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A Mississippian’s Reply to Ann Coulter…

(MarkLevin)…In recent weeks we have seen two columns by “conservative” columnist Ann Coulter about the current controversy over the Mississippi Senate race.  Allow me to finally reply to this opportunistic, money-grubbing Establishment hack masquerading as a conservative: Ann, in your … Continue reading

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♫ Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane, Hand Me Down My Hat ♪ ….It’s The Sili-Con-Man!

Oy!  The big “Snoop Dogg-in-Chief” had a surprise waiting for him when he hit the money-rich environs of Silicon Valley last night.    Maybe those hipster cyberpunks –  (you know, the ones who can crack any code except the dress code) … Continue reading

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“I Do Take Offense At Being Called A Crap Bag”…Thomas Lifson to Dana Loesch

H/T …Sam Sit down and have a listen to 16 min. of the “liveliest” radio you’re going to hear all week.  I promise….. Part 2 …below the fold.    

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The Turbulent Summer Of 2014 – Victor Davis Hanson

If your children are old enough to be in college, they probably think the country they were born into is falling apart.  If you’re a Baby Boomer like myself, you know the country you were born into is already gone.  … Continue reading

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“Heart Of Courage”…Epic Fireworks Display

Enjoy watching this splendid display of fireworks synchronized to the inspiring music “Heart of Courage”.  When you’re done watching, check below the fold to find out how the video was made. 

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Un Vacación Para Un Gentilhombre…

Come travel with us on a wonderful trip through the region of Andalusea in southern Spain. You’ll find Zurich Mike’s complete travel itinerary below the fold.  The music accompanying Mike’s photos is called “Fantasia para un Gentilhombre” ( Fantasia for … Continue reading

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“You Can See He’s Got Huge Mandibles He Uses To … ARGHHH”

It’s the Giant Tree Weta, and it’s endemic to New Zealand.  Watch the little fella slavishly gnaw away at the researcher’s hand.  “You can see….he’s a bit of a goer.”  Yeah…he’s the Luis Suarez of the insect world.

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McDaniel Banned Speech – #Neversurrender

In this speech that was banned from local TV, Chris McDaniel promises to never surrender. It’s deeply moving. #Neversurrender The rousing 2 1/2 minutes ending: The full 23 minute speech below the fold… 

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“Expanding The Electorate”….Because Electoral Fraud Sounds So Crass

Today Mitch McConnell, K Street lobbyists, and the NRSC are all backslaps and smiles…congratulating one another on their ability to get out the black vote in Mississippi.  Why?  Because they couldn’t have maintained their hold on the Republican Party without … Continue reading

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The Fix Is In – McCarthy Wins Race To Replace Cantor…

Steve Scalise (R-La.) wins Majority Whip on the first ballot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once again the powers that be chose to back the Republican in name only candidate over the conservative Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador.  Once again the lesson was not learned.  … Continue reading

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