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Obama Administration Still Refuses To Say Where Illegals Are Being Housed…

In our estimation the bottom line reason for the secrecy is simple.  There are few, very few, unaccompanied children.  If reporters actually went to the facilities -which only house people for 30 to 35 days average- they would find families, and/or … Continue reading

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Establishment Republicans DO NOT Want Control Of The Senate….

For several years we have continually tried to warn mainstream Republican supporters that actual and empirical evidence does not reflect any GOP desire to lessen the governmental burden on its citizenry. Toward that end we coined the term “Decepticons” to … Continue reading

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Papers Citizen, Your Papers Please…

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*UPDATE* Heads Up Indiana ! – Second American Aid Worker Has Fully Presented Ebola in Liberia – Family of First Victim Flew Into U.S. “about a week ago”….

BREAKING NEWS: Ebola forces Liberia to shut border crossings  (link) *NOTE*  Did Dr. Kent Brantly’s family anticipate the border closure ? (see article below) BOONE, N.C. (AP) — A second American aid worker has tested positive for the Ebola virus … Continue reading

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Cash Strapped CHICAGO Sees The Lucrative Business of Illegal Aliens As a Way To Help Cover Financial Hurdles….

That headline is not the substance of this media article (below) – but for those of you who have followed the intents and activities of Emanuel Inc. you know where this is going. HHS (The Multi-Trillion Dollar Agency) was selected by the administration to … Continue reading

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A Mississippian’s Reply to Ann Coulter…

(MarkLevin)…In recent weeks we have seen two columns by “conservative” columnist Ann Coulter about the current controversy over the Mississippi Senate race.  Allow me to finally reply to this opportunistic, money-grubbing Establishment hack masquerading as a conservative: Ann, in your … Continue reading

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The Establishment GOP VS. Conservatives – Chris Christie Edition – As If More Evidence Was Needed…

The latest example of how establishment Republicans, “Decepticons”, are diametrically opposed to conservative principles comes directly from RGA President Chris Christie. But before we get to Christie, let’s just recap the last few months. The establishment GOP party refused to … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Envy (Reposted)

I have run into several comments/posts/videos this past week that reminded me of this opinion piece that I originally posted in July of 2012. It still applies. Envy is used politically by the left to create an atmosphere of resentment … Continue reading

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♫ Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane, Hand Me Down My Hat ♪ ….It’s The Sili-Con-Man!

Oy!  The big “Snoop Dogg-in-Chief” had a surprise waiting for him when he hit the money-rich environs of Silicon Valley last night.    Maybe those hipster cyberpunks –  (you know, the ones who can crack any code except the dress code) … Continue reading

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A Walking Republican Moonbat – Ann Coulter Pontificates The Most Ridiculous Argument Against Chris McDaniel Supporters…

In the fall of 2011 we quit thinking of Ann Coulter in any terms other than a sporadically useful, but generally inconsistent, establishment GOP talking head.  In short, a “Romneybot”. A recent article reminds us not only why it was so … Continue reading

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