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Andrew Klavan: How the Media See the Midterms

Andrew Klavan, of Truth Revolt Andrew’s amusing take on the media: About these ads

About these ads
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Why So Serious? Can Conservatives Do Viral, and Funny Political Video?

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Firewall: A Crash In The Mojave

In his latest Firewall, Bill Whittle draws on his experience as a pilot to help unravel the psychology of the presumed pilot error behind the crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo.

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Evidence that Attorney General Targeted Attkisson

From Powerline Blog: Judicial Watch has slowly been prying Fast and Furious documents out of the desperate grip of the Obama administration. The Department of Justice has now produced around 40,000 pages of documents–a tiny amount–which Judicial Watch has posted … Continue reading

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Jorge Ramos: Obama Paying Off ‘Debt’ to Latinos

From Truth Revolt Univision anchor Jorge Ramos described Obama’s executive action on immigration as paying a “debt” to the Latino community. In an interview with Fusion colleague Alicia Menendez, Ramos denied that Obama had kept his promises on immigration in … Continue reading

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Obama: That was then, this is now

Fun compilation of Obama video clips about how he wouldn’t abuse executive actions, like his predecessor, George Bush, did.  Compiled by David Rutz, of The Washington Free Beacon. H/T, The Truth Revolt

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In Flanders Fields ……

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