Product Marketing – I Wonder If Most People Know The Origin or “Intent” Behind The Product…

updateUpdate pic at bottom – Arkansasmimi found another variety “Drank” in her neck of the woods.  :(     Sheeesh…  talk about advancing a lifestyle through marketing.

Treeper Texastoolman found this in a convenience store in Texas.   Actually remarkable when you think about it.   Obviously the “target audience” would be those who know what “Purple Lean” is actually all about – But it got me to thinking would the average person, or parent, even have a clue what this is for and the actual product story?


Prior to researching the Trayvon Martin background  we would never have known what this product was meant to infer.    Obviously the marketing folks behind the product know.

Check this out from Arkansasmimi. I guess this would be the competing brand “Drank” under the wonder of “Extreme Relaxation – Slow Your Roll”:


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78 Responses to Product Marketing – I Wonder If Most People Know The Origin or “Intent” Behind The Product…

  1. BigMamaTEA says:

    Interesting. Here’s their webpage:
    Three varieties, “Purp” says:
    “Purp is for those traditional, hard core Texas-based Lean sippas that like it raw mixed with Sprite and grape Jolly Rancher candy. We poured it up with a special syrup concentrate that takes the itch away, but still maintains its potency and full effect to make it “Do what it do” Dat Purp is Hood Recognized and Street Certified!”

  2. BigMamaTEA says:

    In looking for the actual ingredients for this “wonder product” I cam across this article on the making of Purp:

    ………..”Lean is a safe combination of pharmaceutical grade herbs and syrup-based flavors that promotes a desired level of swagga to get you feelin’ right any time, day or night!” he says.

    Moran said that when he first launched his product, people thought they had the “real” syrup. He says Lean is “the premium, most potent relaxation drink that causes sippas of all ages to chill out, especially during times of high stress.”

    Moran wants to decrease the number of people, especially kids, who will overdose from the misuse of cough syrup. He feels that people want to emulate rappers and their lifestyles, so he is on a crusade to get rappers to promote Lean as a positive alternative. The Lean flavors Purp, Yella and Easta Pink are common words rappers use in their lyrics when referring to their potentially fatal syrup concoctions.

    “We want to desensitize the youth on what the real Purp, Yella and Easta Pink is. When people hear the references in the lyrics, we want them to associate it with the Lean they see in the stores.”………..

    Makes you want to say hmmmm. Now I have a new spelling of the word Perp in my spellchecker!

    • indiethink says:

      OH MY! is right, and to think I taught my kids to value nutrition in spending their hard earned money.

      from the website:
      You may be asking …“How do they get away with selling this beverage at such a high price?” There are three reasons why this happens. The first, and most important, is that the “hip hop community” demands a premium functional lifestyle beverage that causes one to seek a state of immediate and deep relaxation. This community is known for spending a considerable amount of their discretionary income on beverages on a daily basis at local neighborhood convenience stores. The long-term growth of chopped and screwed style of rap music that is led by many current multi-platinum selling artists has tens of millions of fans throughout the world. This has increased the demand for the development of Lean Slow Motion Potion.

    • arkansasmimi says:

      LOL You beat me to it! I was fixing to post same article! Great Minds huh!

  3. arkansasmimi says:

    OH MY!

  4. maggiemoowho says:

    I did a google search and noticed there is a product in a purple can called “Drank” also. Looks to be the same type drink. Popular in Houston, TX the article said.

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Yes Maggie, I found that too. Apparently “Drank” and “Purp” have been in a lawsuit since 2010. HA!
      Found this tidbit in a blog about “Purp”:
      What I can say without a doubt is that Lean Slow Motion Potion has an absolutely fantastic flavor. I was very hesitant when I saw that this was grape – as just about every single drink in this category has some sort of grape flavor in it. I expected this to be one of the many grape sodas out there, but was very happily mistaken!

      The flavor starts out as a grape soda – but then it gets much richer and more herbal than that. It is almost like a grape tea soda – fulled with the richness of citrus and spices to make a succulent layered and complex taste – one I enjoyed from the first sip to the last gulp.

      As for the ingredients, this put me OUT. I am not sure how this can make you feel relaxed, as I was passed out for a good 10 hours from the stuff. There is Acai, Vitamin B, Valerian root and rose hips to assist in the lazy-making properties of Lean Slo Motion Potion, but that is nothing when compared to the whallop the melatonin gives you. I am not sure if I would knock a can back if I were stressed out – but for a good night’s sleep – this could easily make me snore through the most annoyingly nasal Lil Wayne songs. I sucked a can down and about fifteen minutes later I was in one of the most restful, deep and lovely sleeps I have had for a long time.”

  5. pbunyan says:

    “But it got me to thinking would the average person, or parent, even have a clue what this is for and the actual product story??

    Everyone would know what lean was by now if we had an honest media, but the media is just the propaganda wing of the communist democrat party now.

    • mcfyre2012 says:

      “Everyone would know what lean was by now if we had an honest media, but the media is just the propaganda wing of the communist democrat party now.”

      I had never heard of it before visiting the Treehouse, although I had always wondered why blacks favored Sprite, 7-Up, and grape sodas, yet never drink from cans or bottles, but big plastic cups instead. When the Trayvon story first hit the news, I was fixated on the very odd “tea and Skittles” combination, seemed on odd combo for a 17 year old, especially for a “snack” before the NBA All-Star Game. Once I learned about “Lean” the lightbulb brightened up…as in “That’s what they’ve been drinking all these years! No wonder I see so many lethargic blacks. They’re all doped up on a daily basis.”

  6. pbunyan says:

    If Obama had a son, he’d look just like the guy on that can.

  7. jordan2222 says:

    Anyone here ever tried this stuff?

  8. watch his friends twitters and fb. always posting about sprite, fresh out, vibin.

  9. boricuafudd says:

    It was just a matter of time someone would try to take advantage of the popularity in the Hip Hop community of the drinks.

  10. pbunyan says:

    Too bad he didn’t take a picture of the ingredients. I wonder if it says “skittles”.

  11. arkansasmimi says:

    boricuafudd , OK, I just got some schooling! At the convience store closest to my house, they didnt have the LEAN drink, but they have DRANK. A purple and a red flavor. I took a picture, dont know how to post unless email and admin post. AND I stand corrected, there IS NOT AN AGE LIMIT, at least in AR on buying these “ENTERGY” drinks. Cost was $1.29. And was advised, if you “add certain things with this DRANK it will be what is called LEAN, but its precription not over the counter” LOL I was asking if they carried “LEAN” drink. ROFLMBO guess they thought I was a hip or not so hip Mimi :) I am truly more disgusted than ever. Oh and If you use this DRANK as a chaser to whiskey, said it was kick ass. NO THANKS!!!!

    • arkansasmimi says:

      ADMINS Just for fun, sent email ARKANSAS MIMI in subject line

      • arkansasmimi says:

        LOL found this, cracks me up (web page)
        Registered User
        Location: Texas
        Re: Drank-the anti energy drink
        i had a “Drank” the other day. it tasted good and i couldnt tell if i was feeling the drink or just feeling tired (which i kinda was to begin with). as far as i can tell, all its gonna do is make you tired, not any kind of high.
        I cant find Drank anywhere around my city but i just found another anti-energy drink called … “Lean – slow motion potion”. it tastes the same and has melatonin, rose hips extract, and valerian root extract just like Drank.
        lean comes in three flavors; Purp, Easta Pink, and Yella
        Last edited by Jimbosmokes; 12-01-2009 at 05:27 PM.

      • sundance says:

        Hey, thanks. We got your pic and put it into the post. Who knew?

    • justfactsplz says:

      Some kids could wind up dead using this sort of thing and mixing it with anything else. It’s a lying purple people eater.

    • boricuafudd says:

      Thanks your efforts, I am glad I’m not the list of states that sell the stuff.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Rather scary to think about now. The guy that works there said the thing that they sell that he wishes they didnt was a Munster3 ? it in a glass bottle that reminded me of old beer bottles, not longneck other style. He said some KIDS IN FLORIDA had died from it! Wow, what a real eye opener. WHEW there were more of these type drinks, about 3 diff drink door sections, more than soft drinks! I THINK CocaCola is dist. of Munster?

        • boricuafudd says:

          Heard around the corner by a group of teens, you had the new drink?
          Its fake, lets do the real thing!

          • arkansasmimi says:


            • boricuafudd says:

              You know that is what is going to happen, making a mostly obscure drink used by some rap and hip hop acts making it mainstream. So now everyone will know about it and wonder about the real thing, the opposite of what the makers are reasoning.

              • sundance says:

                EXACTLY. I was trying to think of how to say exactly this. Spot on absolutely correct.

                This process you describe of marketing illegal drugs through the auspices of turning them mainstream with products like this is exactly right.

        • sundance says:

          What the heck is the B12 liquid used for? Any ideas?

          I thought I was pretty much up to speed on stuff, but between these drinks and the stuff linked in these articles I can see there is a whole new level of dangerous marketing attack against kids and what they put in their bodies….

          And to think it used to be possible to get a twack on the head for sneaking a nickle Nehi at the drug store without Mom n Pop knowing…. :(

          As Ms. Steinem says: “We’ve come a long way baby”…. The only problem is we’re headed in the wrong direction. :(

          • arkansasmimi says:

            I didnt understand the B12 either SD. I know one time before I was diag with sleep apnea (yep thats why I here so late) I asked my Dr if I could get a B12 shot, because was so fatigued. He did blood work and said my B12 level was perfect and if my body didnt need it it would do nothing for it. SO I an curious about that.

          • arkansasmimi says:

            YIKES! From what I get from couple sites I googled, maybe a RUSH of energy? Seems like thats what that 5 HR Energy stuff may be about. SMH

          • boricuafudd says:

            The adding of B-12 means that drink is labeled as a liquid supplement, not as a regular drink bevarage. Thus avoiding rules by the FDA concerning drinks and any limitations, warnings that must accompany it. Its a run around the FDA.

          • justfactsplz says:

            Vitamin B12 is essential for energy and some people have low levels. I had to give my elderly mother B12 shots along with her having her levels monitored. Too much of any vitamin can be a bad thing. Same thing goes for minerals. Too much or too little potassium can kill you.

        • sundance says:

          On a more serious note how do they categorize this stuff? Is it considered an “energy drink”? It’s not a soda right? And prolly not a sports – nutrition drink.

          So I wonder how they categorize this stuff and if it could work its way into school vending machines :(

          • arkansasmimi says:

            At the store I went to, which is close to my home, and have noticed more recently, they have all these type drinks together. And at least where I have seen they are on opposite ends of the soda area. I noticed too on the DRANK instead of ENTERGY it said ANTI-ENTERGY. It was located like this ARIZONA PRODUCTS, 2 shelves, Eye level, then Munster drinks few shelves then the DRANK and a few other same type on same shelf. I bet there were about 30 DIFF TYPES, poss more of these type drinks! At least in my school district, not allowed to have vending machines anymore.

            • BigMamaTEA says:

              TM just looking for a “buzz.” Codeine would have been a downer/buzz. Wasn’t he looking for a homemade substitute? This Purp/Lean stuff discovered today, had “natural herbs” for a calming affect, i.e. downer/buzz. Melatonin is supposed to help with insomnia, as well as a couple of those other herbs listed above.

              Thanks Treepers all. We’ve all learned something new today. I’m going shopping at my local C-store tomorrow. Now I’m curious just how many shelves of this type of crap are available.

              B-12 liquid is sold as “energy”, but as Mimi stated earlier, if your B-12 levels are normal, you won’t get anything from it, other than the placebo effect. Back in the 70-80′s older ladies used to get a B-12 injection; and before you could pull the needle out, they were “energized.” Definite placebo effect.

              • arkansasmimi says:

                Thats EXACTLY why I asked if I could get a shot. My Mother use to have to get them, and your dead on about how fast she felt better. I def have learned something today! Oh and also the guys at store said if you chase one of these energy drinks with alcohol beverage get kick ass buzz. Scary to me!

              • arkansasmimi says:

                OOPS Energy NOT ENTERGY– thats our Electric company for most of Arkansas :) getting late sorry.

          • boricuafudd says:

            Read my comment above.

  12. arkansasmimi says:

    Ok, so would these people be taking LEAN/Drank whatever TM was tweeting about, take if as a DOWNER? Lol I dont get it.

    • justfactsplz says:

      If TM was depressed he may have wanted drugs that would chill him out and make him sleep more to escape his reality.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        I have never smoked pot. My ex husband did yrs ago. I know tho that pot usually mellows people out, but did make parihoid. Tho like anything else does diff things to diff people. So he does pot and lean so he should be a chilled out dude. Just thought of something, ya know his family always says he was this kind of person, not highstrung (paraphrasing) this could be why.

  13. ed357 says:

    This just like Mr and Mrs T’s Bloody Mary Mix………

    It’s just a premix so you don’t have to run out to the store for some blunts, Arizona Watermelon drink and Skittles………thereby taking a risk that some White-Hispanic dude busts a “cap” in your black ass when you try to set him straight on disrespecting you…………

    “Taste the rainbow……..bro.”

    • arkansasmimi says:

      Oh I am too tired and that post made me laugh SOOO hard! I dont know if I can go to sleep now! Dont need to read ah NUTTER comment. Shoot guess I should of gotten me some of that DRANK Anti-Energy and sipped on it. WHEW Full body shiver, just the thought of drinking something with or tasting like cough syrup.

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