24 Hour Fundraiser – Multiple FOIA’s Approved

updateUpdate – THANKS EVERYONE !   Treepers are awesome !   We were able to raise enough to cover the most important three FOIA’s we needed.   [fyi, it is anticipated that those will be shared in password protected posts - Hence the earlier test]

Thanks again – to everyone.   Wolverines !!  

After a six month exhausting legal fight, at considerable cost, we have won a significant victory in the search for truth.  Unfortunately, the battle was costly not only in our time, but also in real financial terms, and has exhausted our research/sunlight fund.   We are asking for your help:   Here is an example of a typical bill for one *very important* FOIA

FOIA bill

(there are six such currently approved, and 8 pending)

If you find value in your visits to the Last Refuge, perhaps you would consider a contribution of financial support. To help keep our research alive, and maintain the spotlight on the truth.

We appreciate your consideration and support.

You can click directly on this “donate” button above – Thanks

The Last Refuge is a volunteer effort, a significant labor of love for conservative patriots and seekers of truth. Unfiltered Truth Without Agenda. All donations help keep the site research going, FOIA requests submitted, and disinfecting sunlight upon the shadow dwellers. Thank you sincerely for your support.

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64 Responses to 24 Hour Fundraiser – Multiple FOIA’s Approved

  1. diwataman says:

    I guess I should’ve asked, do these have to anything to do with George’s case? And can we get any hints as to what specifically?

    • ytz4mee says:

      Many of the FOIA’s hav a lot to do with the GZ case.

      • sundance says:

        As ytz points out, yes, many of these FOIA’s have to do with the Zimmerman case. However, some are related – but not specifically attrubuted – such as the edges of the Dept. Of Justice Community Relations Service, or the BGI industrial complex activity within Government.

  2. diwataman says:

    And where’s all the comments? C’mon y’all it should be like a part in here! Where’s rumpole with all his fancy smileys?

  3. mooney1el says:

    Small donation done. Although my donation is not large, we all have to walk a mile one step at a time.

  4. yankeeintx says:

    Done! Can’t wait to see what you are working on!

  5. mooney1el says:

    I did the above small Paypal donation and received the usual Paypal receipt. However, I also received a Paypal spoofing email 15 minutes later. This one asking me to log into Paypal because they have designated my account with limited access. Of course, no case exixts when I log onto Paypal directly. (no I did not click on any links in the email. I am afraid that the spoofers have gotten my info from this site. Anybody else?

    • pbunyan says:


      Could’ve just been a coincidence that it happened right afterward.

    • kim says:

      just read your comment after doing the same thing. I will let you know if I get any spoofs.

    • stellap says:

      I got a spoofing email this week, and I haven’t used my Paypal account for months.

    • ytz4mee says:

      I have had spoofing emails in the past posing as PayPal and one of my banks, when I had not used PayPal in months.

      I made a donation online via the PayPal link last night to see. I have had no issues with a “spoofing” attempt. It appears that your experience may be a random attempt, not directly linked to this. It is always good to remain vigiliant.

    • Sharon says:

      We receive dozens of those weekly as spam on the site, and have for many months. It seems to be a standard phishing process….you wouldn’t believe the offers we get from the second cousin of the recently murdered brother of Moamar Khadaffi, who has 40 million dollars just waiting for us, if we will just contact them. And then there’s the woman in ivory Coast whose husband made her promise to get their 12 year old son, along with 250 million, out of the country before she dies (which is apparently going to be next Tuesday, so we must RUSH with the arrangements) and all we have to do is get the son established here, enrolled in college and take care of investing the money for him. And the dying woman doesn’t want a thing out of. Isn’t a wonderful thing?

      Just don’t ever respond to anything from paypal that you’re not expecting. If you have reason to want to clarify anything with them, always initiate the contact yourself, approaching via access on their website initiated by you….never by clicking on some supposed contact on something you did not initiate.

  6. sirwin says:

    Donation sent. Thanks for all the hard work everyone does on this site!

  7. maggiemoowho says:

    I’m very appreciative and thankful for the CTH and the countless hours or research, time and dedication they give in pursuit of the truth. I donated a few weeks ago and will continue support the CTH and all of their hard work. :) :) :)

  8. Flaladybug says:

    Hello all!! Early last year some JACKWAGON hacked my Turbotax followed by bank acct. and PayPal….but it was done to steal our tax return. Everything is changed over now (accounts) but I would prefer to use my credit card. Is it as safe?? The very LEAST I can do for all the knowledge I have gained here is make a donation….I look at it as COLLEGE TUITION!! ;)

    • stellap says:

      You can use your credit card at the PayPal site.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      If you have been following tech news lately — no. But nothing short of sending a money order through the mail is really safe. The hackings of huge online entities are increasing.

      PayPal is a long-trusted institution at this point, but as you said, Intuit’s Turbotax is also apparently hackable. Another long-trusted institution.

      The jaw-dropping stories from the last four years are endless.

  9. Flaladybug says:

    Thanks stellap….just a little nervous since this happened. Have been working with IRS and even gave signed permission to fraud department to help find the criminals…meanwhile…STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN RETURN FROM LAST YEAR……UUUGGGHHH!!

  10. 22tula says:

    I gave 2 donations to the TH in the past via paypal and received 2 paypal receipts
    The first donation to the TH, I received a thank you right away. The second time I gave a donation was on Christmas Eve. I never received a thank you – a conformation that you received it. I don’t care about the thank you, but I was afraid that the donation went to someone else.
    I rarely use paypal and frankly don’t like it.

    • sundance says:

      I’m looking into that issue right now. For the absence of a Thank You note I apologize and promise it was an incidental oversight. (((Feel horrid about that)))

      We have expensive and time consuming processes in place to insure privacy of those who support the Treehouse. And we painstakenly remove any attributary information as a security precaution. Unfortunately, and apparently, it appears this might have caused me to miss your return correspondance. Again, my sincere apology.

      • 22tula says:

        No need to apologize Sundance.
        “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.” :-)
        It is because I received a thank you note the first time and not the second time that I thought that maybe you did not received it. That’s all. I am glad that you received it.

  11. 22tula says:

    What you could do to generate money is make a t-Shirt on Zazzle and post them on your site.
    It’s free & easy to do. Than you can mark up the percentage ex. 10%, 20% etc. Make a treehouse T-Shirt!

    • stellap says:

      Actually, that sounds like fun. Don’t know what it would involve.

      • 22tula says:

        I have a zazzle store. It is fun & easier than maintaining this web site. Just go slow and play with it. The T-Shirts are the best sellers. You can upload original photos or art work that is not copyrighted. ex. cats. You can control privacy, by not giving your name in the description etc. You can keep your store private until you are ready. The best is that you have this web site to link it with.

        • 22tula says:

          Just one more thing. Suggestion If you decide to do this, design t-shirts that are not controversial; otherwise people will be too afraid to wear them. Also they have an option that you can allow or not allow people to do their own customization on you work. I usually don’t allow it.

          This store allows it on this item. Ex. You can make a t-shirt from this image but you are not allowed to sell it. This is not my store and I do not know this person, but I love this image and I bought several t-shirts using this image and customizing it.

  12. Flaladybug says:

    Admin….wish I could do more….you guys are PRICELESS!!! Proud to be another nutter;)

  13. AghastInFL says:

    I’m in for a pound… looking forward to the sunlight.

  14. lcrurik says:

    I’ve put my penny on the drum. Legitimate bills are paid, so now I might as well do my donations before I’m droned. Since PJMedia seems to have been surbverted :( you can have what would have been their share as well.

    • Sharon says:

      I’ve been watching that mess at PJM. PJM insults their great commenter-crowd by absolutely IGNORING their frustration. It’s one thing to make major changes, but it’s something else when they refuse to engage their peeps after a major mistake. Or, worse, if it’s a deliberately shuffling off and change of direction, then they are completely dishonest on not spelling out what they’re doing.

      • stellap says:

        What is going on? I’m in the dark here.

        • Sharon says:

          PJM did a major change in their comment software/format. They claimed (which their commenters don’t believe apparently) that they could not retain the history of old comments. They gave no advance notice. Their stable of excellent commenters are ticked. Immediately began registering their concerns the first day–absolute silence. No acknowledgement or response, or insights or reasons given. Silence. So that kicked the whole thing up to another level of fury. It comes off as very patronizing and rude, to say the least. And then the tone of the “the big sell” on the initial article. It was all the hype of “WOW! You’re gonna LOVE what we’ve odne for you! SMACK! POW! SLAP!”

          It was sort of “Shut up!” they explained. Lead balloon. Much, much sour aftermath. Many of them cancelling paid subscriptions.

          • stellap says:

            Not good. I have always liked PJ, and I registered (unpaid) with PJTV, so I get their email notifications.

          • stellap says:

            Didn’t one of the big cheeses over there just resign?

            • Sharon says:

              I think it’s Roger Simon that (supposedly? this is what the commenters are ticked about–that something is not right about what they’ve been told about him) moved to different writing responsibilities and less management or something?….

          • taqiyyologist says:

            Funny. Jim Hoft did the exact same thing a few weeks ago with Gateway Pundit.

            Someone had hacked his comment system, and here’s how it went.

            I post a comment as Taqiyyotomist, and enter my email address, as usual — which “shall not be published”, and never was for the five years where GP was a home-base for me.

            The screen reloads. I scroll to the bottom, where the comment box is, and I see, as usual, my email address and my nic.

            Ten minutes later, after reading a few more threads, I refresh, scroll to the bottom and in the nic and email field is the NIC AND EMAIL OF THE PREVIOUS COMMENTER,

            I could have, were I a ne’er-do-well, collected them all and, say, given them to OFA.

            Obama’s “cyber warriors” seem to be out in force. There are several thousand, according to the seemingly always-right “DHS Insider”, working their trade.


            • taqiyyologist says:

              Oh, and let this hack remain for days before he changed to Disqus and erased his comment section archives.

      • taqiyyologist says:

        Sharon, I know what you mean. I read this site because of the constant interaction between the blog-owners/posters and the commenters. This doesn’t happen at Malkin, at PJM, at Breitbart’s sites, at Gateway Pundit.

        It absolutely boggles the mind that a blog owner wouldn’t care what is infesting his or her comment sections! Mobys, trolls, and ne’er-do-wells. Yeah, I said it. Ne’er-do-wells.

        The Treehouse, Ace of Spades HQ, Flopping Aces, Mychal Massie, and many more actually do care to discuss, and moderate, and crack the whip. And look what happens!

      • taqiyyologist says:

        Seriously. With all due respect to Jim Hoft and Michelle Malkin — why would anyone in their right mind make a blog and refuse to engage in the comment section that you have also made a part of your blog?

        Its a bit primadonna-ish, if you ask me.

        • stellap says:

          I think they feel that it is better to stay “above the fray”. We don’t, but then I’m no Michelle Malkin, blogging and making speeches and making tv appearances.

          • Sharon says:

            This site is quite unique in that the mods engage the way we do. I think there are benefits to that, and not a lot of downsides. I think Michelle Malkin is a sweetheart, and I’m guessing that your points stellap, are exactly the issue. The business of engaging in the threads is massively time-consuming…..it takes on a life of its own, and that just isn’t always possible.

  15. ShellBeach says:

    I made my first donation this morning. I’ve been reading at the Treehouse for quite a while now, but this is my first post. Love the work that you do here. Hi Treepers!

  16. Tuesday is payday, and I’ll pitch in.

  17. I have a skeptic (biblically-speaking) friend, who is a good friend, that I just sent this:

    Funny thing is, he’s also hung up on Ann Barnhardt.

    She doesn’t even have a comment section and says she thinks it would be narcissistic to do so.

    And yet she’s damn near to being Jeremiah of today.

    9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

    Ravi Zacharias Answers Atheists, Part I

  18. bullnuke says:

    Done. A worthy cause indeed.

  19. Angel says:

    well, I busted open the piggy bank and donated what I could today.

  20. akathesob says:

    Same here are car is under the car-port and we been working on it for 3 days. So we sent what we could on a card we keep for emergency’s. After we get the car back together and add up the damage we will send more. Sorry we were late treepers hope you all understand. Karl n Sandra.

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