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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Charles Lindbergh

It ought not to be only for the nostalgia of some momentary comfort that we remember. Our efforts to comprehend the present may receive an assist from deliberate and thoughtful recollection of things that happened less than 100 years ago. Charles Lindbergh made his trans-Atlantic flight … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Morning Glories and School Buses

The morning glories and the school bus arrived within a couple of weeks of one another in August…a color duo of the clearest blue sky and a flaming burnt orange sunset. All summer my mother protected the few morning glories … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Going to the County Fair

For this, farm families would take off on a day that was not Sunday! The county fair was toward the end of August, just before school started.  Every county had their own but we always went to the one one county … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Tent Revivals and Little Girls, by WeeWeed

Thank you to WeeWeed who is providing our MBOB post today – Sharon If you live long enough, you have the dreaded (but normal) task of cleaning out a beloved family member’s personal items when they die.  Such was mine … Continue reading

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GoFundMe / Officer Darren Wilson Fundraising Update

Thirteen days ago: Saturday Aug. 9 11:48 a.m. to noon – An officer responds to a call of a sick person. 11:51 a.m. – Another call comes in about a robbery at a convenience store. The dispatcher gives a description … Continue reading

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First Principles #5: The End by Treeper Cetera

Cetera is an avid reader and friend of the Tree House, and an occasional commenter.  He currently resides in Wyoming, having given up on Colorado after 10 years and deciding to move his family to a more politically friendly state.  What … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Grain Elevators – Castles of the Prairie

Today’s MBOB is a repeat from a year ago. It’s harvest time again and depending on when the rain finally stopped last spring, harvest has been under way since July in some areas. 1951 was a good year. Dad sold 3,686 bushels … Continue reading

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