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Stories Liberals Tell: How Conservatives Can Win Back the Country

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Freedom: The Open Road

A little something about American culture, nostalgia, and a bit of humor . . . .

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The New Barbarism

Bill Whittle: Lena Dunham, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and the New Barbarism Brought to us by Truth Revolt Originals

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Pull Your Boots On

Can Clinton Music Tribute Make USA ‘Hill’ Country? The Trifecta Guys at PJ Media attempt to tackle this question without bursting into laughter!

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Cruzian Hubris

Here’s a Thought from Scott Ott of PJ Media:

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Ben Shapiro: Republicans Secretly Want Obama’s Amnesty

The fight is never over, is it? Visit Truth Revolt

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Bill Whittle: Obama’s Black Skin Privilege

Everyone knows it is true, and no one has the courage to say it. The American people are letting Barack Obama destroy this country through illegal executive orders for one reason and one reason only. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill … Continue reading

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