TrayMom™ Blames Stand Your Ground Law For Son’s Death…

As you watch this, remember the truth that few actually understand.    Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton killed Trayvon by being deadbeat detached parents.

Trayvon was raised by Alicia Stanley for 12 years.  TrayMom™ kicked Trayvon out of the house in December.  Trayvon was living with Uncle Stephen.   Trayvon was diverted away from the criminal justice system by M-DSPD to try and save him from a life in the gladiator training ground of the State Penitentiary.  Sybrina never travelled to Sanford or left Miami Gardens until having coordinated the school memorial to occur while she was in DC.  She filed for her Trademarks of his name upon arrival in Orlando for the first time on 3/15/12.

Trayvon was a known and admitted marijuana drug user and seller.   Trayvon was known by the police to be a local burglar.   Trayvon was put on a bus to Sanford, by his father, with a roll of weed between his butt cheeks.  Trayvon and his father texted each other about drugs and guns with Tracy Martin having no real aversion to Trayvon’s activity.  He was then left alone for the weekend in the condo of Tracy’s mistress/girlfriend with no adult supervision.   In addition all the physical and witness evidence supports Trayvon initiating the violent confrontation.

Both Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin lied on multiple occasions to Florida Law Enforcement about large and small aspects surrounding their son, their activities, and their engagements during the last days of his life.   Intentional lies.

Yet Sybrina Fulton blames a law.

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94 Responses to TrayMom™ Blames Stand Your Ground Law For Son’s Death…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    She makes me sick.

    • Lou says:

      she’s such a responsible mom to kick her son out of the house, make excuses for him, and seal his school records. such an honest woman.

  2. screwauger says:

    ^^ This. I had to turn the dial. Just disgusting!

  3. Rikki says:

    Anything but recognize that she may have done a very poor job of raising the thug. Given the way he was living it seemed likely he was going to end up in prison or die from an overdose or from a bullet fired by one of his pals in the ‘hood. Why did he have to go to his father’s girlfriend’s home when he was booted from school? Why not with his parents? What kind of parenting skills were at work here? Disgusting.

    • dws says:

      TM is worth a lot more dead than alive to TrayFamily. A non-profit to leech off of, a HOA settlement, internship for the TrayBrother, posing with Mr and Mrs Beyonce and the 1st lady, and on and on.

    • deqwik says:

      Dr. Manning preached from the pulpit about Sabrina. He really hits the nail on the head & even gives a thought to what her neighbors must think. He is talking about how TM was so bad SF couldn’t handle him. This is more proof that the truth is getting out there. I am encouraged after watching this too & must say he is entertaining also.

      • deqwik says:

        There is also another video where he retracts his prayer for blessings for the Martin family because of the path they have chosen to take after verdict.

      • nameofthepen says:

        Deqwik – this rocks. LOL. He’s really in fine form in this one. :lol:

      • froggielegs says:

        His sermon is OK my only problem with it are the things he says that are not true. If you are going to preach about and against people, at least preach the truth. Not stories you hear. It doesn’t take a lot to look up whether $ybrina and Tracy were married etc.

      • dizzymissl says:

        I have a feeling Dr. Manning reads here:)

        • auscitizenmom says:

          Well in that case. Hi, Dr Manning. {{waving}} I’m loving your videos. Glad to see you are going to be part of the solution.

  4. dws says:

    A couple months in Florida and chosen for this jury? What kind of government list shoots you into a jury list that fast?

  5. Chip Bennett says:

    It’s obvious, but: the moment that Martin had Zimmerman on the ground, mounted, and prevented him from any opportunity to escape, stand your ground was moot.

    Stand your ground is merely the opposite of duty to retreat. Even without stand your ground, if Zimmerman would have had a statutory duty to retreat, he would still have been justified in using deadly force in self defense, because he had no opportunity to exercise a duty to retreat. As witnessed by John Good, Zimmerman tried to get up, and Martin repeatedly prevented Zimmerman from doing so.

    The legal concept is disparity of force, and Martin had it in spades. He started out with a physical advantage (younger, stronger, more fit, more experience fighting), used the element of surprise to physically incapacitate his victim (sucker punch, broken nose), then put Zimmerman in the ultimate physically vulnerable position by taking him to ground and establishing a low full-mount position, in which Martin could strike Zimmerman unabated, and Zimmerman was rendered physically unable to defend himself or to return blows. Martin further incapacitated Zimmerman by striking Zimmerman’s head into the ground (grass, concrete, or both) multiple times.

    Disparity of force = reasonable fear of imminent risk of life or great bodily harm = legal justification for the use of deadly force in self-defense.

    • Great post. The scary part is this can be summarized much more succinctly in terms that will lead to brain rot for the Trayborg collective: He had 39 minutes to go home, before George’s call, with a distance of not even > .8 miles. That’s 19 more spare minutes than it takes to walk a full mile. So what did he do?

    • lovemygirl says:

      You are spot on.
      It took me awhile to try and figure out what their claimed objection to SYG is. I think they believe with a duty to retreat that George could not have gotten out of the truck or the evil “followed him” legally. They don’t even understand the basics of the law. The decision to retreat or stand is when you are confronted by an imminent threat, not some possible threat that might occur in the future.

  6. hsror20 says:

    Mom probably thought it better to send Tray to Sanford where he didn’t know anyone or have any “connections” Likely pissed him off! Spends the whole day (practically!!) on the phone with RJ (& friends) in Miami. I suspect Sybrina would have and indeed, did have, a meltdown when she met his “friend” Rachel.Looks like she’s kepin’ a really short leash on her other son.

  7. So she now blames not only the color of his skin but the law too! When is she gonna realize its her she should blame !

  8. canadacan says:

    There outta be a law against people like Sybrina.
    Sybrina’s theme song is “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz”.
    Richard ,you are the talented one .I wonder if you could find a recording of that by Janis Joplin( or maybe one of our other talented Treepers could help locate this) . Pleeeeez.

  9. sangell says:

    No one said this woman was bright, in fact , that she was making $65K per year at the Miami Housing Authority only goes to show how grossly overpaid municipal employees are. That said, if the atrocity at Sandy Hook was not able to stampede gun restrictions through Congress this woman is pounding sand if she thinks the death of her 17 year old criminal son is going to get the state of Florida to repeal SYG. If anything the fact that Fruit Martin has sired a Trayvon MK II via Brandy Green shows the dire need for people to be armed in this state.

  10. ZurichMike says:

    Fabulous synopsis, Sundance. I post similar things on other sites to annoy the TrayBots..

  11. How is SYG related to what happened? This is insanity. Am I missing something?

    • sangell says:

      As best I can tell this has to do with their ‘foundation’. The raison d’etre of the Trayvon Martin Foundation was not something tangible like awarding scholarships to ‘at risk’ youth or providing drug treatment to ‘lean’ addicts. It is to ‘reduce gun violence’. This means they don’t have to actually do anything with the money raised except give it to Tracy and $ybrina to speak out against SYG or gun violence at some fashionable resort or at some meeting at a luxury hotel.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Wishful thinking on their part.
      They wanted a black killing commited by a white man. Oops! It was a black/Hispanic.
      They wanted the black to be a great guy. Oops! He was a thug.
      They wanted the parents to be respectible. oops! They are a mess.
      They wanted a racist. Oops! They got just the opposite.
      They wanted the defense to be SYG. Oops! It was straight self-defense.
      They wanted riots. Oops! It was lazyness and lack of interest.
      Poor race baiters.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      SYG *isn’t* related to this case. Not in any direct aspect, anyway. BUT, it is an element that was brought in, partly garner substantial aid and support from the liberal gun-grabbers for the BGI’s TRUE goal. The BGI couldn’t care LESS if someone “Stands Their Ground” and couldn’t care less about how many people die, with or without “Standing Your Ground” laws. Their aversion to any mention of the deaths in Chicago underscores this fact. The “SYG” component is not only to gain allies, but also to obfuscate another part of the mission.

      For the BGI the REAL issue isn’t “SYG”, but, instead, the “Immunity” clause that attaches to it. If “SYG” goes out the window, so does “Immunity” from civil liability, which is a gravy train for the Wrongful Death and Personal Injury firms like Parks and Crump. And for them, the more deaths, the more pay days.

    • Yes. It kept Trayvon from going to college and being future President.

  12. Here’s a research challenge. Who was close to Trayvon, that gave an interview and did NOT lie? Maybe Alicia Martin. Think about it. The entire family has lied (maybe Stephen hasn’t? If anything he may have been too honest). Who didn’t lie?

  13. Stormy says:

    Hey $ybrina:

    That wa$ a $weet tiSSue of lie$ you were $preading in your $peech before the National Urban League in Philadelphia today.

    I was $addened and $hocked, $hocked I tell you to hear you $ay that your $on, Trayvon the Thug, wouldn’t be able to go to the prom, graduate from high $chool, or go to college. (/sarc)

    Let me po$t $ome excerpt$ from the Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School’s School Attendance and Tardy Policies… it’s online… you REALLY SHOULD check it out… because there is NO WAY your son, Trayvon the Thug, would have EVER been able to attend prom, or graduate… NOT because of any Florida law, but rather because your son, Trayvon the Thug, was a truant juvenile deliquent.

    10/20 Participation Policy
    a. Miami-Dade County Public Schools believes attendance in school is
    critical to a student’s success. As such, Miami-Dade County Public
    Schools has implemented an attendance/tardy policy for participation in
    athletics and activities.
    b. Students who accrue 10 or more absences will be considered ineligible
    for participation in activities and athletics.
    c. Students who accrue 20 or more tardies will be considered ineligible for
    participation in activities and athletics.
    d. This rule applies to both excused and unexcused absences and tardies.

    • Stormy says:

      $ee that “ineligible for participation in activitie$”… THAT means prom and graduation. ;)

    • El Gordo Loco says:

      wouldnt matter anyway. if Zimmerman had not shot Trayvon, Trayvon would have been arrested at the scene of the assault and he would have went to jail…not prom and college

    • Sherron says:

      He was absent 53 days and the suspension, according to his rapping genius, was to play fight with one of his homies and when this teacher came to break it up, hit her in the mouth so he could see her bleed and so he could laff. I thought Brandi Green was a juvvy counselor and cleaned out his files? True? I read Tracy had five kids with five women. True?

  14. nwtex says:

    Delusional? Ignorant of the facts? Blinded by the attention and the easy (taxfree?) money?

    Does she not care about the people that have been TERRIFIED, beaten, hospitalized and killed due to her big mouth and microphone.

    Being dubbed the new Rosa Parks (disgraceful!) has gone to her head!

    They are doing more harm than good and I believe that is what they are striving for.

    • Sherron says:

      I believe she spoke with Eric Holder at the National Urban League Conference. I know he was there. She looks adorable cheek to cheek with Michelle Obama.

  15. scaretactics says:

    So it’s back to not being about race again?

    A wise parent would advise other parents to monitor their kid’s activities and friends so they don’t get into the same lifestyle that TM was steeped in. That’s if she were really concerned about other kids and not the $$$$$ that she gets from spinning an outright lie.

    Laws are in place for a reason! They benefit the good of a society. OMara said that this case wasn’t about SYG anyway. SYG probably didn’t even enter George’s mind when he was being pummeled by TM. But how to stay alive did.

    The more l know about $abrina, the less l like her.

    The more l know about George and his family, the more l like and admire them.

  16. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    And I blame TrayMom for doing a bad job as a parent and raising a thug that assaulted a man for no real reason at all.

  17. rumpole2 says:

    This circus needs to be STOPPED…. URGENTLY!!!

    Once again we have a false narrative being spread.. loud clear and frequently… designed to further IMPRINT the hysterical masses….

    Somebody needs to air the REAL story about who TM was, and who all the other players are. Firstly to slow down the false BS (perhaps) but obviously to at least present the real narrative.

    • Coast says:

      I’m thinking that the only ones that could do this are the Zimmerman’s.

      • Coast says:

        Or the remaining folks that were on the jury.

      • justfactsplz says:

        The sheeple won’t believe them unfortunately. It needs to be someone armed with documentation like we have here.

        • nameofthepen says:

          JustFacts…I kinda disagree. This documentation has been here for all to see.

          Thanks to the effects of TV upon the DNA of three successive generations, people are conditioned now to be able to digest only crunchy little bytes of easily-digestible, artificially-flavored, low-calorie, genetically-modified “news”.

          I think that’s where short, well-done videos can help a lot. And also, let’s not forget the universally acknowledged WMDs of the internet, well-done satire and/or ridicule.

          • justfactsplz says:

            Hi, nameofthepen, what you said makes a lot of sense. The MSM is never going to report the truth. As seen by Bill’s video having so many hits in such a short time, I can see how beneficial that is in getting the truth out there. Also we have witnessed incredible new traffic on CTH. You, too, are a good wolverine. I enjoy reading your posts.

  18. Sha says:

    If Sybrina would have put TM in counseling or even tried to get him some help before she put him out I would say she was being at least some what of a mom……. but I don’t feel that way. I feel like he was to much trouble to her to be bothered with so she shipped him back to the dad she gave him to as a baby. What kind of mom keeps one kid and give the other to there dad ? She had a good paying job so it wasn’t that she couldn’t feed or take care of both of her boys and then theres Tracy……. I do believe he loved TM very much but was trying way to hard to be his friend instead of his dad . Tracy has no morales so how could he teach his son about them. Sybrina and Tracy are liars to me and wouldn’t know the truth if it was to bite them on there butt. It makes me angry just watching the lies and wishing they would have put just half of that energy into TM with love and better up bringing .
    Why can’t they just say Our child wasn’t perfect he had problems but we loved him very much and wont other parents to learn from our mistakes. If you have a troubled teen get them help before they lash out at another person and it cost them there life. Teach teens that there fist and violence isn’t the answer when they feel angry or disrespected. Stay away from drugs and stay in



    • Sherron says:

      The pictures I have seen of Tracy Martin, aka Fruit (in the text messages to Trayvon when they discuss buying guns)) he is posing with his hoodlum homies dressed like thugs and one is throwing the Crips sign. Mrs. Mother of the Year has a huge red rose on her breast and is half naked. Like Granny said, The truth always comes out in the end. The POTUS can foster this mess but calls those four precious men in Benghazi a phony scandal. God have mercy on America.

      • Sha says:

        Sherron : It hurts my heart to know those mothers can’t even get the truth……………and your Granny was right !

    • scaretactics says:

      Exactly. What you suggest is what any wise parent would do. Not these parents, though…they haven’t learned from failing to raise TM properly. Now they just want to blame anyone or anything other than themselves.

  19. diwataman says:

    Hopefully this is the last blast they get, I couldn’t be any more sick at just hearing the voices of the Scheme Team. Their limelight will fade eventually. I wish George would sue the State of Florida and the Estate of Trayvon Martin but I hear the pleadings and such are not as open to the public as a federal case would be so maybe it’s best to actually hope for a federal case against George. Of course George is going to need someone without all this O’Maraesque PC hypersensitivity to black people crap where one can’t even utter “watermelon” in a court of law where facts are supposed to come out.

    • nomorebsplease says:

      Drink product. Trayvon “stood his ground”. I am still not sure if i am in bizaro world or hell. If matt harvey blows out his elbow i will have my answer.

      • rumpole2 says:

        So… do they want the SYG law repealed so that the next Black chile like TM will have to retreat?
        Rather than Stand his ground for 4 minutes in order to wait to put the “SYG Bangas” on da Creepy Ass Cracka :D

  20. Rikki says:

    As much as anything, their guns and races pony show is about money. It’s the perpetual shakedown, and the one thing they never lose sight of is the golden ring dangling from the ‘racist!’ chain.

  21. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    The meetings and conferences by the CBC and the National Urban League are NOT intended to reduce racial tension, they are intended to further the goals of the BGI. Nothing more, nothing less. They BENEFIT from increased tension in many ways, while any reduction in racial tension works against them. What better way to garner support from the “useful idiots” than by polarizing America in the optic of race? What better way to Alinsky your detractors, than by introducing the the optic of race?

    Sybrina and Tracy are nothing more than useful idiots, or “tools” for the BGI to used for this moment. They are a product that was manufactured, packaged, and marketed for this specific use. The images of Trayvon, Sybrina, and Tracy are as phony as three dollar bills, and their story is as fake as a bowl of plastic fruit.

    But, oh, how scrumptious that fruit looks, how tantalizing it is, and how tempting it is to “buy” it. The offer implied by the fruit is the further cleansing of our souls from the injustices we have allegedly committed by wrongfully stereotyping AA’s as criminals, and “profiling” them! How EVIL of us! But what’s the price of the “salvation”? What liberty will be sacrificed by the guilters, to purchase their “salvation”?

  22. 20 Questions About Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman…

  23. Coast says:

    No college for Trayvon. No children from Trayvon. All because of a law. Really…Really??
    Well, here is the real point…to hold the person accountable…SO THAT HE CAN PAY!
    And now she has “Business Cards” with Trayvon’s picture on it? What a total pile of CRAP.

    • nomorebsplease says:

      If only that law never existed trayvon’s assault would have tickled george “haha, this is fun my head’s about to burst. More sidewalk, please. Weeeee”.

      And his 40 minute .8 mike walk where he does not want to give chad his skittles yet, for some odd never to be asked about reason,…um…race. Buttons 4 for $25.

  24. Sherron says:

    IT ASTOUNDS ME when I see the little boy in a hoodie photo that they copyrighted for Justice for Trayvon and that they claim this little boy broke the hell out of someone’s nose and put three gashes in the back of his head smashing it into the cement. Does that sound reasonable to anyone with any gray matter whatsoever?

  25. Spar Harmon says:

    …meanwhile back at da State Capitol…
    whats going down wid’ da udder play, dat uh Sit In thang????????????

    • nameofthepen says:

      OMG, Spar! Didn’ t you hear? The other night, their peaceful sit-in blocking the doors of the State bordello Capital was disrupted by a swift, brutal attack from an unidentified paramilitary force consisting of an estimated at 35-40 members dressed in black jumpsuits.

      Our sources tell us this strange squad, consisting mostly of former out-of-work hockey players, pro-wrestlers, sanitation worker union members, former roller derby stars, and at least one retired TV cooking show host, had been recruited, funded, trained and equipped by a secret domestic group believed to be composed mostly of rich, old, vigilante Republicans.

      Ha hahaaaa…no. The above “News Story” is a prank. Just wanted to see what it would be like to be a “reporter” for the MSM. :mrgreen:

    • d'hack says:

      Because you asked… Day-O, Daaaay-O…

  26. Spar Harmon says:

    …Oh lawdy! A MersaydeezBenz????????????????

  27. auscitizenmom says:

    Has anyone found out anymore about Sybrina’s connections to quit-claim deeds?

  28. andi lee says:

    How did they trademark his name, exactly? I remember when the Anthonys’ attempt to trademark their granddaughter’s name the Florida Courts said, “No!”. I could have sworn it was the Florida Supreme Court that ruled it, with additional commentary.

  29. Eloise says:

    I can’t stand to look at this woman, let alone watch any of her best mom in the world speeches! She makes me extremely angry and I wish someone would come out and call her out on her phony crap! I lost every bit of sympathy I had for her a very long time ago! Every time she opens her mouth speaks volumes about who she is!!

    • janc1955 says:

      No one will call her out. No one would dare. There is some unwritten rule of the universe, I guess, that forbids taking a lying schemer to task if she/he has lost a child, unless he/she actually killed the child. $ybrina and Fruit are protected by the mighty cloak of grieving parents. They are forgiven all sins, including what they did and did not do that contributed to their son’s delinquency, his budding career as a thug, and his death at the hands of his last victim.

      It’s just another symptom of the new American disdain for personal accountability.

    • jello333 says:

      Oh, you want something that will REALLY make you mad? I’ve posted this a few times here, so maybe you’ve seen it. If not… enjoy. Some have compared Trayvon to Emmett Till, and Sybrina to Rosa Parks. Little did we know that Sybrina is much, much bigger than Rosa Parks… neh…. thinks divinity!

      At least a dozen women and men assembled at Sybrina Fulton’s feet before she stepped down to grab one of them. She squeezed the woman, patted her back and whispered in her ear. Then Fulton moved down the line, tightly embracing each mother, grandmother and father, each of them too familiar with loss, until she’d touched them all.

  30. froggielegs says:

    Business cards??? Give me a freaking break!!! So what’s her business? Scamming people out of their money? Perpetual victim?

  31. jello333 says:

    Sometime last summer, maybe a couple months after I first got to the Treehouse, I made a stupid comment. While I was totally standing up for George, and tearing into the prosecutors and some members of the Scheme Team, I also said something like, “And I think every one of them should be fair game, except maybe Tracy and Sybrina. They’re the only ones who we maybe should go a little easier on…” That comment was immediately followed by several replies telling me how STUPID I was for having that attitude, and for believing that Tracy and Sybrina deserved ANY benefit of the doubt. Well, I don’t remember who it was who attacked me over my comment, but whoever you were, I just wanna say… THANK YOU! ;) Because that seemed to wake me from my delusion regarding those two. I’m not sure why I EVER failed to see the truth… maybe it was just my inability to get beyond the “grieving parents” idea. But I’m happy to say I’ve LONG since left that behind, thanks to friends here who weren’t afraid to lay into me when I deserved it. ;)

    • It’s not just Tracy and Sybrina — it gets easier over time to identify liars/ grifters. My ‘first’ was the mother of Lorelei and Heather Simms…. boohoo, a kidnapper stole my baby, then Susan Smith, then Melinda Duckett, then Casey Anthony…. NOTHING surprises me after these last 2.

  32. lorac says:

    Tracey is nothing more than a sperm donor and Sybrina is nothing more than an egg incubator. They were not parents let alone a mom and dad. They both make me sick!

    • Sweetback the Murse says:

      I am willing to give Sybrina the benefit of the doubt that she did try to parent Trayvon. He had been down the dark road for some time before she threw him out of the house and shipped him to Sanford. However, Tracey related to Trayvon as one of the gang bangers in his posse and deserves much of the blame. But, there is no absolution for her behavior since the acquittal..

  33. lorac says:

    I am actually to the point I hope they try to sue George in civil court and all of the truth about the wannabe thug Trayvon is told to the world. And the truth about the shitty parents that he had. Maybe if that comes to light people will finally get that Trayvon was destined to either life behind bars or death from drugs or guns. I cannot stomach these Traybot or his supposed parents. I wish those idiots would just open their eyes and see the truth!

  34. andi lee says:

    Thank you Deq!, for posting the link to Dr. Manning! How I would love to hear his sermon, blaring, on a loudspeaker, in every city, that Sybrina and Tracy goes!

  35. I Am Trademark says:

    I love it when people show how deep their ignorance is of the laws they are rallying against…
    Basically, she’s saying that her son would still be alive if it was illegal for a victim to respond to an aggressor with equal force.
    Let that sink in for a minute…

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