The Car Is The Only Aspect That Interests Me…

Although this video production does a good job overlaying the Emily pic to the kid in POTUS lap (nice presentation) the entire Emily non-conspiracy/conspiracy can simply be explained as VERY similar in appearance blonde sisters, and mom putting the same dress on the younger sibling. Done. Next…

It is the shooter’s CAR, or more aptly the Honda Civic they pulled the shotgun from, that interests me. Why is the registration of this car, and the fact is has no relation to the Lanza family, not being researched or reported. Surely how Adam Lanza got to the school, and whose car it was, would actually be a significant detail the media would report on.

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  1. mung says:

    I thought it was already proven that the 911 tape with the Honda was faked and Ryan was in his mother’s BMW?

  2. howie says:

    What next? They will pass gun control the same way they did the fiscal cliff scam. All the Crats and a bunch of RINO’S.

  3. wrongonred says:

    How about the fact that standard SOP would be to have the car tagged, taped, and loaded on a flatbed to the Forensics Lab as soon as it was identified as evidence. But instead, you see an officer open the trunk and empty the shells out of the shotgun, and in doing so, likely destroying evidence and disturbing a crime scene. I do not think you will be able to find any officer that would agree that what was on video was proper evidence/crime scene handling. Also, was or wasn’t the evil “Assault Rifle” in the trunk? The media was sure clear on the make of the rifle (Bushmaster), but then conflicting stories all over, about 2 guns in the trunk, and a Sig and a Glock on the shooter. If that is true, how did the rifle get in the car if it was used in the shootings? And if Adam used 2 handguns, even the best of us and most trained, know that a handgun us merely cover to get to a long gun. Unless all of the shooting was done assassination style, scoring that many hits with a handgun is not easy. Especially if the information that victims each had multiple hits is accurate. We are talking a whole hell of a lot of ammo. The is seems to be an information blackout on the details of this story, as there are conflicts in the official narrative all over the place. I hate to put on my tin foil hat, but when there is this much conflict in various stories, and those stories directly conflict with known facts and commonsense, it leads one to believe that they are not being told the truth.

    I also wonder if the shooter had ear plugs in. Firing that many rounds of .223 Rem would become very disorienting very quickly without them. Almost incapacitating unless one had trained and was used to it in such scenarios.

    • mung says:

      Opening the trunk would not destroy all of the evidence in the car. I heard the shotgun was in the trunk and the AR15 was the main weapon used in the school. So shotgun in the trunk, not used in the shootings. AR15 and 2 handguns on Adam and used in the shooting, with the AR15 being the main weapon. I think that should answer most of your other questions since it wasn’t all hand gun shooting.

      • wrongonred says:

        Huh? That is a red herring. I am not arguing that opening the trunk destroy’s evidence, but going through it, pulling out one of the 2 rifle/shotguns in it, and then emptying them does. That should not happen. As soon as the car was identified, it should have had the trunk opened to confirm no explosives, etc. and then it should have been taped. For example, if there were finger prints on the slide of the tactical shotgun, they could have easily been destroyed in clearing the weapon.

        A very goo piece from Veterans Today:

        • lovemygirl says:

          Nonsense, they always clear weapons at the scene. They never transport loaded weapons as a safety precaution.

          • mung says:

            But clearing the shotgun proves that lizards from space are behind this whole thing.

            • canadacan says:

              LOL I hate conspiracy theories Trouble is this is no laughing matter

              • mung says:

                You are right it isn’t a laughing matter. I am trying to show how silly the theories are. It is very normal for people not to comprehend how people are able to do something this evil, so it is easier to think that there must be something else behind it. Given the choice of thinking that we, or someone close to us, could have a mental break and commit an act like this, it is more comforting to think that the government must be behind it or the medicine did it. The fact of life is that sometimes bad things happen and some people are very sick and do things that most of us would never be able to do.

    • ftsk420 says:

      I just watched a video of police removing an assault rifle from the trunk of that Honda. You can clearly see him eject the live rounds gun also has a silver scope on it.

    • dizzymissl says:

      He was wearing earplugs.

  4. ftsk420 says:

    I read the Honda was registered to a Christopher A Rodia and he was pulled over and issued a warning for parking in a fire lane miles away in Greenwich.

    • mung says:

      Sounds about right. I guess people don’t realize that all of the police traffic shares the same channel and would be mixed together. This isn’t a cell phone.

  5. Coast says:

    Ok, so whats the story here? Is this saying that the kids are not really dead? If so, don’t they have neighbors, don’t they have friends, etc, etc? I don’t know how anyone could fabricate a faked mass school shooting. Now then…did the government perhaps have a hand in setting this off? Perhaps.

    • PatriotUSA says:

      Coast, draw your own conclusions and this smells horribly wrong and too many coincidences that do NOT add up for the LSM and the gov’t.

      Multiple rounds of firing could be dulled by many things such as psychotropic medications and or mental issues. Maybe I am the crazy one one here but me thinks many are seeing the forest for the trees that have fallen and many of us heard these trees fall, loud and clear.

    • mung says:

      It depends on which side of the mushroom you eat off of when you go down the rabbit hole. It could be that the kids didn’t exist, it could be that it was a training mission gone wrong, it could be that Adam was killed in the house with his mother then moved to the school, it could also be that Adam was given drugs and brainwashed to do this. The people behind it range from the banking industry to the government, to aliens.

      Or it could just be that Adam had a major personality disorder, found out his mother was trying to have him committed and totally went off the deep end, picking the place that would get him the most attention with the least amount of resistance.

      Naa that makes to much sense. Probably aliens and the kids were actually taken on their space ship.

  6. Sam says:

    I’d have to say that’s a creepy photo of Obama and the kids. Most men close their legs around small children and dogs, for obvious reasons. Not Obama. Yes, I know this wasn’t the topic of the post, but it just jumped out at me that something was wrong with the photo.

    We will probably never know all the details surrounding this crime since there will be no trial.

  7. Two words, concerning any loss of life in any False Flag / PsyOps incident…
    End of story.
    Case closed. :evil:
    Wait for the next one, if this doesn’t accomplish their ends. :evil:

  8. michellc says:

    You asked some questions early on Sundance and I’m curious if they’ve ever been answered. This was if the school had cameras and how nobody saw someone carrying a .223?

    I’ve heard the media tell it two different ways that he was buzzed in and that he broke the glass to get in, has either of these been confirmed?

    Out of everything that nags at me the most, a .223 is not easily hid, how could he so easily get out of his car and walk across the parking lot carrying a .223 and not be seen?

    • sundance says:

      Dunno about the camera’s. Common sense would tell you they had them if they had a buzz in system. How else could they see who it was? Really, I don’t know… I have not followed the story much.

      The last I saw reported was he smashed his way through the glass door and I think he was parked right in front of it up by the curb so it was only a short walk accross the sidewalk. Again, not sure…..

      • mung says:

        Smashed out or shot out, either way it wouldn’t take long to get in and do what he did. Small town, not a lot of traffic at the school, there is no reason to believe he couldn’t have done this without someone seeing it.

        • michellc says:

          I disagree my kids never went to a big school and someone would have seen a man with a rifle.

          I think you want to believe 100% what you’re told and that’s fine everyone has a right to their opinion. I on the other hand have the opinion you never trust what you hear and only believe half of what you see.

          • mung says:

            So because at your kids school someone would have seen him it has to be the same at every school? I know at the elementary school where my step daughter goes no one would know or be able to stop it. I know that at several schools I have been to it would be easy to do.

            I think you want to believe that the world is out to get you and that is fine, but you need to at least look for some fact to base things on and so far I have yet to see a single theory that can’t be debunked when it comes to Sandy Hook.

            • michellc says:

              SO because the police told you a story that makes that story 100% correct?

              I am saying it is hard to believe this man walked up to a door of school carrying a .223 rifle and was not seen. You believe otherwise and you have a right to your opinion. Questioning authorities and having no trust for authorities doesn’t make me believe everyone is out to get me. It doesn’t make me believe in aliens or eat wild mushrooms.

              Look at what the authorities did to Zimmerman, authorities lie, if you don’t believe me then do a little research because Zimmerman is not an isolated incident, he’s just one that the media decided to latch onto.

              I’ll share a little story with you, a story that taught me at a young age not all persons of authority are trustworthy. When I was a teenager I was driving down a dirt road headed to a friend’s house. I saw two cop cars and a civilian car up ahead. I watched them pull a man out of the backseat and throw him face first on the ground. I was a kid and my first instinct was to stop before they saw me, they kicked and stomped him. He was passed out, no threat whatsoever to them. I then watched them reach down into the floor and grab a set of keys and put them in the ignition. There was 3 of them and they were laughing and were having a good time. I backed up praying they didn’t hear or see me. I went to my older sisters house whose husband was the chief of police in the town they lived in, which was in this county but these were county officers. What made it even worse was this was a small county, I knew all 3 of them, one of them was a deacon at my church, one of them was the Dad to a very good friend of mine and the other was a close friend of my BIL.
              My BIL told me to think about it a few days because it would be rough on me. I didn’t want to think about it, I wanted to scream from the rooftops what they did. He said he would find out what they booked him for, he came back and told me they booked him for DUI and resisting arrest, I knew I couldn’t remain silent. My BIL told me the sheriff was a good man, so he took me to him, the sheriff blamed me for not letting them know I was there and then tried to tell me I saw something I didn’t. My BIL told him he was an a-hole but told me he thought I should drop it because of who they were and what it would do to me. I told him I would, I was a scared kid, I didn’t know what to do. Then the next day I read an article in the newspaper of an interview with the Sheriff and one of these deputies. The deputy was winning an award and the Sheriff was praising him, one of the things he was praising him for was getting drunk drivers off the road. Well this man was probably drunk and he probably drove there and stopped and crawled into the backseat after removing his keys, but what they did wasn’t right. So I went to the DA, the DA had me so confused by giving me scenarios for what I thought I saw. It was pretty obvious he knew what I was going to say before I ever walked through the door. He almost had me believing I didn’t see what I knew I saw.
              All of the adults in my life were telling me to drop it, with the exception of my Mother. She told me she had always taught me to do the right thing and although she was worried about me, she couldn’t tell me to not do what was right.
              She found out who the man’s attorney was and took me to him. I told him my story. He went to the DA and the DA told him I had changed my story from what I had told him. The sheriff claimed I told something I did not. Thankfully, my BIL had me to write down what I saw when I first came to him and he also recorded what I told him. He provided all this to the DA and the attorney. They dropped the charges against the man and although I didn’t think that was enough, I didn’t know what else to do, so I dropped it as well.

              However, at 16 I had my eyes opened, you don’t trust authorities, just because you should be able to trust authorities. They did their best to turn me into the bad guy and even tried to convince me I didn’t see what I saw. Since that day, I’ve pretty much questioned anything and everything.

              • mung says:

                There is a huge difference between a corrupt police force and a conspiracy to kill 26 people. I got cuffed, searched and written a ticket for having a suspended license all because of a computer glitch. I showed the officer the receipt from getting the suspension lifted from my license. (I paid a ticket a day late). That wasn’t good enough and so she treated me like a criminal. So yes I know that you can’t always trust the police. I also know of plenty of corrupt police officers. Just because there are some bad apples out there doesn’t mean they are all that way. If that were the case then there is no one in this world that you can trust, because someone did something to someone once.

                • Ramm says:

                  What if 26 people weren’t killed?

                  • mung says:

                    You might get a small time cover up on a person or two being killed. I deal with the government on a daily basis and the red tape I have to go through to get the smallest task done is insane. A conspiracy of this magnitude would be impossible to pull off without someone either A) talking or B) saying “no way I am killing kids”.

      • michellc says:

        I’m just going off my own experiences but almost any time of the day when my kids were in school, someone was always coming and going, whether it was parents delivering or collecting their children, maintenance, deliveries, etc. He has to grab the rifle and get out of the car carrying the rifle and yet he’s not seen, even if he did park close to the door, that’s just hard for me to picture at any school my kids have ever attended.

        The truth is since he’s dead and there will be no trial, we’ll never get answers to some of our questions.

        • mung says:

          Going by my experiences there are plenty of times when there was no one at all around the font of the school when I went there. Now at my kids elementary school there was a gate that you had to be buzzed through, but that was because the school was an open plan instead of one building.

  9. retire2005 says:

    It would be standard OP for the police officer to clear the weapon. But it would be also odd that he would pick up a piece of evidence and not be gloved. By clearing the weapon bare handed, he would have at least smudged any prints that would have been on the weapon, if not wiped them out completely. But there is something even odder about Sandy Hook:

    In the movie, Dark Knight Rising, there is a clip that comes in around 1 hour, 56 minutes into the film where Commissioner Gordon is pointing to a spot on a map that is marked Gotham City. What Gordon is pointing to is written in big, black letters and says “Sandy Hook.” But it gets even odder.

    The man who would have been responsible for that part of the movie set was Scott Getzinger, who lived in Newtown, Connecticut and whose wife had had a battle with the school district. Getziner was involved in an auto accident last April, but after being cut out of his vehicle, the police reported that Getzinger was injured, but not seriously, sustaining just a few broken bones, only for Getzinger to die from those non-threatening injuries.


    Yeah, Sundance is on to something. The car, and who it is titled to, is an important fact to the Newtown shootings. But don’t expect the media to dig into it. They are too busy trying to make sure that illegals are no longer criminals but legal gun owners will be.

    • mung says:

      Oh please not back with the freaking Batman thing again. That was Sandy Hook, NJ not the same place at all. See the link above that explains the car issue. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that has been presented as so called evidence that has any basis behind it.

      Someone, anyone, show me one source controlled piece of information that proves a single one of these conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook is even a remote possibility and I might take this stuff seriously. Every single one I have spent more that 2 second researching has been totally debunked. The so called evidence that is being presented to support these theories are no better than LamePapa and the Cabbage Patch guy’s videos about the Zimmerman case.

      • retire2005 says:

        So, mung, are you saying that the words “Sandy Hook” are not written on the map in the Batman movie? Are you saying that the set designer was not from Newtown, Ct. or that his wife did not have a big disagreement with the school board there? Are you saying that a man dying from what EMTs described as a few broken bones is normal?

        Since you seem to be so informed, why don’t you tell us what the odds are that the name of Sandy Hook, placed there by a set director from Newtown, Ct. are just coincidence?

        • Sharon says:

          I have no idea why, but it seems to be important to Mung that certain theories not be specifically considered–regardless of why someone would want to consider those theories, and regardless of how well (or not) they might choose to defend their theory.

          • mung says:

            Because they are all baseless BS. None of them have any real meat behind them. Nut jobs are making connections where they don’t exist and people here are taking it hook line and sinker. It seems like no one has learned anything from the story about the Aurora attorney last week.

            Again we call everyone else sheep for following the lies of the government but then we have a bunch of sheep here that follow nut jobs.

            This kind of conspiracy is not productive to the great work normally done at this site and it makes us look like a bunch of extremists, who will fall for anything. Just because the government lies and does bad things sometimes, doesn’t mean everything that happens is a conspiracy.

            • michellc says:

              You seem to want everyone to be whackos. I told my story above to show that people of authority can and do get high on power, to the point of breaking the law themselves and going to great lengths to keep the power and cover up what they do.
              My experience made me never take anything for the truth. My experience made me question everything. That doesn’t mean I see a conspiracy in everything, but it makes me aware that anything could be a conspiracy.
              Yet, you seem to think anyone who has questions, has a theory. You’ve told me several times I have a theory with no facts, except I have offered no theory.
              I question certain things, such as why the cops emptied the gun with what looks like bare hands, how the guy got into the school without anyone seeing. I’ve questioned the link to shooters and prescription drugs.
              Yet, anytime I or anyone posts something, you immediately insinuate we’re nuts, there is no evil, there are just mentally unstable people who are only on drugs because they’re crazy. Even about Ruby Ridge and Waco, you have basically said we were nuts, the government just made a mistake.
              I don’t know whether you’re a shrink who doesn’t want drugs being discussed and you believe the government is ultimately good and don’t want that belief to be wrong.

              Sometimes you come off as you have an agenda.

        • mung says:

          No I am saying that it has already been proven that the map was a map of NY with NY replaced by Gothem (since that is what Gothem really is) and Sandy Hook happens to be on said map because it is a prominent place in New Jersey.

          So please do tell what happened here? A set designer on Batman’s wife has a disagreement with the school board, so he brainwashes a 20 year old to go shoot up a school, he is so brazen about this that he hides a reference to it in the movie he is working on, but he dies months before he can see his plan put into action?

          Guess what he worked on Men in Black III as well so I think the aliens were actually in on it.

          • retire2005 says:

            mung, I’m not a “grassy knoll” kinda person. But I find it odd that the words “Sandy Hook” appear in the Batman movie, put there apparently by a guy who lived in Newtown. And I have read that it was really a map of New York, while others disputed it, pretty well, I may add, that it was a map of Connecticut.

            Now, you seem a bit hostile to any discussion regarding what seems to be a mathematical improbability that the words “Sandy Hook” would appear in a movie. Me thinks thou doest protest too much.

            • mung says:

              I bet I could find some kind of connection between the “Wizard of Oz” and Newtown if I tried hard enough.

              The only reason I am hostile is that I keep getting these “if you don’t believe the government is dictating every move everybody makes, you are naive” responses, but no one has any basis to back these claims up. I have learned a lot from this site, especially when it comes to the Zimmerman case, and I hate to see it become a place for whacked out theories without any facts supporting them.

              Open discussion is fine, but some thought behind the source of the information needs to happen before it is taken as gospel.

              • stellap says:

                Mung, you are not the moderator of this board. If this thread bothers you, stop reading it.

                ADD: If you think about it, the last paragraph in your comment says (I paraphrase), please have an open discussion, but only if it fits into the guidelines I have set.

        • ctdar says:

          I just looked at Gothem map from movie still and noticed another odd coincidence is that the circled building on that map has a major roadway just beneath it very much like I-84/6 is beneath the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
          Chances are I bet the prop master was giving a movie “shout out” to hometown. Be interesting to see if he had done that in any other films he worked on.

      • ftsk420 says:

        The name was changed it was called South Hinkley then it was changed to Sandy Hook. Also in the movie the word Aurora shows up. Other things that show up in the movie that have people scratching their heads is in the stadium “322” of Skull & Bones on one of the football stadium sections. But people can say the stadium is in PA and their is a Sandy Hook PA.

  10. hughstone says:

    “Nearly a month after the shooting, police were still finding bullets and casings scattered around the school, including some in the parking lot.”

    Read more:

  11. mung says:
    So sure, it is plausible that 26 people were killed because the wife of an art director of a movie was upset because her son didn’t get picked up at their driveway. I mean that is totally logical right? It makes a lot more sense that there was a huge plot involving the government, psychiatrists, Alister Crowley’s family, the banking industry, some petty thief, and aliens, than the fact that some 20 year old guy was totally crazy and went on a rampage right?

    • stellap says:

      You seem to have appointed yourself guardian of what can and cannot be discussed here. I wonder why. I have no dog in this fight, but I will say that people should be allowed to discuss things that make you uncomfortable. Perhaps they will reach the same conclusion that you have – and maybe not. In any case, there is no reason to actively campaign to shut down the discussion.

      • mung says:

        I am by no means the guardian. I am just calling for a little integrity behind our postings as I have been for weeks. We come off as very hypocritical when we make comments about other sites and the main stream media not checking their facts, then we post things like the car story and start to make links to how it show conspiracy, when all along it was just another call on the same frequency about a car on the opposite side of town. It took me all of two minutes on google to find the information about it.

        I don’t think it is too much to ask for some source checking. A little proper phrasing and linking would go a long way as well. Changing “how can you not see the link between these (so called) facts” to “this site, claims this, what do you think”, makes it a discussion.

        • stellap says:

          It isn’t your job to enforce the direction of discussion. You have put out your beliefs and provided many sources to bolster your opinions. Leave it at that. Calling the other commenters here “sheep” with “whacked out theories” is beyond the limit of open discussion. Sharon tried to drop a hint earlier in this thread, and I am saying it more definitely. As mods, that is what we do.

          • mung says:

            Thank you, I now understand how things work here.

            • yankeeintx says:

              Mung, I agree with you to a limited degree. In big cases, people tend to cast a very large net and link things that on the surface seem unconnected, but they connect them without proof. Just because we haven’t seen the proof yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I tend to read the theories, and decide if it is at all plausible, then put it on the back burner until proof surfaces. Part of me gets all caught up in an OMG moment, our gov’t lied to us and there is a big conspiracy. Another part doesn’t want to believe our gov’t would do any such thing.

              Now, let’s look at something recent, Benghazi. Our gov’t told us it was a protest against a video trailer, that turned violent at the consulate. An ambassador, an IT officer, and two former Navy Seals lost their lives. Nothing else to see…move along. Really? They wanted us to believe their story, hook, line and sinker. Some “conspiracy theorist” said that story just didn’t add up, and we all went digging. We found facts and we found proof, not of everything that happened, but enough to prove our gov’t intentionally formulated a plan to lie to the American people.

              Nobody is asking you to believe anything without proof. All that is being put forth is a theory, that is: If our gov’t has been caught lying to us before, should we just blindly believe that everything they tell us is the truth? If someone were to tell me that Lincoln was on Zoloft and committed suicide, that theory wouldn’t even make it to the stove, let alone the back burner. If someone were to tell me that Lanza was on psychotropic drugs and had a breakdown, I’d still want to see proof. Some theories seem very reasonable, while others do not, but I am always willing to keep an open mind.

              • michellc says:

                You said it better than what I was trying to get across. Not trusting authorities or government and asking questions does not make you crazy, a conspiracy theorist, it just makes you aware that they are capable of lying, cheating, stealing and even murder.

                As for Sandy Hook, I for one don’t even have a theory, I have questions.

                • yankeeintx says:

                  From your story above, I think you were very brave to do the right thing. If that had been a national story and the people involved “higher up’s”, I can’t say I would have come forward. There is a reason we haven’t heard from the survivors from Benghazi, and I think that they are smart enough to not want to paint a target on their backs. People invovled and surrounding national events end up dead. Can I prove the the gov’t had anything to do with their deaths, no. But the law of statistics prove to me that too many “coincidences” make for unanswered questions which lead to conspiracy theories. I think some people automatically discredit conspriacy theories because it is too intellectually exhausting to face the alternative reality. Remember, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they aren’t after you”.

                  • michellc says:

                    I was far from brave and it is something that has haunted me my entire life. I should have done more to see that these men all lost their job. How many others did they abuse? All of them stayed in LE until they retired. So it’s not a story I’m honestly proud of, I should have had the courage to continue driving and stopped them from continuing to stomp him and I should have threatened going to the media if they didn’t fire the men.

                    I honestly don’t know though how people can’t question government when there is plenty of history regarding tyrannical governments.
                    We have Ruby Ridge and Waco here in this country. We have numerous SWAT teams invading the wrong house in this country.
                    We have a man sitting in the White House who spent his entire life under the influence of communists and marxists.
                    We have EPA drones spying on farmers. We have who knows how many secret drones spying on citizens.
                    We have proof of them lying about Benghazi.
                    We have government officials threatening confiscation of guns.

                    Yet asking questions makes us conspiracy theorist whackos.

                  • yankeeintx says:

                    Michellc, You were 16! Give yourself a break. That is a huge burden to bare for a kid. “All that it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing”, you did something, and there were adults aware of what happened that should have taken it from there. If the man who was abused and his lawyer did nothing, who would have listened to you? To believe, examine, explore, or debunk conspiracy theories takes a high level of critical thinking skills, some people will avoid a rabbit hole because they get lost in the dark and can’t find the exit.

  12. Joe says:

    I wish there was some way to see if any groups or individuals have been attempting to contact at risk young guys online to instigate this type of behavior in order to further political aims.

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