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Progressivism, And The Battle Against Educated Citizens

The Struggle For Stupidity And Standard, State, Stupidity at that   What 8th-Graders Were Expected To Know in 1910 About these ads

About these ads
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From Bill Whittle (on Facebook): I don’t usually implore people to share these or help push them out, but I know from experience that this particular video might make a difference and I could use your help making sure that … Continue reading

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The Murderer In The Kremlin – The Latest in a Long Line of Murderers

Love Bill Whittle’s historical perspective.  As Bill points out, the KGB is NOT just another organization like our CIA.  It’s much, much, more dark and evil.

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In The 6th Summer Of Obama, Let the _______________s Do It

The southern border is collapsing. Ebola is spreading. Russia is on the rise. U.S. infrastructure is crumbling. The electrical grid is in jeopardy. Can the republic suffer another year of the Obama Administration without help? If the Obama Administration can’t … Continue reading

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My First Job (What was yours?)

The admins here at the Treehouse were chit-chatting yesterday (as we often do), and Menagerie called our attention to an article, Seven Signs You’re Too Smart For Your Job. Menagerie said she noticed it because it was linked to by … Continue reading

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Friday Video – How ‘Social Proof’ Kills Scientific Skepticism and Conquers Morality

Here’s one for Lou!  Seriously, this is a good discussion of what we used to call peer pressure, but what they now call ‘Social Proof’.  Excellent comment on the YouTube thread: “Science” is the new religion of the secular. Pointing … Continue reading

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A Brief History Of Mental Illness

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Billionaires’ Club – The Environmental Movement & Politics

“There aren’t a lot of functioning democracies around the world that work this way where you can basically have millionaires and billionaires bankrolling whoever they want, however they want, in some cases undisclosed. What it means is ordinary Americans are … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Envy (Reposted)

I have run into several comments/posts/videos this past week that reminded me of this opinion piece that I originally posted in July of 2012. It still applies. Envy is used politically by the left to create an atmosphere of resentment … Continue reading

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Does America Need Another Great Challenge?  

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