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Mysterious Recurring Fish Kill Off Martha’s Vineyard Baffles Scientists….

For the sixth year in a row, a massive fish kill has scientists scratching their heads. “We’re seeing this happen every August.” according to a marine biologist who requested anonymity, “It appears some sort of toxic bloom occurs at this … Continue reading

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On (Ebola) Broadway…

Amid troubling times, it is imperative to retain a perspective. BREAKING IN NYC: Person has been quarantined at Mt Sinai Hospital after returning from a West African country & SHOWING SYMPTOMS OF EBOLA—   (@Breaking911) August 04, 2014 Ebola “On … Continue reading

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My First Job (What was yours?)

The admins here at the Treehouse were chit-chatting yesterday (as we often do), and Menagerie called our attention to an article, Seven Signs You’re Too Smart For Your Job. Menagerie said she noticed it because it was linked to by … Continue reading

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You Had One Job

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♫ Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane, Hand Me Down My Hat ♪ ….It’s The Sili-Con-Man!

Oy!  The big “Snoop Dogg-in-Chief” had a surprise waiting for him when he hit the money-rich environs of Silicon Valley last night.    Maybe those hipster cyberpunks –  (you know, the ones who can crack any code except the dress code) … Continue reading

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Brilliant – Absolutely B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T – You Glorious Bastard – TURK 182 !!!!!!!!!

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May I Play Through?

We would be remiss if we did not report on the reactions of the “most transparent administration evah” to crisis after crisis…. illustrated by the brilliant Dianny of “All The Right Snark.”  Right on, Dianny, right on…… Obama’s obsession with … Continue reading

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Comic Relief

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This Has To Be California – Most Annoying Customer Service Rep EVER

There’s some terminology in the phone call I’ve never heard before and my spidey sense tells me: probably California.   You decide….. (BBC NEWS) Mr. Ryan Block simply wanted to cancel his Comcast internet service.  Instead of a short phone call … Continue reading

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Describe Obama With A Song Title

I saw this on Facebook today, and thought it would make a fun game today.  What song title do YOU think describes Obama?

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