Shrillary In The House – Testylying To Congress Continues (House Version)

Hillary Shrillary

House Republicans asking questions about facts, aspects and details surrounding Benghazi…..  House Democrats swooning while telling Hillary what a wonderful gift to the progressive universe she is, and positioning her for a 2016 presidential race.

Not to worry, according to Hillary no-one wants to attack the United States. Just ignore all those pesky Jihadists…. nothing to see here…. move along….. move along….

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43 Responses to Shrillary In The House – Testylying To Congress Continues (House Version)

  1. Sharon says:

    Sheesh. She sure defaults to yelling easily. After being snidely lectured by Teh Won for 8 years, can you imagine our national mental condition if we had her yelling at us for 8? That is not acceptable.

  2. Sam says:

    Wow, she looks like a toddler about to have a screaming, crying fit because she didn’t get her way. An almost 70 year old toddler. And where did the glasses come from? She never wore them before. I heard she suffered damage to her eyesight from the blood clot but thought it was just a rumor. Maybe it wasn’t.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Google “Hillary Clinton Watergate photos” and you’ll fine eerily similar photos of her looking ugly and smug in hideous glasses.

      Good heavens, someone please drag the Clintons back to the swamp in Arkansas.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        WATCG IT THERE ZMIKE! lol SHE doesnt like our fine state :) She wears glasses, or did, prob contacts. Look at older pix of her. Ole Bill is here pretty regularly. Might see him bout anywhere, Naw Hill dont like AR :)

        • ZurichMike says:

          I attended a wedding in Little Rock years ago and got a glimpse of the presidential library. It looks like a giant double-wide on stilts.

          • arkansasmimi says:

            The library is suppose to resemble the old train bridge down the hill-over the Arkansas River. Its one of those that raises up so barges can pass under. They have made it a pedestrian bridge now. Odd looking building, I agree. I have been in a few times. History stuff is neat tho. Politics too much wishy washy. LOL wanna hear something FUNNY!!! Ok, Hope Watermelons are about the Best watermelons there are. Famous. lol Well thats where Bill was born, anyway, every 4th of July they give away free watermelons. I think they start at like 8 and give out till gone. PEOPLE LINE UP FOR A FREE WATERMELON night before! FOR A WATERMELON!!!! LMAO Google you can see pictures! I wouldnt live in LR if you gave me a new home paid for!

    • ctdar says:

      She’s probably getting ready for eye laser surgery on govt dime or lying big time
      & gets that eyelid twitch tell sign as some liars do

      • canadacan says:

        I can understand why she wears glasses she’s trying to hide ur eyes . Finally caught a rapid eye movement when she’s being accused Particularly noticeable during the death trap sequence. This is an amoral woman.

  3. retire2005 says:

    Sorry, Hillary, your testimony today requires the willing suspension of disbelief.

  4. WeeWeed says:

    House version – I saw that illustrious excuse for a human bein’, Alan Grayson – (D)um Bass, Florida, suckin’ up to her large, asking nothing of consequence (“What did you have for lunch today, Your Highness?”) And I left the building. As a junior peasant, what in the hell was HE doing asking ANYTHING?

  5. howie says:

    What difference does it make? Words that will go down in history, and infamy.

  6. sundance says:

    Well it’s obvious, brutally obvious, that Congress ain’t going to get us anywhere in this fiasco. Those hearings today were nothing more than dog and pony shows of obfuscation, distraction, cheerleading and the most insufferable avoidance EVER.

    Hillary is deep, deep within the protected class of wagon circling media and politicos….

    Someone, ANYONE, come up with an idea for how to hold these people to account. I’ll walk over broken glass covered in fireants to help…..

    Wolverines !

    • jordan2222 says:

      I saw a bunch of wimpy Republicans making speeches. never asking questions which they intended to be answered.

    • justfactsplz says:

      Wolverines! Never give up. Something somewhere has to give. We will never forget those murdered men. Never!

    • ctdar says:

      Need to send a Treeper to Washington :)
      I’d say send me but I’z be in shackles before 1st day over.
      Probably would involve a car, reid & pelosi but guess I could blame
      the accident on ambien :roll:

    • ctdar says:

      I just a snip of Greta of Clinton saying sometime today (I missed this) that the weapons found in Algeria were definitely linked to Libya….hmmm could those weapons be linked to US via the MiddleEast F&F???
      That would be treasonous….Obama administration arming our known enemies and enemies of our ally, Israel?
      Gotta figure out where that exchange happened, she was talking bout pandoras box, maybe with congress testimony as that was only extended time I missed (car pooling).

      • ctdar says:

        Happened during the Senate hearing…Krauthammer brought up the admission of libya weapons used in algeria on the Bret Baer show.

  7. BertDilbert says:

    Come on guys, Al-Qaeda died with Bin Laden when the POTUS took him out, all these other guys are just name branding off of the dead man, which may I remind you again that the POTUS assassinated. So while they are terrorist, they love Americans and you should not fear for the homeland. (Shit when did America become the Homeland?) Oh if we said America we would have to recognize the constitution, that is why. To overcome confusion, we are proposing to trashcan the USA in favor of changing the name to Homeland. Homeland of course will need a new constitution absent the 2nd and we don’t feel that the right to life should be contained anywhere within, that is just archaic.

    However, we recognize that there will always be those that wish to hold on to the past and not move forward to our new Homeland. For those individuals we will be introducing an AR to musket exchange program which Biden will be putting together and making the recommendations to the POTH For the first 1 million participants in the program, they shall receive an effigy of dear leader complete with glow in the dark halo.

  8. BertDilbert says:

    I got this joke in the mail yesterday..

    A Lawyer, an Illegal Alien, a Pathological Liar,
    a Muslim, a Communist and a Black Guy walk into a


    it be, Mr.

  9. If I may, what I posted at Gateway Pundit, regarding these “hearings”… it was a reply to a commenter saying that they all went to the bar after this — and keep in mind the headline at Gateway, “Duncan Slams blah blah blah”:

    I’ll bet that they all sat at the bar together.

    I wish Ann Barnhardt had been there to ask a few questions.

    Like: “Did you really think you could cover up the sale of weapons to Al-Q by having Ambassador Stevens killed? HAVE YOU NO SHAME, MA’AM!?”

    And the dead bodies, a trail that is hip-deep, behind the political careers of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton?

    Like Leonard Cohen said, Everybody Knows.
    This is all a farce. Rand Paul “slammed!!!111eleventy” nobody. He said some angry-sounding sh&t that made a nice loud distraction from the issue of the intentional murder of Stevens by our government, for his service to the Cause. He said some angry-sounding sh&t that his role as the “Mean Republican” requires, which will serve to do absolutely nothing about the supposed purpose of this inquiry: uncovering the truth.

    Without actually talking about the truth at all, Rand Paul fulfills his role:

    1. Convincing the Righties that he’s a hard hitting go get ‘em fighter, and

    2. Making the even more moronic (if you can believe it) Lefties believe that he is proof that the GOP is a bunch of mean-spirited “h8ers”.

    GOP politicians. Bless their hearts. Cowards and proud of it.

    It’s all one system now, folks. GOP is playing a role. When you get to D.C. as a newly-elected politician, I am convinced, they take you into a basement deep underground, show you pictures of your family from obviously-covert locations, in the crosshairs, and tell you “you go only as far as we let you.” Then they show you a VHS video of Vince Foster’s shooting. Then they show you pics of Wellstone’s plane being sabotaged.

    Because this was not “slams”. “Slams” would be telling the truth.

  10. taqiyyologist says:

    (I later added that it was not Rand Paul, who earlier had similarly “slammed” Mrs. Clinton, but Jeff Duncan, but it was only due to so many so-called Righties fist-bumping earlier questioners, and with similar delusions of GOP intent.)

  11. taqiyyologist says:

    And if Hilary is “Testylying”, and I love the coinage, what are the not-really-seeking-the-truth GOP in this theatre of the absurd?

  12. ctdar says:

    Hannity has some of the Senators on tonight

    • ctdar says:

      Rand Paul on Hannity “for long time we suspected that she did not read the cables that requested help” no one was held accountable.

  13. ctdar says:

    Hannity showin the public service announcement video of Obama & Clinton video apology to muslem world.
    Rand talkin about the arms sales/ME gun running operation out of Benghazi annex
    & that is why the Obama administration was pushing the video as reason of uprising.

    • Sharon says:

      And Hannitty has a General on who just drew the comparison, that what Morsi in Egypt is dealing with is the same thing that Hitler was dealing with in 1933…the military in Egypt keep making noises like they can “influence” and “moderate” Morsi’s Islamic intentions…and the General pointed out that Hitler’s generals assumed they could control Hitler as well. By the time they figured out they could not, it was way too late.

      I’ve been more and more impressed recently with the number of German generals who, early on, were fully aware of how dangerous Hitler was; who tried to stop him. But he had already so compromised the military leadership, that those who truly wanted things to go well for Germany were badly out-numbered. Hitler’s skulduggery was well-entrenched by 1933.

      1933 is such a significant date, because in retrospect we can easily observe that the game was already set in terms of outcome. Hitler was legally elected. The political party that he operated within (the Nazis) never “took political power” in any illegal way. So they just began disassembling the nation of Germany from the inside out and from the top down. ALL LEGALLY.

      And this was set in place five years before Hitler invaded Poland–which was when the world of nations finally started paying serious attention. I’m becoming more convinced as time goes along that there’s been a silent and deadly deception even among those who have some passing understanding of totalitarian and dictatorial regimes– there seems to be a presumption that it all happened “SLAM BANG!” overnight. It did not. The buildup and the destruction and the implosions happened over years of time. Kristallnzacht? That was five years before Poland, too. It was a passing event, after which Hitler made new promises and new explanations. Kristallnacht did not arouse the nations in any significant way.

      This is not a matter of me (or anyone else) hysterically saying that obama is just like Hitler. The individuals in view don’t matter. What should be alarming is not the names attached to the various regimes in history, but the principles and the patterns of deception that made those totalitarian regimes possible. Hitler is a handy example for us to use simply because of somewhat of a passing familiarity with what he did….but the danger here is no more about Hitler specifically, than our present danger is about obama specifically. The danger is the willingness and capacity of a majority of Americans to be deceived about how these things happen. They usually do not happen in a violent public way. The violent public events only occur after the treasonous takeover and internal rot has happened: once they feel safe–that’s when the violent public events begin occurring.

      Someone else add stuff and clarify here? Whenever I lay one of these comments out, I’ve usually put everything I’ve got on the table. I’m trying to get my head around these things to see what it is I need to do to be thinking about the big picture. I’m nothing…just a nobody in Oregon. My day today was filled with baking bread and chocolate chip cookies and vacuum-sealing/freezing some veggies I bought in bulk. I am, literally, a nobody. So anybody who can clarify or correct what I’m seeing myself–speak up! Edumacate us! Please.

      See–now I feel sheepish, and want to delete half of this. Not gonna do it.

      • thefirstab says:

        Sharon, do not feel sheepish, there are many “nobody’s (including myself) across this country who have their noses in the wind; we are smelling this foul stench of garbage that is not just Obama’s evil ways, but the willing participation in the evilness by the Political Elite. None are to be trusted or supported, unless there is actions that support their blathering.
        I am so grateful for the sunlight provided here and I continue to see that growing, in additional sites that have picked up the torch, and comments from more and more people who are finally waking up to this corruption and treacherythat is our current government.

      • “What should be alarming…[are] the principles and patterns of deception”–good point, Sharon. The names change, but these principles are the same throughout history. Evil is evil, no matter how different the faces look, or what the level of technology is. With these principles and patterns of deception, you can fool most of the people most of the time.

        It’s happening again, all around us. That is why it was critical for the Left to co-opt the educational system in this country. It is possible to avoid or mitigate dangers that you recognize from the past. However, if you NEVER LEARN ABOUT THEM AT ALL, then people will fall into those traps over and over again. As they are doing now, in droves.

      • ctdar says:

        Sharon…you.are.a.somebody….a Treeper that lights the way for many. Thank you for all your awe inspiring posts & comments; I hope you never stop.
        God bless you and your family.

      • Gabby says:

        Dear Sharon – I was feeling just like you the other day and today, I am just a nobody too – why do I concern myself with this so? I cannot help it – I can see the evil deception slowly creeping in, and it is hard for me to have peace. Yesterday, by both repubs and dems, it was just a production for us. Why does not one GOPer ask about the witnesses that survived? Why? The witnesses know exactly what happened. The fix is in, and we are screwed. But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep fighting and putting the word out. I am totally with you Sharon, you voice the words I think. Where are all the parents about this Bengazi outrage?? Have they been paid off, just like the witnesses? Unbelievable –

  14. jacob says:

    Hill’s IQ is double of a republican.

    • WeeWeed says:

      How in the hell did you get loose??? :roll: Sorry, kids, the commode’s backing up again.

    • Sharon says:

      As usual, Jacob, you speak but you say nothing.

      What’s your point? Perhaps you might want to name some specific republicans you have in mind?

      Your assumptions, your presumptions, your lack of insight, your knee jerk reactions, your lack of perception and your inability to frame a context for anything you say–and then your inability to link it to real time events–is just so interesting.

      Based on the standards that are now being used for filling the position you are probably Secretary of State material yourself, .

    • texan59 says:

      Please provide a copy of her IQ test. I’m sure you’re probably right, but I just always do that trust, yet verify thing. I know that libtards are always full of facts and can produce them almost immediately. She is pretty smart. She turned $1000 into $100K in about a year and not just anyone can do that. She was the only person who could find lost law firm billing records that had been lost for over two years. She was able to turn a murder into a suicide. She is really smart and we are really dumb. So glad you could show up and impart all of this wisdom for us rubes. :roll:

  15. triage says:

    I wished someone had just laid out to Hillary what they thought the senerio on Bengazi was and asked her to comment like a good prosecutor would. Someone could have said “Mrs. Clinton, the reason their was inadequate security at Bengazi is because that was by design wasn’t it? This was really a gun running operation to get weapons to anti Assad rebels. You didn’t consider Bengazi an official embassy because you wanted to leave a small untraceable footprint for your covert activities. This was just part of your wrongheaded arab spring dream wasn’t it. We it came apart you could not send help because you would have exposed yourself. You let the trail grow cold for a reason. Mrs Clinton the reason you looked so disraught as they were taking the caskets off the plane was because you saw your career going down the tubes. You heard a big flushing sound as you thought your future was in the toliet and that is why your stories made no sense initially. Isn’t that right Mrs Clinton?” Why could they not approach her like this. It could have been like the court scene on “Mutiney on the Bounty” where captian Quig came unraveled and started talking gibberish. They could have gotten to her with that line of questioning.

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