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“Hallelujah”…To The Bride And Groom

H/T to yankeeintx What a wonderful surprise for this newly married couple .  Check Father’s face at 3:00 ….he knows he’s rockin’ it.  :-D About these ads

About these ads
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What’s In A Name?

Sometimes all it takes is a glance at someone’s youthful photo to grasp that certain je ne sais quoi that made them famous.  Other times fame needs a nepotistic kick in the pants. In young Jeremy’s case, I’m guessing it … Continue reading

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SABO – @Unsavoryagents Provocateur…Currently “Blacklisted And Loving It.”

Last week, a relatively unknown street artist named SABO plastered the progressive streets of Beverly Hills, California with 25 posters depicting a well-muscled and tatted up Ted Cruz smoking a cigarette.  He titled it “Ted Cruz’s So-Cal ‘Blacklisted and Loving … Continue reading

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OMG……We Haz New Smilies!

Check below the fold for even more NEW emoticons! SMILE:  The new emoticons have arrived! See the complete listing below the fold.  (Surprise…there’s even a “burrito”!)

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Governor Sarah Palin Delivers Keynote Address At 2014 CPAC- “I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam.”

What Sarah Palin just recited onstage. #CPAC2014— #RepublicanGirlProbs (@RepubGrlProbs) March 08, 2014

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Newspaper Finds Out The Hard Way – “Success Has Many Fathers, But Failure Is An Orphan”…

Quick….someone ask Harry Reid if he still wants that “broad discussion” of civil rights in America. Staff at the Daily Breeze were so overcome with joy they could hardly contain themselves.  They quickly went to press with a front-page headline … Continue reading

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Obama’s Controversial Nominee For DOJ Goes Down In Flames….

“Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid warned Republicans just before the vote that if Adegbile lost there would have to be a ‘broad discussion’ of civil rights in America.” Obama and the NAACP are already suggesting race was a factor, calling … Continue reading

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Giddyap Ol’ Gelding….

“It’s ironic that for all the talk about how tough Chicago politics are, and what hardball they train into their politicians, Obama is absurdly soft in the face of menace. Sure, he’s tough on certain things – House Republicans, debt … Continue reading

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Man Who Fled Cuba Gives Gun-Grabbers First Class B*tch-Slap…Best Defense Of 2nd. Amendment Ever!

“No my friend, you don’t sell this stuff to me.  You sell this to the people who don’t have self-respect and self-determination,  and they are weak,  and they love to be subjugated and to be dependent on the government.”

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Flash Away….Scoring One For The First Amendment!

Flashing your headlights to warn other drivers of a speed trap is constitutionally protected speech, said a Missouri judge earlier this week. You’ve all done it, right?  Say you’re driving down the road and you see this police car lying … Continue reading

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