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UPDATE – Colorado Shooter CAPTURED – Four Police Officers “Shot or Injured” – Shooter Apprehended

  UPDATE 7:00pm – Suspect was captured at approximately 6:30pm EST (4:30pm CST) and removed from scene. Police now going through facility carefully. Close-up photo of suspect taken into custody after Planned Parenthood shooting — Jon Passantino (@passantino) … Continue reading

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Many Predict Chicago Will Riot, Burn, Loot, After CPD Release Officer Body Cam Footage – Chicago Officer Charged With Murder…

We don’t have all the details on this case (have not followed from outset) but we are getting swamped with predictive information claiming all hell is about to break loose in Chicago.  Reportedly a video shows a white police officer … Continue reading

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President Obama Tells America: You are No Longer Safe – Issues Global Travel Warning for Americans…

Yes, America he has built this; exactly as planned.  We are no-longer free to roam about the world:  A World Wide Travel Alert

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French Prime Minister Tells Parliament Attackers Used Refugee Crisis to “Slip into” France…

~ Affirming the Obvious ~ Another western media meme goes *POOF* as the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday said some of those linked to the Paris attacks had taken advantage of the chaos caused by Europe’s worst migration … Continue reading

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Report: Eight Syrians Caught Crossing U.S Mexico Border…

Earlier today three Syrian males were stopped in Saint Maarten after a flight from Haiti, they were headed to the U.S. and carried fake Greek passports.  In a similar but separate event today – Five Syrian males were stopped in … Continue reading

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*Update* – Overnight Raid in Saint-Denis Suburb of Paris (video) – Police Officer Shot, Several Police Wounded…

Breaking Overnight –   Suspects pinned down in an apartment in Saint-Denis suburb.  12:30am At least one policeman has been injured in a shootout with alleged terrorism suspects in Paris, during a pre-dawn police raid in the northern suburb of … Continue reading

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words…

Ted Cruz Today Donald Trump For Past Five Months:

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