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British BBC Call In Poll Records 95% of Repondents Stating The Multiculturalism Experiment A Failure….

To wit the hard-line moonbat liberal proclaims: If people won’t accept cultural assimilation on their own, the solution is to force the population to live in greater proximity to each other. Watch: See the pontificating ooze of Marxism from the … Continue reading

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“The Benghazi Brief”

With the anniversary of September 11th 2012 Soon Upon Us – By Request, Here’s The Full Benghazi Brief Grab a cup of coffee because it’s a long read with over 350 citations and reference source links for conformational material. We … Continue reading

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Ouch – NBC’s Richard Engle Shares Military “Apoplectic” About President Obama’s ISIS Comments….

President Milli Vanilli gave a talkie without TOTUS and look what happens:

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Fundraising Sites and Financial Support Sites For Police Officer Darren Wilson Forced To Shut Down By Rabid Left-Wing Opponents Who Support “Hand’s Up – Don’t Shoot” Movement

BGI and Radical Leftists Get Victory Over Darren Wilson SAINT LOUIS – Supporters of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who sparked weeks of unrest after he shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown, have raised so much money to support … Continue reading

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Unaccompanied Alien Children Registering For School Have Grey Hair and Wrinkles – School Officials Forbidden From Asking For Proof Of Age….

The evidence of the fraud, within the totally false construct of a crisis with “Unaccompanied Alien Minors”, continues to mount. We began documenting three months ago the “border crisis” of unaccompanied alien children, UAC’s, was a pure ruse, a figment. Constructed … Continue reading

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Townhall Conversations Show Immigration Enforcement To Be A Winning Subject Amid American Electorate…

As we have repeated, the professional left and their cohorts in the liberal media know the reality of public sentiment is diametrically opposite from what they have been saying selling.  Elected officials are noticing in their town hall meetings… (Via … Continue reading

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The United Nations Decries The U.S. For Not Protecting Thug Freedoms To Murder – Cite Police At Fault…

The United Nations is rising to proclaim that America does not do enough to protect and defend the rights of violent thugs on U.S. streets. According to official U.N resolutions the United States is not protecting the freedom of murderers … Continue reading

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