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“Don’t Be Absurd With Us” – Questions Toward Josh Earnest Amid The Reality of Obama’s Planned Executive Orders on Immigration….

The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services have put out a contract order for enough holographic paper stock to print 34 million resident alien green cards.  Last Wednesday reporter began questioning White House spokesperson Josh Earnest about the motives behind the order – … Continue reading

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Virginia – Nelson County Officials Announce Intentions of “New Search” For Alexis Murphy…

Wow. @CBS19 #BREAKING: Officials planning new search for missing Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy. — Hawes Spencer (@HawesSpencer) October 21, 2014 Posted without comment, you know why – Previous outline HERE (VIRGINIA) Officials in Nelson County just announced they are … Continue reading

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Connecticut Declares State Of “Public Health Emergency”…Prepares For Quarantine

 …F.D.R. in Hell (@FDRinHell) Gov. Dannel Malloy has signed an executive order effectively enabling the indefinite suspension of civil rights in the state of Connecticut.  He’s given his Commissioner of the Department of public Health the ability to quarantine, or … Continue reading

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Ferguson Failures – Missouri Law Enforcement Confirm Plans for Widespread Violence – Also Voter Registration Claims Proven To Be Wildly Exaggerated…

Less than a week ago Ferguson activists were giddy proclaiming the news of 3,287 voter registrations. However, apparently they were more than a little wrong in the math. D’oh: Less than a week ago, Days’ office reported that 3,287 brand … Continue reading

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SNL’s Take On The Future For White People….

Anyone remember back when SNL used to be funny…sometime back in 1976?  This latest skit contains a nice dose of psychological conditioning.  It’s promoting a message of “inevitability” … meant to psychologically condition white viewers to a sense of resignation … Continue reading

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The New York Times Pens Accurate Critique of Obama’s War Inside Syria…

One of the inconvenient truths liberals and progressive-minded Obama supporters seem to be overlooking is the 2001 and 2002 Authorization’s for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), that President Obama is now using to justify his 2014 attacks inside Syria, … Continue reading

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Fraud Confirmed – The Ficticious Unaccompanied Alien Children No Longer Need Housing – Not Only Don’t The Numbers Match, But The Actual Need Is Now Non-Existent

We began documenting two months ago the “border crisis” of unaccompanied alien children, UAC’s, was a pure ruse, a figment. Constructed simply to create the optics of crisis and support the demand for comprehensive immigration reform prior to the congressional … Continue reading

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