Wednesday Open Thread – February 27th

Tomb of the Unknown ChristmasOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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89 Responses to Wednesday Open Thread – February 27th

  1. ctdar says:

    Morning all; yes I am up way too late but just noticed all the recent comments on right side column is gone…is WP acting hinky? Here kittah, here kittah…master of the site issues…or is it me :(

  2. Auntie Lib says:

    And here I am – can’t sleep – and can’t find anybody to play with…

  3. WeeWeed says:

    Hump day! Mornin’, all!

     photo ram68_zpsf72f8332.jpg

    • texan59 says:

      That was not how I needed to start my morning. Ended my night with snakes and then this! :evil:

      • michellc says:

        Did you have nightmares? I’m glad there is someone else as scared of snakes as I am. I even get scared of them when they’re on tv. I’ve tried watching that rattler hunting show but it gave me nightmares when that guy climbed into a sleeping bag with them.

        • michellc says:

          Why do husbands have to tell you things that just make it harder on them? My husband told me a friend called him today and told him about finding a snake hibernating/living in his attic. It was curled up next to his furnace vent. I told him he was spending his evening looking in our attic for snakes and any possible entry points because there is no way I could get to sleep worrying that a snake is living up there.

          • ctdar says:

            Somehow Michelle, with the inventory you have, I think the snake would fear you!! :D

            • michellc says:

              Nope, I could shoot a man or a bear in my attic and keep my cool. A snake in my attic, I’d be shaking and screaming and shoot a hole through my
              Nothing scares me more than a snake.

      • WeeWeed says:

        So I take it you and Michell don’t wanna hear my rattlesnake round-up stories…..

  4. ctdar says:

    I would imagine its kinda tough to be confronted in your face on a daily basis with:
    You own it.

  5. michellc says:

    I just read on Gateway Pundit that Chicago is going to start teaching sex ed to kindergarteners something Obama encouraged.
    I spend most of my time angry with our new Obama world but this just makes me want to weep.

  6. stellap says:

    Bob Woodward blasts President Obama ‘madness’

    The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward attacked President Barack Obama on Wednesday, saying the commander-in-chief’s decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier because of budget cuts is “a kind of madness.”

    “Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying ‘Oh, by the way, I can’t do this because of some budget document?’” Woodward said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”
    Or George W. Bush saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to invade Iraq because I can’t get the aircraft carriers I need’ or even Bill Clinton saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to attack Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters,’ as he did when Clinton was president because of some budget document?” Woodward added.

    • ctdar says:

      er can congress request one of those wellness tests on a sitting president to check fitness for office? Would have loved to have seen Obama’s drug/alcohol blood levels after last weekends “golfing excursion.” i mean federal employees are subject to random d/a testing like other businesses?

    • ctdar says:

      From the Woodward Politico link above:
      And so we now have the president going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement, I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country. That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.”

      I wonder who Woodward was referring to about when said he hasn’t seen in a long time?

      • texan59 says:

        Probably talking about Tricky Dick. They had some friction between themselves. :lol:

        • ctdar says:

          Yah probably but I got the sense that Woodward reference was implying certifiable not stupidity :lol:

          • texan59 says:

            If you ask those guys, Nixon WAS certifiable. To this day, they can’t give him credit fro being one of the best democrat pOTUS’ of all time.Got us off the gold standard, created EPA, OSHA. Implemented wage/price controls. What more could a libtard axe for? :roll:

  7. ottawa925 says:

    Wolf Fables of Aesop

    Discouraged after an unsuccessful day of hunting, a hungry Wolf came on a well fed Mastiff. He could see that the Dog was having a better time of it than he was and the Wolf inquired what the Dog had to do to stay so well fed. “Very little,” said the Dog. “Just drive away beggars, guard the house, show fondness to the master, be submissive to the rest of the family, and you are well fed and warmly lodged.” The Wolf thought this over carefully. He risked his own life almost daily, had to stay out in the worst of weather, and was never assured of his meals. He thought he would try another way of living.

    As they were going along together, the Wolf saw a place around the Dog’s neck where the hair had worn thin. The Wolf asked what this was and the Dog answered it was nothing, “just the place where my collar and chain rub”. The Wolf stopped short. Chain? he asked. “You mean you are not free to go where you choose? “No,” said the Dog, “but what does that mean?” Much, answered the Wolf as he trotted off. “Much”.

  8. 22tula says:

    Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled
    February 27, 2013

    “Race and Republicans”
    By Alvin S. Felzenberg – December 16, 2002

    “All on Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery” By Henry Mayer – Amazon

  9. texan59 says:

    We evil humans have not killed off all the plants and animals yet. There are an estimated 11,000,000 plant and animal species still undiscovered. Sorry Sierra Club.

    • michellc says:

      I would like to kill off the Sierra Club but since that would be a sin, I’ll settle for shipping them to a deserted island.

    • aliashubbatch says:

      Not Biblically savvy, but ‘God did create all creatures according to their kind’ to ‘multiply and fill the earth’. Take that, human hating hippies.

  10. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Somebody Photoshopped Grumpy Cat into a cappuccino! :lol:

  11. Ad rem says:

    Apologies if this is old… was new to me. ;-)

    • Sharon says:

      The headline is misleading:. what the article says is that they can’t use doctors to collect the information.

      No matter what any law says, obama will do what he wants to do when he wants to do it, and nobody’s stopping him.

      I’m beginning to wonder about Breitbart’s headline-writers. There have been more than a handful of headlines lately that simply did not reflect what the article said. Not good.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Not good at all. Obama is s power hungry nothing will stop him. I would not want doctors to ask me about guns. In Florida the last two census that were taken they asked if you had guns. Big brother is way too nosey about our guns.

  12. WeeWeed says:

    Man, where’s Rumpole – I just saw that shark attack on the news down yonder!! :shock:

  13. texan59 says:

    WTH is up with Cantor? Civil War. You want it, you got it, asshat. :evil:

    • WeeWeed says:

      I’m there. Feckin’ RINO. And I used to like him.

      • texan59 says:

        Apparently something happens to you up there if you last more than two years. You start to get a real bad case of the dum-bass it seems. And I guess you really do want to get invited to the right parties. I wonder how many of these guys got their lunch money taken from them when they were in grade school. They sure do seem to get pretty full of themselves. And these are the guys I like. :evil:

    • michellc says:

      What the heck is violence against women act anyway and who were the 9 Republicans who had the you know what to go against him? The article only named two.

  14. GracieD says:

    Hey y’all! Been busy with my God Sent Friend, Chris. I swear, if one more person tells me how sweet I am for simply doing what God has told me to do, Ima scream! Been busy songwriting, and finally had a Lyric finished enough to send to my friend Tori (Taff) for those of you who follow the Gaithers you likely know who Tori is, or you know her hubby, Russ. That man is, in my opinion, one of the best Male Vocalists ever! It is nice to have an award winning songwriter as a friend! ;)
    I have been picking up something that I thought I was through with…that part of my life was over, or so I thought. I still read daily, just do not always take time to post. ***waves from the Swamp! :D

  15. michellc says:

    Ooops Woodward has been warned, I guess he’ll be sleeping with the fishies soon?
    Bob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a “very senior person” at the White House warned him in an email that he would “regret doing this,” the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester.

  16. michellc says:

    And for you crazy news today which is even more evidence of how the heck do we even know when we might be breaking the law?
    Anthony Brasfield faces 5 years in jail for releasing heart-shaped balloons into the sky as romantic gesture for his girlfriend –
    Unfortunately, a Florida Highway Patrol officer’s attention was caught by the flying balloons. Hence, arrested Brasfield and charged him with polluting to harm humans, animals and plants under the Florida Air and Water Pollution Control Act.

    • texan59 says:

      In your spare time :) go over to the Heritage website. They have a section on the over-criminalization of America. It gets my blood boiling.

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