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Charles Blow Left Out Race of Officer In His Race-Centered Diatribe About Son Being Stopped By Campus Police…

Charles Blow is a racial antagonist, it’s what he does – it’s all he does. He wrote at length about how angry he was because his son was detained by a Yale Campus Police Officer – #BlackLivesMatter and #FTP in … Continue reading

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Wolf Blitzer: Libya Has Become ‘A Horrible Situation In North Africa’…

Gee, ya think? Libya is still arguably one of the least understood results from team Clinton/Obama. So here’s a quick recap summary.

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The “Kids” Running The White House Retreat – Obama Team Announce They Will Drop 529 Tax Scheme Days Before Budget Delivery….

Beyond the substance in the headlines is the reality many have outlined. A disconnected, amateur White House policy team removes a tenet of their prior tax/legislative proposal just days before they present the Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposal. In addition, … Continue reading

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Gary Senise Responds To Howard Dean Who Stated American Sniper Moviegoers Are Angry Bitterclingers…

We knew the patriotic sentiment behind American Sniper would hit a nerve amid the rapid leftists, but the sheer hatred exceeded even our expectations. Enter Howard Dean and Bill Maher: Actor and veteran activist Gary Sinise responds:

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Elections Have Consequences – Greece Returns To Economic Stupidity, Selfishness, Unicorn Promises and Socialistic Failure….

In 2010 Greece secured two bailouts worth €240 billion ($293 billion) from the International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank, in return for wide reaching economic reforms. The Greek government had to curtail intensely dependent social welfare programs. … Continue reading

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No Clinton/Obama Plan For Libya – Unintended Consequences, or Just Failed Globalist Execution…

Perhaps the least understood of all the Obama/Clinton follies. The recent rise of extremist violence within Europe actually explains the 2011 decision to remove gatekeeper Kaddaffi. The 2010 Rivkin Project in France, combined with EU leaders simultaneously admitting the failures … Continue reading

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What Do The Enterovirus D-68 and A New Measles Outbreak Have In Common?…

If you are willing to accept the world as it is, rather than as you might wish it to be, the answer is obvious. ♦  Tens of thousands of non-inoculated Mexican/South American children, and their families, have been using Obama’s open border … Continue reading

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