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Uncovering The “Enemies List” – Federal Court Ruling Allowing Standard and Poors To Investigate The Obama Administration Using DOJ Lawsuit To Punish Them For Downgrading U.S. Bond Rating….

Back in 2011 the Obama administration and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner were furious that S&P downgraded the U.S. bond rating based on debt and inability to confront through budgetary reforms. A few months after the downgrading announcement the DOJ announced … Continue reading

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The Dependency Lives of The Impoverished/Downtrodden In America – New York Police Stem Riot Over $250 Sneakers….

Answer for yourself what’s wrong with this story.  Something about riots to gain $250 sneakers – contrast against the continual protestations of downtrodden and impoverished minority groups that need additional government assistance to survive - just seems to belay common sense. (New … Continue reading

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Recap: The wave of homegrown violence against the US military isn’t new, and it’s always been from the Left

The official narrative, of course, is that “violence”, and especially “gun violence” is the provence of  “Angry White Male Conservative Christians”.  This is a meme the Prog-enthralled media repeat over and over again. Wash, lather, rinse, repeat. So, let’s do … Continue reading

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Whittle Talks Economics Of Crimea

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Number 8 – Another Global Banking Suicide

A rash of banking suicides has people concerned. NEW YORK – A 28-year old Manhattan investment banker has died in an apparent suicide, police sources said. Kenneth Bellando, who worked at Levy Capital since January, was found dead on the … Continue reading

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President Obama Announces $3.9 Trillion Buget Proposal With $651 Billion In New Taxes…..

President Obama is not releasing a budget proposal as a matter of fiscal responsibility or genuine spending priority. He’s proposing a fiscal budget with an eye on creating political levers for an upcoming mid-term election cycle. Never before has any … Continue reading

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“Dog Fight” – What Goes Around Comes Around – Spike Lee Attacked By Same Rabid Ideologues He Dispatched To Kill George Zimmerman….

We can’t let this little far-left hypocrisy escape attention. Ideological far-left Democrats are the most racist of all self-identified political types. In 2012 Spike Lee tweeted out what he thought was the address of George Zimmerman. The message within his … Continue reading

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Former senator Simpson on Obama: “Don’t expect anything good for America until this guy is gone”

“Don’t expect anything good for America until this guy is gone …….” h/t to Doug Ross aka Director Blue Doug Ross @ Journal has published a first hand account of a conversation a docent at the Bush Center Library had … Continue reading

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Yet Again – Senate Announces They Will Not Propose A Federal Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 – Sixth Consecutive Year

The last time the federal government had a budget in place and signed by the president was Sept of 2007 for fiscal year 2008, and it was signed by George Bush.  President Obama has NEVER had a day in office with … Continue reading

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USA Today Catching Up? – Americans rising up against government

USA TODAY – America’s ruling class has been experiencing more pushback than usual lately. It just might be a harbinger of things to come. First, in response to widespread protests last week, the Department of Homeland Security canceled plans to … Continue reading

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