the opportunity to even interview for the position of Chief of Police.  Barella was awarded … Continue reading

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Freudian Slip? Airline employees charged with “Conspiracy to DEFRAUD the TSA”

BOSTON –  Five airline employees have been charged in a sting operation with using their security clearances to secretly smuggle more than $400,000 in cash through Boston’s Logan Airport. Four ground operations crew members of JetBlue Airways and one Delta … Continue reading

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