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The Virtual Inaugural – If Bill Whittle Was Elected President

The Virtual Presidency is a series produced by Bill Whittle.  Many of these segments are available to view at, and to purchase on dvd. About these ads

About these ads
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Bush Lite

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Cheers and tears from winners and losers in Scotland referendum

REUTERS As Scotland’s regions reported their decisions in a momentous independence referendum to the central counting operation in Edinburgh in the early hours of Friday morning, the “Yes” supporters’ mood grew ever more deflated. The votes piled up in favour … Continue reading

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Great Unraveling: Can the Threads of the American Tapestry Be Rewoven?

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Tie-Dyed Tyranny

More stories of outrageous, control freak eco-weenies.

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President G.W. Bush Speaks To The Nation, September 2001

Another repeat from previous years …… The following video incorporates an audio recording that was made by a Detroit radio station, WOMC FM, in October 2001. It contains excerpts from two speeches – President Bush’s oval office speech the evening … Continue reading

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From September 11 to Eternity

On December 7, 2001, Peggy Noonan wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal with the title used for this post.  Here it is.

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