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ACLU Report: Feds Using Mobile License Plate Readers To Scan Gun Show Vehicles For Database..

More on the ALPR, or LPR process.  APLR is Automated License Plate Reader.  LPR is not automated – they are triggered like radar guns. Our prior research has shown increasing use of APLR’s mounted to tow trucks and used by … Continue reading

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Looming Consequences – As Yemen Falls The Horn of Africa Gains Pentagon Repositioning…

Several key strategic incidents occurring today which will lead to a bigger story soon to surface. It bodes well to understand the day-to-day strategic positioning, which lends to understanding what is about to happen. The media will not report on these … Continue reading

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BREAKING REPORT: Feds Believe At Least One Of The Gitmo Detainees (Exchanged For Bergdahl) Has Returned To Waging Jihad…

Obviously this revelation becomes a serious political risk to the White House.  However, it should come as no surprise given the history of the Qatari government.  In addition to providing sanctuary for the Gitmo-5, Qatar was the safe harbor for the leadership … Continue reading

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Pretzel Logic – White House Struggles To Reconcile Position of Taliban as “Not Terrorists”, While State Department Admits Taliban is “Terrorist Organization”…

All of this obfuscation centers around the White House trying to deflect their political risk from exchanging the GITMO 5 terrorists for PFC Bowe Bergdahl. With ISIS holding hostages and demanding ransom from various nation states, the White House is … Continue reading

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Loretta Lynch: Yes, Illegal Aliens Have Just As Much Of A Right To Work In The U.S. As American Citizens…

Eric Holder’s replacement holds the same, the exact same, legal world view as AG Eric Holder. Additionally, I find it interesting than none of the “Senators” find it valuable to ask for Lynch’s legal view on “Disparate Impact”. However, her … Continue reading

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This Will Not End Well – Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules All Juror Names Will Now Be Made Public…

With this decision, soon Massachusetts will see an underground business of “leverage enterprises” whose efforts will provide a criminal client with the best possible outcome through the use of social networking, social media and community pressure based on advertising, broadcasting, the juror’s duty.. The juror’s business and/or … Continue reading

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Study: Men Who Take Selfies Are Prone to Be “Narcissistic Psychopaths” ?

WASHINGTON – A study recently released showed that men who post more selfies scored higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy. “It’s not surprising that men who post a lot of selfies and spend more time editing them are more … Continue reading

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