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Epic – Wayne Dupree Message To Professional Republican Voices is Brilliant….

Wayne Dupree is speaking for many Americans in this video.  Perhaps his righteous voice rings solid for you; I know it does for me. Dupree is speaking directly to the insufferable professional political class, the ever shrinking violets,  who pontificate … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Rally Milford New Hampshire – 7:00pm Live Stream…

Tonight candidate Donald Trump is holding a Rally in Milford, NH at the Hampshire Hills Athletic Club beginning at 7:00 PM EST.  There is an anticipated pre-rally press conference scheduled with media. Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream #1 … Continue reading

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One Angry American Responds To: Rich Lowry, Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch, Bret Bozell, Kate Pavlich and National Review…

Last night Fox New’s Ms. Megyn “too-cute-by-half” Kelly coordinated with her smug and condescending GOP crew to promote a National Review Article attacking GOP Frontrunner Donald J Trump. (video here of the smugfest) The nitpicking, intransigent, elitist ideologues, with a … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Supporter Video: “The Last Hope For America”…

Another great video from Defending The USA.  This one spotlights Donald Trump’s comments in the last GOP debate when he gave a rather blunt, but genuinely felt, response to a question about his company if he wins office. Enjoy: See … Continue reading

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The Real Donald Trump (Video)…

The narrative is Donald Trump’s introduction from Crippled America (audio book version): Video Production by Defending The USA a Trump supporter and brilliant patriot.

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Guided Right – Nashville Angler Saves Tennessee….

Where “Tennessee” is a blind 13-year-old shih tzu who had been frightened by a storm, panicked and ran the wrong way from home into the woods, became lost and eventually walked into a lake.   Early the next morning fishing guide … Continue reading

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Just Because….

…. perhaps you need to see this as much as I did: Merry Christmas !

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