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The Enemy Behind The Wire – About That “How Brutus Killed Caesar” Consultant…

Donald Trump is pouring sunlight upon the entire crowd behind the GOPe curtain.  Two weeks ago you saw George Will saying “the Trump supporters (vulgarians) needed to come to the Republican party on our terms, not theirs“; last week Charles … Continue reading

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President Obama Begins The Annual Budgetary Pearl Clutching Routine…

Here we go again.  It’s that time of year when we get to see media elevated President Obama smack around the best the GOP can offer.  Mr. Mumbles and Sir Cry-a-Lot, again to be out maneuvered, out strategized and publicly … Continue reading

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“Tripwire Alert” – Jeb Bush Super-PAC Announces $10 Million TV AD Blitz…

The GOPe plan is struggling.  Their candidate is in single digits; but not to worry – they’ve got plans, they’ve always had plans.  FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. The Super-PAC that Jeb Bush constructed, well, Jeb and Tom Donohue, and … Continue reading

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{{ snicker }}

AUGUST 6TH: Here's a prediction. . The 2016 Presidential Race will come down to Joe Biden -VS- Donald Trump ! . Today is August 6th 2015 — TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) August 6, 2015 TODAY:

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Murdoch’s Little Princess Retreats To The Hills – Amid Backlash Megyn Kelly Takes 1.5 Week Vacation…

Last night on Megyn Kelly’s Fox TV show she announced a 1.5 week vacation returning on 8/24.  Lil Miss stated she hadn’t taken a vacation in six months.  Of course the 8-day memorial day break, and 6-day July Fourth break, … Continue reading

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Here Comes The ObamaCare of Energy Sector Regulations – Obama To Unveil EPA Regulatory Carbon Tax Program Tomorrow…

Here comes the beginning of the second holy grail goal of the Obama administration. This one comes with guarantees of billions for Chicago Jesus and his ideological co-horts. Get ready for “Carbon Trading” in the U.S. energy sector along a similar … Continue reading

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As Predicted – Confederate Flag Vandalism Spreads To Boston and “Christopher Columbus” By Black Lives Matter Activists….

On June 22nd we wrote: […]  It won’t stop folks.  These same people will tear it all down, and will eventually be telling the people in Massachusetts that Plymouth Rock is a symbol of white oppression and racism. And so … Continue reading

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