Update (Fox Lineup): I Heard This About A Month Ago – Personally I think It’s A Big Mistake…. Update – OK, maybe not, as long as they keep Greta Van Sustern

A Change In the Line-Up Coming To Fox News



From what I can determine they want to get rid of Greta Van Sustern

UPDATE:   Thanks to a few links dropped it appears Greta is not going to be leaving Fox, though she might be changing slots.   THAT’s Good.   From Today -  Speaking with Neil Cavuto this afternoon, Fox News chief Roger Ailes addressed speculation about his network’s primetime lineup changes.

During a conversation at the 21st Century Fox investors conference in California, Cavuto asked Ailes about the rumors that Megyn Kelly inheriting the 9 p.m. ET time slot this fall. “Generally, I don’t confirm or deny any rumors, and that is a rumor at the moment,” Ailes said.

“All of our stars will be back,” he added.

Asked what the future holds for current 9 p.m. host Sean Hannity, Ailes said “[he] is a brand that many of our viewers love and want to see, and, as you know, is one of the nicest guys in the building.”

And further fueling speculation that either Hannity or 10 p.m. host Greta Van Susteren may move into the 7 p.m. timeslot, Ailes said he has had conversations with current 7 p.m. host Shepard Smith about “a new way to deliver news.”

UPDATE: Some other select exchanges from the conference have emerged. At one point, Ailes told Cavuto:

“I am making a few minor changes, but let me just say that since FOX News Channel came on, MSNBC and CNN have changed either their primetime lineup of shows or their primetime talent 64 times [since 1997, although FNC launched in 1996].  I think maybe I’ve changed it five or six so you have to choose well in the first place and have the guts to stay with people who can do the job. And that’s what I try to do.”  (continue reading)

Here is an earlier link to Greta talking about her new long-term contract.

Greta - Palin

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71 Responses to Update (Fox Lineup): I Heard This About A Month Ago – Personally I think It’s A Big Mistake…. Update – OK, maybe not, as long as they keep Greta Van Sustern

  1. radiopatriot says:

    Yes, but it’s Sean Hannity who’s being bumped. Could they be moving Hannity into Greta’s slot?

    • sundance says:

      Yes, I think Sean is getting bumped to Greta’s slot… and Greta is out.

      ADDED LATER – OOPS! CANCEL THAT: I just saw this link down thread: http://gretawire.foxnewsinsider.com/2013/07/28/lets-face-it-you-are-stuck-with-me/

      That is AWESOME NEWS !

      Which is a big mistake in my opinion because as far as intellectual integrity toward the viewer goes – Greta has them all beat hands down.

      I heard that some of the other hosts were a little hurt because all the best interview people were far more willing, well actually requesting, to be on Greta’s show – and the choir boys were miffed at her influence with the interviewees…

      Although I’m probably biased because I liked Greta the best of the nights line-up. I hope she lands well.

      • Sally Jeanne says:

        I love Greta – I prefer her show to the other two. And she is brilliant and more ideologically balanced than them.

      • texan59 says:

        After having Rush on for two hours last week, it would be hard to send her off to Saturday nights. That had to be one of the major “gets” on the network. The only gripe I have with Greta is that she comes off (to me) as somewhat blind to the Machiavellian world of politics and how the sausage is actually made. Or, it could be me and my bias as I remember her from the OJ trial and coming from CNN.

      • flaladybug says:

        Her SMACKDOWN of Jasmine Rand after the verdict was PRICELESS…..I saved it too my favorites list!! ;)

  2. stella says:

    I heard that too, just before Megyn went on maternity leave. If they are putting her in the 9:00 pm slot, that’s Sean Hannity’s. The gossip is that Greta was nosing around about a job at CNN, and Fox isn’t happy about that. I’ve grown to like Greta pretty well, but I like Megyn too, though I don’t know how she’ll do in an evening slot. Trivial, but – where did Drudge get that awful pic?

  3. dizzymissl says:

    I think they are going to double someone up.

    • Shep already has two shows (two too many as far as I’m concerned) so maybe he’ll just be cut from his 7:00 EDT (4:00 PDT, my time) and keep his 3:00pm EDT (Noon PDT) show. Then either Greta or Sean will take the 7pm slot and the other one takes the 10pm slot.

      I like Greta too, but she’s no Conservative. She’s a Democrat; but I give her credit for being so fair that sometimes I almost think she has changed.

      • jordan2222 says:

        It is not easy to tell her party affiliation, which is rare in cable TV. She may be the only one at Fox that is fair and balanced and also has an hour long show. More often than not, she appears to be quite conservative. Do you know, for a fact. that she is a Democrat?

        • jordan2222,

          I’ve held the belief that she was a Dem for so long that I can’t tell you if I read it somewhere or just decided that on my own. :)

          Since Barry & Co. have taken over the country, I have seen her take softer, more balanced, even more Conservative views. I believe that she is so judicious, maybe because she’s an attorney, that she appears really upset and almost as outraged as the rest of us with all of the scandals; and in the last several months she has had many more Republicans and Conservatives on her show.

          She does hold her cards much closer to her vest than she used to, because I used to feel it was obvious that her views were Dem.

          I do know that she is a Scientologist. For what that’s worth.

          • jordan2222 says:

            As long as she continues to be objective, at least in my view, I don’t care to what party she belongs. She, Neal Cavuto and John Stossell have always captured my undivided attention as has Judge Andrew Napolitano, The judge should be leading our country and restoring the Republic, but he is sooooo presidential and.. did I mention Constitutional.

            Greta’s interviews with Trump are an enigma to me because she “abuses” him verbally and asks all of the hard questions. I know they are personal friends so it’s even more puzzling to me.

            • Lulu says:

              She is one of the best interviewers on television. Asks intelligent questions, and then asks the next question and the next. And she allows her guests to respond without constantly interrupting.

  4. maryfrommarin says:

    Re: Ailes having a conversation with Shepard Smith about a “new way to deliver news”–how about in mime?

  5. jordan2222 says:

    She is one of few who does not flaunt her association with Scientology.

  6. Stormy says:

    Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley, Jason Lee, Isaac Hayes, Nancy Cartwright, Catherine Bell, Kristie Alley, to name a few…

    • jordan2222 says:

      Interesting list, Stormy.. some of those people have owned homes near mine and my still own them. Safety Harbor is a beautiful little town and is nested on the bay. Scientology headquarters is in nearby Clearwater. They own and control everything downtown. They are often in the news and are despised by many locals. Check the archives of the Tampa Bay Times when you are bored. I hate the Times but they probably know more about them and their inner workings than anyone else.

  7. It’s hard to “read between the lines” in what Ailes said regarding Sean Hannity and Shepherd Smith but he did say all of our stars will be back and that the Hannity brand was loved by many and he’s one of the nicest guys in the building. Of the two, I prefer Sean Hannity so I sure hope that he’s not “out” and it doesn’t sound like he is. Maybe there’s going to now be “Hannity and Smith” like there used to be “Hannity and Colmes”? Smith seems to lean more center – nowhere close to Alan Colmes, but more center and maybe they’ll do a show with point/counter-point set-up? I guess we’ll see. I agree it’s good news about Greta and I love her show. I’m very happy about Megyn Kelly and think she’ll do great in Prime Time! Good for her. She’s one smart lady.

  8. ed357 says:

    Just maybe……

    FOX will dump Shep Smith…..

    Shep looks like he’s high most of the time…….with that $hit eating grin on his face…….

    and Shep is no conservative or friend of conservatives.

    • janc1955 says:

      Fox is toying with us, is my guess. I think it was behind that little “leak” today. The buzz died down after the initial announcement Megyn was moving to prime time. She’s had the bambino now and imo, Fox is trying to sit folks on the edge of their seats in anticipation of who’s going where once she returns. Based on the “leaks” so far, 2 + 2 doesn’t = 4. It seems everyone is still with the network, but who will land in what time slot is what Fox hopes we’ll sit out here salivating over. Greta ain’t talking, and I find it hard to believe Fox will move either Hannity or O’Reilly out of their slots.

  9. Auntie Lib says:

    BOR is on twice in the evening here – 6 and 9 – that’s at least once and possibly twice too often.

  10. pbunyan says:

    It would be nice if they’d get rid of O’Reilly and his spin zone. That’s an instant channel changer when I power up the tv and that garbage comes on.

  11. jordan2222 says:

    I hear you but he may be the biggest money make ever. I am amazed that he has such a following. His feeble attempts to appear to be fair and balanced are pathetic. He is in love with himself.

    • You bring up a good point. Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are!

      • jordan2222 says:

        Why do you think so many people watch his show? I would love to know more about the political views of his audience. Surely they could not be sensible Conservatives or even Republicans. What do you think?

        • Glad you could spare some time from talking shit on us on other blogs. :)

          • jordan2222 says:

            When have I ever talked “shit” about the CTH? Who gets to define shit? All of what I have ever said were reflections of my personal beliefs.

            I never felt like I could do that here freely and openly without being chastised. I should not be “fearful” of making posts. I have great respect for Sundance and the Tree, but I should not be required to censor my own posts just to get along. Otherwise, free speech does not exist.

            Sorry you feel that way, but it is one reason why I do not often post here in addition to time constraints. However, I have always subscribed to this blog and read as much as I have time to read. It is not possible to read and comment at every blog that interests me.

            I am not looking for a fight, especially one that I cannot win. Funny that I do not recall ever getting into an argument with you personally so why now?

            I have also seen others at this site single out other posters and write what some would also call “shit.” Isn’t that simply one perception vs. another?

            I respect your opinion enough to have asked you a couple of questions but you responded by trying to publicly humiliate me instead of sending me an email in private. I honestly do not what is your purpose in doing that.

            My primary interest is learning and listening to other views and sharing my own. There is nothing more I can add to this except that I still would like to hear your opinions about my questions.

            • jordan2222 says:

              I just saw the smiley face in your post so I am confused. Am I OK to post here or not:? I really do not what you meant. Were you disrespecting me or having fun? Remember I am still a blog dummy and still do not understand trolls.

            • My bad! I was in a bit of a mood. You are of course, free to say and do what you like, wherever you like. That doesn’t mean, however, that I won’t have something to say about it.

              As a general rule, when I comment here, I am commenting as myself. I don’t use my position as an admin to intimidate or bully anybody, and I’m sorry it came across that way. If I was admin-ing, you would know it.

              I wouldn’t e-mail you privately over a personal disagreement because as far as I am concerned, I don’t have your e-mail address.

              • jordan2222 says:

                Thanks for your response… All is well…. :D

                • I’m glad! Thanks! :)

                • Honestly, it was just me being silly. I’m not new to blogging, so I usually just let stuff roll. I read a lot of sites and often run across the same people and sometimes get my tail in a twist over stuff I oughtn’t. Though I DO read a lot of sites, I also have a tendency to be on the insular side, and so I try not to comment out of emotion. Sometimes, I fail, and it’s usually a spectacular fail that I wind up regretting.

                  To put it in some context, specifically as it regards talking s-word (I’m back on my manners kick), I’ve got a bit of a history in reading things about my friends on the interwebs and getting mad about it. That is not meant to say that what I’ve read is good, bad or indifferent, just that I tend to get fired up regardless.

                  I also have a tendency to call people out on it, forgetting that we are all free to comment as we wish, where we wish and that not everything is personal and people are entitled to their opinions.

                  In other words, I’m kind of a spaz.

                  I am really sorry that I upset you. I know it came out of the blue.

                  • jordan2222 says:

                    Thank you very much..You are much more eloquent that I can currently be but I read you loud and clear.

                    I only wish a few other mods here understood some of the comments I made previously when I asked a simple question directed to SD.

                    You are one of a kind and I have never had an issue with you, IIRC. This was my first true blog and I had learn customs step by step. HP was my first introduction to “no rules” unless you agree with them. I learned a lot from LJP and Carolina Girl.

                    Can we possibly get back on topic and would you please answer my questions? I can be as much of a bulldog as SD. I do not take my eye off of the ball or the goal line.

        • I’ll answer this one.

          I think people watch BOR because he’s on Fox. And we’ve gotten to the point where we feel so backed up against a wall that we are willing to listen to anyone who shares even a thread of commonality.

          I don’t watch him, myself. I stopped even reading about him a long time ago. I don’t watch any news shows/TV talkers. I get my info from the bloggers and the talk radio. Mike Gallagher is my fave.

  12. mooney1el says:

    Well, don’t forget that Gretchen Carlson is leaving the Fox&Friends 6-9AM slot to take over one hour of afternoon programming; probably one of the two hours from Megyn’s afternoon slot. Elizabeth Hasselback from The View will be replacing Gretchen. The host for the other hour of Megyn’s afternoon slot has not been announced. I was thinking that they would give Gretchen the 1 o’clock slot, Shepard Smith a two hour show from 2-4, followed by Neil Cavuto at 4, then The Five at 5, then Bret Baier at 6, Greta VanSusteren at 7, Bill O’Reilly at 8, Megyn Kelly at 9, then Sean Hannity at 10.
    You’d think I watch FoxNews, but I don’t tune in very often, I quit in December as they continued to lie to us about Washington goings-on; just speculating on the line-up based on pure guess.

  13. Razz Allen says:

    I find Hannity to be tiresome and immature. I happen to like Shep.
    I like his irreverence and his sh-t eating grin. He’s not too serious and he doesn’t strike me as being political.
    I’ve always liked Greta but I’ve tired of her a bit too. She needs to dump the interviews with Trump, Limbaugh and Palin and stop with the “lights are blinking, time to close up shop”.

  14. jordan2222 says:

    He is an annoying figure… very strange so maybe your comment is true.

  15. Lulu says:

    I am trying to figure out why Megyn is such a big deal, especially for prime time. During the Zimmerman case – and others – she promoted her having been a lawyer but lashed out with carved-in-stone opinions that revealed she was far, far behind even the Fox News (same day!) curve on the facts. Her emotionalism overwhelms her rationality at times.

    My husband adores her. Maybe that’s the attraction?

  16. peachteachr says:

    I read that Greta’s husband has cancer and she would not be opposed to changing her nighttime hour. It was a month ago so I can’t source it.

    • Shelby says:

      Yes, Greta’s husband has cancer, and she has been travelling back and forth every day between Baltimore and NY to be with him every night, as she talked about on Gretawire a few months ago. Sad, but very sweet– and IIRC, his cancer is not terminal. I like Greta because I know her husband (John Coales) was (and I believe she was too) a huge Hillary supporter in the 2007 primaries and was none-too-pleased about “The Won” getting the Dem nomination or his campaign tactics, so he moved to the McCain team. I think that whole primary opened her eyes to all the ugliness of that particular candidate. Her husband then became an advisor to Governor Palin, and I think Greta’s eyes have been opened even more–BIG time– the last 6 years.

      • Shelby says:

        I should have clarified–the ugliness of that particular candidate that now (unfortunately) resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. :(

  17. Lulu says:

    We get all of these shows three hours earlier. Which means Shep shows up twice – at (our) noon and again at 4PM, which is 2x too many. Most of the Fox watchers are too smart for his inane and often hysterical babbling. Over at Legal Insurrection their poll showed 50+% in favor of “Shep out”.

    • Lulu says:

      PS. Ailes has done just what he intended to do: Get everyone talking about Fox’s programming. Weighing in. He’s no dummy.

      • whiteradish says:

        PR is free advertising. PR has to stir the airwaves even if it pollutes. Much of what progs like Bob do here is plugging up airwaves with nonsense so people can’t hear themselves think. They just want to monopolize the atmosphere. It’s no wonder they can’t find nor hear Providence.

  18. Razz Allen says:

    I agree with you on the judge. He’s great in all respects. He’s lost weight and his hair is darker. Maybe he’s thinking about making a run for….?!

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