01-19 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

“The sensationalized, fact-deficient coverage of this case has achieved the
desired results. The networks got their ratings. The politicians got their
talking points. And if it means innocent people get caught in the middle of the
racial enmity they’ve fomented, obviously it’s considered acceptable collateral
Congratulations, geniuses. Job well done. Jim Treacher, The DC Trawler

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75 Responses to 01-19 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft Posts From Justarse Quest

    Within minutes of Defence Reciprocal discovery being posted…….

    INSTANT denial (as predicted)

    “This is a lie. This is O’Smeara lying.”

    Like seeing sharks savage pieces of bloody meat.

    Evidence is BAD… deny and down play in fact they would prefer it was never seen, yet they don’t see that this makes them Questers for a preordained outcome, and not justice, or truth or anything other than a Lynchin’

    Random Topics

    • jello333 says:

      I wish I could find a comment one of them made a few months ago. it was when MOM and West were complaining about not getting stuff from Bernie. One of the JQers said something like, “Just quit whining, O’Mara. Bernie said he looked at it, and decided it wasn’t relevant to the case. So if he doesn’t need it, you don’t need it. Just shut up.”


    • Chip Bennett says:

      “It’s a lie”? Really?

      Without knowing the content of the evidence found in the FDLE investigation materials, our friends already have enough information to declare that defense is lying?

      And: lying about what, exactly? That the defense discovered information in the FDLE investigation materials that the defense plans to place into evidence? (After all: that’s all a Supplemental Notice of Reciprocal Discovery is: a notice that on party found information it plans to place into evidence, and is notifying the other party of the discovery.)

  2. eastern2western says:

    I hope the bs sabrina fulton is selling. yeah, until today, she is still hanging on to the narrative that it was zimmerman who profiled, pursued and killed martin. wow, sabrina, where the heck have you been lately because you trully have learned to selective editing of your son beating zimmerman till half death. well, because it was a half death beating, zimmerman had no right to defend himself. what a load of bs. I hope the defense will quickly depose dd and expose the fraud these morons have created just to embarass these morons. being a person of any color is not immune from the law. trayvon is not any different to. there is nothing wrong with the syg law because every one has the inherent right of self defense whether is either in their own home or out side of their home.

    • dmoseylou says:

      SYG immunity = NO civil suit $$$. As “It’s Michael Not Mike” says, “Follow the money, follow the motive.”

      It has ALWAYS been about the $$$$$$$!

      • eastern2western says:

        these people are stupid because it will take them years and years to change a law that was approved by the people of the florida. Even if they get the law appealled, the effect of the change can not go retroactively to change the judgment of the zimmerman case.

        • LetJusticePrevail says:

          No, they are not stupid, but they ARE relying on the stupidity of the people who they con into donating to their sham foundation. It isn’t about changing the statute, it is about dragging in trashcans filled with untraceable CASH. There is no way to account for how much money they collect, or what they do with it. They are literally taxing the stupidity of their own people, and laughing all the way to the bank while they do it.

          • jordan2222 says:

            They are literally taxing the stupidity of their own people

            That is an excellent way to say it.

            • LetJusticePrevail says:

              I noticed that your repliy to the person who played the race card on you on the HP thread got removed almost immediately. I am now certain that their moderators are NOT working from a call center overseas! LOL

      • Justice4All says:

        Sabrina is going to end up the biggest loser in this case.

        After stealing her co-workers vacation time her fellow employees are not going to be too happy when she comes back to work, not to mention she is not going to see a penny of the riches that she originally thought was coming her way.

        Al and Jesse go back to pushing hatred for profit.

        Ben and Natalie go back to earning money pulling the race card.

        George and family become multi-millionaires.

    • brutalhonesty says:

      omfg they cant stop lying even the video description “the killer is using this law as his defense” uh no, hes not, and omara said this to the whole world, so there is no excuse to keep it up.

      • brutalhonesty says:

        “As a parent, I just don’t quite understand how someone can be a make-believe cop, pursue my son, who had every right to be in that neighborhood, chase him, get in a confrontation with him, shoot and kill him and not be arrested. ” I would start with she cant believe it because she made it up. none of that ever happened.

        what do they want anyway? that people be preemptively arrested absent any proof of a crime, and not released until proven innocent? they need to go to china or africa if they want that kind of life.

        • jello333 says:

          I used to have some sympathy for that woman at first. Not any more. Well, let me amend that slightly: Not unless it’s proven that this has driven her insane. I mean, actually, clinically, can’t-control-herself insane. If that’s the case, yeah… then I’ll still feel a bit bad for her.

          (That’s just rhetorical, of course… I know it ain’t the case.)

          • libby says:

            I have been trying to find a way or a reason to empathize with traydad and traymom and I have yet to find much of a reason to do so

            • Ugh says:

              Traydad is very much responsible for the events that nite, IMO.
              First, a horrible role model(still married to second wife, with current GF.). Second, leaving his troubled son unsupervised.

        • janc1955 says:

          I’m fascinated she’s still running her mouth, knowing full well what’s about to stink its way to the surface about her dead thug-in-training son and the fact neither of his parents could be bothered to try to get him back on track. I’d be finding a hole to crawl into, were I Sybrina Fulton.

    • libby says:

      So, they want to stain the legacy of Dr. King by suggesting that we all be judged by the color of our skin and not the content of our characters? Not surprising in the least

      • jello333 says:

        Martin King, Rosa Parks, Emmitt Till… it really doesn’t matter. These people are willing to link themselves with any and all important historic figures, denigrating their memories in the process, it order to further their lying, greedy, hypocritical, racist agenda.

      • jordan2222 says:

        The legacy of Dr. King was stained a long time ago. I think many folks judge him for who he really was and not for his noble statements and speeches.

        • JB from SoCal says:

          “The legacy of Dr. King was stained a long time ago. [etc.]”

          I admire much of the commentary you have made here on this website about the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin Case, but on this particular topic — on which you have commented in the past — I respectfully and emphatically disagree with you. So I am not about to sit here this time and let your comments pass unchallenged.

          Unfortunately, you are correct in what you are saying, and you can thank one man especially for much of this kind of twisted thinking. Think: Where did you get this information?

          Apparently there are those among us today who would actually give any credence to the despicable character assassination by the notorious “Master[s] Of Deceit,” J.Edgar Hoover. Hoover was the filthiest, most lying, hypocritical bastard imaginable, and used his position as FBI chief to “stain” and destroy hundreds of lives as he saw fit, including that of the Rev. Dr. King.

          The title of his “non-fiction” book noted above was supposed to depict The Communists, but instead ironically suits he himself perfectly. We may never know exactly how many innocent lives Hoover may have so willingly destroyed while he was in such as position of power, but how anyone can give him any more than zero credibility is difficult to fathom.

          The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a good and decent man in the non-violent tradition of Mahatma Gandhi. Going forward, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama et al have failed to heed his message and we all as a nation have suffered as a consequence, and continue to suffer.

          And the NAACP, of which I once upon a time was a proud member, long ago abandoned the worthy ideals that it once espoused, and no longer promulgates the peaceful legacy of Dr. King; today it is no better than the KKK and others that it decried back in the Sixties and Seventies. It is an openly racist organization.

          I clearly remember when Dr. King was assassinated that day in Memphis, and today, speaking for myself — and please give this some honest consideration — I firmly believe that MLK died for our sins . . .




          • justfactsplz says:

            A very thought provoking post. Thank you for sharing.

          • jello333 says:

            Hoover was slime… no doubt about that.

          • libby says:

            The NAACP lines up nicely with the KKK. You got that right. And Hoover was slime, but blackmail works best when you catch an imperfect individual acting on their own impulses and proclivities (since they are likely to repeat such an act).
            MLK had the same negative impulses that are hard to ignore like most people. He was a hero in many ways, but he was flawed like most of us. May God grant him Peace and Serenity in the next life.
            Eric Holder, you do a major disservice to the legacy of Dr King (and slap every white person in the face who ever fought for race equality).

    • flaladybug says:

      The TASK FORCE did the job there were asked to do…..these people just DO NOT LIKE the overwhelming responses and answers they got!!! One example was the recommendation to make it MORE DIFFICULT TO PERSECUTE citizens like George when self defense was necessary!!!

      • thefirstab says:

        Good mornin’ ladybug, as a former long-time resident of FL, I agree with your statement about SYG and the Task Force recommendations. As I recall the years prior to the law being passed, much of the outrage and activism to pass SYG was due to so many victims being victimized again – when the criminals got hurt or killed in the commision of these crimes, they and their shyster attorneys would turn around and sue for huge damages, the very people they had just assaulted/mugged/terrorized/robbed. Many law-abiding citizens who tried to defend themselves and their property were financially ruined by these personal injury lawsuits.
        If anyone is still undecided as to the benefit of SYG, ask yourself why Parks & Crump are at this Presser in the above video. This is their business model, their livlihood depends on it. Along with civil rights, according to their website.
        This really IS about the $$$$$.
        IMO the message being sent here is to AGAIN reinforce with their chosen demographic that somehow SYG is bad for “their people”. It is bad for criminals and their slimy attorneys, of ALL races.
        Parks, Crump and Jackson – you are disgusting.

        There, I feel better :-)

    • justfactsplz says:

      Those are really funny ones today.

    • ejarra says:

      Some of my favorites:

      This one reminded me of Crump:

      Q: Now doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn’t know about it until the next morning?
      A: Did you actually pass the bar exam?


      Q: What was the first thing your husband said to you when he woke up that morning?
      A: He said, “Where am I, Cathy?”
      Q: And why did that upset you?
      A: My name is Susan.

      Q: How old is your son, the one living with you?
      A: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can’t remember which.
      Q: How long has he lived with you?
      A: Forty-five years.

      Q: ALL your responses MUST be oral, OK? What school did you go to?
      A: Oral.

      I love this!

    • jordan2222 says:

      I love your daily humor postings.

  3. eastern2western says:

    will this case even make it to the immunity hearing? This video was made after the first hearing and corey told every one that she had a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. well, 6 months later, the royal flush is still with her and her basic evidences are dd and mama sabrina. If that is all she has and the defense is making moves to impeach dd, then it just mama sabrina versus the sanford police department and all of the neighbors who saw zimmerman that night. I understand that hostin was simply answering to her fans, but reality is there is truly nothing that disputes zimmerman’s story except mama sabrina. Ironically speaking, dd actually support zimmerman’s story. could the defense simply petition for a dismissal before the immunity hearing or is the state going to drop the case before the farce goes on any longer or is corey pulling a nifong at this second and putting zimmerman finger prints all over trayvon’s clothes?
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  4. LetJusticePrevail says:

    Just a request for help, if any one can. I am looking for some specific information about the crime scene sketch that was completed by CST Diana Smith. Particularly, has anyone determined the distance between the two reference points (A + B) that she used to triangulate the locations of the various items marked on her sketch? That is the ONE important thing that she left out!

    She described point A as being the northwest pillar of one townhouse (where witness 13 lives) and point B as being the southwest pillar of the townhouse next door, BUT she does not provide a measurement for the distance between the two points. Does anyone know of a location where I can find a precise measurement for this distance?

  5. brutalhonesty says:

    more homophobic hate directly from a martin


    Now why would this faggot tell the fucking movie before a bitch like me get to see it!
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    11:07 PM – 19 Jan 13 · Embed this Tweet
    Tweet text
    Reply to @_TraysKeeper

    • brutalhonesty says:

      the reason i post this is because i have for 2 days been dealing with trayvonites calling me “gay for zimmerman” or watching them attack robert zimmermans sexuality…..even on JFTM official FB page…..and its amazing how much hate they have while claiming to be the “tolerant” ones who are “against hate”

      • brutalhonesty says:
        • brutalhonesty says:

          Followed by Tracy Martin , growing wiser, Benjamin Crump, Esq. and 2 others.

          • jello333 says:

            People who don’t follow this case as closely as we do would never realize what a bunch of scumbags most of the Martin/Fulton friends and supporters seem to be. The “public face” they put on is about 180 from what’s really in their hearts. NOT nice people.

            • justfactsplz says:

              I can vouch for that, they ARE NOT nice people. I have had my own dealings with them. They are so full of hate it’s sad.

              • Sharon says:

                I’d suggest they also need to be steered clear of. They’ve expended a great deal of deliberate energy and made hundreds of conscious choices to get where they are. “Where they are” is not something that happened “to them.” They chose it. Be careful of them.

                • justfactsplz says:

                  Thank you for the warning, Sharon. I never go to their sites but had some run ins with some on a local news station a few times in the past, quite awhile back. I stay clear of them anymore because you cannot debate or reason with them. I don’t know how people do battle with them day in and day out, I sure couldn’t handle it.

                  • Sharon says:

                    Just saying there’s no reason to feel sorry for them. The people who “do battle with them day in and day out” are functioning as co-dependents, and they’re getting something out of doing that. I don’t even want to know what.

                  • justfactsplz says:

                    Duh, I gotcha. Foggy brain for sure. It took a few minutes to let it soak in about not feeling sorry for them and you are absolutely right.

    • ejarra says:

      Looks like you pissed Ashley off!

    • ejarra says:

      Uhh… Dumb question here. You do know that’s Ashley BURCH, right?

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      OUCH! It took me a second to realize that your post was not a reply to the one directly above it. LOL For a split second I was like, *what did I say*…

  6. brutalhonesty says:

    ugh harping on gods plan again
    still in denial holding an old picture that does not represent who gz met


  7. brutalhonesty says:

    oh snap racism and profiling directed at me


    I should watch what I tweet, I got a white George Zimmerman creeper lurking 👿🙊
    Reply Retweet Favorite More
    11:15 PM – 19 Jan 13 ·

    • diwataman says:

      Looking at bigboi’s tweets it appears there’s been some interaction between two supposed supporters of George who have been allegedly harassing a friend of Trayvon’s on Twitter. I’m careful with my language there because I wouldn’t trust anything coming from that particular crowd who are Natalie Jackson’s little minions.

      But if it’s true these people are who they are being described as and doing what they are being accused of doing then I actually agree with the minions.

      It serves absolutely no purpose to contact any of Trayvon’s friends in any fashion unless you would like to get their comments on something and they agree to talk to.

      But let me make something clear. I do not put it past certain people who support Travyon to set up fake accounts and act like GZ supporters for the specific purpose of using guilt by association and smearing anyone and everyone that’s even remotely close to be considered a GZ supporter.

      • rumpole2 says:

        They are not happy in the Trayvon Zone either “pissed off with Treepers”
        I think we are seeing the start of the flailing as their world based on delusion starts to unravel…

        • diwataman says:

          “I think we are seeing the start of the flailing as their world based on delusion starts to unravel”

          I don’t think so. They are talking about something very specific.

          I actually should have read brutalhonesty’s comments above…

          …before replying to this comment. It appears he may be one of the people who the bigboi crowd are talking about but I’m not sure on that.

          I’m not exactly sure how Travyon’s friend Ashley got wrapped up in it but it seems like she is the main one who has been contacted. Regardless, it serves no purpose to contact any of his friends.

          • rumpole2 says:

            I only ever look at tweets when there is some incident posted here…. the back and forth is puerile, potty mouthed and hate filled…. I can not get upset about what splashes back on people who swim in those waters and fling stuff around themselves.

            • diwataman says:

              It’s not the interaction between bigboi et al., it’s the interaction between Trayvon’s friends that has me concerned.

              • rumpole2 says:

                I agree that this interaction serves no purpose…but..
                What interaction?
                What was “Trayvon’s friend” throwing out before she(he) got some back?
                It is only words, and people do choose to paddle in that sewer.

              • jello333 says:

                Yep, “debating” with the Bigbois of the world can be entertaining (until you get “blocked” ;) ). But no reason to talk with real-life family or friends. Not much good can come out of it.

          • jello333 says:

            When I read the tweet that Brutalhonesty linked to, I could see why he had a problem with it. The girl pretty obviously had a racist attitude in her comment about him. Under some circumstances, I may have considered responding to the tweet. Maybe something simple like “What does his race have to do with anything?” But that’s only if she was just some random GZ hater. Fortunately I looked around a little, and realized she actually KNEW Trayvon, was apparently a friend. So yeah… I kinda consider them off-limits. Not just the ones who are “minors”, but pretty much any real-life family or friends. Trying to interact personally with them, even if done in a friendly way, would probably do more harm than good.

            • rumpole2 says:

              I don’t want to labour the point but…

              “Minor Chile” has long since been overplayed.
              And really? “Real Life Friends and FAMILY” off limits? Not when it comes to GZ’s real life friends, real brother, real father and real mother clearly.

              • jello333 says:

                Oh no, I don’t mean from some kind of moral point of view. I agree, the scumbags on the other side think nothing of going after any friend or family member of George. I’m talking more like strategic… unless there’s a good reason to interact with the “friends” and stuff, it just seems to me that it could complicate matters for us. Or more accurately, for George, Robert Jr, etc. They may then feel the need to make some public statement about it. Why make things harder for them.

              • jello333 says:

                A follow-up on my other comment. I hadn’t noticed how you capitalized “family” before. But now that I do, I think I see your point better. Yeah. So while I still say I wouldn’t say anything to just random friends of Trayvon, I might not feel the same way about either Tracy or Sybrina. Not sure how it might come about, but if I ever had a good reason to interact with them for some reason, and to tell them what I thought about what they’ve done… yeah, I think I’d do it.

                So please allow me to edit (virtually, of course) my comment about “off limits”. Tracy and Sybrina have clearly placed themselves in another category. Thanks for making me rethink things a bit.

            • boutis says:

              They are going to react increasingly emotionally and viscerally as the blameless innocent child martyr is deconstructed. Ryan Julison, whose father is an evangelist, created the martyr narrative and it has only grown since February last. Built in to the narrative was the presumption of several societal and cultural taboos. Do not speak ill of the dead, do not demonize the “victim”, do not criticize a “child” or minority and the person who dies is always the victim. Throw in untouchable grieving parents and their own behaviors. Martyrs are supposed to be untouchable and that is why we are seeing language from the family that is attempting to re-enforce that image of a innocent who died for our sins. Cognitive distortion is not easily dealt with.

    • libby says:

      Be careful brutal honesty,
      if they think they are being followed (if only on twitter), they are likely to attack viciously, feloniously and with intent to kill

  8. eastern2western says:

    these trayvonites should come out and just say trayvon has more privilages than zimmerman because white people own it to them for the 400 years of slavery.

    • Sharon says:

      I understand your point–but would also say that I think that is exactly what they have been saying, over and over and over and over, for 10 months now.

      • boutis says:

        This attitude has been challenged by the election, and now re-election of Obama. The race/guilt/grievance industry has been fighting it since his nomination and election. The premise that a racist country elects a minority president, TWICE, is very difficult for them to explain so they get LOUDER.

    • libby says:

      We dont owe them jack squat (but I see they demand that we pay up at all turns).
      They owe us a “thank you” and an apology. The richest africans in the entire world and they complain about everything while demanding everthing be handed to them on silver platters.

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