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Dover Police DashCam Now With 22 Million Views…

The best parts are when he encounters people while on routine patrol and straightens up momentarily.

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Freedom: The Open Road

A little something about American culture, nostalgia, and a bit of humor . . . .

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Could YOU Pass A U.S. Citizenship Test?

This one is fun – a little bit long, but fun! Good Luck!

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LOLOL – Baby T-Rex Costume and Phoenix Suns Halloween Gag…

“Baby T” was on the loose….

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Better Than Disney – Brazilian Guy Trains Wild Hummingbird To Visit

GOOD MORNING  – Something to smile about….  Amazing video: From the archives of iOTWReports

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SNL’s Take On The Future For White People….

Anyone remember back when SNL used to be funny…sometime back in 1976?  This latest skit contains a nice dose of psychological conditioning.  It’s promoting a message of “inevitability” … meant to psychologically condition white viewers to a sense of resignation … Continue reading

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The Quiz

This is an old quiz (to me, at least), but a good one.  Some might say a hard one.  Try not to cheat, and rely on what’s between your ears! Here we go:

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