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“Tripwire Alert” – Texas Polling Shows Trump Growing – Quinnipiac Begins To Highlight The “Biden” Paradox….

Lots to discuss, absorb and discover. Texas swing state polling shows Trump expanding his lead over home state candidates Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz.  Similar to Florida Polling, the risk presented by Donald Trump is growing exponentially; which also explains … Continue reading

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Here Comes The ObamaCare of Energy Sector Regulations – Obama To Unveil EPA Regulatory Carbon Tax Program Tomorrow…

Here comes the beginning of the second holy grail goal of the Obama administration. This one comes with guarantees of billions for Chicago Jesus and his ideological co-horts. Get ready for “Carbon Trading” in the U.S. energy sector along a similar … Continue reading

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Euro Zone Demands More From Greece – Greece Refuses To Believe They’ve Run Out Of Everyone Else’s Money…

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras really screwed the pooch when he called for a national referendum on austerity cuts and accepting a bailout. His own country voted overwhelmingly to say no, to the cuts, but he has no other option … Continue reading

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China Stock Market In Freefall – Half Of China’s Stocks Have Stopped Trading…

(Reuters) […]  On Wednesday, more than 500 China-listed firms announced trading halts, bringing the total number to around 1,300, almost half of China’s roughly 2,800 “A share” listed companies. […]  China’s stock market has so far tumbled 30 percent from … Continue reading

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EU Gives Greece Five Days To Avoid Bankruptcy…

WASHINGTON POST – An emergency summit of European leaders called to salvage Greece’s financial rescue broke up acrimoniously late Tuesday, with officials saying the country now has just five days to avoid bankruptcy. Following a day of talks in Brussels … Continue reading

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Report: Greece Votes “No” To Budget Austerity – Mostly Likely Will Leave Euro Zone…

• Before agreeing to EU demands Greece put their financial strategy to a vote. • The electorate voted “no” in a referendum where the question asked is should the government reduce benefits in order to become fiscally responsible. • However, … Continue reading

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Greek Banks Planning To Raid Customer Savings To Avert Financial Collapse….

The government of Greece gets themselves into financial trouble with unsustainable social benefits and promises. Now, when they run out of money, they begin confiscating funds from those who actually saved money. “Recapitalization”, the ultimate spread the wealth program. 2016 … Continue reading

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