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CDC Mission To Bring Ebola Infected U.S. Aid Worker Back To America Underway

One of the American aid workers is going to be airlifted back to the U.S. for treatment and care of the Ebola Virus.   According to the CDC and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta a special non-stop jet left at 5:00pm on … Continue reading

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EBOLA OUTBREAK: 729 Now Dead – CDC Releases Most Severe Travel Warning About West Africa – “Don’t Go”…

Communicable Infection Control Warning Level 3 (Via The Hill) Federal health officials are warning travelers to avoid three West African countries where an Ebola outbreak is getting worse, a sign of the U.S. government’s growing concern about the virus. The … Continue reading

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Ebola Outbreak – Liberia Shuts Down Schools, Sends Government Workers Home, Quarantines Enforced – Peace Corps Pulls Volunteers From Region….

WEST AFRICA – Liberia’s government has announced that it is closing down all schools across the country to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. Some communities would be placed under quarantine as well, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said. … Continue reading

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Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – Ansar al-Sharia – Attack Special Forces Compound In Benghazi…

No doubt the primary weapons they are using come courtesy of Hillary Clinton and President Obama via Operation Zero Footprint. (Reuters) – Militant fighters overran a Libyan special forces base in the eastern city of Benghazi on Tuesday after a … Continue reading

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Ebola 2014 – A Whole New Level of Scary…. *UPDATE* Nigerian Patient Zero, Patrick Sawyer, Is American With Family In Minnesota

Watching a media report online I was quite surprised to hear the World Health Organization state they were frustrated by Nigerian government refusing to release the names of other passengers on a flight with a visibly contagious Ebola Patient. Here’s … Continue reading

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Ebola Presents Major Health Crisis In West Africa – “Here, if the people come in, they don’t leave alive,”…

11 Days ago Doctors Without Borders sent a dire message to the Western world: “The Ebola contagion is expanding exponentially and we cannot control the epidemic”. With that announcement they presented the following video: At the time of production there … Continue reading

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*UPDATE* Heads Up Indiana ! – Second American Aid Worker Has Fully Presented Ebola in Liberia – Family of First Victim Flew Into U.S. “about a week ago”….

BREAKING NEWS: Ebola forces Liberia to shut border crossings  (link) *NOTE*  Did Dr. Kent Brantly’s family anticipate the border closure ? (see article below) BOONE, N.C. (AP) — A second American aid worker has tested positive for the Ebola virus … Continue reading

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Will We See A Texas Version of A Mohammed Bouazizi Event ?

Four years ago I was in a rather heated discussion about the ultimate ends to leftist ideology. The framework was around immigration and the general principles which Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama were supporting – only the discussion … Continue reading

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Breaking Report: Egypt – Islamic Terrorists Strike Western Egypt Military Border Checkpoint – 15 Egyptian Soldiers Killed…

It should be anticipated the Muslim Brotherhood will intensify calls for further attacks against Egyptian authorities – especially given the el-Sisi support for Israel’s efforts against Hamas.    The Brotherhood and Hamas are ideological brethren.   With Libya in a state of civil … Continue reading

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Jonathan Karl’s IRS Tax Audit Coming In 3…. 2…. 1…..

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