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Regime Priorities ? – Forget The Border: ‘We Will Not Be Ridiculed’ – The Search For TURK 182 Continues…. Shine On You Crazy Diamond !

NEW YORK – Investigators are running license plate numbers, scouring social media, examining cellphone transmissions and collecting DNA as part of their investigation into who climbed the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the night to plant two bleached-white American … Continue reading

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Tweet Of The Day – 1 Call Missed

Best missed call ever— Jarhead (@LCplSwofford) July 22, 2014

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Despite Bomb Threats, Ten Thousand Attend Huge Pro-Israel Rally in NYC

Despite the threats of violence and bombs thousands of Pro-Israel supporters joined Pam Geller to show unwavering support for Israel: Wolverine Pam Geller has lots more pictures HERE: Meanwhile in Boston

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Wolverine Report: Border Patrol Agents Threatened To Defy Orders and Stand Down If DHS Used Force On Murrieta Protesters…

We’ve been saying for two weeks that President Obama has a weak hand as he promotes his plan to deal with his own manufactured “border crisis”.   Quite simply the entire administration is on the wrong side of the people. This recent report … Continue reading

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Good People – Serving Good People…

With all that’s wrong, it’s important to remember – there’s more that’s right !… (Staten Island – Via WeaselZippers )  In 1971, I stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and lost both legs above the knee. For the past … Continue reading

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Dan Joseph – Yeah, The Border Crisis *IS* Obama’s Katrina Moment, The Difference Is The Media (Video)….

If you combined Bill Whittle and Greg Gutfeld you would get Dan Joseph. I really like the way Dan Joseph cuts to the heart of the matter in the stories he covers. (Must Watch Video and Share)

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Because if you didn’t watch it yesterday, you’d better watch it today…

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Ted Cruz Works To Clarify His GOP Position As NRSC Vice-Chair, As NRSC is Found To Be Behind Mississippi Vote Fraud Efforts…

It’s a precarious position Senator Cruz is staking out.   Ultimately he’s going to have to make a decision about staying with the NRSC, as the evidence of NRSC FEC fraud is brought to sunlight by the Mississippi election. So far he’s … Continue reading

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75 Year Anniversary of THE GREATEST SPEECH…

July 4th 1939 gave witness to the greatest speech in the history of American sport. No script, no rehearsal, no preparation.   Simple and humble words spoken from the heart. Many people know the opening, and many more know the close, but … Continue reading

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Super Cool Video – Harrier Pilot Lands Using Stool To Replace Malfunctioning Nose Gear

Pilot Marine Captain William Mahoney Story Via Stars and Stripes

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