And Now It All Makes Sense – Trayvon Family Attorney Admits “A greater duty to be a social engineer”…. (video)

Well, there you have it.   Trayvon family attorney, Jasmine Rand, from the Daryl Parks and Ben Crump law firm, makes the following statement [@2:35 in video]:

…”I have a greater duty, beyond the law, and that’s to be a social engineer”…

Just like Miami-Dade School Superintendent, Alberto Carvalho; Just like Miami-Dade School Police Chief Charles Hurley; Just like DOJ Attorney General, Eric Holder, and just like President Obama, former community organizer, the greater goal “beyond the law” is to be a social engineer.

What more can be said?   We are not a nation of laws, we are now a nation of social engineers – so sayeth the constructionists. No wonder the exhibited Justice for Trayvon means take to the streets and attack your adversary, coast to coast.

Mellon Park Rally

REV. Al SHARPTON (15 July 2013): To get just angry and get revenge might relive some of your feelings, but doesn’t change anything. And it doesn’t stop the risk cause it will; one you kill and then you pursued to go to jail. Then they’re going to be revenge and kill two or three more of us because they know the law is imbalanced and they got better shot of getting away. There’s some in this country who would like nothing better than to start seeing killing on both sides because they had the capacity to out kill and not have to pay for it. And we can romanticize all we want if we do so and so they’re going to stop. Look at history that is not what happened. Anytime there is a revolt they come in with all kinds of stuff and wipe people out.  (link)

Cue the liberal “social engineering” CNN Media….

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92 Responses to And Now It All Makes Sense – Trayvon Family Attorney Admits “A greater duty to be a social engineer”…. (video)

  1. Mr. Izz says:

    Social Engineer? Dang, I’m going for the wrong engineering degree. Do you think any of my credits will transfer? Sounds awesome!

  2. May5 says:

    Social engineer?!? wow!

  3. Lou says:

    Greta is very smart. she needs to interview Crump and then Angela Corey.

  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    Posted: 6:06 p.m. Monday, July 15, 2013
    Zimmerman protesters shut down Oakland freewayZimmerman verdict: Protesters storm Wal-Mart in Crenshaw area,0,2522648.story

    • michelle says:

      I live in the Bay Area. It’s Oakland, what does anyone expect, civil behavior?

    • Ad rem says:

      Because nothing counters a perceived racial injustice like looting your neighborhood Walmart. :evil:

      • Benzy says:

        The scary part, they CHOSE Wal-Mart instead of a higher end store. One would think if you’re going to the trouble and risk of committing a felony, you would at least try to make it worth the effort and risk. Odd that Target was the one, since George Zimmerman was on his way to Target when the incident with TM started. At least there might have been some odd and misplaced symmetry in that.

  5. kinthenorthwest says:

    Oakland Freeway was shut down by demonstrators and Crenshaw area had to close a K-mart in LA.

  6. Lou says:

    so, they have 4 family attorneys including Crump, Parks, and Nat Jack.
    Justice has to be one sided according to Ms. Rand.

    It always baffles me how the family never blames Trayvon for his actions. Trayvon should have kept his hands to himself. no responsibility whatsoever, just blame.

    • May5 says:

      “didn’t he have any right to defend himself against a cracka?” is their answer… but didn’t Zimmerman have any right to do the same??

      • Irish Eyes says:

        He had no cause to “defend” himself. Zimmerman did nothing to him, just observed him. In their view they have a right to kill someone for looking at them? Apparently so, according to Rachel’s favorite program First 48, where a black teen regularly kills another black teen who he thinks looked at him funny.

  7. Steven W. says:

    I just saw this on Greta myself and couldn’t believe it! Social Engineer! Unbelievable!

    • LittleLaughter says:

      Yes She Did. Spanked and made to look like a teenager playing attorney.
      This twit immediately followed Robert Jr., who, as always, was articulate, determined, sensible, and spoke common sense and fact. No wonder Greta was so obviously disgusted with her. She paled in comparison.

      • toomanyspiders says:

        I just watched it… I’d never heard RZ speak before. He is beautifully articulate and composed.

  8. eastern2western says:

    is it just me that those guys seem to be from that American communist party.

  9. LookBeforeYouLeap says:

    The entire CNN video can be seen at

  10. sjd12 says:

    Holy hell this is scary. This attorney admits that the reason that George Zimmerman was arrested was because of public pressure and not because it was just in the eyes of the law to do so.

  11. metrometeor says:

    “Social Engineer” huh…. I would think a good S. Engineer would never ever state their goals out loud but I guess you have affirmative action for even that….

  12. LittleLaughter says:

    I want to see Puddy’s photo of the kitty cleaning off her bi**c slapping paw posted here- I think it is fitting considering how Greta handled Rand. ;-)

  13. Jeff B. says:

    Greta Van Susteren is my new hero…. She put the smack down on Jasmine “I wanna be black” Rand….. I loved it…. Greta pointed out that the supposed outcry by millions of Americans are because of Social Manipulation as most if not all watched the case or know any facts of the case ofther than what the Scheme Team manipulates…. loved it…

  14. eastern2western says:

    it seems to me that the firm had organized a lot of the riots because I keep seeing that American communist party signs all over the place.

  15. justfactsplz says:

    It was good to see somebody finally put Rand in her place. She is one militant young “lady” and I use that word loosely.

  16. woohoowee says:

    Kevin Cunningham (started the online petition) said the same thing about himself and his parents:

    March 29, 2012

    By Miranda Leitsinger, Staff Writer, NBC News

    “Cunningham, a red-head who describes himself as the “super Irish” son of activist parents, said he learned about the Martin case when he read a story posted on a listserv for Men of Howard, an informal, secretive fraternity that he joined while attending the historically black Howard University as a law student.”

    – snip –

    ““At Howard, they tell us as soon as we get there, ‘If you’re going to be a lawyer, you’re either a social engineer or a parasite on society.’ … that’s how I think about life, is to be a social engineer, and that’s what my parents always were trying to be,” he said.”

  17. froggielegs says:

    I have to admit this was my favorite interview all night. Watching Greta just come right out and tell it like it is, was great! Bet we never see Jazzy on there again LOL

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yeah, she looked shocked, shocked, I tell ya. I guess she is used to being free to say whatever she wants.

    • GZanon says:

      “Bet we never see Jazzy on there again LOL”
      idk.. ya thing Greta got enough breed? She did apologize for giving doofus a hard time.

  18. minor4 says:

    I’m sure this has been mentioned already — but I just heard part of Angela Corey’s interview, and she described GZ as a “murderer”, despite the fact that a jury has found him not guilty of murder.

    I’m pretty sure that defamation per se. How can she not know when to shut up?

  19. cassidy says:

    I am impressed with the masses of the black people, who have rejected violence concerning the Z case. Do not forget, also, they don’t have the insight that CTH has given us as to the back=stage manipulation, yet they STILL reject violence, despite the lies of the race baiters. Yes, you always will have a few zealots. You don’t see ANYTHING like the riots I lived thru, in the 60’s. Let us all hope and pray that the situation remains this peaceful.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Are you nuts? Are you not watching the news? Can you not see where this is going? Do you not hear the race baiters lying through their teeth to keep things stirred up?

  20. boutis says:

    Social engineering in the security industry is fraud. It is tricking people into giving over personal information and then taking financial advantage of them. While this rather slow young woman is talking bout something else (probably the use of sociology to solve social problems that she and her employer have-namely the lack of as much money as they want) she basically just outed their shakedown scam. These are the worst confidence men (and women) ever.

  21. Kauf Buch says:

    *Forget* the “social engineer” sentence which has been going around teh internetz…LISTEN TO HER NEXT TO LAST SENTENCE, when she says (paraphrasing),
    “The government and police didn’t bring charges against Zimmerman, and it was only because of the outcry of [insert litany of Identity Politics groups here].”
    THAT’S MOB ACTION in a “DEMOCRACY” (used as a derogatory)!!!
    This monster is justifying societal lynching.

  22. wanderlust says:

    She basically said they felt they were above the law. Sort of affirmative action for legal cases where a verdict is ignored just cause you’re black.

  23. ctdar says:

    It’s been a long time since Ive seen Greta so pissed; she schooled Rand like she was a kindergartner. The nerve for Rand to come to Greta’s table in thinking she could one up someone like her. The ending was more troubling to me where Rand outright said that GZ arrest was based on emotion via demands of the people for justice and not the facts. Oh how I wish Greta would have ended the interview with “than that would be called malicious prosecution you twit.”
    I hope GZ files civil suits against her & her employer Parks & Crump (just noticed their initials together of PC ) and wins so much they go out of business.
    I can dream right ? ;)

  24. Chip Bennett says:

    A little social engineering background reading, courtesy of Wikipedia.

    It is merely a Progressive tool to manipulate society outside of the rule of law.

    • GZanon says:

      “It is merely a Progressive tool to manipulate society outside of the rule of law.”
      Mr. Bennett, with all due respect to your tenure here.. do you believe that?

      • Chip Bennett says:

        Mr. Bennett, with all due respect to your tenure here.. do you believe that?

        As a distilled, summary description: yes.

        Look at the ends of social engineering efforts throughout history.

        Look at the purpose of social engineering in this instance: the arrest and prosecution of an innocent man, against all evidence and contrary to his constitutional rights, for a purpose other than upholding the rule of law.

        • GZanon says:

          What I had gathered from the discussion yesterday could be summarized thus:
          Understanding The Real “Profilers” of Trayvon Martin – It was not George Zimmerman:
          My comment:
          (“SD you sure can put together a cliffhanger.. cause I was thinking from first paragraph down:
          Which came first? The optics or the lens?
          So I sum it up:
          2010 DoJ>DoE=Parity
          2012 MD media advisory achieving the = Parity
          2012 Executive Order = Perma Stamps Parity

          untold quantities nationwide fall thur cracks.”)

          Hence: The Laws came first before this justification. Laws that are in fact favorably ‘engineered’ to a social class specifically a subset. Therefore, the Progressive tool is not used exclusively outside the Rule of Law, yet also in full Light of the law, once exposed by Sundance/et al.

      • waltherppk says:

        Chip is right on the bullseye. Federal preemption was also mentioned as involved, yet in a matter of criminal law involving actions of an individual occurring in one state and not crossing state lines such as a self defense shooting during an aggravated assault and battery, it is state jurisdiction which applies, with no conflict with Federal law which would be where any Federal preemption could apply. There was no conspiracy between the accused and the state to violate the civil rights of the deceased under color of authority as would be a circumstance where Federal jurisdiction could apply, but rather this was a death occurring as an event attendant to a simple altercation between two men. Neither subject involved were Federal employees nor does the situation present any other aspect which would allow Federal jurisdiction.

        The same cannot be said for the subverted due process which was applied by the state to prosecute an alleged offense where the civil rights of the accused were in fact violated by a state not conforming to either its own laws or Federal law, so another bizarre aspect of this case is that Federal preemption would apply in terms of providing relief and remedy at law through Federal District Court for the accused rather than for the deceased.

        I would challenge Jasmine Rand to dispute this with any case law citations involving any case which has any legal comparison to this plainly local jurisdictional matter because such case law does not exist. Obviously there is a “hope” residing with her for redefining reality about that fact simply because she does not like it what is the reality of the law which has produced an outcome different from what she preferred would occur.

      • ctdar says:

        Sounds like an accurate description to me.

      • pet says:

        I said it before. Our public universities are non-stop pumping out these brainwashed zombies with a host of social engineering degrees in hand.

        Go take an orientation visit at your local university to get a feel for what happens as soon as a potential student steps on campus.

    • waltherppk says:

      Before I looked it up it sounded like code for Frankfurt School cultural Marxism and that evidently is exactly what it is. excerpted from the article:
      “Social theorists of the Frankfurt School in Weimar Germany like Theodor Adorno had also observed the new phenomenon of mass culture and commented on its new manipulative power, when the rise of the Nazis drove them out of the country around 1930 (many of them became connected with the Institute for Social Research in the United States). The Nazis themselves were no strangers to the idea of influencing political attitudes and redefining personal relationships. The Nazi propaganda machine under Joseph Goebbels was a synchronized, sophisticated and effective tool for creating public opinion.”

  25. Social Engineering = Marxist Stooge.

  26. Baldy says:

    This August, there will be a 50th anniversary march of MLK’s March of Washington, FWIW.

  27. misterdeedeebooboo says:

    I highly doubt Jasmine Rand’s claim that no one on the Martin family legal team made any positive comments regarding the jury after it was selected.

    • Fantasia says:

      Here is the proof she is lying. Go to about the 5 minute mark.

      • waltherppk says:

        @ 5:45 “phenomena” hehehe There’s that word again
        @ 6:17 The Poe Lease refuse to come

      • yankeeintx says:

        @3:57 he refers to himself and Crump as “lawyers they hired, they paid” (the family). I thought Crump said they were doing this because it needed to be done, without thought of payment. I guess what he meant to say is that as soon as the cash started flowing, he’d get his.

        • K Ash says:

          He said it very clearly, “all he saw was a person”.
          Not about race, no civil rights issue here.
          Opportunists, gotta love em.

  28. AghastInFL says:

    My what a vile individual, I look forward to Greta’s next interaction with this self defined engineer… the never ending folly of youth is disregard for experience, Ms Rand is a bit old to hide behind that particular veil of ignorance.

  29. John Galt says:

    Social Engineer at Work – courtesy of DiwataMan

  30. mrsqt says:

    I’m glad she admitted that GZ was ONLY arrested to appease the (misinformed and misled) masses and not due to the fact that the evidence dictated he should be arrested.

    Kinda goes against what Angela Corey said though. She claims the exact opposite. She said the evidence was there to prove GZ was a “murderer” and she was not politically motivated nor did she base her decision to arrest GZ to appease anyone.

    Ahh, let the finger pointing begin. Grab some popcorn and watch ‘em all start turning on each other. This has only just begun…

    Meanwhile GZ is FREE!

  31. michellc says:

    Manipulate others to do as you want or in this instance lie, stomp your feet and threaten riots in the street until you get what you want.
    I can see all of them in a room together at the invitation of Obama and the popcorn provided by Holder while they’re entertained watching their work in progress.

    Did anyone see Robert, Jr. say the family is afraid their phones are being tapped by this administration? I would say yes they should be afraid. I fear though they know where he is and could disclose his location at anytime.

  32. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    That was a great interview! Greta delivered the smack down that Jasmine Rand truly deserved. I especially liked the part where Greta offered to compare her career and record to Jasmine’s ANY TIME, and also said “…this social engineering is more like social manipulation…I don’t know what social engineering is but, actually, justice in presented in the courtroom with a jury deciding it and both sides having an opportunity.”

    Looks like I need to start paying more attention to what Greta has to say.

  33. Jeff B. says:

    Greta asked Jasmine “What evidence for Trayvon was not presented in Court that has you outraged? then Jasmine looks with a blank stare..”It wasn’t the evidence, it was just the Jury got it wrong…? something along the lines like that…lol amazing…

  34. tara says:

    I think you’ve all scrutinized Rand before … I was just investigating her claim that she’s an “Adjunct Professor”, which is frequently morphed into “Professor” in articles about her.

    For those who don’t know, the term “Professor” is reserved for tenured (permanently-seated) teachers. The adjective “Adjunct” simply means part-time.

    I just saw a spreadsheet of faculty at several different Florida universities. It was updated in Aug 2012, so not too old. It shows Rand as an “Instructor” at FAMU, not “Professor” or “Adjunct Professor” (or “Associate Professor” or “Assistant Professor” which are other categories on this spreadsheet). It’s improper for her to call herself a Professor or Adjunct Professor, but not surprising that she does it considering who she works for and considering the work she’s done on the fabricated Trademark case.

  35. Sharon says:

    The Department of Justice announced recently that they have a civil rights investigation open into the death of Trayvon Martin. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz agrees that Eric Holder should be investigating civil rights violations in this case — except he’s investigating the wrong person:

  36. Saltwater says:

    Social engineer !!! Is that something like community organizer? Hell, I think they exist in all 57 states don’t they? Jus sayin…..

  37. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    For all of those wishing to contact MSNBC regarding their continued relationship with the race-baiting agitator, Al Sharpton, I found an e-mail list for some of their executives, but I cannot attest to how current it is:

    Rick Kaplan, Pres/Gen Mgr
    Phone: 201-583-5000
    John Kelly, Exec VP/Ad Sales
    Phone: 212-664-6749
    Robert Foothorap, VP/Ad Sales
    Phone: 212-664-5162
    Michael Shusman, Dir/Ad Sales
    Phone: 212-664-7039
    Barry Margolis, Dir/Ad Sales
    Phone: 211-664-3559
    Erika Pascal, Mgr/Commercial Operations
    Phone: 212-664-3420
    Manu Singh, Dir/Research
    Phone: 212-664-7599
    Brian Jackson, Dir/Planning
    Phone: 212-664-6935
    Fran Kane, Mktg Dir
    Phone: 212-664-6074
    Hilary Weisfeld, Mktg Mgr
    Phone: 212-664-3410

    Los Angeles: 3000 W. Alameda Ave., C-273
    Burbank, CA 91523
    Phone: 818-840-3303
    Steve Agase, VP/Ad Sales
    Chicago, IL: 454 N. Columbus Dr., 3rd Floor
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Phone: 312-836-5629
    Chuck Blomberg, VP/Ad Sales
    Detroit, MI: 2855 Coolidge Hwy.
    Troy, MI 48084
    Phone: 248-643-8444
    Nick Spain, VP/Ad Sales

  38. czarowniczy says:

    Well, didn’t see anyone else ask so thought I might: when she billed Tray-Inc-LLC was her hourly rate as a lawyer or as a social engineer?

  39. ctdar says:

    Good riddance, FL doesn’t need any more aging has been septuagenarian rock stars posing as “social engineers.”

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