WOW – Veteran Mom Banned From Daughters School Because She Owns A Concealed Weapons Permit….

Good Grief.    This is just way over-the-top nuts.     The school principal bans a parent from daughter’s campus because the parent holds a concealed weapons permit.  The Principal found out through Facebook.   When the media asks the principal if that is the reason, she readily admits it.  And anti-gun nuts wonder why their views are so out of touch…..  

TANYA MOUNTGEORGIA - An Army veteran living in Georgia says she wants an apology from her daughter’s former school after being banned from the building for posting a photo of her concealed weapons permit to her Facebook page, reports.

Tanya Mount says she was approached by a police officer from the Richmond County Board of Education at McBean Elementary School and was warned that she was about to get a criminal trespass warning.

The officer told her that the principal at the school was “scared” of her and did not want her on the school property, she told the station.

“He asks: ‘Were you in the Army?,”‘ she said. “I said, yes. He’s like, ‘Do you have a concealed weapons permit?’ I said yes,” she told the station.

A phone call from to Richmond County Board of Education was not immediately returned. asked Janina Dallas, the school’s principal, if the “no trespass order” was issued over the post, and Dallas responded: “Yes, it was.”  (read more)

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50 Responses to WOW – Veteran Mom Banned From Daughters School Because She Owns A Concealed Weapons Permit….

  1. invaderzee says:

    Wow…. I cannot… just…… wow.

  2. Murse says:

    She needs to file a law suit. While I generally dont believe in looking to the courts, this is a war and one of the few things that make these school nazis behave is being personally sued.

    • Coast says:

      I totally agree. The local citizens pay for schools with local property taxes, and its not up to the staff to decide what parents can visit school grounds and who can’t. This is really sick stuff.

  3. justfactsplz says:

    It sounds like the principal has some major fear issues that are not founded. It is the criminals she needs to worry about not a law abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit. As far as the veteran mother is concerned, I personally would not post something like that on facebook. Not everyone needs to know about such personal things. I don’t do facebook but see the repercussions of pain and suffering that some endure over their facebook accounts.

    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Actually the knowledge that one has a gun in the house and knows how to use it is a great way to keep the buglers away…
      H3LL many non-gun owners have put signs on their door and property in support of gun ownership as a deterrent to burglaries….

      Most criminals will steer clear of homes with large dogs and home owners who are armed.

      • justfactsplz says:

        You have a point there. Security signs help too I guess. I don’t have a security system but do have two large dogs and various guns. I anyone makes the mistake of breaking in they will be bit and shot.

        • michellc says:

          I think dogs work better than security signs especially as far out as I live. They know they have at least 30 minutes before the cops will arrive.

          • justfactsplz says:

            I live far out also. Ambulances take about 45 minutes. Cops respond a little sooner but not much. You have to take care of your own out here.

            • kinthenorthwest says:

              H3LL it doesn’t matter where you live anymore…Average time for a response for a 911 call is 15 mins even for the big cities. On the weekends you can expect it to be double that at least..
              About 10 years ago I got my car stolen and stupidly dialed 911…after about 8 rings had realized that this really wasn’t a 911 call. I figured I should at least tell the operator that so I wouldn’t end up with the police at my door thinking the perpetrator made me hang up. Guess what it was 5 mins from that 8th ring before the line was picked up…Do you realize what could have happened in that amount of time, if someone had been trying to break in or was in my home???

      • Mike says:

        I’m with you, I hate buglers! (I’m not making fun… I get your point. But it is a funny line. I appreciate anything that makes me laugh… so thanks!)

  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    H3Ll I have a permit too…But since I couldn’t find munition to fit the gun I want I didn’t buy.
    Did anyone even ask if she was carrying or even owned a hand gun??? Bet Not…

    • Tow says:

      Looks to be a black person – you can not have blacks packing!

      • Tow says:

        If you believe a new study, whites who own guns do so because they harbor racist feelings towards blacks. Indeed, in the study, four Australian and British psychologists also claim that racism is associated with opposition to gun control.

        • evierogue says:

          I really have to wonder if you’re a neolib posing on a conservative site. Please. I’m as Caucasian as one can get, a registered gun owner (concealed carrier) and the ONLY person that I have ever wished dead was another Caucasian. Your “surveys” are junk.

          (If by some stretch of imagination you were just being sarcastic I apologize for my rant.)

  5. PatriotUSA says:

    This is ridiculous and the principal needs to be suspended without pay and an aploogy offered up to this veteran. Has the principal served in our military or are they a career boot licking product of our communist education system?

    • Stormy says:

      The principal needs a mental health evaluation. Is the principal going to make the cops leave their guns in their patrol car when they respond to a call at the school? What about the school resource officer, or D.A.R.E. officer… are they allowed to carry their weapons when they are in the building?

  6. Chip Bennett says:

    Please pardon my language, but: if my kid is on that school property: piss off with your “no trespass” order. I’ll be on that property whenever the hell I want.

    (Stronger language was self-redacted in the writing of this comment.)

    • WeeWeed says:

      Exactly. Crap, I guess everyone in TX would be banned from this reeducation center.

      • hawkeye13 says:

        As long as she is following school policy (not actually carrying gun on school property), I would encourage her to go ahead and go on school property and get that criminal trespass warning she was promised and then take it all the way to the supreme court if needed. She has a right to have a concealed carry permit, that does not stop her from being on school property. There should be lawyers lining up to take this one on for free and make sure that principal pays.

        That said, don’t be stupid about posting on social media. The whole idea of concealed carry is the concealed part, the part where others do not know or need to know if you are carrying.

        The story goes like this.. a new concealed permit holder is bragging to his/her friends about their permit and what gun they carry. A situation occurs where there is danger and a good guy armed is needed to help end it. All the friends are going to be looking at the concealed permit holder to pull their gun. The bad guy sees this knows where the threat is. It does not end well for the good guys when the bad guy knows who is carrying and has the drop… just saying, keep your mouth shut.

        • WeeWeed says:

          True, that – I don’t know a soul that wants to open carry for that exact reason. Lack of surprise in a bad situation, and it makes the open carrier an obvious target.

    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Chip I would have given that Principle a big unedited piece of my mind if they had denied me entrance to my student….
      Schools need to be monitored by the parents too…and not on a scheduled basis. IF I was denied entrance I would have wondered what the H3LL the school was ups to with my student….

  7. waltherppk says:

    A fear and loathing of weapons is associated with a retarded sexual and emotional development. Why should an immature person be tolerated as a high school administrator when the level of maturity being demonstrated by that unqualified adult is less than the level of maturity existing for many of the students who would have more maturity as normal development for high school age?
    How can someone having the developmental age of an imbecile set any example for the children who if healthy and normal would already surpass that level of imbecility in their own maturity and understanding? Not to put too fine a point on the matter, but the principal is dumber than the average high school student and therefore is plainly emotionally and mentally defective and unfit to lead.

  8. realitycheck says:

    I agree its horrendous if this is the full story … But what IF the mother had been complaining to and about the school before posting on facebook? What IF there were prior threats made?

    All information should be known before jumping to conclusions.

    • LandauMurphyFan says:

      That’s a valid point, realitycheck. Of course, a good journalist would have researched that information and included it in the article, but we know how rare good journalists are!

  9. Chip Bennett says:

    Another question: where the hell is due process here? Why did the police issue and enforce a “no trespass” order against Ms. Mount based on nothing than a deranged lunatic losing her stuff over a picture of a CCW – which is a permit issued by law enforcement?

  10. LandauMurphyFan says:

    Well, unless the principal is a person of colour, I reckon they could be labeled a racist, don’t you? It would be a pleasant change to see that knee-jerk reaction put to some good use for once. You’ll have noticed, of course, that the veteran was too classy to take that route.

  11. Nation says:

    Oh, you don’t have health insurance? You’re banned from my school!

  12. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Well, according to THIS article:

    Ms Mount must be some sort of racist nut, since she has a permit AND owns a gun.

    Are liberals call conservatives nutballs?

  13. Someone needs to educate Ms. Dallas, the principal, on the statistics of crimes committed by those who have CCL’s. I’m not sure what the national average is, but in Texas, less that 1% of CCL carriers commit crimes. I’m certain that there is a national average that would reflect something similar. It is not the law-abiding citizens Ms. Dallas should be concerned with protecting “her kids” against.

  14. wildninja says:

    So law-abiding female veterans who own guns are now the enemy? They’re someone to be scared of? They’re the person most likely to save your hind end in just about any situation!

    • Eric says:

      Do you not remember the targets that were made to resemble pregnant women? “The one” will have his way!!!

    • evierogue says:

      Ikr? It’s very conceivable that i might label this Veteran Mom my new best friend.

      • wildninja says:

        No joke. If we’re hearing accurate information, I’d love to reach out to her and let her know that other responsible, law-abiding gun owners, particularly us women, are behind her. I don’t know how wise it is to post a copy of your permit on Facebook, but I don’t know in what context she did that either. Regardless, the way she’s being treated is criminal.

  15. Skip says:

    The principal of the school is a lieral and anti-gun…but why would someone post a photo of their CCW permit on their Facebook page? How dumb is that?

  16. mike diamond says:

    ccw should be kept low key,its not something you put on face book! that said she still has a right on that school campus!

  17. BertDilbert says:

    “The officer told her that the principal at the school was “scared” of her” She does look kind of scary…There may be more to the story or not.

  18. ange6h says:

    This is madness. Is Obama’s progressive fan base simply naive, corrupt, foolish or just plain ignorant? THE criminal Pied Piper is changing the landscape of HIS ‘Amerika’ daily. If we do not put an end to the tyrannical assault on our nation, we will all be living in Obamaland in the very near future. These frightening reactions by a populous who SHOULD know better, is becoming common place..the new ‘normal’. At the rate the fraud potus, this ‘pharaoh’, this self proclaimed emperor engages in the intentional deconstruction of all we once knew and loved, we will soon be writing our nations obituary, and most likely our own. The enigma semi known as Obama is not nor ever has been fit to hold the office of president..I’m not sure he’s even qualified to work at McDonalds; his lack of good character and conscience would likely dictate the serving of dog and horse burgers to his unwitting patrons. Surely he would be winking and strutting, completely consumed in self adulation over another successful con job pulled on the sheeple.

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  20. JOSHUA says:


  21. JOSHUA says:


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