Report: Chechen Warlord Doku Umarov Killed By Russian Special Forces…

Dead? Doku Umarov is reported to have been killed by Russian secret servicesRUSSIA – A Chechen warlord who had urged his followers to attack the Olympic Games has been killed, it has been reported.

Doku Umarov, who threatened to attack the Games in Sochi, Russia, is dead according to Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov who wrote the unverified claims on his Instagram account.

Kadyrov has made the claims a number of times in the past and no proof has been submitted to verify his death.  News of Umarov’s death came from intercepted communications between rebel leaders who were discussing his replacement, according to Kadyrov.

However CBS News reports he didn’t say when the conversation was or how he had the information. But messages appearing to confirm the claims have appeared on Chechen jihadist web forums and an audio recording of Islamic sharia judge Abu Mohammed Ali Daghestani, who is linked to Umarov’s movement, also confirmed the news. (read more)

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32 Responses to Report: Chechen Warlord Doku Umarov Killed By Russian Special Forces…

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    The Russians at least go after the mussie scum. Unlike panty boy obama who would rather wage war against his own country.

    Now he is a good muslim and hope he enjoys his 72 camels in hell.

    • Be Ge says:

      Given the circumstances, it is likely donkeys, not camels. At any rate, violent death from a gunshot or an explosion is too easy. Life-long jihad in a cold and dark place
      (where Taiga is the law, and the bear is the district attorney) is a much better way of dealing with the jihadi. And, there is always a place for error correction, the best part about it.

    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

      I haven’t seen any camels down here, but I did see that guy cavorting with 72 -fabulous- Interior Decorators dressed in chenille. :evil:

    • Partyzant says:

      I have worked with both Sunni & Shiite Muslims in the past in a number of capacities. There is a tremendous sense of hospitality that is difficult to convey in the culture, yet there are as you allude to some issues that Americans either do not get, are unwilling to get or may want to make excuses for.
      I have seen fights break out over the loss of a soccer ball, where AKs were employed after it escalated past one team abducting a member of the other team. There is a hard layer of tribal justice that Americans do not see outside of drug gang enforcement between factions. Drunken arguments between factions in the parking lot with AKs were also somewhat unsettling, but rare.
      There is a split in observable reality and the reality as experienced in the mind of many in that “faith group”. The years of absolute internal terror they have been subject to as a matter of policy from their kings, potentates and sheiks has taken a toll. Maybe this is an excuse, maybe it is BS I tell myself to rationalize what I saw going on.
      While I found the private friendship to be genuine, the fates should they turn… well, I am sure that they would have slit my throat if it met some interest. I did not feel discriminated against, probably because they needed me (at least for a time, or so I tell myself). In actuality, the American Jewish guy I shared accommodations with was also well received. They needed him as well, so they applied the “Allahs blind spot” principle.
      What I could really use, however, is a recipe for middle eastern style roast chicken (dejaj), bread (sammoun) and rice (timmin). The tea is strong, sweet and excellent.
      No matter what one may think of an enemy, real or perceived, underestimating them is not a viable way ahead. There can be (but not always) a degree of sophistication and understanding that at times will outpace what any American staff may develop.
      If you go on the premise that it is all happening within multiple layers of tribal interactions, it may help. I have no intention of returning to work in the middle east, because I value my life and my family needs me more than the money.

  2. Be Ge says:

    This is the second time in one month that this jihadist is mentioned here on the Tree. Again, this is the fifth or sixth (i lost the count) time that the guy is declared dead. The event is not currently on the Russian media (Just checked interfax and lenta), and does not seem to be present on the page of the jihadists (, although, I’d check the Russian version, as it is updated more frequently).
    There should be a special area of Russia — the Jihadist autonomous republic. It should be located north of the Jewish autonomous region ( and all the jihadists with their kin and sympathizers should be sentenced to life-long GULAG-like staying there. Mining heavy metals (such as gold or uranium) and lumberjacking constitute a fine way of preparing the jihadists for the 72 virgins. In the meanwhile, once a jihadist is done with the daily chores (such as certain amount of trees down), there is plenty of area to wager jihad against the bears.
    There were no Chechen terrorists in Soviet Russia with a similar system. Nobody wanted to do jihad in Taiga in the freezing humid(the worst it can be) cold :(

  3. Rachelle says:

    I am beginning to like Russia more and more. At least they have an actual leader.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      What ever do you mean? We have one of their leaders in our White House!

      And until we are fully Soviet Communist (almost there…), Muslim terrorists in America will be given free rein. And then probably given jobs which suit their particular talents by the Soviets in charge. Only after all the Enemies of the State are exterminated or imprisoned, will former-America go after Muslims here. IOW, when all the Mega-Mosques, the hate-and-bomb-factories which litter our landscape, finally get razed by the new Soviet government — most of us won’t be around to see it happen.

      Is that too cynical? Or just prescient?

  4. czarowniczy says:

    Russians play a great game of Maskirovka and this may be an example. What they need now is to make all of the Olympic visitors feel safe and they know that some ‘good news’ goes a long way in helping the visitors use magical thinking to convince themselves they’re safe and sound. The US also may have assisted them with our find ‘em in the bushes technology to the point where they were able to pinpoint him and drop a rocket into his pocket – we’ve helped the Russians this way before with less of a reason than the Winter Olympics. In any event, it’s a ‘Woo Hoo’ event if you’re keeping a body count but isn’t that big of a whoop in stopping the Chechnyan resistance. Don’t really think it will effect any plans underway by the Chechens to disrupt the games.

    • Be Ge says:

      In as far as Emir Dokku Abu Umar guy and his henchmen go, this is not a chechen resistance, this is an allakhaqbarred resistance and a step forward to putting the green banner of the prophet over every place on Earth. With all of my dislike for the Putinist regime, a KGB lt. colonel Putin is a far better regime when compared to any salafi or wahabi emir/mullah/sheikh with global jihad ambitions.

      Besides, the majority of folk in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Daghestan are not salafi or wahabi — the traditional Islam of that part of the world is Sufiism. These “freedom fighters” actually use terror and coercion against their “unorthodox” (which actually is something like somewhat above one half of the people) bretheren. Stories of the kind sometimes even make it to their official emirate Caucasus site ( :(

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        The Muslims fight among themselves over religious “purity”, but I have little doubt that every single one of their various “sects” wouldn’t hesitate to install Sharia worldwide if they had the opportunity. Watching them fight each other is like watching the Crips do a drive-by on the Bloods.

        • John Galt says:

          Yes, exactly. With Zero doing a ride along.

        • Be Ge says:

          Well, probably you would need to make friends with some of those “heretic” muslims (like Crimean Tatars or northern Kazakhs). Yeah, everybody else says they are bad muslims, but they have no notion of real world-wide Kaliphate. Unfortunately, I do not believe any of the “pacifist” or “anti-global-jihad” or “pro-big-jihad” (that is, the jihad against oneself and own weaknesses) Islamic sects (such as Sufii) can ever gain enough momentum to become important on the world stage.

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            You’re probably right. I’m certain they are the “tolerant” jihadists

            • Be Ge says:

              They simply are not jihadist, I guess. They are mostly not very religious, though, and those who are, are more into the big jiahd, which is a jihad against one’s laziness, desires to lie to your neighbors or get drunk, and a bunch of other things that the any Ibrahimic religion sees as traits unworthy of a good follower of the Almighty. At the same time, they are very, em…very advanced in matters of hospitality (guest’s rights in that part of the world are something unknown to the public in the West) yet somehow largely agreeing with a Western conservative on quite a number of issues, including (surprise!) liberty (despite the largely pro-predestination/anti-free will stance of Islam) and justice for all. Just google for Crimean Tatar delegations and their mullahs’ speeches on Maidan 2013/2014 in Kiev, Ukraine (well, the speeches they give is not even always russian or ukrainian, sometimes it is Tatar, which I have a hard time understanding). It even looks as though they have somehow left over the small jihad against the infidels in a way Christians and Jews are not really following the commandments telling us to throw stones at homosexuals/adulterers or Torah’s advices on buying and selling slaves. I understand none of those branches of Islam will likely ever be important on the world’s arena, though.

      • czarowniczy says:

        Sorry, wasn’t trying to define the groups involved, just point out that the Russians touting the perhaps death of one of their many nemeses doesn’t mean the Olympics will be any more that free of attacks. They’ve whacked a whole flock of them over the years and the beat still goes on. Hope the athletes in the biathlon are carrying something a wee bit stronger than the .22 LR.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      Maskirovka. Great word. I learn something new here each day.

      According to logic, applied to the Wiki definition, it can also be translated into Arabic.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        We have it here, in America, too. Barry is going serve up a steaming pile of it tomorrow.

        • taqiyyologist says:

          It seems to be universal, in all cultures. Taqiyya, maskirovka, lies, deception…

          All from the same spiritual Father, who said, “I don’t exist”, and these folks believed that*.

          Despite all the evidence to the contrary.

          It’s still, as always, the Father of Lies vs. the Prince of Peace, Logos, and Truth.

          (*Well, except all those who actively worship Satan, whose number are probably greater than most of us can imagine.)


        • joshua says:

          I would like for the SOTU speech to be given by Joe Wilson…..just one statement…”HE LIED”

      • czarowniczy says:

        Tacky Arabs – yeah, I can see that

      • Partyzant says:

        Maskirovka is different than taqiyya. The former is a military deception (MILDEC) paradigm. Taqiyya can be used in all instances, such as you and I having tea and you telling me I look great. Maskirovka deals specifically with the various spectrum and reinforcing the beliefs and perceptions of the enemy to your benefit. I do not think that they are equivalent in fact, but probably in spirit.

        • Be Ge says:


          Taqiya is more like

          — I am going to kill every single Shiyah jihadist i find here!
          — I do not care about Ali or the immamism (a harder version for non-sunni environment: I am not a follower of Allah).

          That’s taqiya. The concept is believed to be invented by Ammir ibn Yasir, a friend of Mohammed and his early follower. He is said as having denied Islam in his words before the infidels, but having remained Muslim in his heart.

      • Be Ge says:

        Well, if you dig a large hole in the ground, get in there, put khaki-colored clothes on, paint your face with black stripes and have someone put a pile of dry leaves over you, thus making it hard for an enemy or prey to detect your presence — that is pretty darn close to the original Russian meaning of “маскировка” (maskirovka). It carries no negative connotation per se and is very clearly non-religious (vs say, Marranos, or Moriskos, the Sunni version of Taqiya practitioners during the Reconquista in Spain). The predominant use of the word is in some military-related context.

  5. Lulu says:

    And so the Chechens who would have followed him in attacking the Olympics will now just slink away? Seriously?

    As the article said, the selection of a new leader is already in progress if not already a fait accompli. If we and the Russians believe this puts an end to his threat, we are living in a ream world…

  6. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    “ream world” works just fine! And I agree! There will be calls to retaliate, just like when we took out,,,was it al Libi?

  7. Partyzant says:

    This jihadi clown was just a convenient front man. One of them has to be in the forefront to take a warhead on the forehead. Great system…. get to the epoint where you are too tired to fight, become a hero and icon to your people. Nice work if you can get it (not).
    Maybe we can create a Duck Dynasty/Imrat Kavkaz throwdown? My money is on the duck fanatics. Both have epic beards. The next bit… which household would be more pleasant to visit? The Robertsons, or the kavkaz guy?

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