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‘Merica !

‘Merica! Yup, some progressive folks don’t like her; some liberal folks think she’s not exceptional. Yet this story is a microcosm of our America, our united America. Two firefighters go to a diner after a long 12-hour warehouse fire in … Continue reading

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Trump Takes Massive Lead In National ABC/WaPo GOP Poll – Jeb Bush Support Implodes….

The Washington Post has released the latest GOP national poll of 1,000 people. Donald Trump takes a massive lead at 24% with Scott Walker coming in second with 13%. Jeb Bush has dropped from an April lead of 21% down … Continue reading

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Whoopsie – This Is What Happens When You Try To Rob A Convenience Store With A Marine Standing Behind You…

MIDLOTHIAN — A Mansfield firefighter and former Marine taking down an armed robber with his bare hands was caught on camera at a Midlothian gas station. And now, Daniel Gaskey is being hailed as a hero. The robbery took place … Continue reading

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The Battle of New Orleans…

I was going to post a different patriotic song for the Fourth, but all of this confederacy talk got me to thinking about Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson’s service in the War of 1812 … Continue reading

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Reagan’s Warning to Millennials…

Starts at 15:08. As true today as when he first mentioned:

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“Vessels” – Amen Debbie Dills, Amen !!

That’s what I’m talking about right there !!  Shout it !! (video 02:48 bearing witness – spreading the glory)

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Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars….

June 14th, 1777 – During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress adopts a resolution stating that “the flag of the United States be thirteen alternate stripes red and white” and that “the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue … Continue reading

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