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Report: Greece Votes “No” To Budget Austerity – Mostly Likely Will Leave Euro Zone…

• Before agreeing to EU demands Greece put their financial strategy to a vote. • The electorate voted “no” in a referendum where the question asked is should the government reduce benefits in order to become fiscally responsible. • However, … Continue reading

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Greek Banks Planning To Raid Customer Savings To Avert Financial Collapse….

The government of Greece gets themselves into financial trouble with unsustainable social benefits and promises. Now, when they run out of money, they begin confiscating funds from those who actually saved money. “Recapitalization”, the ultimate spread the wealth program. 2016 … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico Says It Cannot Pay Back Its Bond Debt – “Our debts are non-payable”…

The reoccurring problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money !! I’m not quite sure what the exact percentage is currently, but it was previously estimated more than 50% of all Puerto Ricans receive federal government subsidy (welfare) … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Strikes Down EPA Mercury Rule – Michigan VS EPA (w/ full opinion pdf)…

In a 5-4 ruling, the justices ruled that the EPA should have taken into account the financial costs to utility companies, states and affected citizens before deciding whether to set limits for the toxic air pollutants it regulated in 2011.  SCOTUS forcing the … Continue reading

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Fast Track Trade Authority Passes In Senate (60-38)…

(Via The Hill) The Senate voted Wednesday to approve fast-track authority, securing a big second-term legislative win for President Obama after a months-long struggle. The 60-38 Senate vote capped weeks of fighting over the trade bill, which pitted Obama against … Continue reading

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House Approves Obama “Fast Track Trade Authority” – Boehner and McConnell Working To Deliver Victory For Trade Bill….

The vote was 218-208. Backing the bill were 190 Republicans and 28 Democrats; 50 Republicans and 158 Democrats voted against it. Eight members did not vote. Neither Wall Street nor their 24/7/365 lobbying group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, care … Continue reading

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Obama Trade Deal In Legislative Limbo After Crushing Defeat On Fast Track Trade Authority Package…

TAA or “Trade Adjustment Assistance” was a legislative package attached to the “fast track” portion of legislation for President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement Authority. In essence, TAA was a provision to provide financial assistance for any displaced U.S. workers who … Continue reading

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