Give Us Our Pound Of Flesh – Francis Oliver, Mother Of Martin Family Attorney, Natalie Jackson, Gives Jaw Dropping Interview Showcasing Scope of Racial Animosity Toward George Zimmerman

If there was any doubt about the strength of the professional grievance industry aligned against George Zimmerman, and their single-minded focus to convict him despite he evidence to the contrary, one only needs to look at a recent Bay 9 interview with Francis Oliver, the mother of Trayvon Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson.

natalie JacksonFrancis Oliver

The ‘in-your-face’ level of racism expressed by Oliver is quite staggering to witness. However, it should not come as a surprise given the embedded hatred Oliver carries for non-blacks.

“I’ve been fighting white people my whole life seems like” Francis Oliver March 18th 2012

What should be alarming to casual followers is witnessing Oliver’s expressed strategic goal of getting like-minded black racists to find their way onto the jury. Even to the extent of her outlining how potential black jurors need to conceal their animosity:

“Don’t get eliminated before you even get a chance to be questioned. We definitely don’t want it to the point that all blacks are eliminated because we got over excited and blew our chances. At least give us a chance. Give yourself a chance,” said Oliver.

blew our chances“?    Blew their chances at what exactly?  Sorry, that’s a rhetorical question, we know exactly what the goal is here – Ms. Oliver has outlined it clearly in all of her prior points of advocacy.   The goal is to convict George Zimmerman AT ALL COSTS.

We have previously outlined Francis Oliver;  We know her ideology quite well.

One of the key advocates/activists in the Seminole NAACP is Francis Oliver, Natalie Jackson’s mother, and black historian for Sanford, Florida whose straw-grasping claims of racism present today stem from the 1911 incorporation of “Goldsboro” over a century ago :

“I’ve been fighting white people my whole life seems like,” said Oliver. Of her daughter Natalie, Oliver said, “I raised her on the front lines of the movement.”

The daughter of Francis Oliver, the one raised on the front lines of the movement, is the same Natalie Jackson who, together with Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks, represents the family of Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin;   Francis’s daughter Natalie Jackson also sits with, and advises, Seminole chapter NAACP President Turner Clayton.

The same black racist, Turner Clayton, who sent an e-mail to former Police Chief Bill Lee within THREE DAYS - demanding that George Zimmerman be arrested, tried and convicted, before even Ryan Julison, the Media Consultant was hired and came aboard;  And well before the investigation was a matter of public inquiry.

SEMINOLE COUNTY —   Many people in Seminole County are right now getting jury notices that could lead them to the huge role of deciding George Zimmerman’s fate.

But are some people talking about getting a notice too much? And could that affect how fair of a trial Zimmerman could get?

“They’re all excited, everybody’s watching the mailbox every day to see if they’re going to get one of those letters that come through the mail,” said Francis Oliver, the Curator of Sanford’s Goldsboro Museum.

And when people do get them, some are talking about it a lot — even on Facebook. There’s a post for example, where one man writes,

“I’m for a life sentence without hearing any evidence. I’m pretty sure they’ll send me home.” He goes on to say, “I also believe in a fair trial for all but I’m not the right guy for this case.”

Oliver, who led protests last year pushing for Zimmerman’s arrest, said she wants a fair trial for both sides.

She said even people with strong opinions about the case can consider both sides at trial. She worries some potential jurors are going too far.

“Don’t get eliminated before you even get a chance to be questioned. We definitely don’t want it to the point that all blacks are eliminated because we got over excited and blew our chances. At least give us a chance. Give yourself a chance,” said Oliver.

Oliver even posted a notice on her own Facebook page, advising people of what not to do if you get a summons.

“Just kind of calm down, keep our mouths closed, take your envelope, report to wherever they tell us to report,” said Oliver.

Five hundred of those summoned will eventually be asked to report for jury duty on June 10 for Zimmerman’s trial. Jury selection will then dwindle that down to six people that will decide the case. (continue reading)

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220 Responses to Give Us Our Pound Of Flesh – Francis Oliver, Mother Of Martin Family Attorney, Natalie Jackson, Gives Jaw Dropping Interview Showcasing Scope of Racial Animosity Toward George Zimmerman

  1. LOu says:

    when OJ was said to be innocent, a bunch of black colleagues I worked with screamed at the top of their lungs, “Let my People Go!”.

    • wrongonred says:

      I would really like to see a sample of Ms Francis Oliver’s handwriting…………

      • realitycheck says:

        If she would happen to be THE Francine (the one whom DD did not know the last name of), this will be an ever larger scandal than anyone ever imagined.

        It would be the end of the Scheme team with massive jail sentences and, hopefully, the end of the BGI.

        • wrongonred says:

          Perhaps “Francine” is a more prominent name in the African American Communities outside the Midwest, but speaking specifically of St. Louis, I would be willing to wager the there are not more than 2 African American females with the name Francis or Francine in the entire City, and neither of them are younger than 50. Perhaps it is jumping to conclusions to think that DeeDee’s “friend” was black, but I think given the circle of folks, that is most likely. It sounds ridiculous, but nothing in this case surprises me. I would wager that Jackson’s mother wrote the letter, and is “friends” with DeeDee.

          • LOu says:

            it’s very common for AA’s to name their children’s first name with -ika at the end. I’ve never met an AA with the last name Francine. I’d say it’s a planned diversion.

            • unitron says:

              “it’s very common for AA’s to name their children’s first name with -ika at the end.”

              Now, maybe, but not until sometime in the later ’60s, well after Jackson’s mother was born back in the ’40s.

        • ejarra says:

          Anyone want to bet that THAT is the question the Crump is afraid to be asked.

          Do you known Francine? If so, how? Unless she is someone else altogether, and he truly doesn’t know her, he’s ph__kd.

          • wrongonred says:

            Just had a thought. Don West seems to be a very astute guy. With as much time in the courtroom and experience as he has, I do not think his mention of the name was just a slip. I do not think he does something for no reason. What if the release of the name was very intentional, almost as if to place a shot across the bow. A shot no one, except someone with firsthand knowledge of the scheme, would understand. What if that was his way of letting the Scheme Team know that he knows?

            • ejarra says:

              Or better yet, he knew that the CTH would try to figure out who she was and get back to him by reading this blog. That’s EXACTLY what I would do if I were him.

          • jello333 says:

            We already know that Crump isn’t the least bit hesitant to LIE when he feels the need. And so of course he’d happily lie left and right during the depo, if he thought it would help him. What’s really great, though, is that he doesn’t know WHAT exactly he can lie about. I mean, some of the questions MOM and West ask him might be a bit of “fishing”, in that they really have no idea what’s true and what’s not. But I’m sure there are also a bunch of incriminating questions they intend to ask that they DO already know the correct answers to… the TRUTH as it were. And so little Benny is kinda stuck. He knows he wants to lie about certain things, but he doesn’t know if MOM and West already have the goods on him, and will immediately confront him with the TRUTH to counter his LIES. You can bet that the idiot is VERY nervous right now waiting for the DCA to rule.

            Don West: “Oh Ben. My my my… that’s the wrong answer, Ben! You should have told me the truth, Ben, because now we have you on tape, under oath, lying through your teeth. Why did you do that, Ben? Can you spell ‘perjury’, Ben? Top bunk or bottom… ?”

            • dmoseylou says:

              I bet Crump is waaaayyyyy beyond “nervous.” More like full-blown panic. He will be sweating bullets during his depo. Gotta love it! :lol:

            • myopiafree says:

              Crump knows he can lie as much as he wishes to do so – in public – and has done so many times. But he also knows he can not lie under oath – because he will get CAUGHT IN HIS LIES. That is why he will fight deposition – and will never allow it.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I strongly suspect she wrote the Dee Dee letter. Wouldn’t it be great if the defense could prove that?

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Facts –
          It clear that some Black-Racists, like Ms. Oliver, feel that they are totally justified in lying to “get the white guy”. This is the rabid nature of people like Oliver and her daughter. I don’t know who wrote the letter – but it was not DeeDee.

          • ed greene says:

            Francis and Natalie are smart they know the gig is up especially if Crump gets deposed. They know they will be subpeona soon or charged criminally ( especially if Oliver is witness 8 friend).. They dont know if
            MOM has bus driver video, complete Guttman tape, what Witness 8 told MOM, or what else the GZ gang got up their sleeves.This interview was done on with
            a purpose
            a) to get MOM to file a motion
            b) give Prosecution reason to withdraw charges
            . c) move case from Sanford area and continuance This is beginning of the end for case. Francis Oliver did this interview to start a stink(especially if she is Witness 8 Friend). Now we just have
            to see who throws others under bus. I think it will be
            BDLR to save his ass.Remember the media does eventually find out the truth it took 8 monthes but we are learning the FACTS about Benghazai.

          • justfactsplz says:

            Hopefully West will bring the truth of the matter to the forefront. The hatred of these people who are railroading George is hard for me to comprehend. I don’t understand that kind of hate.

  2. auscitizenmom says:

    She’s not even afraid of saying what she really means?!

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Of COURSE she isn’t afraid. Anyone who even dares to challenge her will be automatically labeled as a racist, and that is what she WANTS. First she will call YOU a racist, and then she will cite YOUR racism as the reason WHY there must be AA’s on the jury!

  3. sundance says:

    “And as soon as all of y’all are gone,” she said, referring to the press, “we’re going to shut this place down.”

    • auscitizenmom says:

      It was interesting to read about “some” of the history of Sanford. I say some, because I am sure there are a whole lot of things in their history that she glossed over, totally ignored, or changed in her own mind. But, her attitude is b******t. And, it is soooo wrong to ruin a man and his whole family so they can get control again.

    • This is a quote from Francis’ son, Christopher Jackson, before GZ was arrested. They basicsally racially blackmailed the city of Sanford.

      Christopher Jackson, brother to attorney Natalie Jackson who is representing Trayvon Martin’s family, said Lee did not fulfill his role as chief and warned that more problems may come in the case.

      “Bill Lee did not execute his duties as chief of police to arrest this guy,” said Jackson. “If Zimmerman isn’t arrested, there’s going to be some retaliation.”

      Read more: The Sanford Herald – Supporters of Chief Lee speak out during commission meeting

  4. El Gordo Loco says:

    they seriously may allow african-american jurors? seems impossible for this particular case. Ive seen a lot of social media comments and african-american panelists/journalists in the year since this happened and have not come across 1 black person that said George Zimmerman might be innocent.

    I have seen a couple of african-american people say they hope The Defense proves their case, but those particular people were too stupid to know the difference between Defense and Prosection, and were mistaken.

    • El Gordo Loco says:


    • cboldt says:

      The press selects pro-Martin people, and commentators on social media are a mixed bag. While there is too much racially-motivated prejudgment, it isn’t even close to 100% penetration on this case. This isn’t a presidential election.

    • Unicron says:

      On YouTube there are some good pro-Zimmerman black video makers like TheRealBillReal and TMOTofGMA and a few others, there was one guy I can’t remember the name of he was constantly changing his name and getting harassed by other blacks for his opinions… I think he ended up quitting due to that.

      In general though, I agree that the more black jurors there are, the less possible a fair trial on the facts for George will be. Their community is just way, way too emotionally invested on this.

      There are certainly some black people out there who could be impartial and come to an evidence-based and law-based conclusion, but they are so rare that the effort involved to find them… and to make sure they aren’t just pretending to be them… is so monumental that it isn’t worth it, at all. But, they’ll still end up with at least 2 black jurors, no doubt about that. They feel they have to to look fair (when it’s just the opposite) and they know the riots are even more assured/severe if there are no black jurors.

  5. czarowniczy says:

    As I’ve said before, ain’t no sur-priseses he-uh. Anyone who’s worked with innercity minorities knows the levels of hatred towards other minorities – oh yea, and whites – is just as bad as the ones whites are supposed to feel guilty about in their own ranks. I had white officers who spoke fluent Vietnamese and/or Cambodian working with me in the huge VN ans smaller Cambodian communities in NOLA. The racist comments directed towards us by the older VN were constant and vicious, especially as they didn’t realize some of us could understand them (more racism – ‘whiteboy, you be too dumb to speak Vietnamese’). Switch to black community and the more honest and bold members would curse you out – wouldn’t spit on you since the courts defined that as assault – but others were quite free with their racist remarks about the Vietnamese and especially Vietnamese officers. Then there were the Asian but not Vietnamese officers we had who got racist sh*t remarks from the Vietnamese and Cambodians, especially the ones with Japanese last names. Oh yeah, and the white officers who hated blacks and/or others. See Tom Lehrer: “…TO HATE ALL BUT THE RIGHT FOLKS IS AN OLD ESTABLISHED RULE…IT’S AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE…”

    • Sharon says:


      And what, exactly, is Tom Lehrer referencing? I got to be 111 years old before I was aware of such an idea. I’m really sorry that that other America is so filled with hate, and I’m becoming increasingly grateful that I didn’t have to have anything to do with it the first 80% of my life. This kind of crap has nothing to do with being an American of any kind. They’re just nasty, nasty people. What a horrible way to live.

      • stella says:

        Boy, oh boy, is that the truth!

      • Auntie Lib says:

        That quote is from his song titled “National Brotherhood Week” it’s a satirical song about racism. I’ll try to find it on YouTube.

      • canadacan says:

        That kind of hate is not American and its not apple pie just because some pea brained bigot says it is.

      • czarowniczy says:

        The US is rife with it – when the immigrants came here they brought their prejudices and hates with them and found new ones here. The French and Spanish and Italians in New Orleans went after each other for centuries, hence the ‘French Quarter’ and our ‘neutral grounds’. Even the small New England town I was born in was half Polish and half French Canadian. Only time they got together was in church and even then we sat in different pews – one school in town but separate Polish and French clubs, wouldn’t even drink together. Korean soldiers taught me how much the Koreans and Japanese hate each other – and that goes back centuries before WW II. Chinese and Vietnamese don’t really take too many long, warm showers together either. How many millions of ‘native Americans’ did he Europeans kill in North, Central and South America so we could settle in? I’m amazed at how Africans can tell the tribes apart and – over the centuries – kill each other off in such numbers. Sadly enough it’s what we are at our base and what we use religion and civilization to try and suppress and why the military and police will never be without a job.

        • Unicron says:

          In-Group/Out-Group animosity is biologically based, and not going anywhere. This is why multi-culturalism is a failed concept. Some just take longer to realize that than others. When there is a strong, confident majority group providing a grounding… it can pass for a while as functional. When that breaks down, and it is… well, just get ready for some very interesting times.

          • czarowniczy says:

            You may have guessed that I’m a Biological Determinist as far as behavior goes. I believe we are a superset of the behaviors we evolved from – we just about all move away from the pointy end of the stick. The entire process of ‘civilization’, regardless of culture, has been to contain, channel and manage this base behavior. Western religion has been a huge motivator in the process, excepting a few times when corrupt clergy have used its power to cause great harm, and I’m seeing Islam going through the process of being usurped by corrupt and profane leaders and used for their own purposes. It pops up here too – look at the so-called Christian groups that have set up shop to deal hate, death and destruction for their own ends. With Free Will comes these ingrained animal behavioral traits that we’ve fought against since we left the lives that required them, some are just more successful than others.

        • Menagerie says:

          You give a very good description of a sad fact. Each group has to feel superior. I guess we choose not to absorb the “first shall be last and last shall be first” and foot washing examples.

        • Sharon says:

          I understand the instinctive self-identifiction and motivation of cultural survival, and recognize the existence of that. I do not understand and have not experienced anywhere I have lived (including downtown Los Angeles in the 1960s) “They’re not like us, therefore they are no good. Let’s verbally attack them and knock their heads off.” That part of it is not instinct. Different does not need to equal animus, in my experience.

          I grew up near the Indian reservations where the drinking, the family shootings and the self-imposed chaos was 24/7 common. Believe me, I can tell you from personal experience that that did not result in any of us in the community, adult or youth, running our mouths about “the Injuns.” If I had ever done that, I’d still be living two-three counties over. Having thoughts and opinions is different than having to launch destructive attacks against others.

          If folks want to defend this kind of animosity as being normal, then I’d sure like to understand why on earth any of you are surprised at Barry’s behavior as POTUS. Isn’t he just doing, then, what he should be expected to do? Then there’s no reason to expect civilized behavior or good manners or Robert’s Rules of Order from anybody in any situation. And does not that not become the soft bigotry of low expectations? Based on that idea, Mr. Ramsay would have told Amanda to shut up or he would report her for disturbing the peace. Or maybe Mr. Ramsay isn’t “like that”? In which case, “they’re not all like that”? In which case, maybe we might lighten up on the generalizations?

          • czarowniczy says:

            I believe that our reaction to ‘different’ is built in, a survival instinct from millennia past. We evolve socially faster than we evolve biologically and that disconnect is the cause of a lot of our problems. You don’t see a lot of the hostility between different groups as our culture demands we suppress it, but in major cities we had ethnic neighborhoods for many years until the creation of the suburbs blurred the cultural lines. Ethnic criminal groups from the KKK to the Mafia to MS-13 were formed as the perceived need of one ethnic/racial group to protect itself from another. We have the propensity to believe that as long as there’s no outright and visible display of animosity everything’s all right. Watts sort of changed that idea in LA. I lived in southern Florida in the mid-50s and can remember the strained politeness between blacks and whites, especially with signs over separate black/white water fountains, bus seats, restrooms, seats at the lunch counter at the 5&10 and separate seating at the movie theaters. No one was openly raising a stink – yet – and everyone seemed happy and satisfied yet the hatred was just below the surface.

  6. trayvonobama says:

    The apple Is the tree.

  7. MuayTyson says:

    Let me as the other posters this, what are we conserving, what is conservation in relation to conservative? If you want a country like the one that was founded then you must advocate and conserve the majority population that created this country. If you are not conserving the culture, language, and yes the genes of the founding stock all is lost. It is impossible to conserve an idea with a different people they will co-op the idea and change it to suit their needs and abilities.

    Let me ask you this if the United States was founded by hispanics(I know a realitivly new racial group) would it be the United States that you remember and love or just another Third World Latin country? If the mahority were of African decent would it be that same United Sates or would we be Haiti? Maybe a very blended country racial, still The United States or Brazil? The people are the country, if you are fighting for the country of old you are fighting for a majority White demographic.

    • Sharon says:

      the culture, language, and yes the genes


      Last winter I got acquainted with a 30s-something young professional recently emigrated from Russia, and we were talking about the business of Russian identity (over the centuries) as opposed to the the self-identifying characteristics of “Americans.”

      She laughed about my question regarding how the Russians would define themselves, and said, “Oh, Russians don’t even know who they are.” But then she turned very, very serious and said, “And this is the problem with you Americans. You are not able to grasp that you are not a nation that is defined by heritage or genetics or location, but by an idea. This nation was founded on an idea, and it is frustrating to those of us who love freedom, who did not have freedom, that you do not seem to understand that.”

      You would disagree with her generous perception about the ideals of liberty?

      • stella says:

        Sharon, you hit it on the head with your comment. As the Romanian newspaper editor said in 2001, “only freedom can work such a miracle”.

      • canadacan says:

        Just jumping in here. America is an idea! we are unique and I’m hokey enough to think we are a beacon!

    • unitron says:

      “Let me ask you this if the United States was founded by hispanics(I know a realitivly new racial group) would it be the United States that you remember and love or just another Third World Latin country?”

      A great deal of what eventually would be the United States was founded/stolen from the American Indians by the Spanish. If we give back everything but the original 13 colonies, would that be conservative enough?

    • Unicron says:

      Different types of people create different types of societies.

  8. Lou says:

    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. hate breeds hate.

    • GracieD says:

      I grew up in the Swamps of South Louisiana, and I have never seen that kind of vitriol out of anyone of any race. Bless that poor lady’s heart. She apparently has what we call a “soul stain”, which means there is so much hate in her heart, that there is no room for love. What a sad, miserable life she must lead.

  9. MuayTyson says:

    Yes Sharon I would. Your young Russian friend is wrong and I will explain why. BGI, La Raza, Feminists, QGLBT all “Think” thier idea of Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness is correct they have the “right idea”. When pre-1965 America being over whemingly White European it was understood that the Idea of America was the same idea of those same genetic forefathers. When you see places such as Hamtramck, MI that now has a 5x daily call to prayer for Muslims you honestly think their idea of America is the same as a White Europeans? This is how wrong you are and this is exactly what the Frankfurt school wanted. They have you believing that the idea of America is something like the Constitution and can be alive and changable instead of fixed.
    Demographics are destiny.

    P.S. You never answered my other questions. Would we be the same United States of America with a majority of any other race?

    • Sharon says:

      I’m not willing to make the assumptions that would be required to answer your question either way.

      Do you then argue that we need to fight a race-based civil war in order to survive as a nation?

      It seems, then, that you don’t even believe in the principles espoused in the founding documents. If demographics are more important than ideas, are you actively working to prevent all immigration? Have you been working to actively prevent all immigration during your adult lifetime?

      You’ve got some kind of MO going on here. I’ve noticed before that you only show up occasionally and when you do, it’s always got an angle working. I can sense angles, but I’m not too good at analyzing them, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    • stella says:

      My question for you is – are you sure you are all white? What is your genealogy? Are you part Asian, maybe? Do you know?

      And Sharon never said that the Constitution can be alive and changeable instead of fixed. You did. There is one way to change the Constitution, and only one. And frankly, we – Admins, I mean – don’t welcome racists here.

      And so Hamtramck has a mosque that has the call to prayer? So what? I live about five miles from there, and there are still lots of Poles and other Eastern Europeans, and nice Catholic churches in Hamtown. When was the last time you visited the Polish cultural center there? Did you know that there are a lot of Christian immigrants from the Middle East here in the Detroit area – from Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt? Are they okay with you, or don’t they meet your standards of racial purity?

      • MuayTyson says:

        I had a distant aunt run a geneology on my family I do have a bit of Native American in me.
        Am I a racist? Who’s deffinition? I believe in race I believe it is biological and there are physical as well as other genetic differences.

        You are aware that the term racism was coined in the 1920’s or 30’s by the Communist correct? I am not afraid to be called a racist sorry if you are afraid to be labled as such but by being White(I’ll assume you are) and Conservative the SPLC alread would deem you a racist. By supporting a mixed race George Zimmerman his opponents would call you a racist. Do you still want to use that term to describe other people?

        • stella says:

          I personally think it is racist to judge people broadly by their skin color, or their country of origin. I don’t mind being called a racist, because I am not. As for my own race, my niece, who is a geneticist (honest – not making this up) says that side of the family (my father’s) is boring northern European. I am fairly certain the other side is too, based on my own genealogy studies.

          • MuayTyson says:

            OK Stella let me ask you this, you see a a few people line up for a 100 meter race you have to bet on one to win. You don’t know any of the people racing there is one Black man. All the athletes look fit and strong who do you bet on?
            Your niece brings a Saudi Arabian young man to dinner she intends to marry him do you have any concerns?
            It is OK to prejudge negative and positive prejudice has a place in reality. If I told you East Asians are bad at math you would laugh at me. If prejudice had no basis in reality then the stereotype would not exist.
            By the way I don’t like giving out to much personal information but I live in Asia and my wife is Asian so am I racist?

            • stella says:

              I don’t look at things the way that you do – that’s obvious. Who would you pick in that race, because I honestly don’t know, and unless I can see all of the runners, I have no way of making any kind of judgement. If you are suggesting that blacks always win races, then you are wrong. If the black is a Kenyan who routinely runs marathons and has trained in the mountains, I might think he would be the one to pick. Then again, one of the white guys might have been training in Mexico City, and took performance enhancing drugs. Who knows?

              As for the one unmarried niece I am thinking of, I think she’s a lesbian, so a Saudi guy might be a refreshing alternative. I would have to meet the guy, see what he is like, and what his point of view is, learn something about his background, his parents, education etc. There are plenty of white guys I wouldn’t want her to marry either – even well-educated ones, as I went through THAT with my own daughter. Fortunately, I ended up with a SIL who respects women and is a good husband and father.

              Where you live means nothing to me. I am wary of the way you think about race.

              • MuayTyson says:

                Ummm it was 100 meters but no matter. That’s fine you are trying to be completly fair and balanced and you are correct not all Black men win races and not all Saudi men beat women. But do you know about what is called playing the odds? Perecentages have to mean something to you do you tell the dealer hit me when you have a 20 playing Black jack? I can only take your word at this but I’m sorry I don’t believe you. If it were late at night and you were at an ATM you would behave the same with a Hasidic Jewish female standing behind you as you would a male Rastafarian? I feel sorry for you not all sharks bite but enough do so I refuse to swim with them.

                • realitycheck says:

                  In response to your 100 meters question …. The name Valeriy Borzov mean anything?

                  • MuayTyson says:

                    Actually a Japanese young man is being called the next Usain Bolt he is doing so well but a few outliers do not make a norm. I am looking at overall numbers would you like the top 3 places for the last 5 Olympics and Worlds?

              • stella says:

                You bore me. Buzz off.

                You have one axe, and grind it continually (based on all of your comments made here – I’ve looked at them all). That’s boring.

            • WeeWeed says:

              You do sound like a racist and I’m >< this close to banning you. I'm not PC – but I don't like your tone, nor lead. As this is NOT your living room (or blog,) let's try a few manners.

              • MuayTyson says:

                My tone how do you know my tone unless you are reading into it? You can’t hear my voice. I really thought the Wolverines were fair people. I have no tone and I have been polite I am asking fair questions. If you need to band me feel free the world will continue to spin and you will have alienated an alli. Please again someone tell me what racism means we need to at least agree on a definition so I can avoid breaking any rules.

                • WeeWeed says:

                  YOU keep bringing up color or race in every comment. I don’t think that way and am getting tired of the meme. Your “fair” questions ask ‘this race, or that?’ Please – like Stella says, after awhile it’s quite boring. Exceptions to every rule, stereotype and all that, end of your argumentative questions. The End.

                  • MuayTyson says:

                    This trial is not about race? Did you read what I wrote? Again it is not a very open forum if you can just ban people who are being legitimate. You will lose a lot of people with this behavior. It is my opinion and my opinion is backed by a lot of numbers. I know you maybe worried the Left will use this against you but it doesn’t matter they will label this place as the want anyway.

                    The problem is it is obvious to any casual obsever that my questions are not answered truthfully. It isn’t a game it is an honest dialog at least honest on my side. I never said that we should treat any individual unfairly. I would feel the same way if George were Black but he is not Black and that is more than half the reason why they are trying to hang him. As Holder said this is the elephant in the room but if you can’t be truthful then the Left wins and they will always win because they control the narrative. If George loses it is because the Right tries to fight fair as the Left makes all the rules and changes them when they see fit.

                    THCTH coined the term BGI and it is a good term and a truthful term. Not sure why it is I cannot post my opinion and support my point when dog piled by admin. That is no way to run a website. If you felt I was off topic just say so. If you disagree by all means disagree but don’t use underhanded tricks to win an internet argument it makes the whole site looks cheap and there are a lot of good people here that put a lot of time into this case and other topics.

                  • stella says:

                    As I said, you are boring. You remind me of the guy who always wanted to talk about legalizing drugs. He had one gong he rang. You are like that guy. Boring. Nobody misses him, and they won’t miss you either. P.S.: Most decent blogs would have done away with you by now.

                • ftsk420 says:

                  Why the need to even bring it up. If you have an urge to post something that may be racist then you don’t need to be here.

                • canadacan says:

                  You are insidious and you are specious. your agenda is un American and nauseating. you are walking on the fightin side of me babe

            • unitron says:

              “…but I live in Asia…”

              But in the meantime we’re supposed to keep this country a certain way just in case you decide to pop back for a visit or something?

    • canadacan says:

      That young russian friend of Sharon’s was absolutely 110% correct. Sundance wrote an article about how people are watching what we writehere.
      You need to watch what you write you are hurting George’s chances at a decent outcome at his trial. why don’t you just join the ayan brotherhood and get it over with.
      Tyson You are a troublemaker An instigator in my opinion

  10. MuayTyson says:

    You are under no obligation. I think I know your answer not answering it is as much as answering it.
    I don’t have a lot of time to post and I am concerned about the GZ case and curious as to what will happen. I hope George is set free and can sue all parties trying to injure him.

    I have no agenda and like most people here just trying to figure out what is going on and what it all means. I think I have one answer to why it is all going so wrong. No race war needed we(White Europeans) need to advocate for our interests the same as every other group.

    This video may help I appologize for the length.

    • stella says:

      Sharon is an admin here, as am I. We have absolutely no obligations to you at all, ever. I think you are a trouble maker, and we will keep an eye on you.

    • jello333 says:

      Not gonna work. If you’re real intent here was just to show your support for George, and your disgust for the BGI, then you’d fit right in. But since you seem to have an agenda that overrides everything else, I have serious doubts about why you’re REALLY here. Did you think that by proclaiming how much you support George, that the rest of us would just ignore your white supremacist arguments (and that’s pretty much what they are, even if no violence is implied). I think you HOPED that a bunch of us here would agree with you. If not, I apologize, but there ARE plenty out there willing to play games with the intent to hurt this site. But you know why they’re not successful? It’s not just because we here are vigilant, and are pretty good at recognizing what’s going on. No, it’s mainly because we are NOT the “racists” others WISH we were… and so these attempts to “draw us in” was doomed from the start.

  11. MuayTyson says:

    Not very hospitable way to welcome new people who can not post as a regular. Please address me directly what is the problem?

    • diwataman says:

      I don’t speak for the moderators but I think it’s because you jumped right in with your first comment with a white nationalism sentiment. That and combined with seemingly that everything is primarily about race. Combined also with this is a post not about white nationalism. I don’t know. I agree with a lot of what you have to say though, though I disagree with some of the racial aspects that you’re conveying. Some of what you’re expressing as it relates though, I have also expressed. You’re welcome to comment on my blog as well as I will be writing more on some of the aspects you’re talking about.

      Check out the cspan video I have linked at my blog of Thoma Sowell discussing his book Preferential Policies: An International Perspective, I highley suggest you and others here watch the entire video of Sowell there, much of it relates.;

      • stella says:

        diwataman, yes, that is why we were put off. A couple of us also did a little checking on the innertubes to see what else he had posted here and there. Let me say that I was not reassured. There is also such a thing as thread hijacking. We received an email from one of our regulars complaining about his comments, as well.

        He feels that we have been “unfair” to him. I have this to say – we don’t volunteer our time on a Saturday night to be dissed by some guy we don’t know because his feelings are hurt. Our decisions – like them or not – are usually final.

    • sundance says:

      Racism is most easily perceived as a sentiment of superiority.

  12. MuayTyson says:

    This will be my last post unless someone asks me something directly. I am not trying to troll nor am I trying to derail the topic.
    Ms. Jackson’s mother is calling for a crime Jury tampering she is calling for it along racial lines. Basicly she is saying “if you are Black get on to the jury at any cost and convict George Zimmerman.” She will not be held to task for these comments. She will not be charged even though she is calling for others to commit crimes. It is understood that Blacks advocate for Blacks in America. I think it is time that White Europeans do the same nothing more and nothing less.
    I hope my comments remain I don’t think they are anymore or less racists than anyone elses comments.

  13. justfactsplz says:

    I am concerned about seating a jury. How will they weed out those who are lying just to get on the jury? I strongly think George needs a change of venue but all I hear is crickets. I suppose Omara will want to seat some black jurors. If the majority of black citizens of Sanford believe George needs to be convicted it causes me concern for George’s best interests.

    • dmoseylou says:

      I am still stunned that there is no change of venue! That is just crazy—like everything else about this case.

      • jello333 says:


        No new demand for a continuance, YET… no demand for a change of venue, YET… no Crump depo, YET… no motion for dismissal by the State, YET

        (Yeah, I’ve still got some optimism left, as you can see. ;) )

      • justfactsplz says:

        What stuns me is the defense has not asked for one. It NEEDS to be moved out of Sanford and preferably out of state. It has become such a circus.

  14. eastern2western says:

    if the note were written by this Francine, then every thing makes sense.
    1) the letter has to be from an older woman because it is cursive. come on, young people just do not do cursive any more and mama Francine fits the bill
    2) letter got some major facts wrong. the part about trayvon was going to the store and encounter Zimmerman is a major mistake and it is an evidence that this letter is not a direct dictation from dd. If it were a direct dictation, then dd would had corrected the major errors
    3)another thing is there is a lack of a formal introduction. my assumption is that dd and Sabrina were complete strangers, then how come there was not an introduction. by the time of the de la rionda interview, Francine had already known Sabrina well which allowed her to basically skip the introduction
    I personally suspect Francine played a major part in the presentation of dd. If this Francine were involved in it, then dd is ruined as a witness. basically this Francine has been bias toward Zimmerman since day one and she was involved with the handling of dd which puts every thing that came out of dd’s mouth in serious doubt. It is true that the prosecution has records of the phone call, but content of the phone call was only between dd and martin. with the inflammation of civil rights groups, dd’s version of the phone call seems to be shifting constantly.

    • mcfyre2012 says:

      “…if the note were written by this Francine, then every thing makes sense.”

      Indeed. It makes perfect sense. As for the name, I haven’t met a female named Francine in years, as that’s an old-fashioned name. I haven’t met any blacks under age 50 named Francine or Francis.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        “I haven’t met any blacks under age 50 named Francine or Francis.” Well, there you go. Nasty Jac’s mom couldn’t be under 50, I don’t think.

  15. jello333 says:

    What this slimy woman is doing here is VERY close to (would-be) juror tampering. Under normal circumstance, that’s a crime.

    • CCG says:

      I don’t know what good it will do, but I sent an email to the Seminole court clerk regarding Ms. Oliver’s statements. To me the intention of her statements is obvious. As a community activist with much influence in the community (she helped organize protests, not to mention ho her daughter is), her actions should be taken very seriously.

      • jello333 says:

        Yeah, good job… that’s a good person to show this to. I sent it to MOM and West too, so looks like we’re getting this to the right people. Of course this post itself has probably already gotten plenty of eyeballs without any further action on our part, so that’s great.

    • cboldt says:

      Technically, it’s far removed from jury tampering. The advice she gives is reasonably well known anyway. In order to get into a position to subvert justice, it is necessary to maintain some level of stealth relating to your true mission. She undercuts herself by making the statement publicly – she can’t have both “let the evidence be your guide, innocent until proven guilty, etc.” and “be stealthy so you can render a guilty verdict regardless of the evidence.”

      As far as jurors who do practice stealth, at some point the temptation to commisserate with fellow potential jurors will be very strong. In that small population of potential jurors, remarks that suggest prejudice are difficult to conceal, and the potential jurors have the ability to snitch without their identity being disclosed to the indiscreet.

  16. strat4evr says:

    The hate and misinformation being spewed by these people as well as the MSM refusal to accurately report on this case is directly responsible. Thursday night at a public auction in DeLand Florida a family member of Shellie Zimmerman was assaulted by 5 white youths (late teens early 20’s guessing), stating “George Zimmerman is a punk pu$$$ and deserves to die”. The hate and misinformation is filtering into our youth. These youths have parents that may sit on a jury to determine George’s fate. Maybe their fans of Rosanne Barr or Jamie Foxx. Probably never heard of Natalie Jackson or her racist mother. Until now, that she can spew her hatred across the internet and poison our youth. We all know how that worked out for Trayvon. My 17 year old son would never buy into this ignorance. And by the way Nat Jack, if by chance you have a son that enjoys skateboarding around my son’s age chances are that they are friends unless you have poisoned that possibility because he is white. Oh wait. I forgot. “Ya’ll have been fighting white people all your life.” Pathetic is the only word I can come up with.

    • unitron says:

      “Thursday night at a public auction in DeLand Florida a family member of Shellie Zimmerman was assaulted…”

      My Google-Fu is not strong enough to find any mention of this anywhere, perhaps you could provide a link?

      • dmoseylou says:

        I also can not locate a link for this incident using several search engines. Please provide a link. :D

        • strat4evr says:

          The entire incident was witnessed by a female DeLand police officer who stepped in and came to the aide of the person involved who happened to also be female. No charges were filed and I have no knowledge of whether this officer filed a report or not. I don’t think the officer ever even realized this person was a relative. If she did she sure was gracious enough to not expose it further as the attention was already unwelcomed as I’m sure you understand. So you know, I did ask permission to relate this incident here with my intent being to address the far reaching harm comments such as those made by Ms. Oliver and so many others have on our youth of which too many are tending to act out through their example. The vulgarity and hate shown by the actions of just these 5 youths, to me, is a prime example of the consequences. Under most any other circumstances they would be held accountable. It does not matter whether they were white or black. Bad attitude does not come from color. It evolves from ignorance, disrespect, poor parenting and yes hate, all of which can be found in the words and actions of far too many that have injected themselves as self appointed judge jury and executioner of George Zimmerman. I stand in full support of George’s claim to self defense as I have yet to see one iota of evidence to support otherwise. To support a claim that it is ok to physically attack someone and not fear consequences is not the message I want my kids to get and I strongly take issue with anyone supporting that message.

          • jello333 says:

            Thanks for the follow-up, because I was having trouble biting my tongue. I soooo wanted to respond to Unitron when he seemed to imply you were just making things up. I wanted to tell him, “Strat knows a few things the rest of us might not, so back off.”

            Anyway, stay safe…

            • unitron says:

              ” I soooo wanted to respond to Unitron when he seemed to imply you were just making things up.”

              If I thought someone was making stuff up, I’d come right out and say so, or just ignore them completely. I didn’t jump to any conclusions or make any assumptions. I tried to find out more about the incident the two best ways I know how–check Google, and if that fails, ask the originator of the information if they know of where there’s more about it online.

              • ejarra says:

                But here in lies the problem. YOU may have thought it was a simple question, but the way you phrase them, they come across as snide and condescending. You’ve done it to me on occasion and then sometimes you don’t. Maybe you don’t realize it. Maybe it’s your personality. But that’s when you will get back a curt, defensive answer.

                Just sayin’

                • unitron says:

                  Funny, I though the remark about my weak Google skills was humorously self-deprecating.

                  • ejarra says:

                    When I read it, I didn’t see the humor. It didn’t come across that way. Sorry.

                  • Ad rem says:

                    Hey…..snap out of it youz guys. You’re both good eggs, and it’s not worth getting in a scramble. ;-)

                  • jello333 says:

                    I’m glad you explained it, because at first I thought the joke was at Strat’s expense. But now that I see you were aiming it at yourself, that’s cool. Don’t you hate it when people miss your sarcasm or attempt at a joke? Happens to me at times, so I know how it feels… ;)

              • jello333 says:

                Yeah, I was probably doing a little too much “assuming” myself there. I thought your other comment sounded a little sarcastic, and I just figured that was your way of implying you really didn’t believe what Strat was saying. But you’re right… I shouldn’t have assumed that. Sorry about that…

      • ytz4mee says:

        Because unless the “press” “reports” something, it didn’t happen.
        Got it.

        • unitron says:

          Because unless the “press” “reports” something, it didn’t happen.
          Got it.”

          Unless the press reports it I have no way of learning any more about it, since I’m several states away from anywhere in Florida.

          • jello333 says:

            We’ve got a few people here who report on what amounts to first-hand knowledge, which very well might not be picked up by the media. This seems like one example. There being pics of the damage to Trayvon’s hands (despite what the MedEx claimed) seems to be another. So far, the people giving these insights have proven reliable, and are clearly passionate about this case and their defense of George. So I’ll take them at face value unless given a reason not to.

  17. bob e says:

    this fella’ muaytyson seems like a strong person, with his own voice. sounds like a no nonsense
    guy to me so i think, we should welcome his participation..

    • ackbarsays says:

      Then you haven’t actually been reading his posts. He’s an out of the closet racist who has no business posting here.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        I thought the same thing and quit reading anything connected with his posts.

        • taqiyyologist says:

          I’ve been reading them, and I’m glad the admin hasn’t deleted them.

          For many reasons, including the “optics”… the perception that the rabidly anti-George crowd has of the Treehouse being a bunch of racists. A bunch of racists who really don’t dig open and even crypto-racism, who DO dig Thomas Sowell and a hundred other so-called “African” Americans — and Angel, of course :D — and who won’t beat around the bush about those beliefs.

          • auscitizenmom says:

            I’m not sure I understood your post. What I didn’t like was his white supremist sounding retoric. Was I misinterpreting what I was reading of his??

            • I don’t like the supremecist rhetoric either. Nor did anyone else. And it shows in the responses. Which is why I’m glad the thread wasn’t deleted. Because folks who want to pretend the Treehouse is racist cannot help but see that this is absolutely not the case.

              • janc1955 says:

                When it comes to the Traybots, they won’t see it. Calling us racist is all they’ve got. They’re as married to it as they are to seeing GZ lynched. There’s no proving anything to those folks. They’ll either wise up on their own one day or they won’t.

  18. ZurichMike says:

    Francis? Women’s name is Frances, unless she is legally named Francine and uses Francis as another version of her legal name, it is a confusing situation.

  19. eastern2western says:

    people use shorten names also. for example, Roberts could be call bobs and Williams could be will. If Francine turned out to be Natalie Jackson’s mom, the case will self implode.

  20. spectator1 says:

    How in the world could any African American be on this jury?
    They’d be a target if they voted not guilty to any charge, and could easily end up dead, or the very least harassed, even by friends or their own family for the rest of their lives.

    What a mess.

    • Angel says:

      Based on what has transpired so far, despite what I believed initially, I think this is headed for a guilty verdict and then put in the appellate court hands to take it from there.

      I don’t see the level of courage and integrity from many of the players in this drama to do what would be the right thing. Perhaps we wouldn’t have arrived where we are now with this case for a jury to have to do the right thing if that road had already been taken.

      • jello333 says:

        No, we need to remember there’s a huge difference between some of the other race-based cases (like OJ and Rodney King) and this one. The wrong (in most people’s minds, anyway) verdict in those cases were in favor of the defendants. And it’s FAR easier for a case to go that direction than the other way. The main reason being the evidence threshold and burden of proof. Getting a bunch of jurors to say (about an apparently guilty person), “I can’t be 100% certain this guy is guilty, so I’m voting not-guilty” is much, much easier than getting them all to say (about an apparently innocent person), “Even though I’m not 100% certain this guy is guilty, I’m gonna vote guilty anyway.”

        BIG difference, in my opinion. If this ends up in the hands of a jury (which I still doubt), let’s assume all the evidence we’ve thus seen, and more, will be shown to them. I suppose I can imagine a single, biased person with an agenda sneaking onto the jury, and refusing to vote non-guilty. But I honestly can NOT imagine all 6 (or maybe 12 if there’s a motion to change that) being willing to go against all the facts and laws. Nope. Hung jury?… yeah, maybe. But “guilty” from ALL the jurors? Nope… no way.

        • Angel says:

          well, I would bet you an e-cake but I am limiting my e-calories.

          Hung Jury at least but i’m a leaning to guilty.

  21. Unicron says:

    Hey fellow treepers, I just finished my longest and most in depth video on the case… it was a work in progress for the last few months, put off finishing it for a long time. I would really appreciate any help you can give me in spreading it around, due to the work I put into it I would like to see it get more visibility than my previous videos. A lot of you will remember the “Trayvon swung on a bus driver? Say it isn’t so” video which still gets posted here (in a mirrored location because the original was banned by YouTube) frequently.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy (if you can sit through 15 minutes) but if you can spread the link around, I’d deeply appreciate it.

    • spectator1 says:

      Excellent !

    • ejarra says:

      That was FANTASTIC! Are you the narrator? That should be played at trial.

      I will be sharing.

      Also, what was the name of that movie from which you took excerpts?

      • Unicron says:

        The main movie was Bonefire of the Vanities (1990) and thank you all for the positive feedback.

      • Unicron says:

        Oh and yes I am the narrator except at the parts with Larry Elder quoted during an interview he did with RZJR

    • LOu says:

      this is awesome, and should have it’s own thread.

    • eastern2western says:

      it is true that they never officially called Zimmerman a racist, but they sure used enough civil rights groups to refer this case as a racially related case.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Unicron, that is excellent. It was well worth the 15 min. to watch. It seems like you covered everything, at least that I could think of. Very well done!!! :)

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Would you consider a video of hoodied criminals? I have always thought there needed to be something to refute the whole “just because they wear a hoodie doesn’t mean they are hoodlums” talking point. I will leave it to your judgement.

    • CCG says:

      I just watched it on a Facebook posting. I’m glad to see it circulating on different sites. Excellent synopsis of events!

    • HughStone says:

      Good video. It kept my attention.

    • El Gordo Loco says:

      First of all…Loved most of it.

      As much as I enjoyed the comparison to Bonfire of the Vanities, there’s too much of it. You should whittle the movie scenes down to 1 or 2 definitive clips, otherwise the video becomes less of a narrative on George Zimmerman’s unreasonable prosecution and more of a comparison of a real life event to a particular film.

      If I’m assuming the video must be exactly 15:00 minutes, cutting unnecessary BOTV clips would allot you to extrapolate upon the glazed over section (10:05 – 10:55) regarding Trayvon’s criminal activity and tying Trayvon to the break-in near Krop Senior High in October 2011. Sundance did a great job last month getting plenty of material to work with to illustrate this. Although most of us on this site should know what you’re showing, the average person watching your video wont. The backpack, screwdriver, and jewelry doesn’t connect strongly enough to the almost unreadable #PD111021 case most viewers wont understand. At (10:13) the highlighted text draws the viewer’s eye, but is unreadable, and at (10:23) the Media Adisory is unreadable and again most viewers wont know what you’re showing them.

      You do an excellent job being very specific at the beginning, but become vague in the 2nd half, almost as if you’re trying to squeeze in too much. If the video needs to be short, dont make the mistake of sacrificing quality for quantity.

      Im really glad you put the section in there on Angela Corey insisting 12-yr-old Christian Fernandez be tried as an adult to see how unethical and batshit insane the prosecutor charging Zimmerman actually is.

      • Unicron says:

        I agree with your criticisms, but at this point I’ll probably just leave it be. I may break down certain segments, flesh them out more, and upload them as separate bits.

        • ejarra says:

          When I read El’s critique, I thought about if I were you, what I would do different. My answer is pretty much the same as yours. I was thinking about a shorter video to go along with and using the same style and maybe using additional scenes from the movie (if you could find matching scenes) in highlighting the areas that were too easy to gloss over; something in the 3-5 minute range for each area.

          Again great job overall.

    • John Galt says:

      Outstanding. As the video started, I was thinking “How can this video go on for 15 minutes?”. When the video ended, I was thinking, “There is enough additional material available that this video could easily be extended to an hour.”

    • jello333 says:

      Now that is good… EXTREMELY good. Thanks for that, and all the work you put into it. ++++++

  22. My impression is that public interest in this case isn’t what is was a year ago. I don’t live in Seminole Country, Florida but I haven’t heard anybody mention it in my presence in a long time. That includes both black and non black persons. So I am not convinced of the either guilty or riots future of this case. If the state’s case is a weak as we here all seem to believe, and it will be on TV, why do you all assume that won’t have an effect on the reactions to an acquittal from the black community?

    • cboldt says:

      That assumption is based on a belief that pro-Martin adherents are irrationally prejudiced, and are immune to evidence, reason and logic in this case. There is no shortage of agitators, and the press tends to lend its microphone to the “exciting” personalities, not to the level-headed ones.

      There is evidence to support the belief.

      • I would be cautious about assuming that the fanatics we see discussing this case online translate into a critical mass who feel that way. I haven’t seen any threats of violence, even from the most rabid. I think there currently may be a shortage of agitators. Have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Spike Lee been on this case recently?

        • cboldt says:

          Your “critical mass” question, or how many people will show to protest or will protest elsewhere (maybe in their own private ways, “Justice for Trayvon!”), is different from the question I answered, which was the effect of showing the trial proceedings and weak evidence to the public. I don’t think trial proceedings that favor Zimmerman will have the effect of tamping down anger. For one thing, I don’t think the press will present an accurate impression for the public. An accurate impression implies that the press and the prosecutor have chronically been in the wrong, and the press is not going to go there. But even if the press suddenly got a sense of conscience, the size of the fraction of the anti-Zimmerman public would not be diminished by any significant number by the press concluding that Martin was in the wrong (by committing battery), and Zimmerman was clearly in the right.

          I think it’s too early to tell how many anti-Zimmerman people are out there. I do think that the press tendency to give that population a bigger voice tends to mislead about how many there actually are. Just like anti-gun protests. The press reports big crowds when there are merely a dozen.

          • thehoff71 says:

            “I think it’s too early to tell how many anti-Zimmerman people are out there. I do think that the press tendency to give that population a bigger voice tends to mislead about how many there actually are. Just like anti-gun protests. The press reports big crowds when there are merely a dozen.”

            This^ a thousand times this. As far as the social media landscape aggrieved I have always believed at most there 10 or 15 true anti-Zimmermans out there that have been tasked with living amongst the rabble of the rest of the primitive emotionally based unreason in order to continuously feed the fantasy land scenario to the parrots because most of the hate you see is puerile repetition of the same talking points over and over. Much like the “petition” they are so quick to mention, full of signatures from people who don’t give a crap about what they’re signing: Just going with the “I’M MAD” flow and quickly forgotten about.

            You can tell who these people are because they all have a common thread of Hate sites that they have all settled down at. The Anti-Zimmerman crowd is not as big as they make it..they just make a lot of noise.

            • HughStone says:

              The young people who follow Twitter are the ones most likely to riot. With Twitter it is easy to set up “gatherings” with the “Scheme Team” egging them on. Who pays in the end? The young people the Scheme Team led astray, while trying to line their pockets with riches. .

            • diwataman says:

              Wow, I have to completely disagree with the sentiments in this comment string. Are you all seriously downplaying this aspect? The DOJ/CRS is STILL down there. They’ve been working on this for over a year. Good grief, the city itself is preparing for it as it did last year. The only reason it appears to have calmed was because George was charged, yeah well so what, the cops who beat King were charged as well.

              One thing that has to be understood is that this is not about George i.e. being “anti-Zimmerman”, it’s about being anti-White. When they riot it wont be because they hate George, it will be because they hate whitey. Whitey killed their little black child and whitey tried to sweep it under the rug and whitey was not going to do anything unless they did something about it and whitey better find him guilty.

              • auscitizenmom says:

                Natsy Jac’s mama is working hard to foment anger in the local black community. But, what will happen is busloads of people will proabably be brought in from out of town to swell the ranks. I am not sure there is that much interest in this from the people of the local Sanford area. They are going on with their lives, it looks like.

                • HughStone says:

                  The busload will be from the Mega-church in Miami -Gardens that involved their self in the case earlier.

                • diwataman says:

                  I’m quite certain it doesn’t take Natalie Jackson’s mom to foment anger. People put too much weight into the likes of Al Shaprton, Jessie Jackson, Crump et al., the “BGI”, etc. The problem with laying it solely on their laps and on that concept is that it assumes that if they did not exist nor that concept there would be no problem. Do you think if Al Sharpton didn’t exist blacks, and whites, would suddenly turn around and say everything is okey dokey? Do you think you can tell black people that their anger is merely attributable to this loose concept of the BGI?

                  • auscitizenmom says:

                    No, I am not saying that. But, people who have their own anger don’t always march and riot and burn. I think most of the times that has happened it has been egged on, encouraged with the kind of words we have heard from Crump, Natalie, Sharpton, and JJ.

                  • jello333 says:

                    And anyone who thinks simple words by scumbags ranting on the airwaves can’t cause people to go out and do evil things, should think about mid-90s Rwanda.

    • treewig says:

      “why do you all assume that won’t have an effect on the reactions to an acquittal from the black community?”

      Because I think a significant portion of that community get their direction from race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson. Crump might not raise much of a stink as long as GZ isn’t given statutory immunity, but the social injustice crowd will get all fired up again.

      • ackbarsays says:

        There are many in the black community who KNOW without a doubt that, at least as far as the law is concerned, George is innocent. They may not like the way the law is written, but he’s innocent under the law. However, most of them are willing to overlook that in favor of scoring points against what they see as a white society that owes them and their people. If a white-hispanic guy has to be wrongly convicted to give them and their community the pound of flesh they seek, so be it. In their eyes, their own community has suffered far worse.

        That’s why Unicron’s video posted up above is so spot-on with its comparison to the Bonfire of the Vanities movie. I had forgotten all about that movie, but it’s a great analogy.

        • Angel says:

          “There are many in the black community who KNOW without a doubt that, at least as far as the law is concerned, George is innocent. They may not like the way the law is written, but he’s innocent under the law. However, most of them are willing to overlook that in favor of scoring points against what they see as a white society that owes them and their people.”


          The same mindset that resulted in a not-guilty verdict for O.J. Simpson. The evidence did not matter much in that case either to the jurors.

          From the blacks I talk with about the case, they have not even really looked at the evidence. Just going with the narrative and that GZ is guilty and if he gets off, it will be because of the racist justice system. Once again to many blacks, it is an opportunity to right historical wrongs.

          Some people don’t buy into the philosophy that two wrongs don’t make it right. I do, but it appears that I am outnumbered in the arena where it counts.

          I am also starting to see even beyond GZ, this is not going to end very well. This case may very well be the power keg for race relations in the US.

          • Angel says:

            correction: “powder” for power.

          • Sharon says:

            Well stated. And I remember how shocking I found the not-guilty verdict for OJ. That was my first slap-in-the-face that there were a significant number and persons of influence in the black community who truly didn’t give a rat’s rear end about the law, but just wanted their guy to win, regardless of the facts. And didn’t care who knew that they felt that way. It’s all in the open now, so I agree with you, Angel, that this is not going to end well.

            We are just beginning to see very plainly–all sorts of evil across the nation–think Gosnell–that’s been there all along. The cover is being ripped off. That’s good, yes. Because the deception is worse. But what’s going to be revealed is going to be death of us unless there is generalized repentance of a transformative kind.

            • recoverydotgod says:

              Yes. Well stated indeed. Both Angel and Sharon.

              Malachi 3 comes to mind.

            • doodahdaze says:

              The OJ ecstasy reminded me of the celebrating Muslims on 9/11

              • Angel says:

                I remember watching the “celebrations” and wondered how anyone could celebrate like that as two people were dead regardless if one agreed with the verdict or not.

          • myopiafree says:

            The “Civil Rights” era is indeed coming to an end. There are practically no more “White Racists” – that I know of. But it seems that BGI wants to keep this “issue” alive – for some reason. This “group” will lie to CREATE a “racial incident” – where none previously existed. No for “Civil Justice” but to promote more “racial fear” – for their own purposes. People like Mr. Crump are doing this for $2,000,000 – not for “social justice” in any sense of the word. Thanks for your commentary.

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Ackbar –
          Let me add the further point (like many of us so-called “White people”). For myself, my Grandmother was a orphan as an infant. We know NOTHING of her history. So that part of *me* will remain un-known. Am I “part” Hispanic? Am I part “Jewish”? But who knows or cares? I don’t. I care that two loving parents took her in – and raised her as their own.

          But, about George. He was part BLACK. Is that a “bad thing”. I am certain he is proud of his heritage – as I am of my heritage. So let us be honest about George. He was BLACK-Hispanic, with some “White” mixed in. Only a rabid racist would insist that George was “pure white”.

  23. El Gordo Loco says:

    I keep noticing a consistent/recurring theme amongst Trayvonite’s major flaw in reasoning of what is street justice and what is the law. This video is a good example.

    Around the 7:00 minute mark this guy doesnt realize he is actually arguing The Defense’s case. He sees Trayvon attacking George (assault) as a heroic action rather than criminal activity, simply because George reached into his pocket. THEN he describes fighting “with everything you have” (causing fear of death or great bodily harm) against George, which is EXACTLY what Defense is saying why George needed to use deadly force as his self-defense argument.

    I dont think a lot of Trayvonite’s see attacking a person checking you out as a violation of the law. This guy is just one illustration of not understanding in arguing for street-justice, he is actually arguing FOR George in a court of law.

    This guy stinks of desperation so bad I can smell it through my computer screen. Please, George, please…take a deal.

    • cboldt says:

      I’ve seen the same argument many times, and it’s based on either a misunderstanding of the law (especially as to what constitutes provocation), or on a situational application of the law, that is, shift the application depending on your prejudged decision as to which party is in the legal right.

      Serino applied a variation of this in his capias. He invented a hitherto unknown legal principle, that “could have avoided the bad outcome” attaches to the person who ultimately prevailed in the fight (but not to the loser), in order to reach a conclusion that Zimmerman should be charged.

      What should be frightening to the general public, but isn’t, because the public is ignorant and stupid, is that even trial judges are too often keen to adopt bogus legal theories and or illogic, in order to get the preferred outcome. That is lawlessness, and that is effectively where the system stands. It’s fueled with bullshit, smoke, and mirrors.

      • El Gordo Loco says:

        I also find when some of these commentators are arguing one point, they are contradicting another. In this guy’s case, in order to make Trayvon seem like a scared child that hides from George, he disputes DeeDee’s story.

    • canadacan says:

      No Deal for George not ever not now He will not sell his soul

    • Unicron says:

      Yea the idea is basically that they think Trayvon had full rights to do whatever he wished to George, and George was in no way entitled to respond.

      Thing is, if it really was just a misunderstanding that could very easily have been resolved with some words, but I think Trayvon was more interested in feeling like a tough guy and getting back at someone dogging him.

      And if he really thought GZ was going for a gun when he reached for his phone, the actual gun would have become involved much sooner, and would have had Trayvon’s prints on it. George’s hands also would not have been pristine as they were. If there had been any sort of struggle for something in his hands.

      We also know thanks to GZ and witness 11 that Trayvon chased GZ south, and insisted on bringing him to the ground… that doesn’t fit either, with a situation where he thought GZ was a threat. If he thought GZ was a threat, he wouldn’t go chasing after him and insisting on bringing him to the ground, and he wouldn’t mount him for a minute and make him scream. He could easily have just controlled GZ’s hands, held them down by the wrists, and demanded answers, gotten to the bottom of the misunderstanding, etc.

      Trayvon wasn’t interested in dialogue or understanding the situation. He understood the situation. GZ was some sort of authority figure trying to get him in trouble YET AGAIN and he was upset about that, lost his cool and got viciously violent. The only things he said to GZ were things to silence and intimidate him, and threaten him.

    • ejarra says:

      I’m sorry, but after listening to him, I come to the conclusion that that this gentleman is a moron.

    • ackbarsays says:

      First, George didn’t take a “lie detector test.” He took a voice stress analysis test that has been used in some places to show evidence of deception. The test George took (if I remember correctly) showed no evidence of deception. So, this fool up above thinks that if that voice stress analysis is going to be admitted in court (it most likely won’t) and that the jury will say to themselves “Wow – that test must be a bunch of BS, because we KNOW George Zimmerman lied 11 times!”

      Yeah, right. What an idiot. Unfortunately, most of the people on that side know much LESS about the facts than this guy does.

      • ackbarsays says:

        I guess I should give in on describing it as a “lie detector test” since that’s the way some of the news headlines described it. It’s not really an accurate description, though.

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      Ironicly, this guys argument that TM was justified in assaulting GZ because GZ reaching into his pocket to get his cell phone gave TM reason to believe that GZ was reaching for a gun does have legal precedent. For decades the courts and grand juries have upheld the “Furtive Motion” doctrine that enshrined the right of police officer to shoot unarmed people who they presumed were reaching for a weapon. In one case in Portland Oregon, the police were exonerated for shooting an unarmed man in the back with an AR-15 because the subject’s agonal response to another police officer shooting him in the back with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds allegedly caused the cop to presume that the guy was reaching for a gun. I’ll not get on my soap box about police paranoia or cops suffering from a Freudian phobia about being outgunned by the criminals. However; I will caution people to understand that given the willingness of the court’s to uphold the furtive motion doctrine, there is a significant risk that the Judge and Jury will buy into the BS notion that GZ provoked TM by reaching for his phone and therefore deserved to be physically assaulted and was thus unjustified in defending himself.
      As angry as we are with the BGI, the police have laid the foundation for this tactic to persecute GZ.

  24. Chewbarkah says:

    Why can’t the Defense re-depose W8, show her photos of the prime “Francine” candidates, and require either a postive id or elimination? I fear that the Crump depo if it occurs is going to be a Gerald moment. Crump’s W8 interview was set up to build a wall between Crump and the pre-development of the W8 testimony (that’s why he had media witnesses there to “prove” he didn’t know her). If deposed, he can likely say he doesn’t know anything, and was told the lies about W8’s age, etc., by third parties.

    • HughStone says:

      I think they know. That’s why West let it slip out. But if they didn’t, all they have to do is ask the state. The state paid for “Francine” to “escort” DeeDee to one of the meetings in Jacksonville.

      • John Galt says:

        “The state paid for “Francine” to “escort” DeeDee to one of the meetings in Jacksonville.”

        WTF? R U Serious? Are they going to have to change the witness stand in the courtroom to a love seat?

        • HughStone says:

          MOM stated that in the courtroom when he was questioning West on the stand.

          • recoverydotgod says:

            So was “Francine” with W8 at the other interviews 3/20 [Crump] and 4/2 [BDLR]?

            • sundance says:

              Sort of….. What’s known, well, actually claimed, is “Francine” was present during the 3/19/12 Crump/ABC interview, and also the August trip to Jacksonville (for unknown reasons)…. both times with W8.

              It is unknown if the mysterious “Francine” was present during the 4/2/12 interview.

              I have my hunches the Defense knows who Francine was/is – the travel would be public information (if flight or reimbursement cost) FOIA submissions would reveal that information if the State was not honest and forthcoming.

              I also have my suspicions that if you stand Francine and W8 next to each other you will be looking at the two DeeDee’s, which comprise the entire construct of the Crump narrative.

              One wrote the statement, the other signed it.

              Francine being DeeDee #1, the 16-year-old that Ronquavis met at the funeral. et al of “puppy love” infamy.

              The other being the DeeDee #2 they needed only AFTER Wolfinger told the media he would send a subpoena to deliver her to the Grand Jury impaneled for 4/11/12.

              • recoverydotgod says:

                There was an “unknown black female” mentioned on Sybrina Fulton’s 4/2 BDLR interview pg. 37 of 284 who arrived with W8 to talk with SF.

              • ejarra says:

                I disagree with the premise of your post where you conclude that there are 2 DD’s.

                I believe that most of us here think that the note was written by an older women, yet you stated this, “Francine being DeeDee #1, the 16-year-old that Ronquavis met at the funeral. et al of “puppy love” infamy.” I have no idea who he met, if he met anyone at all. If anyone, I believe it was the one and only 18 yr. old DD.

                However, the whole concept that “Francine” wrote it and she signed is just too intriguing to past up. Because of the writing being in scrip, I would bet on an older woman. And being someone who accompanied her, I would also bet on her being black. A black, older woman named Francine. Then we have Frances Oliver, who just happened to be the mother of Nat Jackson. The coincidence is just too great for it to be only a coincidence. Just like I don’t believe that, when West knew that there were multiple nutter eyeballs watching the hearing, it was a slip. I really think he was giving us an assignment.

                • auscitizenmom says:

                  My dil called today. We were discussing the note and she said she felt sure it was written by an older person because teenagers don’t write cursive anymore. She is only 20.

  25. myopiafree says:

    A comparison:
    Yes there are (rare) white racists – no doubt. But compare this statement:

    Francis Oliver: I’ve been fighting white people my whole life seems like”

    Rare KKK Clan Member: I’ve been fighting BLACK people my whole life seems like”

    Please explain to me why one statement is racist – and the other is not racist !!!

    They both are. I would also add that George Zimmerman was BLACK-Hispanic with some “White” also. (It is very hard to define “white” these days – since so many of us has “mixed” personal genetic history.)

    Further there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL THAT GEORGE WAS IN ANY SENSE “RACIST’. It is all in the “mind” of Francis Oliver. This is sheer personal persecution of an person – who was never racist. Only a rabid racist like Oliver could make that kind of mindless statement.

    This is indeed a “reverse” Civil Rights Crime.

  26. Angel says:

    I just don’t see how GZ can get a fair and impartial jury in this climate. That ship sailed long ago and this “how to be a stealth juror candidate 101″ is one more example of that. Most blacks will convict, I believe and I also believe that some whites will convict to assauge white guilt.

    With those variables in the mix beyond the scope of analyzing the evidence as it stands, X= not looking good for GZ, innocence notwithstanding.

    So unfortunate that it has come to this but this case is about race and power big time. Not looking through my rose colored glasses anymore thinking its just about the facts of what happened 02/26/2012 as I initially believed and the facts is all that mattered

    I pray that GZ’s defense hires a good jury consultant.

    • unitron says:

      ” “Before Trayvon Martin, closure of housing projects stoked tensions in Sanford”
      By Joy-Ann Reid – April 4, 2012 ”

      Interesting article, but I notice it gives Francis Oliver a sex change.

  27. myopiafree says:

    Subject: Off-topic – but about 14 year-old playing “Knock out Game” video in Cell Phone in a Florida school.

    This was on 60 minutes tonight, 5/12/13.
    Since it’s “off-topic” put it in the daily open thread, provided for that purpose. Admin

  28. Further up thread a poster named “MuayTyson” stirred up a fecal storm with his comments. Given the blatantly racist pronouncements of the BGI that inspired this thread, his comments were germane even if they were disturbing.

    As conservatives, we are constantly at risk of being branded as racists. As the admins demonstrated so eagerly, we are so fearful of being branded as racists that we will aggressively rebuke anyone who expresses opinions that can be construed as being racists in an effort to safeguard our own reputations. Unfortunately; this prevents us from seeing the more profound truths implied by individual facts. The original subject of this thread was the blatantly racists efforts by a founding member of the BGI to pack the jury with African Americans who will convict GZ not because he is guilty but as racial retribution. MuayTyson had the audacity to acknowledge the ultimate implications.

    As much as we would like to presume that the BGI can be combatted with truth, it is probable that we are far beyond this point. While there are exemplary examples such as SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, Representative Allen West, and Economist Thomas Sowell, theuncomfortabletruth is that the vast majority of African Americans, including many who were once honored by conservatives, fully support the BGI. General Colin Powell is one profoundly disappointing example. Secretary of State Condi Rice revealed herself as a BGI disciple by suggesting that Barackk Obama was intellectually and professionally qualified to be President when he was manifestly not. The unpalatable truth is that the vast majority of African Americans are totally subservient to the BGI. More importantly, the escalating rate of illegitimacy, divorce and mispaternity in the African-American community ensures that an increasing majority of Blacks will be far to dysfunctional to be productive, self supporting citizens. A political agenda of wealth redistribution as racial retribution enforced by threats to riot will be irresistableto them.

    Given the fact that the destruction of the traditional, nuclear family within the African American community has progressed beyond the possibility of reversal (excluding some calamity such as Lucifer’s Hammer that makes survival so problematic that the dysfunctional are culled from the population), the situation can only get worse. As some have noted, President Obama has used indefinite unemployment benefits to reverse welfare reform and thus restore the subsidy for irresponsible breeding. Not only will the escalating illegitimacy rate among Blacks increase even further, the recent decrease in the total number of children born to Blacks will be reversed until they are on track to become the predominant majority in this country. Demography is destiny. A resurgent African American community will combine with a hoard of legitimized illegal aliens to seize perpetual political power in this nation.

    MuayTyson makes a legitimate point when he asserts that the ideals that make America special are based in part on Demography. Just look at South of the border at Latin America where any attempt at a representative republic so quickly degenerates into Democracy then totalitarianism of either the Right or the Left. Take a look at Africa where the only functioning countries were those ruled by apartheid and Mugabe’s Rhodesia, Idi Amin’s Uganda and the Rwandan civil war are heartbreakingly normal. While the recent wave of legal immigrants from India, Korea, Taiwan, SE Asia and Japan are to be commended for their industriousness, their political and cultural heritage does not enshrine freedom or Republican principles.

    We need to be honest enough with ourselves to acknowledge the possibility that a civil war is inevitable. Read Mark Styen’s “America Alone” to understand the probable future that awaits us and the most plausible scenario for survival.

  29. Raindancer says:

    There’s perception.. then there’s reality.
    None of this will matter at trial.
    The woman is the caliber type of individual that raised a daughter who went on to law school and became a successful attorney. Nobody can fault her parenting skills.
    I notice some grammatical errors in the letter. Would someone who raises a child that goes on to law school be the type of person to make those grammatical errors?

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