Stupid and Disgraceful – But Then Again, Has Anyone Ever Accused The Dream Defenders Of “Grace”…

Hat Tip Andrea Shea King - The Marxist Dream Defenders, who are actually sheeple foot soldiers of the Eric Holder Dept. Of Justice, Community Relations Service, and are manipulated by puppeteer BGI Enforcer Thomas Battles, brought their ridiculous message to another level via the world of *cough* Art in Tallahassee. Well, art, if, and only if, you consider PissChrist to be included the definition of art.


A ridiculous 10′ mural displayed recently in the Florida capitol depicting Martin Luther King Jr. and Trayvon Martin, along with what appears to be, or at least is supposed to depict, George Zimmerman shooting a gun.  (story here)

The little Che Wannabe Marxists appear to have as much attachment to reality as their 1970′s Fonda-esque counterparts.

The depiction of Trayvon along with Martin Luther King Jr. is especially disgusting and we’ll let Bill Whittle eloquently outline that aspect once again:

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54 Responses to Stupid and Disgraceful – But Then Again, Has Anyone Ever Accused The Dream Defenders Of “Grace”…

  1. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    That piece of garbage, posing as “art” should be titled “The Lie”.

    Another artist should produce a piece that has Trayvon seated on George’s chest, bashing his head on the sidewalk while a continuous loop recording plays with Trayvon’s voice saying “You’re gonna die tonight, MF” and have GEORGE”S face be a mirror. The title of THIS ONE should be “What would YOU do?”

    • jordan2222 says:


    • JAS says:

      More like “We can have dreams can’t we?”

    • Carmine says:

      This art work is crap!!! A lie!!! Just divides the races more, how dare they put MLK in the same picture as that thug!!

      • Carmine says:

        LetJustice said it all!! I agree!! I wish some artist would do this, but I bet it would not be allowed be displayed. Talk about double standard. Makes me sick! Race card is getting old.. It hurts everyone!!!!

    • John Galt says:

      I suggest a series of mural panels entitled “The Life of No_Limit_Nigga”

      1. Trayvon makes a blunt and listens to thug music.
      2. Trayvon sells weed and displays fistful of cash.
      3. Trayvon gang tagging and throwing gang signs.
      4. Trayvon conceals his identity with a hoodie while opening a door with a big screwdriver.
      5. Trayvon sells stolen jewelry.
      6. Trayvon taught how to street fight and make people bleed.
      7. Trayvon making fire ass lean with cough syrup, Arizona WMFJC and Skittles.
      8. Trayvon learns how to hide in ambush and play the knockout game.
      9. Fruit teaches Trayvon about illegal buying and selling of guns.
      10. Trayvon snuggling with the love of his life, Rachel Jeantel.
      11. Trayvon gets expelled from school.
      12. Trayvon keisters weed for the bus ride to Sanford.
      13. Trayvon gets shot while beating Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk.
      14. Scheme Team filing trademark applications, showing red Hollister shirt photo, selling logo gear, and on trashcan tour with Al Sharpton.

    • Stormy says:

      Certainly there is an artist in Florida who can accomplish this?

    • canadacan says:

      George doesn’t look e v en look like that

  2. lovemygirl says:

    I’m a gonna pop some tags
    Only got $20 in my pocket.

    Well at least they had the “color” of the shooter down pat in their “art”.
    Sorry, I grew up in DC and Chicago, no BGI type is going to explain the “reality” to me. I know and all of you know what the reality is.

    Oh, that reference to a suburban version of Hip Hop is here.

    Something that angers/pleases my daughter when she says what? and I reply What, what, .. what what and start dancing… ;)

    • nivico says:

      Hard to believe it’s the same artist, but here’s Macklemore singing about the dangers of lean

      • lovemygirl says:

        Not my “genre” of music but both have good messages buried underneath.

        • flaladybug says:

          OMG…..lovemygirl…..this song became my anthem when it first came out!! LOL. A few months prior to its release, I was SEVERELY criticized and embarrassed by my family for shopping at a Goodwill in Tallahassee near a VERY UPSCALE neighborhood. I took my boys in one day and when they realized they could get 10 items ( Hollister, Aero, American Eagle, etc. ) for the same price as ONE Tshirt ……they were AMAZED!! I bought a London Fog trench with tags still on it….for $4!! With 6 of us to clothe it gets expensive QUICKLY and if I can cut corners, I’m darn well gonna do it!!

          A few months later my boys played this song for me and we all had a HUGE LAUGH (and a cool moment ). Thanks for the reminder. ;)

      • lovemygirl says:

        And of course I am concentrating on the rowing Dingy in the video. I want to purchase a Whitehall dingy someday.

  3. That shooter looks more like the islamist jihadist Nadal Hassan who is on trial in Texas than it looks like GZ. Also why doesn’t the hoodie have a face? Whats up with that? Stoopid IMO

  4. royofan says:

    Funny, i don’t remember George being dressed in a all black para-military outfit that night. Somebody should get a t-shirt printed up with the word “lies” in big bold black letters and a arrow and have his/her pic taken next to that piece of propaganda.

  5. Wizzum says:

    If I wasn’t aware of who it is supposed to be in the painting I would have no idea that it isn’t one black man shooting two other black men.

  6. I Am Trademark says:

    Art tends to be fiction. This is just one more case of that.

    • I Am Trademark says:

      The sad thing is that so many fools actually BELIEVE the fiction in this case and think that this piece accurately depicts what happened that night…

      • Sharon says:

        Those whose hold on power is based on deception will always be able to find an audience willing to be deceived.

        In an increasingly illiterate nation….they have a ready audience on every corner.

  7. dws says:

    Real nice how they show GZ shooting MLK in the back of the head

  8. The painting is disgusting. How Gov. Scott can allow something like that be posted in the capitol, but then again he is a coward, and done nothing but spaend tax payers money on that Gream team. George should sue the artist big time..

  9. How sickening the painting is. How does Gov. Scott even let this in the capitol at all. George I hope sues her royaliy.

  10. Why are you blocking my comment??????????????????????????

    • Menagerie says:

      You were caught in spam. It is called We Have A Life, and you can look forward to potential future problems with the spam filter, just like everybody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • stella says:

      I checked your commenting history. One of the admins put you on the moderation list because of disgusting comments you made. Therefore, every comment you make will be evaluated before posting it.

  11. Eloise says:

    Wonder what MLK’s family is thinking about this? Why do they continue these disgusting lies?

  12. nivico says:

    “The mural also contains blank spaces where the public can share their thoughts…”

    Interesting… surely a piece of art displayed in the Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame that invites the public to ‘share their thoughts’ on the canvas wouldn’t censor or discriminate against members of the public who are offended by the blatant misrepresentation depicted.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I wonder if they would let me share MY thoughts with an oversized Magic Marker in one of those blank spaces?

  13. Moishe Pipik says:

    This makes Piss Christ look like the Mona Lisa!

  14. lepanto says:

    Is that a picture of George Zimmerman, or is it Lex Luthor shooting a kryptonite bullet?

  15. visage13 says:

    I find it very offensive that this “art” gets to hang in the state capital building. And it annoys me to no end that the Dram Defenders are still sucking up my tax money by camping out in the capital. It is time for the Governor to tell them if they want to continue their protest it is time to move outside to the lawn. See how long they last in the August sun instead of air conditioning. It is time for them to go. Their initial demand was met, now they want a special session well, that has been met somewhat too as the issue will be revisited in the fall session. Now, when the SYG law is not changed in that session are they just going to move in permanently? This is ridiculous and it is time for the Governor to take action because they are not going to vote for him anyway and are going to do everything in their power to get him not re-elected so it is time to start thinking about the majority of Floridians who support SYG and not the vocal minority. Enough is enough.

  16. Not sure what the message is supposed to be – the MLK and TM and equal and killing one represents killing the other?? And I agree – the shooter looks more like an Al Qaida terrorist than GZ. Then again, a lot of what passes for “art” is beyond my comprehension. I’m still trying to get over Madonna’s video of she and black Jesus having sex on the altar.
    Then there’s the freak, Sinead O’Connor, who urged children of the world to engage in WAR against the evil Pope John Paul II in a singsong mockery of a High Mass incantation (which is very beautiful, by the way) and ending with her tearing up a picture of the Pope.

  17. nameofthepen says:

    It’s hate speech.

  18. czarowniczy says:

    Wonder if they paid the Tray®© Inc LLC a fee? The state of Florida has a huge portion of its budget coning out of tourism. I’m betting this ridiculous crap is coming from the tourism marketing folk who are usually falling all over themselves in trying to make the state look and feel more fill-in-the-blank friendly. Go back about two decades to the rash (fewer than five) tourists robbed and killed in Florida interstate rest stops. The US deaths were bad enough but when an international tourist was killed the state tourist bureau went into flat panic and closed all of the state rest stops that didn’t have security. In New Orleans when an international, or prominent national, tourist is whacked by one of our ‘street entrepreneurs’ that state and city just do a song and dance until the 15 minute of interest are over. Then again, the ability to tour NOLA and act like a total fool, legally doing things here that would get your butt arrested at home, is a big draw despite the dangers inherent to the city.

    • sangell says:

      New Orleans has a knack for taking a positive event and turning it into a public relations disaster. Example. Ray Davies ( of the British band the Kinks fame) comes to New Orleans to donate musical instruments to the city’s schools. Of course he is robbed and then shot when he ( foolishly as the BGI warns us) confronts the thief. Story might not have been big news in the US but it was in the UK and how many British tourists scratched New Orleans off their ‘must see’ lists?

      • czarowniczy says:

        Over the last few decades more than a few Brit tourists have been ‘scratched off the list’ during their NOLA visits. Never did figure out why tourists believe that the city’s as safe as their own. I wonder if they’d jump out of a car on safari and pet the lions as they think they’re tame since they’re in a park? The city doesn’t want the hotel concierges warning folks about wandering into the gray areas around the projects or low-cost housing (about 40% of the downtown city) or the cemeteries without a guide (preferably heavily armed) so the sheep just wander around. I have not been back into the city to eat in over three years and even my downtown loving wife doesn’t feel the need, it’s just too dicey.

  19. justfactsplz says:

    I had seen this article in a local news article but couldn’t find a thread that was proper to post it on. I am glad you reported about it. It is disgraceful. Where is the blood running down George’s face in that picture? These people need to be forced out of our capital building. NOW!

  20. flaladybug says:

    JFP…..AMEN!!! I emailed the Govenor and told him his supporters were NOT AMUSED and his voting base was shrinking RAPIDLY!! The cost is now over $300,000!!! I think he should dig into his own pockets and pay this expense since the voters seem to have NO SAY in the matter….I added that into the email…..might be why he hasn’t responded!! LOL. ;)

  21. In honor of #BreakingBad day, here’s what Trayvon really told DeeDee on the phone that night…

    “I am NOT in danger, I AM the danger!”

  22. RKBA says:

    The only true racists are those who insist on labeling themselves as victims, regardless of (and almost always contradictory to) the facts. They depend (and thrive) on perpetuating a false reality promoting (and they believe excusing) a culture devoid of personal responsibility.

    Naturally, this will be promoted at the Florida State House (and/or other government facilities), as the very existence of either depends on the other.

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