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Mass Immigration / Globalism are Prerequisites to Fundamental American Change – Marco Rubio is the Vessel…

Name one multi-millionaire and/or billionaire who is contributing to a GOP Super-PAC who does not want increased levels of immigration…. ….Go ahead and try. The head of Fox News, Mr. Wall Street, aka billionaire Rupert Murdoch (not an American) is … Continue reading

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Reince Priebus and The Insufferable RNC Being Stupid Again….

This is NOT about Carly Fiorina, this is entirely about how blazingly stupid the professional republican party is. Well, actually, “Willfully blind” is perhaps more apropos. There are essentially eight candidates left in the GOP race: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Positions on “Anchor Babies” and “Birthright Citizenship”…

Important to note, before these video’s surfaced Mark Levin was saying there is no such constitutional right as “birthright citizenship”.  However, given the contrarian position of his candidate, perhaps someone could ask Levin now – he’s probably evolved too. Senator … Continue reading

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CNN/WMUR Poll New Hampshire – Trump 29%, Rubio 18%, Cruz 13%, Kasich 12%…

The latest CNN/WMUR Poll (full pdf below) of New Hampshire shows Donald Trump holding a consistent lead and Marco Rubio clearing the GOPe lanes as predicted.  Ted Cruz comes in third at 13%, but close with John Kasich (12%) and … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Addresses Liberal Audience Plant Over “Illegal Immigrants”…

During a packed town hall event in New Hampshire today, a liberal provocateur from Southern California confronted candidate Donald Trump and made a claim that illegal immigrants were the backbone of the U.S.A. Donald Trump was having none of it.  … Continue reading

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Epic – Wayne Dupree Message To Professional Republican Voices is Brilliant….

Wayne Dupree is speaking for many Americans in this video.  Perhaps his righteous voice rings solid for you; I know it does for me. Dupree is speaking directly to the insufferable professional political class, the ever shrinking violets,  who pontificate … Continue reading

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First Sexually Transmitted Case of Zika Virus Confirmed in U.S….

TEXAS – A patient diagnosed with the Zika virus in Texas became infected after having sexual contact with another sufferer, health experts said today. It marks the first case of sexual transmission of the virus in the US, the Centers … Continue reading

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