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Fox Affirms The Benghazi Brief – “The Arming Of Benghazi”…

It has been a year since we first posted the full 11,000 word Benghazi Brief, explaining the soup to nuts events of what happened from February 2011 up to September 11th 2012.   Many people have wondered why the Mainstream Media … Continue reading

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CoC Tom Donohue’s BFF Senator Orrin Hatch Says Chief Justice Roberts “Remarkable” and “Tremendous” For Saving ObamaCare…

Don’t forget, we have Senator Orrin Hatch because Representative Jason Chaffetz took Tom Donohue’s 2011 Chamber of Commerce bribery money and agreed not to challenge Hatch in Utah’s 2012 primary (state delegate convention, not election). In addition to significant amounts of cash, Chaffetz … Continue reading

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Fast Track Trade Authority Passes In Senate (60-38)…

(Via The Hill) The Senate voted Wednesday to approve fast-track authority, securing a big second-term legislative win for President Obama after a months-long struggle. The 60-38 Senate vote capped weeks of fighting over the trade bill, which pitted Obama against … Continue reading

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What Does The Media Do When Catching White House Lying – Why, Hide It and Blow It Off, of Course…

20,000 emails between Gruber and the White House prove the Obama administration was massively lying about Jonathan Gruber’s involvement with their construction of the ObamaCare fraud. And what happens when the emails are exposed?…. (Via Real Clear Politics) What happens … Continue reading

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House Approves Obama “Fast Track Trade Authority” – Boehner and McConnell Working To Deliver Victory For Trade Bill….

The vote was 218-208. Backing the bill were 190 Republicans and 28 Democrats; 50 Republicans and 158 Democrats voted against it. Eight members did not vote. Neither Wall Street nor their 24/7/365 lobbying group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, care … Continue reading

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Obama Trade Deal In Legislative Limbo After Crushing Defeat On Fast Track Trade Authority Package…

TAA or “Trade Adjustment Assistance” was a legislative package attached to the “fast track” portion of legislation for President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement Authority. In essence, TAA was a provision to provide financial assistance for any displaced U.S. workers who … Continue reading

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House Set To Vote On Fast Track Trade Authority Tomorrow…

The key part of this vote is to remove the possibility for trade defeats in the Senate.  If Fast Track authority is passed/granted then a simple majority of 51 votes will be all that is required to approve President Obama’s … Continue reading

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