BREAKING – MH370 Partial Wreckage Found Off Coast of Western Australia *update* Video of Prime-Minister Announcement – *update 2* Video Press Conference – *Update* Pictures Added.

Breaking newsCNN is Reporting that Australian “authorities” are confirming that partial aircraft wreckage has been located.

All Global Media now confirm initial CNN report  – Australian Media

The Australian Prime-Minister, Tony Abbott, has given the media direct first-hand confirmation that they are reasonably sure they have located some of Malaysian Airlines 370 wreckage.

More air and sea assets are en-route to the vicinity for assistance, confirmation and recovery.

Here are the Satellite Images They are Working With:  (first image 24 meters – 79 feet)

australia satellite imagery

update-1Satellite imagery provided to AMSA …  of objects that may be possible debris of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in a revised area 185 km to the south east of the original search area.  (link)

Second object 5 meters – 17 feet:

australia satellite imagery 2

@11:30 pm - Aerial Photographs of the wreckage have been taken by low flying reconnaissance aircraft and are currently en-route back to Australia.  Anticipated arrival back on mainland Australia 5hrs [Currently 00:00 (midnight EST) so photo's should arrive approx. 05:00 am EST]  Here is Prime Minister announcement:

update-1Update @1:00 am EST - Australian Press Conference


update-1The blue arrows indicate the path of deep, cold, dense water currents. The red arrows indicate the path of warmer, less dense surface waters.  Water debris in South Indian Ocean – would be generally moving SW away from land following surface sea currents.  (click to enlarge)

australia search

update-1 @2:30 am - Australia News Link HERE

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (CNN) — Authorities have spotted two objects in the Indian Ocean that are possibly related to the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Thursday.

“New and credible information has come to light in relation to the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean,” Abbott said in the the Australian House of Representatives in Canberra. “The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has received information based on satellite imagery of objects possibly related to the search.

“Following specialist analysis of this satellite imagery, two possible objects related to the search have been identified,” he said. “I can inform the House that a Royal Australian Air Force Orion has been diverted to attempt to locate the objects.”

Three other planes will carry out a “more intensive follow-up search,” he said.

Australian search teams have been at the forefront of the hunt for the missing plane in the remote southern Indian Ocean.

The announcement from Abbott raises hopes of finding parts of the plane after a search that is now in its 13th day. Previous reports of debris found in the sea have not turned out to be related  (read more)

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275 Responses to BREAKING – MH370 Partial Wreckage Found Off Coast of Western Australia *update* Video of Prime-Minister Announcement – *update 2* Video Press Conference – *Update* Pictures Added.

  1. waltherppk says:

    Another testimonial from the religion of peace.

    • justfactsplz says:


    • myopiafree says:

      If that is the plane – then the pilot just went “loony”. He “programmed the turn”. He indeed flew himself into “never more”.

      • tedandderby says:

        This is not going to have a simple explaination like the pilot went loony disableing everything, killing all the passengers, flying up to where there is no oxygen, then flying out to sea so he can run out of gas. There is absolutely nothing to suggest this pilot would do those things. Some things are rather obvious. The plane flew out to sea so that no crash or other damage would be done near land. The plane flew at an altitude of 29,500, I presume, because that is an unusual altitude not frequented by other air craft thus keeping the plane away from crashing into other planes. The trip up to 45,000 feet would produce thin air. A fire on board would be the most likely explainiation. The communication shutdowns were not done by humans they were shorted out by the fire, or explosion or whatever happened. This could all have something to do with those batteries on board. That is a better explanation then blaming the pilot.

  2. Be Ge says:

    I remember the pilot on the news saying he could fly 777 and land it with a GPS receiver. Well, apparently, someone was not as good in flying….This looks like wrong way flying & crashing on approach or ditching.

  3. ctdar says:

    I pray for those poor families that this is not another red herring.

  4. ctdar says:

    If it went that far south, where on earth was it headed?

  5. ctdar says:

    Wonder if turned out to be really like the golfer Payne Stewart scenario?

    What’s with the engine pings from complete opposite direction….
    Australian PM now hedging his bets saying objects “maybe related”


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Sundance, and you just said….! I wash hoping you were wrong.

    • sundance says:

      I was gonna say Tuesday, but decided to wait 24 hrs and say on Wed afternoon.

      IMHO – This has been in works since last weekend when the USS Kidd and U.S. ships were vacated from the area…. The vacate order cleared way for Option #2 Execution.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I was hoping for option 1 but I knew in my head your option 2 was more likely. In my heart, I wanted this terror attempt to be exposed.

      • auscitizenmom says:


      • Stormy says:

        I did think at the time that it was noteworthy that the ships were leaving… Do you think McInerney was sent out as a red herring?

      • Edward Teach says:

        If this is 377, it can be verified with just one serialized part, or repair part. And often with just a particular part specific to that airframe’s Effectivity’ number.

        As similar as a particular aircraft model is no two are identical.

        So if they find a portion of the tail, a small bracket on one of the frames could be shaped just slightly different to make it fit better on 377. In the Boeing parts manual for the 777-200 there will be a list of every part and their effecitivity. Or what specific aircraft they put it on. And in the planes own records there will be a list of all serialized parts and any repairs will have been given a thorough description and a unique serial number as well.

        So if this not 377 it will be impossible for them to fool Boeing.

  7. radish says:

    A lot of undiscovered airplane wreckage already there from days gone by, sadly.

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  9. John Galt says:

    The story has just had a huge rewrite:

    Suggestions the flight may have deliberately been changed were challenged by the acting transport minister today.
    In words that appeared to rubbish a Reuters report suggesting MH370 used waypoints, or navigational points, after losing contact with ground control, he said: ‘I am aware of speculation that additional waypoints were added to the aircraft’s flight routing. I can confirm that the aircraft flew on normal routing up until the waypoint IGARI. There is no additional waypoint on MH370’s documented flight plan, which depicts normal routing all the way to Beijing.’
    Investigators at the conference also rubbished reports the plane may have been sighted over the Maldives.
    Some residents of Kudahuvadhoo, one of the most remote parts of the area, said they saw a low-flying aircraft on the morning the flight’s disappearance. Hishammuddin Hussein said these were false.

  10. maryfrommarin says:

    How much wreckage would be visible after all this time…in the water? Or even still together (in light of currents, etc.) Photographs will be very interesting. Of course, no photographs can indicate any kind of evidential timeline.

    • sundance says:

      Tail fin holds large gas tank on 777. If empty (plane low on fuel) that tank is highly buoyant and makes entire tail fin float.

      • maryfrommarin says:

        Begs the question of when it went/was put into the water, of course. But you knew that.

        • sundance says:

          That search quadrant was announced Tuesday Morning 3/17. So go backward about 24-36 hours and you have sometime Sunday night (approx.).

          • radish says:

            *It* had to go south because all parts where you could deposit a solid piece of airplane stagecraft as evidence of a crash, had already been scanned by the 26 countries participating in the search. Australia, the Outback Wild Country, and vicinity, it’s the official story and they will stick to it.

          • maryfrommarin says:

            Sorry, SD, my comments were meant somewhat cynically–as if to those who are intended to believe that the plane went down there shortly after it “disappeared”. But your answer is helpful.

            It’s convenient that forensic analysis of any floating debris is complicated by the fact of the discovery location not being a solid surface. Harder to determine an exact length of time in the water.

            I’m assuming that no genuine recordings of any type will be found, so all timelines will remain hypothetical.

      • elvischupacabra says:

        Much of a 777 is honeycomb composite that easily floats. Keep in mind too that seats, cushions, baggage contents, blankets, pillows, galley supplies, insulation and any pieces with air trapped inside will float.

  11. justfactsplz says:

    Watching this unfold on CNN. Everyone has been given their talking points earlier. I wonder how much Australia really knows about what is going down. Obama should be exiled to Pakistan or Iran. Why would General McInerny say the US had listened in on conversations etc. and that the plane was in Pakistan if it wasn’t? Fox was the only network to broadcast about the Pakistan angle. I keep thinking about Israel.

    • sundance says:

      I was told 4 days ago, when the announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. ships that “Pakistan OPTION #2″ scenario *could* unfold exactly as is being now discovered/revealed.

      I will not drag everyone into what is now going to be labeled “conspiracy theory”. It matters not. However, “clearing the theater” would have been an essential part of the “face saving” to allow the transport and deposit of partial wreckage. Part of the wreckage will have a highly visible “optical” value – meaning it will have the tail insignia or something similar. (That optical part is needed for press value )

      Further predictions include:

      1.) …. the Cockpit Voice Recorders will show little to nothing – As if the participants were just silently going all the way South til they ran out of gas. This allows Malaysian Authorities to also “save face” and avoid further security scrutiny or public inquiry….

      2.) … the flight data recorders will show an uneventful flight South until MH-370 ran out of fuel and crashed with all souls on board.

      or 3.) neither will be found.

      Regardless, and on the upside (so to speak), the plane is *no longer a threat*, and that was the primary goal of U.S. interest (together with our allies).

      Further discussion of “Pakistan Option #2″ will only result in accusations of conspiracy theory and I don’t have energy or inclination to battle about it. Again, it matters not – the threat is removed.

      My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the passengers. We can only hope they find some semblance of comfort and/or closure as the grief continues to rip through their hearts. Sad – Just really sad.

      • Aslan's Girl says:

        sundance, “Regardless, and on the upside (so to speak), the plane is *no longer a threat*, and that was the primary goal of U.S. interest (together will our allies).”
        This is true. And I’ll be very relieved. But knowing that justice was not served and ROP was allowed to kill 239 people and get away with it, makes my blood boil.

        • czarowniczy says:

          With the exception of the Israeli wet ops, how many of the Islamic airline hijackers (especially the Russian sponsored ones) in the 70s were offed? We’ll burn candles, put teddy bear memorials up at airports . Lots of government bureaucrats around the world will be breathing sighs of relief as there seems to be no objective evildoers so no one will have to do anything more than give a few perfunctory speeches and make a few vague threats.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Thanks, Sundance. I get it. The best thing is it is no longer a threat to Israel.

      • doodahdazee says:

        In other words the Gay connection is Taboo.

      • hoonan says:

        To not further that discussion “Option 1 or 2″ on this post may we ask questions in the past posts?

  12. Aslan's Girl says:

    Fox News was careful to say that it “may” be MH370… it could easily turn out to be garbage like the stuff floating around 10 days ago (China satellites found possible wreckage, only it wasn’t).
    Or, if they “prove” it’s plane wreckage, put on the tinfoil hats`because I won’t believe them. Not with the transponders purposely being shut off by pilot. Too many suspicious actions to believe in a simple accident.
    OR, they really will find wreckage of MH370, but only because the hijackers accidentally crashed!

    • doodahdazee says:

      Moby Dick and his Girlfriend.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I feel like you do but we will have to settle for we know what we know we know and leave it at that. It’s a time to lean not on our own understanding. To keep on with what we know would just label us and this great site as conspiracy theorist which we are not. In the end God and truth will prevail.

      • doodahdazee says:

        To tell the truth…I have had an unusual experience in the Triangle. About 25 years ago. In the Gulf Stream between Walkers Key and Fort pierce. Unexplainable. Strange things can and do happen.

        • justfactsplz says:

          Glad you made it through that. Whew!

          • doodahdazee says:

            It was quite a day. 75 mile shift to North in one hour at a speed of 5 mph in a massive storm front from the West with a big hurricane swell from the East from a cane to Westward of the Bahamas just coming to where the swell could reach. The water seemed to be separating kine like oil and vinegar. Double lightning strike fired both the starters in to running diesel engines. It was black and knarly and 65 plus gusts. Nasty. From a clear calm blue day to a nightmare in an hour and then back to clear calm.

            • justfactsplz says:

              My you are such a story teller, lol.

              • doodahdazee says:

                This is just part of the story. But it is real. 100% Coming off Mantanill Reef Clear Flat Calm Blue Shy. Saw a sort of Rainbow over the Gulfstream. But it was like a Dome. An hour later….malstrom. Black roiling Wall cloud. Calm to Hurrican Force in 1 minute.

            • mcguffin says:

              I was told by a pilot that there’s an exact triangle where planes and strange things happen on the other side of the world from the Bermuda. If you took a looooong pole and went thru the Bermuda Triangle that it would come out at the other triangle of strangeness. Did that make sense?

  13. Pamela says:

    If this is not the lost plane, I pray this plane is never used as a device to destroy human life by EMP or nuclear bomb.

  14. doodahdazee says:

    Probly an old fishing net.

  15. Aslan's Girl says:

    Two good articles from The Gateway Pundit:

    BREAKING: US General Says if Missing MH370 Crashed It Would Have Sent Out a Signal – IT DIDN’T (Video)
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 10:08 PM
    “Retired General Chuck Nash told Hannity tonight that if the missing Flight MH370 had crashed on land or sea it would have sent out a signal. That did not happen.”

    And (stuff we already knew):

    BREAKING: Intel Group With Source Inside Boeing Says Missing Flight #MH370 Went to Pakistan
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 8:47 PM
    “A LIGNET analyst received information from a source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan…”

  16. Aslan's Girl says:

    At any rate, Gen. McInerney was right about news coming out in 24-48 last night. Only thing is, with the coverup, the Gen. will look silly and so will Fox News :(:(:(

  17. doodahdazee says:

    Its a net. There is all kine stuff in the deep. They need butterfly nets to catch all the MSM nutz commenting on this. Send out the Pequad.

  18. SAFVet says:

    Just listened to presser by Aussie S&R folks – ~4 aircraft on or near scene – weather is poor – nothing sighted by planes yet. He was being very careful to not imply that what was seen on the satellite imagery was in fact a part of the aircraft. It’s possible that a US Navy Poseidon (a specialized Boeing 737) search aircraft may become available. Stay tuned.

  19. SAFVet says:

    Admin – my last comment seems to have gone into the never-never land… can you help?
    None of your comments are in spam or pending. Perhaps it sorted out since you posted this request. – Admin

  20. Aslan's Girl says:

    CNN is reporting that one chunk is 80 feet long… I remember learning ten days ago when that other debris was found by China, that a plane crashing into the ocean could not have chunks that large.

  21. Partyzant says:

    Does anyone get the feeling that there are similarities between this snipe hunt and what went on in the wake of Amelia Earhart/Fred Noonan disappearance? The big search, the vague radio signals? Ask yourself why that event may have occurred. What is different now?

    • radish says:

      Very. What if SIA68 pilot was in cahoots? The task of shadowing would be much easier. Singapore is not muslim majority but has a large proportion of Malays.

    • elvischupacabra says:

      No way. The TCAS (Terrain and Collision Avoidance System) on the other aircraft would be going nuts if another airplane was that close. Mine goes crazy when I’m on a parallel approach with another aircraft a quarter mile away.

      • sundance says:

        But would it still go off if the other guy’s transponder was off ?

        • elvischupacabra says:

          Yes. It is proximity-based.

          • safvet says:

            I thought that TCAS was based on detecting transponder transmissions from other aircraft (range and altitude). If the other guy’s transponder is in STANDBY or OFF, then how would TCAS get the data it needs? I don’t think it’s a radar….

      • ctdar says:

        Someone mentioned on either Megyn or Hannity last night that if the missing plane (without transponders) was trailing another to avoid radar/satellite detection the other may not realize its back there and on a screen the imagery would look like 1 plane.
        But even if electricals were not lit up wouldn’t the massive bulk & engines of ghost plane possibly mess up wind speed for first plane?

      • eweturn says:

        By all accounts, shadowing is very difficult, but McInerny was very confident in his source. He will not be happy if used as a tool.
        My conspiracy theory, is MH pilot has been practicing his shadow technique on his home simulator. What evidence he deleted – we will never know the truth.

  22. Aslan's Girl says:

    Now the “Australian maritime official” is “cautioning against high hopes” that this is 370. Backpeddling.

    • justfactsplz says:

      They just said the area is noted for having a large amount of trash and debris, small pieces swirling around in the water like confetti. Keep praying girl.

      • doodahdazee says:

        I have seen schools of a thousand porpoise jumping all at one time and jumping around lost giant nets full of flotsom bigger than a plane tail. and underneath all kine of fish.

  23. sundance says:

    Austrailian Presser:

    • doodahdazee says:

      There is lots of stuff floating around in the deep oceans. Trust me lots of stuff.

      • carterzest says:

        I saw two, mostly submerged, full sized ocean shipping containers on an offshore sailboat race from Victoria BC to Maui in the mid-80′s. Scary stuff, especially as we were racing in a 40′ sailboat

        • doodahdazee says:

          Yep. I have spent a lot of time in the deep. Ya never know what next. This area is known for nets.

          • sundance says:

            I caught a kids bicycle in the dry tortugas while fishing.

            • doodahdazee says:

              I caught a woman’s purse one when I was a kid. But it only had some spare change. Someone tossed it of the bridge.

              • sundance says:

                We found a floating shipping container about 60 miles SE of Key West and pulled a half dozen good sized bull and cow pairs from it in under an hour. Couldn’t find it day 2 to try again.

                • carterzest says:

                  I ran foredeck in shifts on this particular race, and it was great luck to spot them and pass on the intel to other racers. Those can sink a sailboat in seconds if you hit them. Other racers claimed that they had never seen one, and I see two in an 18 day crossing. Uncanny, huh?

                • crossthread42 says:

                  SunDance, Can relate here… I resided as a TEEN, from 1976~through 1982, in the *PCZ*, Pan Canal Zone, on the Atlantic Side; (Ft. Gulick it was known then). We found a few “Container(s)”, When Going to the beaches around Ft Sherman, on up to the Chagres River & the Extremely Old Fortress of San Lorenzo, (built in 1587), AND on the “other side” on Scuba/Skin Diving trips… Most were Empty, One Container, contained “scooters” ,Excellent condition, (ALOT of Panamanians were HAPPPY over that one, whomever got there first , everyone received One or 2),,,, (Mopeds as they were known back in the Day), one other, Stereo Equipment, (ruined & Wet), Last one Full of Cheap Chines “crap”…

        • doodahdazee says:

          BTW this is why CTH is cool. People of all kines can chime in.

        • doodahdazee says:

          I was in Ocean going Tugboats. Honolulu to Wake and back. Then Barbers Point over to Lanai to build the harbor. Via Molokai to get lava rocks. Lots of stuff floating around.

          • hoonan says:

            Ah this explains the use of “kine”. And you’re right there is choke stuff floating around out there….

  24. czarowniczy says:

    ‘Satellite’, interesting. Wonder if it’s one of the photo units that belongs to the NRO or one of the ‘private’ ones belonging to the ‘civilian’ firm the ex-head of the NRO got a huge loan to set up.? Anyway, believe I’d mention using the hi-resolution units but because the users don’t want the other guys to know for sure what they’ve got and where they’re looking they might hold back. The big chunks are interesting as even the commercial units can do much better than 3-feet from way up there – did someone find something but wanted to wait until they got pix of bigger chunks? The area they’re rushing to search is the same area that CNN, et al., were pointing out earlier today (pre-satellite) as the new ‘area of interest’. Hmmmmmmm.

    • justfactsplz says:

      The way they are reporting on this is an insult to our intelligence. Dumbed down news for dummies.

      • czarowniczy says:

        Right. Look at the pix we’re getting. They zoom out so that you see Last year a private US company asked Commerce to let it start releasing 0.5 meter resolution pictures to the public. In a few months this private company will have what it publicly says will be a unit capable of 1-foot resolution, though it will only provide the higher resolution pix to the Feds.
        OK, so we have a private company launching satellites capable of what they admit to as basically 18-inch and one coming up that will have 12-inch resolution…what do you think their real capabilities are. We ain’t even talking multi-spectral capabilities here. Why these companies do this and how they get their $$$ is another story but they provide a lot of the imagery to the government that you see released in the press and we can presume that if their satellites have that kind of resolution the ones the NRO launches are at least that good. So why are we getting this crap that looks like it was taken by a tourist using his cell phone?

        • JAS says:

          It is Federal law. The private U.S. satellite imaging companies are prohibited by Federal Law from releasing high resolution images so they have to “doctor” them before giving them to news outlets. Rest assured that what the people in the know looked at is much highly detailed.

          • czarowniczy says:

            That’s what I said. The law is enforced by the DoC using NRO (DCI) guidelines.The companies that provide the pix have gone to the DoC to get the law relaxed and allow them to sell imaging at levels of resolution reserved for the Feds. NRO had, and most likely still has, the power to limit Federal LEA access to imagery. Companies won’t go through Congress as the CoC requires they go to DoC who’ll take their marching orders from the NRO (DCI). Usual public release to news organizations limits resolution or pixilates the output to fuzz the detail up. Look at what the press gets from the sources and then go to Google Earth and see what you can get.

        • justfactsplz says:

          For security reasons they don’t want it known just how good their capabilities are.

          • czarowniczy says:

            Zactly – look at what the DoD et al, releases versus the Google Earth quality you can get for the same area. Differences are usually due to attribution and timeliness issues.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          These pics were taken by an Australian weather satellite. I don’t expect a weather satellite to have the kind of resolution capability that you refer to. Perhaps we will get better imagery once a military satellite passes over that area.

          • czarowniczy says:

            You’ll have better resolution but you or I won’t see it. Weather satellite is frequently a neat cover for spy satellite – you’d be surprised at what’s up there and what it does. Back in the old Keyhole days the DoD didn’t say that the flying cameras were spy satellites. In any event, even if it were a weather satellite why would you waste the $$$$ it takes to send up a low resolution satellite when for a few bucks more you could add a hi-res system that would multi-task? Costs a LOT of $$$ to put one in space and the orbits you can use are limited by international agreement so why not get all the bang for the buck you can?

          • JAS says:

            I saw the full size images (not the closeups) on CNN and they were tagged on the top left corner: Digital Globe – Panchromatic. That could be either one their WorldView-1 or WorldView-2 satellites. Both have roughly half a meter resolution. Their color satellite has .64M resolution but by agreement with Google Earth they can’t sell the images to anyone else.

  25. sundance says:

    A couple of things they’ll have to reconcile:

    1.) Why fly so far just to intentionally crash ? If voice recorders blank that makes a convenient *incapacitated* storyline (Payne Stewart) til fuel exhaustion. If they try “suicide by plane” – he wouldn’t have to go so far… stickier reconciliation and Malaysian’s wouldn’t like that one.

    2.) Why no ERB (emergency response beacon) auto-deployment upon crash?

    • doodahdazee says:

      It was for sure not a Gay Rights Protest! Not possible.

    • justfactsplz says:

      Earlier on the Fox News Channel I heard a retired military person (I forget his rank) say if it was a very soft landing on the water or dirt it wouldn’t set off the ERB. Uhhum, right. It’s not like they tried to land this thing on the Hudson.

    • JAS says:

      The cockpit recorders would of course be blank if the flight crew was incapacitated because the recorders loop every 30-minutes to an hour. The second box, the flight data recorder, records longer.

      I remember the Helios crash in Greece a few years back where the crew was incapacitated by lack of oxygen except for a male flight attendant. He had no flight training and the plane continued to fly, ran out of fuel and crashed.

  26. doodahdazee says:

    So this means it was a flight of dead people that ran out of gas and crashed. Good Grief.

    • radish says:


      • sundance says:

        That really is creepy. If that ends up as their story…. (((shudder)))

        • radish says:

          …..hundreds of dead bodies traveling quietly through the twilight and morning hours, those complicit with the religion of terror are the authors…..

        • czarowniczy says:

          Yeah, I was thinking that the ‘official’ story that for some reason (focus group isn’t in with the results yet) the crew looses control, plane rockets to 45-K feet, all die from anoxia, plane bobbles around from this to that altitude and finally crashes with dead/unconscious load of passengers. Oh, and by the way, new people to be eliminated from American Idol and The Voice tonite!!!!

    • Aslan's Girl says:

      All this story will do is make people more afraid than ever to fly. Who wants to board a plane that might turn into a “zombie”?

    • nyetneetot says:

      Wasn’t that a Stephen King story? The Langoliers?

  27. justfactsplz says:

    What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. It will be interesting how this plays out and how probing questions will be answered by authorities.

  28. doodahdazee says:

    So the KuKu Pilot pre set the Otto-Pilot and took it up to kill everyone….OK.

  29. radish says:


    • justfactsplz says:


      • radish says:

        Honestly, SD and Howie just saved my sanity. Those dear passengers and innocents. Twixt the earth and sky, may God have rescued them out of the clutches of evil and bring peace to the families knowing what really happened. Not some insane pilot suicide theory.

        • justfactsplz says:

          I needed the humor also. My heart has been ripping out thinking about the possibility these passengers survived the landing only to be murdered for this cover up. Some of the passengers were only an only child. CNN just told some of those parents are contemplating suicide. One passenger was only two years old. How much bloodshed over this cover up?

          • doodahdazee says:

            Flying LD over the ocean is mundane. You sit in your seat and sleep or watch a lousy movie. They have a dial that shows where you are. You are helpless. Crowded in and the plane has sections. It is cramped and you do not have a clue what is going on. You just hope it is over soon and you can see land or lights out the window.

            • justfactsplz says:

              I still fly but I hate flying over bodies of water. You are right. It is cramped. The planes are getting longer and more narrow. You are packed in like sardines with a tiny skinny aisle. I used to love to fly years ago.

          • radish says:

            Very terrible for the families.

  30. doodahdazee says:

    OK the way I see it.
    The pilot could do it.
    The pilot was mad because Anwar got prison for homosexualality. That day.
    I think he was mad because his hero got jail for sodomy. Whether or not he was a homosexual.
    To me this is the most plausible theory. The newz is loathe to report it. Can’t wait to find out. If this was about Gay Rights it will be a Doozey.

    • Moishe Pipik says:

      Blame ‘Islam’ not gay rights! Surely his followers didn’t believe the charges were true. No good Moslem would. So this is a typical Islamic protest, not a gay rights statement.

  31. sundance says:

    This was reported/discussed earlier in the evening:

    ….“If this had been a violent crash the emergency locator transmitters would have been activated which automatically notifies a satellite constellation TSARSAT, a satellite system that looks for emergency transmissions on certain frequencies. So, if it were a violent crash, either on land or at sea we would have had a couple pings at least even at sea on the ELTs. So, whatever happened, it may not have been violent, it may have been a soft landing in the water which is a little bit unlikely because of where in the ocean they’re looking, which is down southwest of Australia”…

  32. justfactsplz says:

    There are a lot of loose ends they are going to have to tie up on this deal.

  33. justfactsplz says:

    Holy Cow! 79 feet and 17 feet, that’s no small potatoes for wreckage debris. In that case one would expect possibly to find passengers strapped in their seats in this big piece of “debris”.

    • maryfrommarin says:

      I don’t like the thought of bodies being utilized to provide “identity confirmation” for a cover story.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I don’t like it one bit either. I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about the deceit. I think about those passengers and they might have died. One was only two years old.

    • ctdar says:

      That’s how some of the Lockerbie passengers were found :(

      • justfactsplz says:

        Only the Lord knows what happened to those passengers. I hate to think.

        • ctdar says:

          One of the Syracuse students worked as a waitress at a restaurant with me the summer before, she was only 21.

          • justfactsplz says:

            That’s so sad. I doubt if we will ever know the truth about how they died. Their families deserve to know.

            • ctdar says:

              Libya blew up the plane at cruising altitude; if the blast concussion didn’t kill them (external & internal damage) the fall from the sky to the earth surely did.
              Ive always prayed that it happened fast.

              • justfactsplz says:

                Yes, fast, with no torture.

                • ctdar says:

                  I dont think any torture, the device was determined to be in a radio or clock (I think) in luggage but went off earlier due to flight delay so that is why explosion happened over land and not sea. The only reason why authorites were able to figure out as much as they did because they found the clues on the ground, not in the sea.

  34. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    It’s hard to tell from these pics whether those are parts of FH370. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t (duh) but looking at the larger object, there doesn’t seem to be a match for any section of the paint scheme on that plane.

  35. ctdar says:

    How deep is ocean there? Can sunken debris be retrievable or is it Titanic deep ?

  36. FlyingSailor says:

    Whether it’s a part of MAS370 of not, I completely disagree with the theory presented here so far. To make sure I understand, the current theory is that the plane landed “somewhere”. Since then, there has been a massive effort to destroy the airplane in such a way that it’s forensically indistinguishable from a crash at sea, liquidate 239 liabilities, falsify CVR and FDR data, and transport the remaining pieces to the southern Indian ocean… all to save face for a country and promote world peace? Data which points to any other theory is just manufactured in furtherance of this conspiracy?

    While better than the CNN aliens or wormhole theories, I still settle on one important fact. Everything we’ve heard has been from a government that can’t begin to handle an incident of this size, and from “people not authorized to speak publically” or an “anonymous source”. I’ll wait to read the final investigation, including if what is recovered from the FDR is/can be replicated in the sim (if it’s a mechanical/electrical issue).

  37. Abagail says:

    I just arrived back home from church. A few quiet moments to think about and mourn the innocent people caught in the net of global politics and intrigue.

    It’s not a world of nations anymore. Individuals don’t exist except in our micro view. If God doesn’t show mercy there won’t be any. The audacious cover-up of the truth should be a wake-up alarm for people to realize that human life is a cheap disposable commodity to. A global agenda. Who has an interest in protecting the host nation and the political movement behind the plot? Instead of working to destroy Islam, the world protects it. Where are we headed?

    I hope General McInerny stays healthy. No whistle-blower will make it out alive.

    Today, all that’s on my mind are the innocent victims and their families and knowing there will be a next time.

  38. Chip Bennett says:

    How convenient. But: shouldn’t the black box still be pinging?

  39. Mung Bungholio says:

    Here is what I find interesting. Why only those two pieces? Why no debris field? If that much of the plane is still intact, how would it be floating just above the surface? What were they doing there?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      These photos were taken by a weather satellite that would not have the resolution necessary to spot small pieces of debris.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Correction. The source of these photos was AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) which I (mistakenly) interpreted as a Meteorological organization, and jumped to the conclusion that these images were taken by a “weather satellite”. Mea Culpa. At this time I have no idea what type of satellite this is, or what its capabilities are. Scroll down for discussion by SD about “Digital Globe” satellite capabilities.

    • Stormy says:

      They have been mentioning a small debris field in addition to the 2 pieces….

  40. Cyber says:

    I really don’t think this will be wreckage of the plane. ERB never lit up.

  41. Icho says:

    Has anyone heard more about the FAA’s warning on the 777 potential to being hacked?

  42. elvischupacabra says:

    I’m waiting for someone to put their hands on it and confirm what it is.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Me too. Apparently they have given up the search for these two objects today, due to darkness, and will resume Friday morning. Until they drag up a piece of fuselage from a 777 I’m skeptical, at best. There have already been two reports (one of a door from a plane, and another of a life raft) that amounted to nothing. This could turn out to be another false alarm. I still believe this plane landed somewhere (possibly Pakistan) and is still in one piece.

  43. I’m thinkin this is a storage container…just sayin, my friends son is a merchant marine and says those things fall off ships in heavy seas all the time. The back peddling and the size/shape of this “piece of wreakage” is worrisome. At this point nothing would surprise me, I’m waiting for obozo to say it was aliens that done it. What ever the outcome it is sad very sad for the passengers and families. Praying for them that they find out the truth and praying for us that the outcome isn’t a highjacking for a further purpose to cause more death and destruction.

    • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

      No. I think if the Dark Lord blames anyone for this it’s Bush.

    • mung says:

      So… now they can’t find the objects huh?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      How big are shipping containers? I Googled them and the largest I found was only 45ft long. The larger object is estimated to be almost 80ft long. Maybe it’s some other sort of debris that was swept out to sea after one of the tsunamis in Japan or Indonesia. Could the currents indicated on the map in the post (above) bring debris to this part of the Indian Ocean?

      • mung says:

        Waves can be 80′ long.

        Riddle me this, how would an 80′ section of 777 be floating just under the surface of the water?

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          I can’t envision a piece of a fuselage that large floating near the surface. Someone here said it might be possible due to the “honeycomb” materials used to construct aircraft these days, but I’m not sold on that theory. Maybe a section containing an empty fuel tank, but I don’t know the locations or dimensions of those tanks.

          • mung says:

            Here is my thoughts. If it were the full section (entire round part) it would be way too heavy to be buoyant. If it were just a chunk say the height of the cargo bay door, sure it could float if it was light enough. How does a plane rip down the center in an 80′ piece? You have a lot of cross bracing and things like the wings etc, that would send the forces in another direction. It seems impossible to me to have an 80′ long piece break off and not be attached to a lot of really heavy stuff.

  44. mung says:

    Someone help me here. The Northern path takes the plane over the ocean after the last contact and the loss of RADAR contact is understandable. The “NEW” Southern path to where the “potential wreckage” was spotted on the satellite images, would have taken them over Sumatra for quite a long time. No RADAR there? No sightings there? Nothing? Why do I find that every hard to believe?

    • mung says:

      And another question. How does a bogey that large even get close to Australia without them knowing it? I have to imagine that they are watching their coastline as close as we do.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Here’s something else about this as a possible location for a crash site:

      If this was a “zombie plane” that was on autopilot after an electrical fire somehow killed all of the people on board, how does that explain the multiple course changes required to end up at this location? Wouldn’t someone have to remain alive long enough to facilitate a second course change to send flight MH370 along the “Southern Route”?


      If this was a case of a living pilot flying the planeafter he intentionally disabled the transponders, etc, WHY would he fly in a direction that leads to where there is no place to land? If his intention was to crash the plane, why not do it sooner? And why not leave behind some type suicide note, explaining his actions?


      Was the original intention to make the plane “disappear” entirely, or for a very long time, just to create a mystery, and tie up resources sent to search for it? What could be accomplished by doing so? Who would benefit from a prolonged search or investigation?

      Is it possible that the desire was to draw attention onto the Malaysian government, to discredit them, to the advantage of their political opponents? But how could the perpetrator(s) anticipate the response of the Malaysian authorities, and whether that response would be deemed inadequate or draw criticism? (This seems like a real long shot, and not worth wasting your life over, let alone multiple assets if you had assistance) Not without some guaranteed results. Has the outcome we have seen (so far) met that type of expectation?

    • stella says:

      It’s not really that close – 1,500 miles I think – from the western coast of Australia.

  45. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    James Traficant was on the Mike Trivisano show yesterday afternoon. WTAM, 1100, Cleveland. He said he had been informed that there were some very important people onboard. Something like 20/22 engineers for a company that does research into things like radar avoidance tech, etc., for the govt.

    • mung says:

      Yes there were some engineers from a tech company traveling together. No there is no reason to believe any of them were important.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        That’s not what this article claims:

        Could be the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Traficant seems to be corroborating that claim.

        • mung says:

          If me and my co-workers had an issue like this coming back from one of our conferences, they could claim similar things. While I like to think my job is very important, I am clearly not important enough to be a target.

        • rashomon says:

          The company is Freescale Semiconductor out of Austin, TX. They are a spin-off from Motorola, which became famous for the sensors used in the Apollo mission. Freescale acknowledged twenty employees were on that flight within 24 hours of its disappearance. The people were Malaysian and Chinese specialists, no Americans.

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            True, the employees are Chinese and Malaysian, but it is an American company based in Austin Texas. (not that this particular fact is significant)

            • rashomon says:

              I don’t know why I specified Austin. I guess I am just used to bulking central office with company name for clarification. When Motorola first started divesting its semi-conductor businesses, they were scattered.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Here’s a little more info about Freescale that mentions their March 3rd product release which has US Defense applications:

        • rashomon says:

          I find it highly unlikely the PTB don’t know where and what is going on with this plane. Freescale is controlled by the Johnson family who own Fidelity Investments, etc.; i.e. mega trillions — originally pulled from Motorola by the “big banksters” — all with contacts around the world at the highest levels.

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            I also do not believe that the various governments involved don’t have much more information than they are releasing. I believe they DO, and are withholding it for various reasons, including the protection of national defense capabilities, fear of political fallout, and international relations.

            Whether or not the Freescale workers fit into the picture in any significant way remains to be seen .It could be nothing more than a coincidence, and I’m certain that no corporate secrets will be leaked to the public either way. But it’s great fodder for conspiracy theorists, isn’t it?

            • rashomon says:

              I was looking at it from the standpoint that, if 20 of my employees didn’t show up at their designated destination on time, I’d be on it immediately — and they were. The company announced it ASAP. The more important point I was trying to make (not too successfully?) is this company is not ordinary. It deals in high level defense and sensor products probably used on this plane and, while not the largest in the world, it was rescued from Motorola by the BIG GUYS and now remains under control/owned by the BIG GUYS who toss money around the world to underwrite every country that could possibly be involved with this incident (?) — is that the right word?

              • Stormy says:

                not to mention how it devastates that company..

              • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                Yes, I understand that Freescale did come out very quickly, and that their technology is backed by very BIG money. Although we don’t know the exact nature of their products, just the fact that these products have defense applications (particularly US defense applications) sends up red flags. I can see various motivations for American and Chinese intelligence agencies and/or governments to be involved/concerned, in addition to the consideration of BIG money being involved. Also consider the possibility of corporate competition here. From what I read, Texas Instruments is their number one competitor. Is it time to buy TI stock?

              • rashomon says:

                Hah! I won’t go down that pathway, especially in this market. Your stock picks are YOUR stock picks, LJP, but I hope you make tons!

        • mung says:

          Everything my company does has defense complications and we have had employees who have died in crashes and other ways. Not related in any way to what we do. We have a LOT of employees and we travel a lot, there are bound to be some that are impacted by something at some point. On any given flight from one of our plants to another, I may see 10 people I work with on the plane. Maybe 2 of us are even working on the same program. On that same flight there are probably another 10 people from another local company that makes some products used on DoD programs, and another 5 from a smaller company doing the same thing. If you looked hard enough you would find connections to all 3 companies because we use parts from the other two companies on our programs. Bob from company 2 might be a sales rep for their commercial products and not even know the people who are connected to the product we use.

          • mung says:

            Not only do they have defense complications, they have defense IMPLICATIONS.

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            Like I said above, this could be nothing more than coincidence, and it is great fodder for conspiracy theorists. And there seem to be plenty of theories surrounding the disappearance of flight 370.

            What direction do your thoughts take?

            Plane that crashed almost immediately after on board disaster, but not yet located?

            Zombie flight resulting from unintentional mid air catastrophe that incapacitated everyone?

            Act of a lone madman (or with a single accomplice) intent on making a statement of some type?

            Hijacking by a terror cell that overwhelmed the pilots and either took control themselves, or forced pilots to cooperate?

            Hijacking by remote control (hacking) for some unknown purpose?

            Accidental downing of plane by a government intent on hiding its mistake?

            Intentional downing of the plane for protection of technology or other secrets?

            Something else? (There are as many theories as there are people,it seems)

            What are your thoughts?

  46. Stormy says:

    Now Daily Mail is reporting the pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, made an urgent call in the cockpit moments before the plane took off… smh….

    • mung says:

      He called out for Domino’s in Pakistan.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      How quaint. It is just now being revealed that the pilot made a call just minutes prior to take off?

      “Investigators are now urgently trying to work out who Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah spoke to in the cockpit before the plane took off on March 8.
      There is a hope that the phone call could hold the answer to the plane’s mysterious disappearance.
      They have refused to publicly comment on the investigation, reported The Sun.”

      How do they know he made this call, unless they have already pulled his phone records? That means they know the number he called. Unless he called someone using a prepaid “burner phone” they know who that phone belonged to.

      Could he have been calling his housekeeper to tell her he might have left the oven on, or calling his wife to tell her to wear something nice so he could take her out for dinner when he gets back to town? Surely, the investigators have had ample time to eliminate these obvious possibilities. So what does that leave?

      Also, if they know the number he called, surely they can locate that phone using “ping logs”. Ouch. Where’s Waltherppk?

      • Stormy says:

        As Dr. Bao said last summer, There is no truth, only opinion and facts.

        Flight MH370 is making him look like prophet.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          In some ways, Dr Bao’s statement makes sense. Facts are just that, facts.

          What those facts mean is often a matter of interpretation.

          The concept of truth is sometimes subjective and often a case of a value judgement made when facts are verified or proven false. Clearly, a conclusion based on erroneous data cannot be considered to be “truth.”

          But the issue of interpretation of even proven facts can stillbe a matter of opinion.

          While there very well might be a larger, or objective, “truth” provided from an omniscient perspective, we as humans do not necessarily have the ability to achieve that state and can, at best, only approximate it with varying degrees of success, dependent on skill and the particular circumstances of a given moment.

          • Stormy says:

            When Bao said it during the trial it sounded very obtuse and vacuous. ;)

            • auscitizenmom says:

              Of course, that is only because Bao is obtuse and vacuous.

              • Stormy says:

                I have to admit… I was surprised when LJP started off with In some ways, Dr Bao’s statement makes sense. ;)

                • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                  Yeah, I struggled over the decision to include that statement as a preface to the point I was making, but it truly was the product of an epiphany over what Shiping Bao had actually meant, so I could not exclude it, no matter how much I wanted to.

                  In a round about way, all he was saying was that the conclusions you can draw from the autopsy are subject to whatever opinion you approached it from. Dr Bao’s official opinion was full of whatever flavor of crap that Bernie wanted, and he knew it.

      • nyetneetot says:

        Phone location was an add on system to the original cellular network technology. So depending upon the country, the provider may not have location information. Here in North America there is effectively no longer such a thing as a “burner phone”.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          When I mentioned “burner phone” I was referring to a pre-paid phone that was purchased over-the-counter with no ID required, which could be loaded with “minutes” purchased in the same manner. Virtually untraceable, from the standpoint of easily identifying the user who (if he was smart) paid in cash for these purchases. (The most clever could also use a surrogate to make the purchase, or possibly avoid identification by concealing himself from closed circuit cameras at the point of purchase).

          And, even though this type of phone would probably not have GPS technology, it still has to connect to cell towers to receive/place calls. Those connections might be enough to triangulate the users location. At least during the time calls are placed or received.

          If the investigators are experiencing much difficulty doing these things, it might be indicative of someone who is being overly secretive. That alone should raise suspicion about why this pilot would call that number, if this is the case (which isn’t yet known)

  47. sundance says:

    The satellite images of the bits found are *intentionally* low res and distant. Private Satellites (Digital Globe -US Company- is the owner) owned like this are top notch – they can zoom down to incredible detail.

    Bottom line – They know this is plane wreckage – they have shared the good pics with officials, yet don’t release the good pics for proprietary reasons. That’s why all of the search resources are being directed to this area, ships, planes etc.

    The available wreckage of MH 370 is in the South China Sea. Period. There is no reason to search anywhere else – THEY HAVE IT. Well, they have what’s available of it. And soon they will put a big part of it on a hoist – have a selected photographer from the media present to snap the iconic pic when they hoist it, and that’ll be that.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Digital Globe website has startling photos of other objects that serve as great examples of the capability of their “50 cm” resolution:

      The amount of detail in those photos show what can be achieved. But I noticed the website says only 3 out of 5 of their satellites have that particular capability. Is there any other information available as to exactly which satellite took these photos, or the capability of that particular satellite?

  48. sundance says:

    International incidents like this require broadcasting iconic imagery.

    The various bumbling moderate state governments look to larger, more modern, governments to help them with this part – well, usually.

    Australia, the U.S. and most of the G-20 nations know the routine.

    They’ll broadcast an image – a very specific selected public image. In this case probably a tail section with numbers and/or airline logo of MH370.

    Then after 1/2 a news cycle of interest in the optic, they’ll hold a presser and present their initial findings and promises allowing selected feeder media to provide pictures of the “ongoing effort” (pictures of the search and recovery). During the presser the proclamations of collaboration in the *ongoing* investigation will be well scripted to outline the roles.

    Once the *image is ingrained* then the media attention then turns to “why”. Public discussions then are about “why did this happen” – as the aforementioned entities say they can only speak to facts and they are in search and recovery mode, blah, blah, blah they don’t speculate.

    The international interest shrinks rapidly – the mysteries are solved within investigative reports not press conferences. The story drops from international headlines and becomes a local issue.


  49. Chip Bennett says:

    Idle thoughts…

    Getting such large fuselage pieces on-site is a non-trivial matter, that would require a cargo or military ship of certain capacity and handling capabilities (e.g. a crane).

    When all the search ships left the area, the transport ship had to make the trip from port to drop-off point, and back.

    Might there be a way to track/identify that ship?

  50. justfactsplz says:

    If the pieces are this large wouldn’t there be evidence of some of the bodies in the debris field? What about cargo or carry on items like water bottles ? Are people supposed to believe 239 people are nowhere to be found?

  51. mcguffin says:

    eh I’m lost.
    So the bad guys could have landed the plane in Pakistan, removed the tail, with plane number intact, and dropped it in the ocean so that the “plane” would be found and all they have to do is put another tail on the plane and use it as a weapon of mass destruction?

    • justfactsplz says:

      The bad guys didn’t break up the plane. They were killed off.

    • sundance says:

      No mcguff, once we alerted anyone to our knowledge the plane was located on their geography *the value vaporizes. They would want it gone asap and distance themselves from anything to do with it.

      [* "the value vaporizes" because the government of the plane's location would then own any consequence. Any nation could act with full international impunity to remove the threat and the host nation would own the entire incident....].

  52. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    These photos may amount to nothing more than:

    Look! A SQUIRREL! ————————>

    (My dog falls for it EVERY time)

    PS: Yes, he DOES recognize the word “squirrel”

    • justfactsplz says:

      They sure do recognize words. One of my labs is always laying right in the pathway where you need to walk. People always say “get” and he just lays there. Say “move” and he does. All my dogs know the words “doggie treat”. They all know what “who wants to go out?” means. They are smart.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Mine goes nuts whenever I put on my shoes (I don’t wear them in the house) and if I grab my keys he knows he’s in for a ride in the car. When I open the kitchen door he runs to pee on his favorite post, then walks to the car and stands by “his” door (rear passenger) and waits for me to open it for him. EVERY time. (I’m convinced he believes I am his chauffeur)

      • auscitizenmom says:

        We had one that could spell. She went nuts if she heard the word “walk” so we spelled it out. It only took a few times and she knew what that meant. :)

      • ctdar says:

        Our dog goes & gets his leash when we spell out the word w-a-l-k :)

  53. doodahdazee says:

    Not one shred of objective evidence! Not a shred!

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Quite right. Nothing so far.

      Which makes the speculation all that much more fun. Fewer of those inconvenient “details” that work as a “Buzzkill.”

    • justfactsplz says:

      Where have we hear that before, lol?

      • doodahdazee says:

        To me the subjective evidence points to the Pilot. His political machinations and his attendance of the trial of Anwar. Sent to prison for homosexuality. He was on a GayRights in Maylasia Crusade from what I can tell but not even a little peep about it. Motive. Unless anyone can come up with another motive.

  54. doodahdazee says:

    Twist and Shout.

  55. justfactsplz says:

    General McInerney still standing by what he said . He doesn’t know if the plane is still in Pakistan or if it had been moved. He doesn’t believe it’s in the ocean. Oh, it’s been moved alright. The next thing you know they will be calling him old and senile.

  56. scubachick75 says:

    If there was any, I wonder when the last documented cell or email contact from passengers to any friends, family or coworkers was. Have they said anything about this yet?

  57. dustyryder says:

    Abbott really oversold the initial debris finding, didn’t he? Talking about throwing caution to the wind…

    I wonder why? Immersat didn’t release any data pointing to this area in the south Indian Ocean until five days later. The probably never would have looked here if Abbott hadn’t made such a fuss over a common piece of ocean debris. A finding so common, that after a week,of search, such debris was no longer even newsworthy.

    On this day, with this over-reaction, Abbott had the entire search permanently moved into his backyard. I wonder why. Sure seems calculation, does it not?

    I’m having a hard time trusting anything coming from the Aussies on this one at this point.

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