Sanctimonious Pastor Alois Bell – Talks To Local Media (Video)

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67 Responses to Sanctimonious Pastor Alois Bell – Talks To Local Media (Video)

  1. ZurichMike says:

    I guess this “minister” forgot the “Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s” part of the message. And Ceasar get’s 18% tip on parties of 10. But I guess she was too busy pretending to be Christian to read the menu, where it is clearly stated.

  2. lovemygirl says:

    Why do the stupid never learn when to shut up? Oh wait. ;)

  3. dawndoe says:

    I hope this woman has learned a lesson and will change her ways.

  4. lovemygirl says:

    SD, you are too kind. Sanctimonious Pastor Alois Bell? No, just a typical tax fraud. 90% of “charities” are inner city garbage like her making their money at our expense. Maybe you are unaware but more than half the money and 90% of the volume of “:Charities” are frauds, namely many in the inner city.

  5. Actually what I find shocking is how in the most recent story on this subject people were practically foaming at the mouth to get the waitress reinstated. When I pointed out she was actually fired because she violated company policy, my comments were deleted and the comment thread closed.

    For the record, here is what Applebees said, as posted by TheBlaze:

    “Our Guests’ personal information – including their meal check – is private, and neither Applebee’s nor its franchisees have a right to share this information publicly. We value our Guests’ trust above all else. Our franchisee has apologized to the Guest and has taken disciplinary action with the Team Member for violating their Guest’s right to privacy. This individual is no longer employed by the franchisee.”

    People are welcome to visit the site and read the article for yourself if you think I am pulling your leg.

    Why would The Conservative Treehouse avoid making this information available to its readers? And do they think Andrew Breitbart, a man they idolize so, would have condoned such disingenuousness??

    • stellap says:

      I have approved your comment because you seem to feel that important information is being suppressed. In fact, the information is readily available, and Applebee’s obviously has a right to discipline their employees in any way they see fit. I even see their point.

      Others, however, have a right to express their opinions as well. Applebee’s word is NOT law, and public activism is often very effective.

      All of that being said, Andrew Breitbart would probably feel the way that I do (I can put thoughts in Andrew’s dead mind just as well as you do, and I even met him once two days before he died). This entire episode is so unimportant that I can’t believe anyone is wasting their time commenting on it, and both parties were at fault, for different reasons.

      That being said, our readers seem to be interested. The fact that most of those who have commented have never commented here before about anything that is important says more.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      When I pointed out she was actually fired because she violated company policy…

      [citation needed]

      I have seen no actual policy that the server violated. Corporate PR weasel words don’t constitute actual policy.

      Until I see the actual policy, in place at the time of the incident, that she allegedly violated, I assert that the server didn’t actually violate any standing policy.

      • retire2005 says:

        Chip, actually, the person who posted that receipt on the internet violated the law. The receipt is printed twice; one for the customer to sign which then becomes the property of the business, in this case Applebee’s, the other copy is the property of the card holder.

        Posting that receipt on the internet, using, I suspect, an iPhone app, represents theft of Applebee’s property.

        • mung says:

          How can that be theft? That is a real stretch. If I take a picture of a shirt in the store did I steal the shirt? If someone had tipped her $100.00 and she took a picture of that and posted how great the person was and it got Applebee’s positive PR, do you think they would fire her for posting a picture of a receipt?

          • John VI says:

            or counterfeiting…

          • retire2005 says:

            mung, I suggest you study privacy laws. That receipt, the property of Applebee’s, has an identifing truncated number on it. Through that truncated number, the identity of the card holder can be discovered, if you know how to do it.

            And if you take a picture of a shirt in a store, and use that picture for the purpose of fame, or fortune (say for the purpose of duplication of a protected design) you can find yourself in court over that.

            The privacy laws that would cover this would be in the catagory of “reasonal expectation”. The customer has a “reasonal expectation” that their information will be kept private by the merchant who accepts their credit card. When I accepted credit cards in my business, if I had a charge that was questioned, I had to send the processor the original credit card receipt, not a photo copy. Why? Because it is illegal for a merchant to make a copy for any reason.

            • Cupcake says:

              retire2005: What “identifying truncated number” is in the photo of the receipt posted on the Internet? The only numbers I see on the receipt is the merchant number and the check amount. I don’t see a transaction number or an authorization number.

              What number would identify the cardholder, Ms. Bell, from the pic posted on the Internet?

          • brutalhonesty says:

            a friend of my brother was left a $100 tip on a $40 bill by the Blues’ TJ Oshie….he posted it on his FB… one got fired.

        • ytz4mee says:

          I disagree. Please post your statute/citation that this is a “violation of the law”.
          This meme has very conveniently – and quickly – been dessiminated by the forces that would seek to deflect from yet another egregious example of the BGI in action.

          Have you ever been to a small convenience store and seen bounced checks prominently posted in or around the cash register? That is entirely legal in the majority of states – and just as, if not, more embarrassing, than posting a receipt with a hand scrawled screed on it.
          No one claims that a check I wrote to a vendor for goods and services is “privileged” or “private” information, even though it contains my bank info – and it is not illegal for the store owner to post it – uncashed, cashed or bounced – unless expressly prohibited by statute.

          I’ve heard this endless loop that some how Bell’s privacy rights were violated in some specific contravention of “law”.

          Please cite the exact statute which states this.

          Thank you.

        • Chip Bennett says:

          Posting that receipt on the internet, using, I suspect, an iPhone app, represents theft of Applebee’s property.

          Nonsense. Theft requires possession, no?

      • debfrmhell says:

        There are big operational manuals in these chain restaurants that managers refer to that cover any given situation. They hold the secrets to which you will never see. To disclose that information to another is grounds for dismissal. It is drilled into your head when you are an MIT. When I was a manager, I had access to it. As a server, I do not. They are for upper level eyes only. Any questions about policy would be referred to their home office, hence your PR weasel wording.

        I believe that the food server did violate company policy and that is the reason for her termination. I actually agree with her termination and I am a working as a server. Without that policy in effect the waitress could turn around and sue for wrongful termination. They have grounds or she wouldn’t have been fired. She would have been reprimanded. We have no idea what is in her personnel file and there could have been other incidences that she was written up for. Those would/could include guest complaints.

        I am only surprised that the Pastor has not filed some kind of suit yet. I am willing to bet it is coming sometime within the time constraints legally allowable. It will be followed by all restaurant chains and the result will be to firm up policies in place or initiate new policies to cover these kind of circumstances.

        • ytz4mee says:

          You’re talking about putting policies in place that deal with rude, obnoxious and cheap customers? I certainly hope so.

          Based on the comments left at Applebee’s numerous social media sites, the majority are NOT sympathetic to Bell’s self-induced “plight”.

          • debfrmhell says:

            Rude and obnoxious…yes. You can leave on advice of management or you can wait for the police to come and do the honors. Either way. LOL.

            Cheap. No.

            Every day a server comes into work is a day that the server can leave without any more than what they walked in with. No one is obligated to tip, regardless of quality of service. Do I get “stiffed” on occasion, yes? But usually somewhere during the shift someone else makes up for it. If it doesn’t happen that day, it will happen. We all have good days. Usually much more often than bad. Such is the life of a server.

            I think what that pastor did was in ridiculously bad taste. Menus in restaurants that allow for auto-gratuity specifically state that parties over a certain number will be charged for the tip. She split her part off of the $200. It has been my experience that people do that in large groups to try to avoid having to auto-tip. She says she left $6 in cash on the table. I don’t believe that for a minute because the auto-tip was $6 and change. I don’t cotton to pastors who lie to CTheirA.

            Our restaurant does not allow for auto-tipping in large groups. We are left to their mercy but with good service it is usually a favorable outcome. I must say, I am never thrilled to wait on church groups. But I can tell you this, not one of them will ever know it.

            • Sharon says:

              I’ve watched over the years when “our church group” would go somewhere together, and what you say is true. I’ve never understood it–because without exception our “church friends” are working people who pay attention to dollars, and who certainly understand what it means to work for a living. On some occasions, we have deliberately left a much larger than necessary tip for our part of the table, to make up for what we saw others were (not) doing.

              • debfrmhell says:

                Sunday evenings are usually slow for us so we operate with 3-4 servers and 1 cook. I can handle large parties by myself. I am comfortable up to about 18-20.

                My nightmare day:
                We had a church group come in that they estimated to be around 18 so I put them in my dining room so they could stay in the same area. That party ended up to be 38. I used 3 of the big trays just for drinks alone. Getting all of the orders took about 15 minutes, ten minutes to enter into computer using the tables they were sitting at. The cook got assigned to my group while the manager did the cooking for the rest of the restaurant. Ten trays of food which takes time to prepare. Food started rolling out of the kitchen for about 10-15 minutes. So I was very busy getting it all out to find people had changed tables to go visit with others. I got an off duty employee (who had come by for a dessert) to just keep drinks refilled while I was trying to get the food to the tables. It was a zoo.

                Hot food has to come out first. One man had a chocolate cake so his came on the last tray. Others at his table had gotten their food before him so they were maybe halfway into their meals before I got to his. He was PO’d and made his point. After that everyone was indignant for him. The food took too long to get. The service was terrible. All of it directed towards me.

                When the manager came out to table touch and visit around, they were all smiles with him. Thanked him. Told him how much they enjoyed the food and not one complaint about service. Told him they understood how hard it was for one server to do this.

                They were there for almost two hours.
                Total bill: $379.00
                They all split up their checks.
                Total tips came from three individuals: $8.75

                IRS requires that you claim 10% of your sales to cover taxes. My company looks for +/-17% because at $2.13 p/hour you need to make that much just to get to the area of min. wage @$7.25 p/hour. I got the joy of claiming about $60 more than what I made that night because if you can’t make what the company thinks you should make then you have to sit down and explain to them that you are not incompetent.

                They sucked the “charm school” right out of me. After the last of them left, I actually had to go outside and regroup because I was that upset. Usually I can shake these things off pretty quickly but not that night.

                They actually made me cry. I don’t cry. I hate crying. I have a “point system” in my head…LOL. I am a Queen. Crying takes away points. Makes me a princess. Or even a Duchess. I don’t like being a princess or a duchess. I am a Queen!

                People…you have to have a sense of humor when dealing with the public!

                • ctdar says:

                  1 waitress for 38 people who came in without a reservation? You need a new manager or another place to work where your efforts will be appreciated both mentally and financially. Good wait staff
                  is hard to come by.
                  You were flat out robbed.

      • So if someone at your local Wal-Mart or Target decided to post photographs online of your receipts for others to comment on you’d have no problem with that whatsoever?

        Somehow I doubt that.

        • ytz4mee says:

          You again are deflecting from the core issue in a thinly veiled attempt to distract from her behavior.

          It isn’t about just posting the receipt online. She wrote her nasty screed because she wanted to make a “point” and a “statement”. It became public at that point because she knew that her statement would be viewed by many, NOT just the server. I think she achieved her goal.

          If her complaint was legitimate, she could have addressed it privately with the manager on duty. When there has been an issue with food and/or service, we have always discussed it with the management and afforded them the opportunity to correct the “wrong”.

          But that’s not what happened here. She had a snit fit and wanted to make a public statement. Unfortunately for her, her nastiness and vindictiveness backfired on her.
          She’s embarrassed for being “outed” as the nasty, selfish, classless, self-serving lout she is. THAT is the genuine crux of the matter. Everything else is chaffe.

          • hoonan says:

            I would say that there’s 2 issues here…yes this “pastors” actions were horrible and the public internet shaming is karma, chickens coming to roost, just deserves….whatever you want to call it.

            The 2nd issue is privacy…and it can stir a healthy and civil debate about the world today on are we losing privacy today do to everything being electronic now, the net, and social media.

            I don’t believe MTM has any kind of evil “agenda” (and that word gets thrown around a lot here when someone disagrees with the general consensus) but was pointing out that both parties were wrong in this situation one with the “pastors” holier than thou attitude and the other an uninvolved server posting another server’s receipt and customers info online “for comedic purposes”

            She violated policy, if you don’t believe just about every chain has a social media behavior policy you’re being naive, or a policy on publicizing internal documents such as vendor invoices, time schedules and many other propriety information…and would be generally stated as “internal documents” .

            This isn’t the first time a waiter (and probably won’t be the last) was fired for posting a receipt…and case in point and as I pointed out in the other thread the waiter who posted Peyton Manning’s generous tip online…


            • ytz4mee says:

              I don’t disagree with you that the server may have violated internal policies and procedures of the employer which she voluntarily agreed to as a condition of her employment there when she was hired, was terminated for what they viewed as “just cause”.

              However, I do have an issue with so many people reflexively stating that what the server did was “against the law” and violated some amorphous definition of “privacy laws” without anything to substantiate this position. Much like Wolf Blitzer decreeing that Sheriffs “must” follow any and all of Teh Won’s Executive Orders as “fact”.

              You only saw a portion of what was allowed to be posted. MTM most certainly DID have an Agenda. Snark, sarcasm and superciliousness do not contribute in any meaningful way to conversation, and in fact, distract from it.

              The issue was not his deviation from what you deem to be “consensus”.

              • hoonan says:

                OK…well you are correct I did not see what was not allowed to be posted.

                Last time I’ll comment as I’m sure moderating this topic is again as much of a nightmare as last time.

                But just in my opinion….there’s no “victims” in this incident. Here some half-assed “pastor” got all huffy and sanctimonious and made a dumb comment on a receipt. Then some nosey server took that receipt in which she was not the server and went on to the Atheist page of Reddit and posted it for the “look at this stupid arrogant christian LOLZ” and got her butt canned for violating policy….in the end I don’t feel sorry for either of these losers….

                It’s just interesting how all these receipt incidents can cause all hell for a business…from the Cabela’s thing to racist descriptions of customers to arrogant customer comments .

                • ytz4mee says:

                  Thank you for your understanding.
                  And yes, I concur with your conclusion. Both made choices which put them in the spotlight, and are now dealing with the fallout from those choices.

          • David says:

            Man, I’ve been trying very hardto get this point across on another blog.


            Its a supposed ethics blog. The main guy is so hard headed about his stance. I cant believe how simple it.

        • Cupcake says:

          Most people don’t write in “comments” on their receipts.

        • Chip Bennett says:

          So if someone at your local Wal-Mart or Target decided to post photographs online of your receipts for others to comment on you’d have no problem with that whatsoever?

          Congratulations. That is one of the better-played straw man arguments I’ve seen in a while.

          Whether or not I would be upset in a similar situation has nothing at all to do with whether or not the server violated a specific, standing policy at the time that she posted the picture of the receipt.

    • ytz4mee says:

      What is your agenda? You seem pretty hell bent on pushing it.

      You are determined to make excuses for someone who:

      -behaved badly

      -behaved even more badly when caught out, by demanding that EVERYONE at the Applebee’s location be “fired” with what can only be characterized as imperiousness

      -is angry that she was publicly shamed – something that is lacking in today’s “anything goes” liberal culture as a method of moderation and community cohesion

      -provided a great example of the default strategy of BGI and other entitled Progressives, that when caught out, instead of admitting fault, immediately turn to blaming the VICTIM and deflecting from their own culpability. Bell’s action are right out of the classic Communist playbook, and you’re not only “okay” with that, you are DEFENDING that choice.

      -you have provided absolutely no independent proof that this was “company policy”. In fact, Applebees in the past has posted receipts – including names of customers – when the information was positive. The alleged new policy is in itself “disingenuous”.

      What makes you think we are under any obligation to post what YOU decide is relevant information on any topic, at any time?

      People like you are part of the PROBLEM and not the SOLUTION and the reason we are in the hot mess we are in today.

      Kiss my grits MTM.

      • As a white male, if I had seen a photograph of a receipt I had signed online, you can bet your sweet bippy I would have raised holy hell with the business in question.

        Where I spend my money, how much and on what is none of your business. Period.

        • ytz4mee says:

          Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!
          Thanks for the laugh. The sanctimoniousness was a very nice touch.
          You honestly believe you have ANY privacy about ANYTHING these days?
          For a few dollars, every thing you buy with any type of plastic can be bought.
          Every email you write is electronically scanned and analyzed.
          And so on.
          And — as a “white male” if “you” had “raised holy hell” over this incident no one would have given a damn.
          Some animals are more media-worthy than others. You ain’t one of them.

      • Cupcake says:

        ytz4mee: One of the best posts ever!!

        I worked my way through high school and college as a food server and cocktail waitress in the 80’s & ’90’s and thought I’d seen it all….. but no. No customer I ever waited on was ever so nasty and self-important as to leave a written excuse on their receipt as to why they were stiffing me!

      • sundance says:

        Someone knock sense into these peeps.

        The “Pastor” wrote her screed because she wanted people to read it no?

        Obviously she wanted people, someone, to read it. Because she wrote it. If she did not want people to read it, she would not have written it.

        Please, think.

        The issue is now that people have read it, which she wanted people to do, she takes exception to their opinion of her. An opinion that is factually correct.

        She’s an ass.

  6. lovemygirl says:

    BTW, SD
    Not that your table is not 120% full all the time, but the RIP OFF of fake charities is the untold story I have only seen remotely told. BILLIONS are stolen from both the televangelists to the 15 member congregation like this lady. 1,000s of groups steal millions and billions in fake charity groups nationwide.

  7. ar10308 says:

    She is probably one of the most unBiblical pastors ever.
    Firstly, she disobey’s Paul and other Apostles by being a woman and taking leadership in the church.
    Secondly, she forgets that God demands that we give everything, like the old woman who gave her last coin.
    Thirdly, she brings about a terrible witness to other Christians by being ungenerous with what God has given her.

  8. ZurichMike says:

    If that woman is a minister, then I am Einstein.

  9. Chip Bennett says:

    Note the “self-proclaimed minister” description early in the video? I take that to mean not ordained, and perhaps even “not formally educated as a minister”.

    Also, this is a pet peeve, regardless of the religious implication of the matter: tipping is part of the societal norm and expectation when dining at a full-service restaurant in the United States. Servers are paid below minimum wage, on the justification that the difference is made up in tips. If you don’t like it, eat at a fast food joint, or cook for yourself.

  10. mcfyre2012 says:

    “Note the “self-proclaimed minister” description early in the video? I take that to mean not ordained, and perhaps even “not formally educated as a minister”.

    Good catch. I tend to agree with you, especially after seeing her tiny, storefront “church.” The IRS needs to do some investigating on her.

    • ytz4mee says:

      That was stellar.

    • Sharon says:

      When all the fuss is over, the bottom line will be that this has nothing to do with either the pastor or Applebees: it has to do with understanding the power and usefulness of social media and the internet. And, like most technological advances, that’s neither good nor bad. Depends on who’s using it and for what purpose.

      I’m sure Skeeter O’bama is wishing today that AlGorzeera had never invented the innernetz. Same dynamics in play. And it’s good for us. Fools are exposed on social media for all the world to see. Lies and the liars who speak them are exposed on social media. Social media is an equalizer for normal Americans who are actually learning how to use ridicule effectively.

  11. elvischupacabra says:

    Try that with Caesar Obama, and you’ll be making Federal License plates at the Leavenworth Lock-up, for all those Gummint Priuses.

  12. Bongo says:

    I’d say since Applebee’s fired that waitress simply for online posting a picture of that receipt, then Applebee’s is not worth working for. The former waitress is young and she’ll have no trouble finding other jobs. And Applebee’s will easily replace her. In any case, I could care less since the only time I eat at Applebee’s is on Veterans’ Day when I get a free meal.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Garbage In = Garbage Out.

    • michellc says:

      I’ve ate at Applebees twice in my life in two different cities, both times the food wasn’t fit to eat. It’s always boggled the mind why there is always a crowd. My DH says they must get drunk waiting for their food and anything would taste good. lol

      • Sharon says:

        It makes me feel like I’m really clueless when I discover that I should not have appreciated and enjoyed food at an establishment which apparently serves only horrible food. We don’t use alcohol. So we were not drunk when we ate our meal at Applebees.

        Isn’t there a point where any of us can become so cynical that we can generalize personal experiences into blanket conclusions? Or maybe I really am just so stupid that I don’t recognize I’m eating pig slop.

        With the level of trauma at all levels in our national experience today, I consciously try to watch my own level of cynicism. Maybe I shouldn’t bother.

        And someone said on the super bowl thread that the fix is in for the Ravens. …I don’t know how people know these things….and how Applebees stays in business if their food is slop. I think we need to not slip to a place where we take pride in knocking everything, disbelieving everything, criticizing everything. Isn’t the essence of good research or good journalism or honest intellect being straight about our facts and also being willing to evaluate our own thoughts…and not generalizing something in a way that is not legitimate?

  13. Dawn Doe says:

    According to Lis Wheel, an attorney and FOX News contributor, the receipt became public property the moment she set the receipt on the table, so no law was broken. Just repeating what she said.

  14. Eric says:

    Putting religion aside for a moment (since I’m not good at math), did the female charge everybody a 18% tip? If so, For a table of 10, how much money would she have good back for tips? I know some restaurants allow the person to put down what they think they deserve for a tip (which I’ve had a company charge a 50% tip and told them to shove it). If a waiter/waitress does a good job of being a waiter then they get tipped pretty well. If not, not only do they hear about it but the boss does aswell.

  15. Cay Raymond says:

    Self proclaimed “Minister”? Where did she get her “credentials”, Bob’s Bible School????

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