Cultural Atlanta – How The BGI Insulates Thug Behavior. One More Example…. Atlanta (video) Celebrating Black History Month

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You often hear of people who say the various jail and prison systems are breeding grounds for thug-like anti social behaviors for young black men.  The general talking points stem around when a young black man enters the correctional system, the subsequent environment just makes matters worse. Like entering a hierarchial system of organized cage match / MMA fights.

Sybrina-Fulton-Tracy-Martin-trayvonmartin-parentsFew, if any, intellectually honest people are brave enough to admit the breeding ground for “Thug Life” begins far earlier than the engagements with the correctional system. Why, well, because it is a difficult yet obvious conversation.

Obvious because the behaviors are noted much earlier than the first time they are engaged with law enforcement.

Yet difficult, because when you admit it starts much earlier you put the burden of cause upon the parents.

Yet, isn’t that exactly where the burden of cause should lay?

Allow me to present exhibit “A” - Atlanta - New disturbing, yet typical, video footage has emerged showing an altercation at an Atlanta, GA strip mall. Unfortunately, the disturbance ultimately led to a woman being tazered by a security guard.

Both the woman, and the security guard she was threatening, were black. But that is really not the issue.  If you can stomach it, watch and listen to the children. By my count there are seven total children under the age of 8 years old in the video. Which children belong to which women is unknown, but watch and listen to the children. ( WARNING The language is highly profane)

STORY – The five-minute video shows a security guard chastising young kids for making noise and playing outside the 5 Points Plaza shopping mall in downtown Atlanta. That’s when the mother steps in and starts yelling profanities and threatening, ‘Don’t yell at my mother f***ing kids! You’ll get beat!’

The security guard then repeatedly tells them to “back it up! You better back it up!’ At that point, the children, encouraged by their mother to join the melee, call him racist and gay slurs. (Continue Reading)

This video took place in Atlanta, GA.   This “mother” is raising her children in Atlanta, Georgia.  So it is worthy to look at the environmental influences ahead of those children in Atlanta, Georgia:

The color of criminal activity in Atlanta is almost monochromatic.  As OccidentalDissent reported when answering Neal Boort’s Question about who are the thugs?    Atlanta is 54 percent Black and 38 percent white, yet according to Atlanta Police Department Uniform Crime Reports for January 2011 to March 2011, Black people account for 100 percent of the homicides; 88 percent of the rapes; 91.6 percent of the robberies; 92.8 percent of aggravated assaults; and 93 percent of burglaries.

This is what any researcher willing to be honest about the culture of the home to the Martin Luther King memorial library must prepare to encounter:  crime that is committed almost exclusively by Black people; a police force run by Black people; a legal system run by Black people; and a Black establishment that put out a memo prior to the 2009 mayoral election discussing how they had to rally around a Black candidate to keep power.

Oh, and you cannot forget the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system which is run by corrupt Black education bureaucrats who cheat to close the racial gap in learning, threatening to cost white tax payers millions.

The sheer weight of the cultural marxism and truthful avoidance that surrounds the city even extends to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Yeah, it is that bad.


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99 Responses to Cultural Atlanta – How The BGI Insulates Thug Behavior. One More Example…. Atlanta (video) Celebrating Black History Month

  1. HughStone says:

    The security officer has more videos.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Uncivilized savages.

    • Lou says:

      Hugh, that 1st video was scary dangerous. if Darrien would have shot, I would have been marching in the street to defend him. people cannot see the good in Darrian or in George. the Trayvon supporters sympathize with the thugs. they were drooling with glee that they saw George most recent photos. they think it’s okay to walk around like a thug, and assault whites or anyone resembling a non-AA.

      • Lou says:

        in the second vid at 3:40, e said “don’t stand behind me”, because he knew the kid behind him was going to pull a Trayvon.

    • cajunkelly says:

      At one point in that first video, after he has pulled his gun (not a taser) and is aiming it toward the intitial two feral blacks, a woman with at least two small children walks right in front of the security guard and his gun.
      It’s as if she sees this sort of thing on an hourly basis and has no concern for herself, much less her kids.

      • cajunkelly says:

        Two days ago I stumbled across a video of a man (black) who was defending the security guard’s actions and explaining in painfully minute detail how the women in the taser video were contributing to the problems that blacks have, how these two women were teaching their young children the wrong values, etc. Wish I could find it again.

    • John Galt says:

      Demonstrating the need for high capacity magazines.

  2. ytz4mee says:

    This is example 6,594 why there should be mandatory Depo shots for anyone on public assistance.

    If Sybrina Fulton wants to know who to blame for the death of her son, she need only look in the mirror.

    • justfactsplz says:

      I agree on the depo shots. There should be a limit on how many babies they can keep having just to get more money from welfare.

      • ytz4mee says:

        Let’s not forget “Someone’s need to pay for this” super-breeder Angel Adams. I believe she’s now up to 18 kids, and she is teaching them to be felons. (there is also video of the cops showing up at the door and she teaches them to be belligerent and aggressive with the LEOs.)

        However, she is very grateful to all those who stepped up to help her and her children …. whoops, not. Major entitlement still present…. errr…

        • justfactsplz says:

          It is sickening. These kind of people cannot and will not be able to take care of themselves if ever faced with a situation where they have to take care of themselves and the government doesn’t take care of them. Well, maybe one survival skill, fishing!

      • Lou says:

        I agree. I said this many years ago. when Conservatives want to keep abortion illegal, you have more unwanted kids who grow up to be like adults in the video above. that’s why I don’t affiliate myself with libs or conservatives.

        • stellap says:

          There are multiple ways to prevent pregnancy. A woman with 8 children and no husband wants to have 8 children. Abortion is legal, and yet she has 8 children. Your point is exactly what? That conservatives forced a single woman with 8 children to get pregnant?

          Abortion is used as a contraceptive by many, many, women, especially in the black community. Yet the black community has a illegitimacy rate above 70%. And birth control is free. Go figure.

          • michellc says:

            There are pills, shots, IUD, implants, tubal ligation and yet people want babies being ripped apart as a solution?

          • Cupcake says:

            Exactly Stella, nor did conservatives force a single woman to raise 8 children because they could have been put up for adoption.

            I can’t wait to see what the “free birth control” movement of the 2012 election cycle will have on this problem…….not holding my breath!

        • Cupcake says:

          If the kids are “unwanted”, why not give the kids up for adoption?? Women who don’t “want” their children are not forced to raise them, adoption is available to everyone.

        • Cupcake says:

          Lou: If the kids are “unwanted”, why not give the kids up for adoption?? Women who don’t “want” their children are not forced to raise them, adoption is available to everyone.

          It seems that these days that the only 2 options that are discussed are abortion or the mother keeping children she does not want nor can afford. What about adoption? That is a win-win for everyone, especially the children.

    • smokeNmirrors says:

      Trayvon was responsible for his own death, not Sybrina.

    • janc1955 says:

      Hell to the YES on the depo shots.

  3. justfactsplz says:

    A friend of mine who is a retired homicide detective emailed this video of the Atlanta mom yesterday. He said he is glad he is retired because of the horrors of things involving children he witnessed over the years. I found this video most disturbing. How can these children turn out to become anything but thugs? They are taught how to do it early in life.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Exactly. Coupled with the fact they are taught from day one that they are “owed” something for nothing. The idea that you should actually work for something is …. repulsive to them.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I saw another video where someone was interviewing people outside the welfare office. These were able bodied young people, all black ones. They said they didn’t want a job and they wanted everything the government would give them. Some were stuffing their faces with potato chips and others were puffing on cigaregttes talking on their free phones.

      • boricuafudd says:

        Before she passed my mother would visit Cuba every year, she told me of a friend that she had in Cuba and offered to help her leave the island. My mother was very surprised when her friend turned her down. As her friend explained, if she left the island to go to Miami and live with relatives, she would have to work. In Cuba while she had practically nothing, she was provided with enough to live, without finding a job. In many ways that is where the AA community is headed.

        • ytz4mee says:

          Yes. It’s a successful formula to create a permanent underclass. Labeling charity and hand-outs as “entitlements” also helps.

        • Lou says:

          I’d also be too embarassed to collect some sort of gov’t assistance with the people I’d be waiting in line with. it’s not the color, but their attitude, dress, way of speaking, and just give me attitude in general. they make me sick.

  4. Robert Brown says:

    This is what the dems have been creating for over 50 years! This will get a lot worse!

    Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2013 06:30:45 +0000 To:

  5. ytz4mee says:

    Well, Sybrina did admit on camera during her whirlwind tour to Deptford, UK that she was relieved that Traydemark’s death could be made into something “profitable”.

  6. boricuafudd says:

    I was a former resident of the Atlanta Metro Area. I can attest to the thuggish behaviour in some if not most of the AA community. It is celebrated, promoted and seen as the reason for the civil rights movement successes. For instance, there is a feeling that even if in a private residence or area, they have the right to behave as they see fit. Their understanding of the 1St Amendment of freedom of speech, translates to acting foolish, rude, and sometimes downright threatening without repercussion.

    Being the birthplace of Martin Luther King and home of the King Center you would think, that King’s message would be at least somewhat understood, but that is not the case. I recall the one time I took my kids to visit the house where he was born, which is a museum now. The house is located in a very bad area, which was only made worse when a fight broke out when an older black lady told a young mother to mind her kids. Both the kids and the mother starting yelling obscenities and other niceties to the older lady and later to the security who responded. To make matters worse when we returned to our car, one of the side view mirrors had been broken.

    This is a hard topic for me, my wife is African American, and my kids are labeled the same, but there is an integral problem in the AA community in the terms of. thuggish behaviour and their acceptance of such. I have read and heard rationalizations that because they had been slaves, thuggish behaviour is a manifestation that says they will not be enslaved again. That this is only a form protest against any past or present prejudices. Hence, once equality is obtained the behaviour will change as well. I don’t see that happening. The irony of it all is that the AA community is the one is burdened the most, to the point that while every other minority group is advancing, the AA community is being left behind. How is that for irony.

  7. And to think that it all started way back when:

    George Clinton and Parliament basically said “Screw Rev. King. Color of skin trumps content of character.” And the Communists who were using them, oh they laughed. They really laughed.

  8. Cesar BBiano says:

    This is why Martin Luther King went to Canada! lol

    • smokeNmirrors says:

      if MLK was alive today to see the way Eric Holders people act today, trust me he would be going alot farther away then Canada.

  9. smokeNmirrors says:

    And you question why the military is using black hawk helicopters in training drills in Miami…this is the exact culture that they are preparing to combat against.

    • Sharon says:

      I doubt that. The CIC of our current military and his Attorney General consider these his people.

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      The military is not training to repress that culture. They are training to *protect* it. When the local infrastructures fail, those of that “culture” will be the first ones to hit the streets, looking to grab whatever resources they can. When that happens, there will be reprisals and widespread chaos will result. That “culture” will do what they *always* do – claim to be the VICTIMS.

      This is one of the reasons that the present administration is trying so desperately to pass gun control legislation NOW that will allow them to disarm as many people as possible. The administration knows they will never be able to disarm the real criminals, and they also know they cannot maintain control of the government if the remaining populace is not dependent on them for protection. Any animal trainer can tell you that fear is what keeps the most dangerous creatures in check. Once the honest citizens are disarmed, they will be held in check by their own fear, and the result will be a totalitarian regime that has the appearance of propriety.

  10. Sharon says:

    That mindset thrives on personal violence. John Edwards’ America.

  11. MuayTyson says:

    I think now it is time to have the AG’s discussion on race. There needs to be a real look at human bio diversity. People are different, race is real, want simple proof look at rates of Heart Disease and Diabetes. To think race is only a social construct can mean death. The physician community knows this.

    The Black community is a victim of dysgenics brought on by the over generous wellfare system perpetuated by both parties but full embrassed by the Democratic party. Survival of the fittest and providing for a family has been turned up side down. The government is now the father in these families. Many low IQ females now only look to breed with the strongest, sexiest Alpha males. This means they breed with cads and not a man who will stay and provide for the family. The government now takes the role as the full provider so low IQ females are breeding with violent low IQ males and creating low IQ monster children. This has been the case for 50 years.

    Democrats love this because a low IQ voters are easily swayed by a simple upfront payment(wellfare). The idea of the destruction this will bring later or now as it is was never in the forefront of the minds of the recipents. Of course this spreads across all racial groups but is most profound in Blacks.

    Oh, and the Black Hawk Helicopter training exercises is not for the dumbed down masses who can be controled easily with bread and circuses. Those helicopters are for you and I. They are for thr Tea Party and various conservative groups who happen to be mostly White.

    • libby says:

      It is real easy to turn our men into manginas if you can successfully get rid of any real men (real meaning, responsible men)
      (real women are responsible women and I have found most if not all the women her to be real women, not the fakes and the posers)

      • michellc says:

        We were talking about this at dinner last night, we had some friends and family over and were talking about how many times when you hear of a home being defended it’s a woman that is taking action. One person said, it’s because we’ve changed the roles of man and woman. Now women are the bread winners, the protectors. Society has been literally neutering men. Society wants men to have a feminine side, so we’re ending up with a society of men who carry man purses and are okay with their women bringing home the bacon, killing the spiders for them, investigating what goes bump in the night and defending their life.
        Now most of these women were home alone, so that theory really doesn’t apply to them. However, we do have more men who are less masculine. We have men that just 30 years ago would have been an oddity. Is our society better for it? I guess it’s how you look at it, in some ways yes, in others I would argue we’re worse off. Society has lost the value of family and next to society turning it’s back on God, that’s probably the most harm done to society.

      • libby says:

        I think there is great value in being “in-touch” with a sensitive side of my self, but I am not sure that is feminine specific.
        Women being bread winners is ok in my book, but I hop we havent narowed our cultural viewpoints to largely exclude male viewpoints and male values (recognizing that tghere are both good and bad male attributes, not attributing only bad to maleness).
        There was a recent book that came out called the “End of Men”. At first that title was kind of shocking to me. It seemed later that the title might more appropriately be “the decline of men (and the rise of women)”.
        The title for this book was meant, I surmise becuase it is shocking and would garner greater sales.
        I used the word “mangina” in my prior post. in part, to shock, but also to get folks to think. on the opposite side is the very real part of boys who grew up without men in their lives, trying to prove manhood. The need to prove one’s manhood in part, comes from something missing growing up, a proper father role.
        There is a cultural shift occurring and I dont think it is all bad, but I think at all times we would preferrably want to encourage the good and discourage the bad as much as possible.
        These cultural shifts have been occurring for eons I would argue, some for the better and some for the worse

  12. Angel says:

    Going to the school that is right in this area was a bit trying at times because of behaviors like this. I remember witnessing someone snatching a purse from another student coming out of class one day. My daughter, who currently attends this school, herself was robbed. Let’s not even talk about the constant panhandling.

    This video that depicts the kids behaving what is being modeled for them can certainly add to the nature/vs nature debate.

    I couldn’t do this dude’s job for nothing.

    • libby says:

      The first time my sister was mugged in high school (at knifepoint), my mom was ready to forget all the social justice crap she regualrly spouted and just move out of the innner city

      • ytz4mee says:

        Ha. My far-left Prog cousins too, when they relocated to Goleta, CA for work from very liberal Toronto. They were all about the plight of the undocumented field hands and their children, until THEIR children had to share a classroom with them. At the first opportunity, they were lining up overnight for a chance at an open seat in the neighboring school district filled with upper income white kids. They also made it a point of telling people they lived in “Santa Barbara”, not Goleta.

    • cajunkelly says:

      Hi Angel, nice to see ya back. Wondered where ya been. :)

      • Angel says:

        “Hi Angel, nice to see ya back. Wondered where ya been. :)”

        Hi Cajunkelly. Thanks for the nice greeting. I have just been busy with completing requirements of Master’s Degree which got really intense. I am proud to say I have finally completed all requirements for Master’s Degree from the University of Kentucky and will formally walk in May!!!

        Been a longer journey than I anticipated but studies are over unless I decide to pursue doctorate which I am contemplating.

        GZ case is just disheartening but I still have faith that it will work out. I just don’t keep up with it the say I used to.

        Take Care of yourself :-)

    • cajunkelly says:

      And I *so* agree with your last statement. As I watched those videos I kept thinking “This brave righteous man is going to wake up dead….assaulted from behind by a gang of thugs as is their want”.

      The only thing protecting him in those confrontations was that camera…evidenced by the one thug continuing to spew “take off that camera and let’s get in the screet”.

  13. Angel says:

    correction: Insert nature vs. nurture in place of nature /vs nature..

  14. medtech says:

    boricuafudd ,
    I just wanted to say hi. I mentioned on another thread about RuPaul that my wife and I were an interracial couple. We have three kids and are almost forced to live in the white community because the the violent racist actions of the black community. The media tells me that the KKK is going to come get us and burn a cross in our yard, but the reality is quite different. White people will give us dirty looks or just avoid us, but your black men will attack me if they feel they can get away with it. Anyway, you’re not alone. Hopefully one day the media will represent our families and views.

    • libby says:

      Your story and boricuafudd’s story I found interesting.
      I, too, am in a inter-cultural relationship (for well over a decade).
      I would be very intested to know how many (or what perecentage of treepers are in inter-cultural, cross ethnic relationships).
      I would wager that the treepers are as much as TWICE the national average of interracial couples (kind of interesting we have all been labeled racists at one or a million times in our lives)
      Personally, a lot of times I feel like a cultural ambassador.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        I am, my husband is Asian.

        • cajunkelly says:

          Me too. I’m (tongue in cheek) decidedly more than 1/32nd Cherokee and DH is 3rd generation Lithuanian-American. (he’d frown on my usage of that hypenation) :lol:
          What is Lithuanian? My irreverent DH says that’s a high class Polack. Do *not* get the man started on Polish jokes! :roll:

          • michellc says:

            My husband and I are both part Cherokee. The card carrying kind, not the my mother told me about Indians in my background kind.

  15. medtech says:

    that should read ‘young black men’ not ‘your black men’

  16. libby says:

    I have been to Atlanta one time in my life (for work) and I have not been in much of a hurry to ever go back there (I knew I was disliked if not dispised for the color of my skin).

  17. michellc says:

    This will probably make some mad, but it needs to be said. You should never feed wild animals because it makes them dependent upon you for their survival. They will stop hunting for food and come for the easy meal.
    Through our welfare system, we have turned black, red and white people into animals, they’re dependent on the government for their survival.
    It is worse in the black community because they are taught to hate from the time they can talk. Once upon a time those were in the minority, but through years and years of dependency and years and years of putting them above other races through affirmative action, they are the majority. The more our government gives them, the more filled with hate they become. Because the truth is way down deep inside, everyone wants to succeed on their own, everyone wants to have a sense of pride, that’s been taken away from them and lack of pride a lack of self-worth has bred hate.

  18. brocahontas says:

    Is it wrong to find that hilarious? And to think, these are the people who built the pyramids /sarcasm.

  19. thefirstab says:

    Good morning all – this got my attention first thing. I am not that far from ATL, and have several trips planned in next few months. One of these will force me to stay in downtown, as we need to be in close proximity to the event venue. These events involve hundreds of young to teenage girls and families, who/ I am sure would plan to see many cultural and historic sites while there.
    Translation – tourism $$$.
    If the city leaders refuse to address this issue, events such as ours will go elsewhere.This behavior used to be somewhat contained in “bad areas”of ATL, but this incident takes place very near
    where we will be staying. Too bad we willnot be able to spend our money there, due to security issues. When tourism dollars start shrinking, where will the money come from to pay for these babies?

    • ytz4mee says:

      I travel quite extensively, and I refuse to attend events that are in majority AA areas.
      I have boycotted events in Chicago, Detroit and Memphis among others. The safety is a big part of it – our hotel room was ransacked in Memphis while we were out for dinner, the hotel security acted like it was no big thing – but it’s also economic. I refuse to support behavior and choices I don’t condone when and where I can. That is something I have control over.
      How the money extorted and confiscated from me is distributed I have minimal control over, but how I choose to spend the money that is left to me is MY choice, and I am very aware of same.

      Most of these events also are dependent on high registrations/attendees to not only cover their costs, but be successful. If enough people refuse to visit towns that resemble the Third World, then no amount of “incentives” will induce events organizers to book these locations. It’s a highly competitive marketplace.

      • thefirstab says:

        Agreed – I wish I had some “clout” in choosing which events we attend, but I will be bringing this up as a concerned parent.

    • Cupcake says:

      Cheerleading competitions?? Just wondering!

      • thefirstab says:

        :) close enough – for us, it’s dance. These are regional comps, and I realize the organizers choose these locations to maximize the # of participants.
        Couple of years ago, they had simultaneous cheer & dance comps in metro ATL – there was a new temporary demographic for ATL, lol. Even I was about done in with all the females! (my husband attended one time – never again, he said!)

        • Cupcake says:

          Sounds fun! Love that stuff! So fun to watch.

        • scubachick75 says:

          I was in ATL for a pageant about 10 years ago. I wandered down to where a bunch of shops were and a sign said mall and pointed down. So I naively follow it down the stairs and I end up in a long narrow hall of flea market style shops. My husband and I were the only white people in the place. They were all staring at us like we were crazy and some were even laughing. I held on to my 6’4″ husband like never before and we got out of there real fast.

  20. Knuckledtaggingwino says:

    I hope everyone noticed that the Uniform Crime Reports for Atlanta that you linked to include the Supplementary Homicide Reports. I was interested to see that Atlanta records not justnthe type of firearm used to commit murders but caliber specific data. An enterprising blogger who wasn’t still struggling to get photobucket to work on their IPAD might request copies of UCRs for several years from several, high crime cities to get interesting data on exactly what weapons are used in homicides.

    I make this point because I once had an interesting conversation with an Emergency Room Trauma surgeon from Washington DC who claimed that he KNEW that “Assault Rifles” were the weapon of choice for criminals because he personally had treated hundreds of devastating rifle wounds. He was humiliated when I produced copies of the FBI-SHRs to proove that in the decade prior to the DC Sniper killings, there had been zero murders committed with rifles of any type.

    BTW, this mother who gets tased should have listened to her own mother’s warning that if you can’t wear clean underwear, at least wear some underwear in case you get Tased.

  21. Cupcake says:

    I’m sure the loving, tolerant, and fair Barrack and Michelle Obama would have no problem with their 2 children going shopping at this mall on the weekends or attending the same school as the children in that video.

  22. cajunkelly says:

    This sort of behavior is *so* foreign to me, as I come from a small town where the only “gang activity” observed is the coffee klatch group of male retirees discussing the good ole days at their favorite small restaurant or the old men who sit on the whittler’s bench outside the general store on Saturdays.
    Now, that is not to say that I can’t drive a few miles and see what is depicted in those videos. Yeah, there’s a city within a short road trip’s distance that is a small scale duplicate of Atlanta.
    I.don’t.go.there. Unless there’s something there I can’t get anywhere else (including the internet).
    When I *do* have to go there I travel well lighted streets, go straight to the place I need to get that particular item, then
    Two reasons; I value my life, and I refuse to financially support a city of thugs which is run by thugs, from the top on down.
    I’ve mentioned that I met and married DH in the Tampa Bay area. Dear Lord I was so lost while living there. One new year’s eve he and I spent a few hours flat out on the second floor of our condo, listening to gun fire…we lived within a walk from the beach, in a gated community, but a short distance away was a …ummmm bad area. We called the cops. NYET! They “don’t go there after dark”.
    Did I mention we lived in a gated condo community? One morning we had planned to go to a gun show (how ironic), walked outside to find DH’s car GONE! Some nefarious person had climed the wall, jacked his car and drove it out the gates. Called the cops…hell they just took the complaint over the phone…car theft is so prevalent in FL they don’t even bother to come to the scene. We got it back a few weeks later…cops called to inform us it was found in that…ummmm bad area..four flat tires, out of gas, and the idiots stole the ASH TRAY out of the dash. WTH? :shock: I couldn’t stand to drive that car any more…felt violated…we sold it.
    Strike three was when 9/11 happened and (as I shared with the class some time back) I had to run a gauntlet of spit, curses, bottles and cups being thown at me just to get to my government job in the tallest building in that area.
    Told DH I WANTED TO GO HOME. I’d had enough of that foreign land.
    Unknown to me, DH had already been preparing…when I tearfully told him that he smiled and said…”Let’s go…I’ll order the moving van for Saturday”.

    Holy crapola what a rant! (chuckle) OK, off my soapbox…for now. :wink:

    • Lou says:

      one day, I hope to say the same. guys like stateoftheinternet are so clueless because they don’t live where the crime is. they live in a nice cozy white neighborhood, and think we’re a bunch of racists. I would love to put Trent there for a week and laugh at his dumb arse for being so naive. they will group up and attack his gay arse. LOL

  23. ed357 says:

    For the people wondering why a welfare mom has 8 children when birth control, abortion, and adoption is available………you forget the basic truth of welfare.




  24. mcfyre2012 says:

    “Black people account for 100 percent of the homicides; 88 percent of the rapes; 91.6 percent of the robberies; 92.8 percent of aggravated assaults; and 93 percent of burglaries.” Watch the local news from Atlanta and that’s all you see.

    Atlanta’s transportation system, officially known as MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) also is jokingly referred to as “Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.” MARTA enlarged the areas for crimes to be committed, ie; enabled perps to burgle on the other side of town and be back home for dinner. I remember years ago when the city was begging whites to move back into the city, trying to stem the exodus of whites escaping to the suburbs (and their tax money).

  25. Coast says:

    So many of these people cannot run their lives to any meaningful degree and meanwhile we pay for them to live this disgusting lifestyle. We need to stop dishing out money, foodstamps, welfare checks, etc. Most of them would be better off being cotton picking slaves, where their life was controlled and run for them…so sad that this type of behavior exists.

    • libby says:

      Its an institutional mentality. Tragic. Forever agrieved would one be if one could never take responsibility for one’s own actions

  26. ctdar says:

    Ok didn’t watch this until this morning coz thought I’d be up all night if saw it yesterday. All I can say is good for the guard as he showed restraint with the taser until the woman started to strike him (I mean how stupid, she saw it in his hand right?); Nor did he use it on anyone else despite him trying to reload it, that woman in blue was definately on the edge as was the tasered woman’s baby daddy. As for the children, what a shame, but it’s how they are being brought up and all they know. The guard ought to put in a request for a 2nd taser as backup as well as more security guards; he could have easily been overtaken. I guess on the upside, in noticing the stores wisely putting down their security gates at end, lucky for the mall that the confrontation did not end in a full blown mob riot. Atlanta would burn again.
    Anybody know what day & time this was? There were alot of able body men and women wondering about & just curious if it was in the middle of a business day. If it was than there is a perfect snapshot of the US welfare system in action. In fact, copies of this video should be gift wrapped and mailed to the WH, DOJ and each member of Congress….as proof of what 2 generations of entitlements looks like.

    • thefirstab says:

      “…copies of this video should be gift wrapped and mailed to the WH, DOJ and members of Congress…”
      OMG, you read my mind!
      With. A note declating “You’re right, Mr. President, We didn’t build this – the gov’t did.”

  27. ottawa925 says:

    Not sure if anyone saw the promos for Betty and Coretta tonight on Lifetime 7:00p Central. The King family and I share the same opinion that James Earl Ray did not kill Dr. King,

    re: Malcom X, it was the Black Muslims (Nation of Islam) that killed him. I found this article interesting in pointing out the difference between the two. The obvious is that Malcom X preached segration while Dr. King preached desegration.

    • ottawa925 says:

      I think Jesse Jackson was connected to the murder of Dr. King., or

      So why doesn’t Oliver Stone do a movie similar to JFK on Dr. King? geez, who could play Jesse? and the bigger question to me for all these years is why blacks still hold up Jesse when ppl in their own community think Jesse had something to do with Dr. King’s murder. Let them discuss that for Black History month.

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