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Boston Globe Poll – Trump Leading, and Considered Most Electable, Most Capable, Strongest Against Clinton…

Drawing attention to the Boston Globe Poll released today (full pdf below) more because of the internals, than the top-line results.   500 people polled – the top line results are in the graphic below: However, going through the poll internals … Continue reading

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REMEMBER MISSISSIPPI ? – Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio Donors Pledge Support To Kasich “Tear Down Trump” Campaign….

The ground effort to destroy Donald Trump begins today in Ohio where several GOPe operatives and advance teams have been positioned to drum up antagonistic protesters and coordinate activity aimed to target Trump. In addition Matt David, the spokesperson for … Continue reading

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In Poll After Poll Trump Beats Clinton – And That Scares The Hell Out of GOPe Globalists…

The latest fear mongering approach from the Globalist GOPe advocates (progressive republicans) is to claim they need to attack Donald Trump because he cannot beat Hillary Clinton. This claim is a total sham intended to hide their ulterior motives and … Continue reading

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GOP Establishment Super-PAC “New Day for America” (NDfA) Declares War On Donald Trump…

OK folks, we knew it was coming – We knew the GOPe would eventually unleash the Republican “Mississippi Strategy” to attack Donald Trump, and it appears they have announced their intents using the NDfA Super-PAC as their vehicle. Game ON … Continue reading

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Tripwire Alert – Large National Poll: Donald Trump Dominates Field – Rubio and Cruz Unelectable by Independent Voters…

A large sample national poll conducted by IPSOS for Reuters (full pdf below) reflects an increasingly obvious reality – Donald Trump is the dominant candidate with a vast and growing support base. Significantly, the data also shows: five times as … Continue reading

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House Votes On Meaningless Refugee Bill – “SAFE Act” Passes With Veto Proof 289-137 Support….

Under the Paul Ryan approved bill -American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act of 2015– the FBI director would be required to certify the background investigation of each refugee from Iraq and Syria.  And only refugees from Iraq and Syria.  … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Calls For End To Syrian / U.S. Refugee Program Following Paris Attacks…

It would appear Candidate Ted Cruz is now aligning himself with the position of Donald Trump.  It was several months ago when Trump told media he would immediately repatriate any Syrian refugee taken by the Obama administration – the media … Continue reading

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