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Scott Walker Surges Past Field In Iowa Poll….

We have talked about Republican Governor (WI) Scott Walker since 2010 and the Stand With Scott campaign. For all intents and purposes Walker remains very high in favorability because of what he has actually accomplished, not what he has talked … Continue reading

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As Predicted – Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Open Jihad Against President Fattah al-Sisi In Egypt….

Eyes Wide Open – This announcement follows with what we previously shared yesterday regarding the current Islamist alignment (President Obama, Hamas, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, and Ansar Beit al-Maqdis) in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Libya.  al-Sisi now viewed as the greatest threat to … Continue reading

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Paul Revere Recounts His Historic April 18th 1775 Ride Leading To The Battle Of Lexington

(Bumped and reposted) Paul Revere personally recounts his famous ride – In this undated letter Paul Revere summarizes the activities surrounding his famous ride on 18 April 1775. He recounts how Dr. Joseph Warren urged him to ride to Lexington … Continue reading

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Catherine Engelbrecht Testifies in the Loretta Lynch Confirmation Hearing…

Bill Whittle, Scott Walker, Catherine Engelbrecht…. each a wolverine, and all heroes.

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American Sniper – Warner Bros Exec: “It just keeps breaking records on top of records, truly spectacular”…

Love, love, love, this little insider peek: [Warner Bros. Distribution President Dan Fellman] joyfully recounted the phone call he placed to Eastwood last weekend, when he said “Clint, this is your biggest [opening] weekend ever.” How’d he respond? “He’s the … Continue reading

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I Watched The Tom Brady Presser Today…

Just sayin’… UPDATE 1/23/15 2:45pm NFL On Deflate-Gate — WE HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE … Experts Reviewing the Tape — TMZ (@TMZ) January 23, 2015

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Every Seat, Every Show, Every Theater: SOLD OUT – American Sniper – Record Breaking Box Office Smash Hit

Americans love God, are patriotic, love the military, and have been under increasing leftist assault for almost 6 years. This is why Clint Eastwood’s patriotic movie about U.S. hero sniper Chris Kyle has hit at exactly the right time for … Continue reading

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