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How To Solve The Illegal Immigration Problem – Part I : How Illegals Gain Employment…

In order to tackle the U.S. Illegal Immigration issues, even broadly, a person must first change their paradigms and understand the root issues which create the crisis. Before you can reasonably present a solution to the problem, you must first … Continue reading

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President Stompy Feet Declares He Doesn’t Want To Turn Over White House To Someone He Disagrees With….

Arrogance thy name is. The President who has spent 7 years dividing Americans and disparaging everyone who disagrees with his policies, is now declaring himself the arbiter of who should be permitted to replace him. (@2:10) “Certainly, presidential debates deserve … Continue reading

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The Inevitable – The Daily Beast Begins The Personal Attacks To Tear Down Trump….

Only the politically naïve didn’t see this coming. The liberal outlet “The Daily Beast” begins to attack Donald Trump personally, through a method of hiding behind citations in old books and manipulating content/context delivery to attack their target. The Daily … Continue reading

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The Iran Deal’s “Exit Ramp” Provision – The Termination Clause – Full Text pdf Included…

What this article outlines is, in fact, the termination clause within the Iranian nuclear deal. A full analysis shows how the language used to craft the deal gives Iran the easy out, ‘the-exit-ramp’ as soon as the sanctions are lifted. … Continue reading

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Inept, Incompetent, Unprepared: Baltimore In Chaos – 7,000 Emails Released By Public Record Request….

The Baltimore Sun is poring through 7,000 communiques from Baltimore city leadership surrounding the events of the Baltimore riots. What the emails initially show is an inept structure of municipal leadership ill-prepared to deal with the crisis that surrounded them. … Continue reading

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Opportunistic Alignment – Hillary Clinton Begins “Black Lives Matter” Campaign Outreach…

Clinton takes political pandering to new levels of opportunism.  It would appear Hillary is intent on having the insufferable “BLM movement”, and associated activists, become part of her campaign  (Via Buzzfeed) Hillary Clinton has begun to court leaders in the Black Lives … Continue reading

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Fundamental Change – Military Recruitment Centers in Obama’s America….

This is not a spoof.  This is an actual picture of a current military recruitment center: One story here, and another HERE I doubt there’s a more apropos picture of Obama’s America.

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