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Macy’s Announces Major Sales Drops Now Cutting Full-Year Forecast…

Macy’s is blaming “warm weather” and “low spending from tourists” for a massive drop in sales and excessive on hand inventory, which has now caused them to cut their full-year sales forecast. However, given the severity of the backlash against … Continue reading

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Labor Union On Keystone Decision: Obama shows “utter disdain and disregard for salt-of-the-earth, middle-class working Americans”…

WASHINGTON DC – One of the largest unions of construction workers slammed President Obama for his decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline Friday, accusing the president of showing “utter disdain” for the American worker. Terry O’Sullivan, general president of … Continue reading

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Budgetary Scheme Passes Senate at 3am – Two Year Continuing Resolution With Unlimited Debt Ceiling…

I refuse to call this a “budget deal”, it’s a scheme to extend federal spending until March of 2017 when the next President’s (whoever gets elected next year) legally required federal budget (for fiscal year 2018) is due. 3:00am? …Jackasses! … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage Confronts Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande About Failure of EU, Currency and “Refugees”…

This video should go viral. Alas this confrontation is what the Western Media NEED to hide from an awakened electorate who are absolutely in agreement with Nigel Farage !! Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Especially the aghast look on Merkel and Hollande’s … Continue reading

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Protecting The Left Flank – Hillary Clinton No Longer Supports Trans-Pacific Trade Deal She Created (Video)….

Her campaign knew that not only was Bernie Sanders going to make this an issue, but that she would certainly never get union endorsements if she supported it. Unfortunately, the Trans-Pacific Partnership was essentially one of her key economic strategies … Continue reading

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Framed To Destroy Thousands of UAW Jobs…

The TPP Trade Deal is looming closer to becoming a finalized reality.  Current negotiations center around Auto Manufacturing, and Japanese negotiators have constructed an outline that would devastate what remains of the U.S. Auto industry. Unfortunately the K-Street lobbyists, funded … Continue reading

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About These Tax Plans – Establishment Republicans Have A George W. Bush “Tax The Rich” Problem…

There is a particular depth of disingenuous detachment when listening to “Establishment Republicans” discuss the Donald Trump tax proposal today. Especially when we see a pundit like George Will espousing “a profound moral hazard” within a tax proposal that removes … Continue reading

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