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Gun Banning Road Show – President Obama and Vice-President Biden To Take Gun Ban Tour To Rally Support…..

This has all the keen indicators of a back-fire waiting to happen.   Great opportunity for 2nd Amendment supporters to show the majority voice….   The one thing you can always count on with Progs is their entrenched echo-chamber ideology keeping them isolated … Continue reading

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One Big Dope – Armstrong Admits Doping For All Tour De France Wins, Claims Everyone Was Doing It….

I didn’t watch the interview.  But UK Daily Mail has the whole story. Right is right even if nobody does it, and wrong is wrong even if everybody does it…   :( (Daily Mail) Lance Armstrong finally came clean about his  … Continue reading

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Well Beyond Creepy…. POTUS Exploits Youth (More Ironic 33′, 34′ Coincidences)

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UPDATE: Denis McDonough Confirmed As Obama Pick For Chief Of Staff….

There is no reasonable doubt, Obama’s decision is a payback for McDonough’s unyeilding loyalty in handling both Fast and Furious and Benghazigate. The picture of President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Chief of Staff Jack Lew, National Security Advisor(s) Denis McDonough and Tom Donilon, … Continue reading

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TOTAL FUBAR – Algerian Rescue Mission Results In Most Hostages (30 to 36) Killed

Details are again sketchy. The official U.S. media is avoiding this like the plague. Huffington post had an article with 6 victims. But, it appears the reality is far worse. Reuters reports 34 of the initial 41 hostages have been … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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“Assault Unicorns”

Piers keeps going on the “Do you want a tank” issue…. ridiculous. Typical Prog. Who cares. Airplanes have been used to murder more people than “tanks”, and someone tell this doofus you can indeed still buy an airplane if you … Continue reading

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