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“Unregistered Occupants” ? Home Searches In Long Island For “Unregistered Occupants” ?

Does the property owner actually own the home or not ? Think Progs. Think. $9,000 in property tax and you are wondering why average people are renting out rooms etc ?   Your solution ? You approve the government to engage … Continue reading

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One Big Ass Coincidence – Or Is It ?

About a week or so ago, Dear WeeWeed noticed a few reports of animals acting strangely in Yellow Stone National Park. Those reports included sightings of massive herds of the Parks’ Bison coming down quickly from the Grand Teton Mountain range … Continue reading

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EXPLOSIVE REPORT: Stolen Passports Used BEFORE – To Gain Visa Entry to Northern China…. Aligns With Treehouse Theory

This is something the TV media are not reporting to the extent it is an explosive development.   We know from media reports the two stolen passports were used by two Iranian Nationals.    We have previously been told the passports were … Continue reading

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Whoah ! Sharyl Attkisson Resigns CBS – Report: “Frustrated by liberal bias”…

We predicted this outcome a few years ago – but it still comes as a shock: I have resigned from CBS. — Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) March 10, 2014 Sharyl Attkisson was the best reporter, by far, on both the Benghazi … Continue reading

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CONFIRMED RUSSIA INVADES – Yesterday CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Insists Russia Will Not Mobilize Military Into Ukraine – Today Russia Mobilizes Military Into Ukraine

RT @NoahCRothman: CNN: U.S. confirms that Russian troops are present in Ukrainian Crimea.— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) February 28, 2014 Putin: rolling into Ukraine. Obama: running in circles through the White House with Biden.— John Hayward (@Doc_0) February 28, 2014 YESTERDAY … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast – Girl, 15, ‘shot dead by man, 48, who opened fire on teens in a blind rage after they dumped leaves and smashed eggs on his car as a prank’

See if you can tell WHY this story will not receive the same level of media attention as the Michael Dunn trial ? ARKANSAS – A mischievous prank turned deadly on Saturday  after a 15-year-old girl was allegedly shot dead by … Continue reading

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Man Who Fled Cuba Gives Gun-Grabbers First Class B*tch-Slap…Best Defense Of 2nd. Amendment Ever!

“No my friend, you don’t sell this stuff to me.  You sell this to the people who don’t have self-respect and self-determination,  and they are weak,  and they love to be subjugated and to be dependent on the government.”

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Obama’s New “MyRA” – Hey Buddy, Can Ya Spare Your IRA?

Behind the scenes, groundwork has been laid for a federal government confiscation of your tax-deferred retirement accounts such as IRAs.  They’ve been quietly working it through backroom committees since 2007.  You see, Uncle Sam has a spending habit….and he’s got … Continue reading

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De Blasio’s Wife Wants Job In City Hall Creating New Public Policy – She Also Wants A Staff, and Wants Al Sharpton People On Her Staff Management….

New York is so far beyond screwed the light coming from where screwed people live won’t reach New Yorkers for 4 years….. NEW YORK -  Mayor de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, wants her own office inside City Hall — and to play … Continue reading

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Driving Through Maryland – How The Lawful Florida Gun Owner Was Targeted… (Hint: Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center)

Yesterday we spotlighted a story about a Florida family driving through Maryland and mysteriously being targeted for a police stop.  They were questioned about owning a gun, detained, searched, their car contents emptied – searched, and after approximately 90 minutes to … Continue reading

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