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Report: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on Short List To Replace Hagel – Two Johnson Issues The Media Will Never Reveal…

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is rumored to be on a very short list of people being considered to replace outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. So with Secretary Jeh Johnson in mind, here’s two aspects toward that end which both align with the … Continue reading

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U.K. Tries To Train Libyan Army Recruits – But Tender Jihadists Rape Community, 11 Sexual Assaults In A Week….

Somehow I doubt Samantha Power, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton thought things out this far…  Just a hunch. (Via Front Page Mag) A new generation of the Libyan army was supposed to be trained in the West as part of … Continue reading

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Germany To U.K.: You’ll Keep Your Border Open and Pay Welfare To The Riff Raff, Or We’ll Kick You Out of EU…

Why? Because Germany, France  and Italy don’t want to be the final resting place for the continual migration flowing Northward  from North Africa through Cyprus…  And before you chuckle – you would be wise to remember the threat from Mexico to … Continue reading

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Tunisia – Islamists Lose Election, Secularists Win Majority….

More angst for the White House as the Ennahda party was the recipient of Obama’s affection when their islamist ideology took power in 2011. TUNISIA – Tunisia’s secularist party Nidaa Tounes has won 85 seats in the country’s parliament following … Continue reading

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Libya: The Dirt Brushed Under The Rug…

For all intents and purposes Libya is the forgotten mess created by President Obama’s team and their insufferable incompetence.   Perhaps a time will surface when someone in the Western media will actually call Obama or Hillary Clinton to account for the … Continue reading

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EVOLVING – White House Stuck – Spain, Italy and Germany Force U.S. Army To Quarantine Soldiers After Africa Deployment…

This is an evolving situation which the White House is desperately trying to get their arms around control.   Currently the White House messaging to the U.S. media is an effort to sell the quarantine proposals as a U.S. Pentagon/Military decision/non-decision about … Continue reading

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UPDATE – New York Ebola Case CONFIRMED *Tested Positive* Ebola Doctor Who Treated Patients in Guinea Isolated at Bellevue Hospital with Fever, Nausea…

~ EBOLA COMES TO THE BIG APPLE ~ BREAKING NEWS: Patient in NYC tests positive for Ebola, reports say — Fox News Alert (@foxnewsalert) October 24, 2014 New York – Ebola may have HAS come to Harlem. UPDATE: Patient … Continue reading

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