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U.S.P.S. Evaluating Benefits Of Revenue Contract To “DATA MINE” Your Mail…. [ Posted for "Let Justice Prevail" ]

REMEMBER THE BIGGER BROTHER? – If we had unlimited resources I would love to put a research team together to research all of the information data-mining that’s currently going on.   After some research on my own I was astounded to read … Continue reading

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5 Weeks To May 20th 2014 – “The Day” To Determine The Republic

Five Weeks remain until May 20th 2014 Arguably the most important date, heck - the most important 12 hours, in the entire 2014/2016 election season.   May 20th is the Kentucky GOP Primary vote. Between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm EST the Republic … Continue reading

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Feds Suspend Bundy Ranch Seige – Suspend Roundup Of Cattle and Pull Back To Re-evaluate Strategy – *Update* Cattle Returning ….

(6:00pm EST) Not sure about what the details are that have been worked out – However, the confiscated cattle are being returned.    Local cowboys and gals can be seen in various live feeds assisting the Bundy Ranch in guiding them back upon the range.   … Continue reading

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Another Amnesty Immigration “Hunger Strike” – This Time Carrying The Jeb Bush “Alien Love Rules”…. PJ’s and fuzzy teddybears !

You do know that both Democrat and Establishment Republicans are going to force you to accept amnesty – right ?  On the Moonbat side of the aisle it’s all about pajamas  and fee-fee’s.   On the Decepticon side of the aisle it’s … Continue reading

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I Would Like To Talk About This Picture….

….Or more accurately what this picture outlines. This is a picture from a very testy exchange between Congressman Louis Gohmert and Attorney General Eric Holder.  (you can watch the exchange here) Mr. Gohmert is elected every two years to represent hundreds … Continue reading

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Lousiana Republican Congressman Vance McAllister Busted *On Camera* Making Out With Female Staffer

McAllister is married with five children. McAllister has been in office for six months. McAllister ran as a Christian Conservative. McAllister was endorsed by Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson. In California Democrat Senator, Leland Yee was busted brokering the sale of shoulder … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

Sometimes all it takes is a glance at someone’s youthful photo to grasp that certain je ne sais quoi that made them famous.  Other times fame needs a nepotistic kick in the pants. In young Jeremy’s case, I’m guessing it … Continue reading

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Yikes – Glen Beck and I Agree: “Mitch McConnell is as big a danger as Obama”….

I could actually make a solid argument that Mitch McConnell is actually a BIGGER danger because at least with Obama you know in advance what he supports, McConnell tries to hide it to retain his power. McConnell and the CoC … Continue reading

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*UPDATE* DC Gun Control Gone Wild – When You Are In The DC Crosshairs Nothing Will Stop Them From Pursuit… Unless, Of Course, You Are A Liberal Media Type….

Rather than provide the update in another post I’m bumping this thread from three  months ago – just so you can see the comments and review the outcome. You’re not going to believe how this story ended.   The update is after … Continue reading

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Decepticons Gather at Ritz-Carlton….

( – House Speaker John Boehner will not be attending a weekend retreat hosted by The Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC — whose goal is to elect moderate GOP candidates and protect Republican incumbents from Tea Party challengers — because of … Continue reading

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