Benghazi Victims Mother, Pat Smith, Told By Officials To “shut up”…

(via Mediaite)  On Friday, Sean Hannity brought Pat Smith, mother of the late Sean Smith, on his radio program. The 34-year-old information management officer was one of four Americans murdered in the Benghazi embassy attack on September 11, 2012.


In the chilling interview, a distraught Ms. Smith, in tears, pleaded for answers and spoke of the efforts to silence her.

Ms. Smith first relayed how her son, prior to the attack, requested additional security in advance and warned the State Department:

He did tell them, ahead of time, he typed it into his little typewriter over there, that they were going to be attacked, ‘please they needed more security,’ and they were ignored. And I don’t appreciate everybody going to bed and going to sleep and not taking care of the guys that they put in harm’s way, one of them being my son.

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith

[Ms. Smith is likely referring to reports that President Obama went back to bed after learning of the attack on the compound.]

When Hannity asked how many times Sean warned the State Department or whom he warned, Smith replied:

My son himself told me that he warned them…. He said: ‘I told them, I sent messages’…. He was on the tele-type of whatever it is… he was on there telling them, just before it happened, and that the guy out there was taking pictures of the place. He was telling them that. He was a communications guy and he was communicating that.

Smith then spoke of the intimidation she has experienced, in her quest for answers, noting she is being silenced, though Hannity clarified it is not by someone in the government:

They don’t tell me much. They want me to shut up…. I was told, and I really would rather not say by who, [though] I can if you need it, but I was told that I’m causing a lot of problems and to shut up…. I told them ‘I will not! I will not shut up until I find out what really happened!’  (link with audio/video)


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63 Responses to Benghazi Victims Mother, Pat Smith, Told By Officials To “shut up”…

  1. jordan2222 says:

    Thankfully, a few people are still on this case.

  2. rejoicenhim says:

    I really pray they’re still investigating this. God have mercy on those families and on our men in harm’s way.

  3. Coast says:

    “I was told, and I really would rather not say by who, [though] I can if you need it, but I was told that I’m causing a lot of problems and to shut up”…then start screaming about it, don’t stop, talk to anyone who will listen, get your story out there, and start naming names. Why would you rather not say who?

  4. moe2004 says:

    I was running erands when Sean did this interview, it got a little misty and I had to pull over. Shame on them all…

  5. auscitizenmom says:

    This just can’t be. This isn’t the country my father lived in. To tell a mother who has lost her son to shut up? She is cauing problems? Well, that right there tells us something very nefarious is going on about Benghazi. Even if I hadn’t thought so before.

  6. Wayne Garmon says:

    These idiots have been intimidating from the outset! When does it stop, and who has the guts to do it? I think it’s going to take at least impeachment. If this isn;t grounds, I don;t know what it would take!

    • justfactsplz says:

      I have always thought Benghazi was grounds for impeachment. These four men do make a difference, Hillary.

  7. maggiemoowho says:

    Unfortunately this Administration doesn’t respect or value life. I really hope the truth comes out soon and pray that Mrs. Smith and all the other families get closure and peace.

  8. sundance says:

    The Silence of The Shams – I doubt you could find a more succinct example of how corrupt the media has become in their positioning to defend progs, progressives, and the White House.

    Ask youself why have you not seen ONE outlet broadcasting interviews with the survivors (reportedly up to 30 of them)? Where is 60 minutes – with sit down interviews discussing what they went through? Where is any media outlet in talking to the survivors?

    The media will hunt down anyone who remotely will help them fulfill their progressive legacy media agenda. But interview someone, anyone, who might expose the flawed construct of an ideological rot, and an incompetent left-wing policy, and you get ((((crickets))))

    • akathesob says:

      100% correct. The so called media of today are nothing more them corporate/guberment talking heads. I doubt any of them have ever cleaned gum off a pair of shoes once…

    • doodahdaze says:

      The survivors may be unable to talk in public. Due to paperwork they may have signed prior to employment. It is called “waivers.”

    • Josh says:

      They are probably scared for their lives. Look what is happening to the members of SEAL Team 6 – every time I turn around I’m hearing that another one has met an untimely death!

      • ctdar says:

        Where are the other 3 families of the murdered? My husband and i would scream from the treetops until something was done. We would never allow our sons murder get swept under the rug for political purposes and if our “sudden” deaths were a by product of that so be it…but we of course would have planned ahead & made strategic preparations prior to our public appeals.
        scorched earth

        • Janet Mann says:

          I agree ctdar………..I would have been demanding answers immediately and creating such a brewhaha they couldn’t shut me up without bagging and tagging me.

  9. John Galt says:

    “I told them ‘I will not! I will not shut up until I find out what really happened!”

    Zero’s home boyz kicked up a little ruckus. Zero ain’t gonna bust his home boyz cuz they’re helping to install radical islamists in Syria, which is what Zero’s Wahhabi puppet masters in Saudi Arabia told him to do. If Zero pisses off the Saudis, he won’t bank sic like Dubya, Slick Willy and Hillary.

  10. lucys mom says:

    Stupid question
    What can we do to help Mrs Smith ?

  11. ctdar says:

    Just posted below on Sunday thread but thought repost here appropriate. Seems
    Mrs Smith Is gonna get some help re answers from 700 Special Op Vets who will open the door much wider with letter addressed to every Congressman

    “More Benghazi rumblings…over 700 Spec Op Vets sign off on letter sent to every member of congress demanding answers to Benghazi terrorist attack.”

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Thank you for posting that link. I am so glad to know they have done that.

    • ctdar says:

      …..The men and women who I served with lived by an ethos that pledged to never leave a fallen comrade and to make every effort to respond when a fellow American was threatened. I have seen men take great risks to save a fellow warrior. I have even seen men die trying to do so,” wrote General William G. ‘Jerry’ Boykin in a statement to Breitbart News.  Boykin added, “The lack of accountability regarding the Benghazi event disturbs me greatly and bears the earmarks of a cover up…..

    • Josh says:

      THANK YOU for posting this.

    • Sharon says:

      Americans following the (lack of) news on this issue knew there was a cover up within 8-10 days maximum. And now, over seven months later, we have to have petitions signed by Special Op Vets that are basically a written request for the Congressmen to do their jobs?

      If Congress is that disinterested in performing the functions required of them under their oaths of office, I hold almost zero hope that a petition will stir them to action.

      Benghazi, obamacare, no federal budgets for five years….Constitutional governance is a thing of the past in the United States.

      I do not argue against the petition, but Congress should not have to be told to do their job….Are we now to accept that we have to prepare petitions for every Constitutional duty of Congress to get them to do it? Utter nonsense. It really grates that citizens are accepting this “procedure” as a way to get this done.

      • Janet Mann says:

        I don’t think citizens are accepting it willingly…..but exactly what can we do other than vote them out of office next election?

        • Sharon says:

          I don’t know know what else we can do. I agree with you that it not being accepted willingly. I was just expressing my frustration that this is apparently the new normal for trying to get Congress to do their job.

      • WeeWeed says:

        Most of us here knew there was a coverup immediately. Americans do NOT leave Americans behind, and we know this. But some of the peeps just now waking up (as it were) see the petitions as a voice. Let them. It adds that many more voices to the cacophony that this disgrace should be.

  12. Ben Volz says:

    Think about it. Our Administration is not responsing to the warnings for help and the press is just as liberal and covering up the slack for our administration. What is happening and will happen is who is going to trust our administration is protecting our citizens that are over seas and doing their jobs. t

  13. ottawa925 says:

    This whole story is so sickening. I have the words of Hillary ringing in my ears “what difference does it make”. << and she wants to run for President, when she couldn't even do her job as SOS? Obama's whole election and years in office is like a nightmare you can't wake up from. You know the nightmare where something is chasing you … getting closer and closer. I've never felt evil surround a nation like I do now. NEVER.

  14. jeff says:

    why wont you say who ?? well drag that persons name down with their career !!!! we know its being covered up !! weve heard all the facts and we know theyve transfered all the key players around to try and hide the guilty !!!!

  15. maggiemoowho says:

    The Government must have got to Mrs. Smith, she just did an interview on Fox this morning and was asked who told her to shut up and she said it was not the Government it was her family in the Netherlands. Doesn’t make sense, because she would have told Hannity that it was her family. That poor woman should not have to deal with all of this.

    • Janet Mann says:

      They probably threatened her family if she didn’t back off.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        I saw her speak and her emphasis was on “her family in the Netherlands.” There is something about that that does bother me. She said they were embarrassed about her pursuing this. But, she did say they were just going to have to be embarrased. Hmmm?

  16. czarowniczy says:

    I’m a litt;le late on this but the Feds have a long history of telling people/families who don’t toe the ‘official’ line to shut up. I first ran into this with relatives of WW II POWs who were accounted for by the Red Cross and in German Stalag files but disappeared behind Russian lines. Korean War and Vietnam War, not forgetting MIAs from Cold War intel flights along Russian and Chinese borders, citizens wanting answers were also visited, sometimes by people from the DoD or State telling them that their open prying would endanger delicate negotiations going on to determine the status of the missing. It’s not hard for the government to get some toadies to carry the Fed’s water, having the ‘civilian’ take the message to the target so that Sam has clean hands. I like looking at sites that pop up which ‘debunk’ the MIA ‘myths’ using some really interesting arguments presented as “FACTS!”. The disinformation system is alive and well, the Feds have a huge military psyops program designed to capture the hearts and minds of the foreign target audience and I have no doubts they utilize it domestically.

  17. I Am Trademark says:

    The only way this whole issue will actually see the light of day is if Oblamer and the folks behind the curtains find a way to spin it as a gun control issue…

  18. kinthenorthwest says:

    In the beginning it was a bit weird how the media protected Obama
    Now it is really SCARY!!!!
    The Media is letting Obama sweep too much under the bus.

  19. GracieD says:

    This thoroughly ticks me off. The bunch of Coullions that we have in DC are past ridiculous. I’ll be volunteering for my Congressman’s Senatorial Campaign, and plan to make good use of every bit of the time that he is in my vicinity to make my displeasure known in person.

  20. Ted says:

    Marines don’t have amunition when on guard duty. Ask them that are alive .

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