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Tunisia – Islamists Lose Election, Secularists Win Majority….

More angst for the White House as the Ennahda party was the recipient of Obama’s affection when their islamist ideology took power in 2011. TUNISIA – Tunisia’s secularist party Nidaa Tounes has won 85 seats in the country’s parliament following … Continue reading

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President Obama’s “Team of Bumblers”… Inept, Incapable, Incompetent and In Charge

We were wondering why the White House put out last week’s meeting of the National Security Council so quickly – they never do that, ever.  Reading this lengthy Politico article the urgent optics now make sense…. there’s always a reason with this … Continue reading

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Last Friday NSC Meeting At Foggy Bottom Instead of Situation Room…

You can CLICK PIC to enlarge or visit BIGGIE HERE  President Barack Obama, with Secretary of State John Kerry, participates in a secure video teleconference with Embassy Baghdad and Consulates General Erbil and Basrah, at the U.S. Department of State … Continue reading

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Delivers Stark Speech – Directly Calls Attacks “Terrorist Attacks” and Identifies “Islamic Terrorists”…

Compare and contrast against Oklahoma beheading and President Obama’s refusal to admit terrorism.

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President Obama’s Ego Targets Democrats Trying To Gain Distance….

For those wondering how President Obama’s ego could handle the scope of Democrat candidates who are trying to distance themselves from him and his consequential policies, the answer has been found. Yesterday in a recorded interview with White House advisor, … Continue reading

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Day #31 The Siege of Kobane (Kobani) – Kurdish Forces Have Pushed ISIS From Kobane Syria….

Well lookie here:  US AIR DROPS US military aircraft drop supplies to Kurdish forces in Kobani. Another example of US resolve to deny ISIL key terrain. — Rear Adm. John Kirby (@PentagonPresSec) October 20, 2014 After coming to the reality … Continue reading

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Transparency = We Have To Wait Until After The Election….

Obviously if President Obama and the Democrat party were working diligently on behalf of the U.S. electorate they would be rushing to reveal the success of their programs and policies prior to the election. So what does it mean when so many critical … Continue reading

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