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Grouchy Boehner – Tells Senate Democrats “Get Off Your Ass”….

WASHINGTON DC – House Speaker John Boehner called on Senate Democrats on Wednesday to “get off their ass” and take up a $40 billion Homeland Security funding measure before a Feb. 27 deadline. The House-passed measure has been stalled in … Continue reading

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White House Telling Congressional Black Caucus Netanyahu Speech Is Racism Against Obama, So Don’t Attend…

Yes, finally someone seems to ‘get it’.   The current White House manipulative narrative around the Benjamin Netanyahu speech is entirely the result of Team Obama’s pride, ego and anger about the way Netanyahu was received during his May 24th 2011 … Continue reading

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A State of Futility – President Edsel Talks To The Nation…

Example: 2013 President Obama announces 41 new legislative proposals.  Two actually came to fruition. WASHINGTON – Judging by his recent history, it doesn’t really matter what President Obama says in Tuesday’s State of the Union address — Congress is going … Continue reading

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Sharyl Attkisson: “New Information” From State Dept To Benghazi Select Committee…

Sharyl Attkisson has provided some new information on the closed door Benghazi Select Committee hearings and investigative inquiry. Including the following from Trey Gowdy: […]  “The committee is continuing its probe into all aspects of Benghazi and is currently focused … Continue reading

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Full Blown Decepticon Mode – Boehner Vows to Fight “Tooth and Nail” Against Executive Amnesty He Funded

Four years ago we coined the phrase “Decepticons” to define a contrast between traditional establishment Republicans, and a modern shift to become intentionally deceptive Republicans .  These Decepticons actually have planning meetings and assemble with a team of likeminded ideologues to construct plans, long-term … Continue reading

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Boehner. Again.

Our Republic is full of people standing in the rain, wondering why they are getting wet.

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Mitch McConnell – “Eager” To Work With President To Deliver ObamaCare, Common Core, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform, ie. Amnesty…

The Republican leadership of the U.S. government is acting French… WASHINGTON DC – Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “not opposed” to negotiating with President Obama, he said in an interview with CNN that aired Sunday, and expressed eagerness … Continue reading

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