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Cold Anger Report: Speaker Paul Ryan EXPANDING Taxpayer Bailout For ObamaCare Insurance Providers….

Yes, it’s that time of year when the “Omnibus” spending kicks into overdrive.  Washington DC loves it when the electorate are distracted with the Holiday Festivities. This year we taxpayers get yet another round of usurpation from the Progressive Republican … Continue reading

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“Shared Responsibility” Tax Bills Begin…


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With Everyone Focused On Presidential Politics – We Quietly Slip Past ObamaCare Stage 6….

The Democrat and Republican politicans are certainly providing us with a bounty of shiny things to keep us occupied.  Meanwhile, perhaps it’s prudent to note we are entering the final stages of ObamaCare’s intended structure, the creation of “single-payer” solutions. … Continue reading

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Senate Sunday – Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Put Sunlight On The “Decepticons” (Establishment GOP)…

A rare Sunday senate session provides a remarkable opportunity for the electorate to understand the deception behind the Republican Professional Political Class, the Decepticons. As you reference the following Politico article, reflect upon the reality that the current House and … Continue reading

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Federal Appeals Court Rules ‘Little Sisters Of The Poor’ Must Violate Their Religious Convictions…

They’ve never been asked to provide birth control; it’s never been a part of their health insurance plan, before, during or after ObamaCare.  It has never been a consideration or request of any individual within their religious enclave.  Yet still, … Continue reading

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Why I Support Donald Trump’s Campaign – And It’s Probably Not What You Think…

Begin with the end in mind – I’m not trying to convince anyone that Donald Trump is  running a campaign to actually win the GOP nomination. Factually, I’m as uncertain and perhaps more skeptical as the next person. However, given … Continue reading

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ObamaCare Exchange Health Insurance Companies Want 20% to 40%+ Premium Increases…

Under the rules within ObamaCare, the difference between the premiums they demand – and the premium price you end up paying, is the bailout amount they will get from HHS via congress.  Taxpayers are going to pay the higher premium rate … Continue reading

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