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D’oh – Smartest President Ever Calls Afghanistan President Ghani, The Wrong Name: “President Karzai” (video)….

Despite frequent indications to the contrary, leftists continue to proclaim the intellect of President Obama. However, during a press conference today the real intellect surfaces. In a press conference to announce that there will be no troop drawdown in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Disparate Impact Meets DMV Regulatory and Compliance Road Signs….

This sign was not constructed with the title in mind and we factually have no evidence of what the intent was. However, that said – In my humble opinion this approach should be taken writ large by all municipalities who … Continue reading

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DC Matic – The Government Email Server You Keep At The House….

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Can You Pass This 100 Question U.S. Civics Quiz?

From time to time we post a quiz so that you can test your knowledge.  Our readers do remarkably well, if past experience is any indication! Most of the questions in this quiz are taken right from the U.S. Naturalization … Continue reading

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“Jobs for Jihadists” Applications Flood State Department

D.C. Clothesline: After U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf announced that the long-term strategy in the fight against ISIS was to create jobs for potential jihadists, countless terrorists began filling out applications. Here are a few examples (along with a … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Leaving Comedy Central “Daily Show” – Next Up?

Where will Stewart go next? CNN or one of the alphabets?… maybe a Sunday talk show? What do you think? (Via The Atlantic) Following a late-afternoon surge of speculation from attendees of Tuesday’s taping of The Daily Show, Comedy Central … Continue reading

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Highly Effective Agitprop….

The ramifications inherent in this cartoon are exceptionally well presented:  

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