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The Real War On Women – Radical Islamist Group Boko Haram Abduct Over 100 Schoolgirls In Nigeria…

NORTHERN NIGERIA – Heavily armed Boko Haram Islamists abducted more than 100 girls from a secondary school in northeast Nigeria, sparking a search by soldiers to track down the attackers, a security source and witnesses said Tuesday. Some of the … Continue reading

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The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again – Muslim ‘Boko Haram’ Bombs Nigerian Bus Station, 71 Killed, 124 Wounded….

If Islamic terrorists took down a plane with 200 people -anywhere- it would lead the national news on every network.    But if Islamic terrorists take the same number of victims via a mass transit bus bomb, in an African country, it … Continue reading

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A Trip Around Dear Leader’s Partial Globe – “Lightbringer Edition”….

Sometimes it helps to pause and reflect, then evaluate for yourself: IRAN – In 2009, from the now infamous Cairo Speech, an uprising of the student led “Green Movement” striving for a voice amid the heavy hand of hard-line Islamist governance … Continue reading

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If He Believes It, It Must Be True – Article and President Obama Interview Worth Digesting

The Weekly Standard has some excellent analysis of a VERY insightful interview given by President Obama to  Jeff Goldberg of Bloomberg Media.  The Full Obama foreign policy interview is HERE.  (A must read for those who tackle understanding of what motivates … Continue reading

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U.S. Military “Advisors” On Ground In Somalia…. [ Land Of The Bandits ]

…. Out from the shadows. (Via Stars and Stripes) The U.S. military secretly deployed a small number of trainers and advisers to Somalia in October, the first time regular troops have been stationed in the war-ravaged country since1993, when two … Continue reading

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The Rise of al Qaeda – Excellent Interactive USA Today Article Worth Reading

Serendipity strikes again :D – Generally the large media conglomerates, who operate on a self identity of liberal alignment, get it wrong.   However, every once in a while they can set their ideology on a side table and construct quality information. This … Continue reading

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…. About Our “Real Story Of Libya” Series

While assembling Part 4, to discuss the actual consequences from the short-sighted Obama/Clinton U.S. policy toward Libya in 2011, it became obvious that a key aspect is missing.   The “real” cause of the Arab Spring. Having travelled in the area, against … Continue reading

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State Dept Evacuates South Sudan – “out of an abundance of caution”…

Ketchup Boy thinking:   ‘D’oh,..  I’m not gonna end up with this Sudan thing hung around my neck the way Hilary ended up with Libya; yeah, it makes a difference’….  (South Sudan) Nonessential U.S. Embassy personnel were evacuated Friday from South … Continue reading

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Quick Reaction Force Staged – 150 Marines Deployed To Djibouti

Rotten week to be advance deployed……  Grrrrr….  and some leftist idiots say our fine MAGTF guys are paid too much – or afforded more regard than they deserve.  {spit}   Keep them all in your prayers. WASHINGTON DC – About 150 Marines … Continue reading

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President Obama (and Susan Rice) Warn of Potential U.S. Military Action In South Sudan – Um, well,… ahem… lets talk about those Libyan missiles again….

For followers of the Libyan fiasco, and we are not talking about Benghazi, the irony behind Dear Leader and Susan Rice’s recent statements on South Sudan is, well, beyond rich. [...]  In a letter to Congress, Obama said that about 46 … Continue reading

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