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Ted Cruz On CBS Handles Gotcha “Obamacare” Question Smoothly….

It’s the progressives #1 Obamacare claim – if you want to repeal it, you are throwing 16 million people off healthcare plans. So when the CBS team tries the question, Ted Cruz gives them an accurate retort. Well done. …”Well, … Continue reading

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Democrats Again Trying To Delay Intentional Consequences From ObamaCare….

Obamacare sucks. Everything about it was based on lies, false presentations, and outright manipulative efforts from Democrats. As a direct result of the worst legislation ever constructed the vast majority of Democrats have been running from it ever since it … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Rules Against ObamaCare HHS Mandate In Notre Dame Religious Exemption Case…

Essentially by sending the HHS appeal back to the lower court SCOTUS is saying we’ve already ruled on this matter with Hobby Lobby and the religious exemption is already upheld. The HHS injunction against the Roman Catholic University is null. … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Hears ObamaCare Exchange Arguments – Court Appears Split, Roberts Stays Quiet…

While the Supreme Court may be split, the media is not. Check out this ridiculous tweet sent out by NBC writer John Harwood. ACA Author Jonathan Gruber begs to differ…. WASHINGTON DC – The Supreme Court appeared divided Wednesday along … Continue reading

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Not Surprising – ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber Lied and Overbilled State of Vermont…

Given the entire foundation surrounding Jonathan Gruber’s expertise is based on lies, deceptions and false presentations, does it really come as a surprise that he billed various state governments for products and services he neither produced nor serviced? Vermont got “Grubered” … Continue reading

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Notes From an Engineer – ObamaCare Realities

Yesterday someone posted this story on my Facebook news feed.  Checking on the internet, there are appearances of this same story a year ago, at least one website said that they had verified the insurance rates for the income parameters … Continue reading

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ObamaCare The Next Shoe To Drop – 2014 Tax Filings

This next step continues the previously outlined Nine Stages Of Outrage – Obamacare  (Via CNN )The next Obamacare controversy is right around the corner. Obamacare enrollees who received subsidies to help pay for coverage will soon have to reconcile how much they … Continue reading

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