01-13 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

REMINDER – Please WATCH THE TONE and CONTENT of Commentary. Please be respectful, courteous and considerate of other readers and contributors. Please avoid hatespeak, angry rhetoric, vulgarity, personal attacks and condescension. If you wish to engage in vitriolic, racist, or bitter angry rhetoric, there are alternative sites on the internet more than welcoming to such considerations. But not here. Thank You.

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    • dmoseylou says:

      Computer Gremlins are busy tonight. Every time I click this link, the music starts but not the video. I stopped the video, then re-started it and the video appeared and played. So, just a little extra clicking to it going.
      Anyone who can fix this, I will be most grateful. Thanks.

    • jordan2222 says:


      What a great idea to post something like this everyday. Of course, you know you are now committed because I am already addicted. Thank you very much.

      I have pretty much turned off all “political channels” in every “venue” except for reading the Tree House enough to stay informed.

      I have actually found sites that are totally committed to humor and good news. Imagine that.

    • Alexandra M. says:

      Dmoseylou— A heartfelt thank you from me for including these funnies in the threads!!! I really appreciate it. :)
      Laugh, dear Zimmermans, laugh and enjoy!
      It’s gonna be OK.

  1. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft Posts From Justarse Quest

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    They were silent for a while when the Crump-DeeDee audio was released…
    But it did not take long for them to deny the obvious, and make up their own delusional take on it.

    “Crump is a brilliant lawyer and his interview of DD was overseen by the FBI”

    I mean really?

    They now believe that… it is part of their delusion for ever.

    Random Topics

    • dmoseylou says:

      (O/T: Any idea why the video did not post the first time? Just curious, be good to know in case it happens again. Thanks.)

    • howie says:

      They are brainwashed. Once the data is entered in to their memory bank it plays in an eternal endless loop. Nothing can stop it. Except maybe a power failure.

    • howie says:

      They confuse the FBI with FDLE I think. I think the FDLE had to round up DD when she did not show for the meetup with BDLR for his interview. Different interviews. Where they found her I don’t know.

      • lovemygirl says:

        Corner of 54th and MLK, why she was wearing that red sparkly mini skirt and 6 inch high heels remains a mystery. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

        • libby says:

          There may be more there there than you realize.

          • kathyca says:

            There’s no doubt about it in my mind. She may be here, or there. She doesn’t show up for the “interview” and they must go get her from wherever she “might” be. She needs an LE escort wherever she goes. She’s hospitalized with hbp as a teenager and “can’t pee.” Her mother may drop her off, or someone else might. She doesn’t tell anyone that what she supposedly heard on the phone. She can barely speak. She’s a minor…wait, no she isn’t. Sybrina doesn’t know her and, last, but not least, we know what particular “skill set” Trayvon was looking for in a “girlfriend.” I’m thinking of a similar acronym, but it isn’t gf.

        • myopiafree says:

          Poor girl, we was weak – and need additional accouterments – like a “Street lamp, and a public defender”. Eye-roll.

        • Alexandra M. says:

          (((giggling))) ;)

        • Knuckledragingwino says:

          No doubt not wearing any lingerie.

      • rumpole2 says:

        You are giving “them” more credit than they are due.
        This is more than “confusion” over which interview, or confusion between FDLE and FBI. *The acronyms being so similar and all… both start with “F”)
        The FDLE were never listening in either
        And this news report was stemming from the release of the Crump-DeeDee audio…. no “confusion”… this is a lie, designed to convey a false narrative about the case. It worked because “FBI listening in” is now a hard Fact in the Trayvon Zone.
        It is in their “minds” with other “facts” like “Zimmerman was told to stay in his truck”

      • ftsk420 says:

        I remember that she wasn’t where she was supposed to be and they had to go look for her.

      • James Crawford says:

        Remember that memo that was posted here from a local Miami LE agency that assisted the FDLE investigators? They were sent to one location that was named rather than described with an address but didn’t find her. They were then sent to a second location, also named rather than address given and then returned with Double Dee Dee.

        My theory is that the police first went to pick her up in juvenile detention then went to the adult jail after Crump told them how old she really was.

    • raiikun says:

      According to Crump himself the ones present at the interview were:

      Ben Crump
      Sybrina Fulton
      Tracy Martin
      Jahvaris Martin
      Trayvon’s cousin and aunt
      Matt Gutman and his assistant.

      Unless Matt Gutman’s assistant was secretly an FBI agent, I think we’ll just have to chalk this up as delusion on the Traynutters part, fitting in with their many other delusions.

      • eastern2western says:

        I believe the white guy is actually ryan julison because the voice on the tape recorder has a much more high pitch vocal than gutman,

      • rumpole2 says:

        Sure the Crump meeting circumstances are known and people following the case know that Crump was forced to produce that list of people present in his office.
        There is NO MENTION of FBI listening in.
        Whatever failings they have (many) Jeff Weiner and Rene Stutzman, of the Orlando Sentinel, KNOW there was no “FBI listening in” and yet they in describing the Crump-DeeDee “interview” they write:

        Her account to Crump, with federal investigators listening in….

        “The Scheme Team” seem to have a lot of affiliate members.

        • rumpole2 says:

          This sort of false reporting is not especially clever.
          Their expected readers (gullible victims) are not very bright, easily led dopes.
          So there can’t be much “job satisfaction” in feeding them nonsense. I wonder what motivates these reporters.??

          • Alexandra M. says:

            You know……I write pieces for my college (online) newspaper. I frequently use a recorder in order to go back later and provide accurate quotes, details, etc. If my editor ever caught me even attempting to use a “DoubleD-type” recording for an article she would flat out refuse to include it in publication. It’s entirely unprofessional no matter what the context is and irregardless of who taped it.
            Shame on you scheme team!

        • rumpole2 says:

          Zimmerman: Scheme Team – Sentinel Shuffle

    • diwataman says:

      Wow. I’ve been trying to figure why Jeff and Rene would write it that way. Certainly they know “federal investigators” weren’t listening in on the Crump/DeeDee interview; “Her account to Crump, with federal investigators listening in…”

      “The girl, identified by officials as “witness 8,” told Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump in the recording that she was on the phone just before the shooting and heard Trayvon being pursued and confronted by a man. Her account to Crump, with federal investigators listening in, largely matches what she would later tell de la Rionda in his recorded interview.”

      Jeff and Rene have always shaped their reporting to favor Trayvon but this is such an obvious “error” you’d think they would have corrected it by now.

      Perhaps they were trying to incorporate the aspect of Crump sending the recording to the DOJ/CRD?

      If that’s the case then they certainly did a bad job of doing it. Other than that I can’t think of how else it could be read other than to try to give the shadiness of DeeDee and this interview some legitimacy.

      • jello333 says:

        Nah, I don’t know why Rene would suddenly go back to the way she and Jeff were early on. Over the past few months, she has been much more balanced in her reporting… so why would she suddenly decide to get all biased again?

        • diwataman says:

          They’ve always favored Trayvon. I’m not sure how you ever got the impression otherwise. Of course they can’t twist everything so that will piss off the tryvonits but so what, is that like supposed to be a good thing? You know, they could actually do some real reporting, like maybe go interview DeeDee themselves, things like that you know?

          • jello333 says:

            I have no idea about Weiner, but don’t you think Stuzman’s reporting has been at least neutral over the past 2 or 3 months? I can’t point to anything specific off the top of my head, but it’s the impression I’ve gotten. Of course you could be right…. maybe it’s just that after the horribly biased mess at first, even “neutral” reporting now feels like Pulitzer-quality. ;)

      • rumpole2 says:

        Yes. Shading their reporting to favour there own take on things is the norm, with these reporters and many (all) others……
        But this is so blatant??
        It worked… in the sense that the JQ Traybots I quoted accepted it straight away. Not just the feeble minded worker cretins .. but the Alpha Cretins and those who claim to have legal expertise and knowledge of the “facts” of this case.
        This FBI involvement and oversight of the Crump- DeeDee interview is now “fact” as far as Traybots are concern. It will remain “fact” for ever.

      • rumpole2 says:

        As I mentioned…. The Traybots largely ignored the DeeDee-Crump audio. There was nothing in it foe them…. it perhaps was a negative as far as their delusions were concerned… so as is there want… they in effect stuck their fingers in their ears and went “Lah…Lah…Lah” (metaphorically speaking). They barely mentioned the audio and went straight back to stalking Robert Zimmerman’s Twitter posts.
        They NEEDED this report that the interview was totally Kosher …. “supervised by the FBI doncha know”
        Hard to see this other than a conspiracy … done on purpose because this bit of false information was required to counter the negative effect of the real facts that came to light with the release of the audio?

        • libby says:

          Maybe they needed to bolster deedee’s credibility (since maybe there is some major deedee credibility issue coming up)…

      • ejarra says:

        Hopefully they’ll read my comment and correct it.


        Her account to Crump, with federal investigators listening in, largely matches what she would later tell de la Rionda in his recorded interview.”

        That is a MAJOR FALSEHOOD and should be corrected

        There were NO federal investigators listening in. NONE! According to Crump’s list of those that were in attendence, they were NOT there. Will the OS please make this correction?

        • diwataman says:

          I like how people thumb down your comments of basic facts about the case like who was there as well. You know it’s bad when they can’t even handle that.

          • jello333 says:

            Any thoughts on what Stuzman will say IF she responds to this question? If she says it was a mistake of some kind, she’ll need to explain how that came about. Otherwise, seems to me she’ll have to say “I stand by what I said”…. and then there will, of course, be a much bigger follow-up question re. where she got THAT info.

            • diwataman says:

              I suspect if they address it all they will just edit it.

              • jello333 says:

                Hey, this is a perfect example of what we were talking about the other day. How it’s good to have both optimists and pessimists here. Until you slapped me down after my first comment about this Stutzman/Weiner story, I hadn’t taken it that seriously. But now, after reading it over again, and listening to you guys, I get your point. So yeah…. thanks for wake-up call. ;)

        • jello333 says:

          Good job. But does Rene have an email address, where that point can’t be sent to her directly?

        • rumpole2 says:

          A correction would be the proper thing to do. Once they have been alerted (caught out).
          They have actually achieved their goal. It is now a “Traybot fact” that FBI supervised the interview. They could retract the statement now anyway.

        • jello333 says:

          If you rearrange that, would it then be correct?

          “Her account to Crump largely matches what she would later tell de la Rionda in his recorded interview, with federal investigators listening in.”

          Because I’ve assumed that at least one of the guys who went and tracked down Dee Dee hung around for Bernie’s interview. But if that’s what happened in the writing of that sentence, then that is some SLOPPY reporting. And of course the failure to quickly correct that makes it even worse. Again, I have no idea what’s going on… I’m just considering all the possibilities.

          • ejarra says:

            If the feds were listening in on BLDR’s interview of DD2, how did they keep from laughing? I don’t believe that they were at the 2nd one at all. It was just the FDLE and BLDR. Even if they were, so what? Including the feds in her article was designed to do one objective and that was to throw a bone to the Travonistas.

            • jello333 says:

              Ah, right you are. For some reason, when I hear FDLE, I think “feds”… sorta like the Florida branch of the FBI. Not sure how that got stuck in my brain.

          • rumpole2 says:

            EVEN IF They claim “slipsies” they meant the BDLR interview……
            Even that version is dubious… there is no mention of FDLE and certainly NOT FBI present.
            Stating that would imply more than just hanging about.. it would imply the interview had oversight and legitimacy it clearly does not have.
            It was NOT an FDLE interview/interogation by ant stretch of the imagination.
            And certainly FBI were not involved at all

            • jello333 says:

              Yep. Check out my later comments, and you’ll see I’ve finally figured out what you guys have been trying to say! ;) (My brain is only working at about half-speed today.)

          • ejarra says:

            On the bright side, I’ll bet it they were there recording DD1, it wasn’t on a 2 bit crappy recording device. But, they weren’t; because if they were, it would have been in evidence by now. The FBI don’t seem to be playing the same game that the SA office is.

            • rumpole2 says:

              Yeah right… FBI have best recording equipment in the world… so lets subpoena that version. :D

              • rumpole2 says:

                I’m out of purgatory… hardly worth waiting for. :D
                Thanks Admin.

              • diwataman says:

                They do not have the bestest recording equipment in the whole wide world. Their version was worse than the FDLE version.

                • rumpole2 says:

                  But….. are talking about the supposed best Crump version.. that went to FBI then back again? That is hardly and indictment of FBI equipment… just confirmation that the version Crump tried to pawn off was so bad that even the FBI’s equipment could do nothing with it. I imagine the FBI guys just had a good laugh and put it unaltered back in the mail and sent it to Bernie.
                  What I am saying is…….IF this mythical FBI monitoring of calls did happen, then there should be a recording done on their equipment from the get-go :D

            • rumpole2 says:

              Stuck in moderation queue again :(
              Guess I’ll just listen to some tunes while I wait?

              Stuck in the Middle with you – Stealers Wheel

            • diwataman says:

              The FBI is just a tool for the DOJ/CRD. I want to know why we’ve heard virtually nothing from them.

              March 19
              In a statement, Department of Justice spokesman Xochitl Hinojosa said: “The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida, and the FBI opened an investigation into the facts and circumstances of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The department will conduct a thorough and independent review of all of the evidence and take appropriate action at the conclusion of the investigation.”

              In the statement, Hinojosa cautioned that proving civil rights violations require removing all reasonable doubt, and that “negligence, recklessness, mistakes and accidents are not prosecutable under the federal criminal civil rights laws.”

              • diwataman says:

                I wanted to add, this is the only thing on their site I can find on the matter;

                April 11th

                “I know that many of you are greatly – and rightly – concerned about the recent shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a young man whose future has been lost to the ages.

                As most of you know, three weeks ago, the Department of Justice launched an investigation into this incident, which remains open at this time – and prevents me from talking in detail about this matter. However, I can tell you that, in recent weeks, Justice Department officials – including Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Tom Perez, and United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida Robert O’Neill – have traveled to Sanford, Florida, to meet with the Martin family, the community, and local authorities. The FBI is assisting local law enforcement officials. And representatives from the Community Relations Service – the Justice Department’s “peacemakers” – are continuing to meet with civil rights leaders, law enforcement officers, and area residents to address – and to help alleviate – community tensions. We’re also communicating closely with local, state, and federal representatives and officials.

                In all of these discussions, we’re listening carefully to concerns – and emphasizing that the Department will conduct a thorough and independent review of the evidence.

                “Although I cannot share where current efforts will lead us from here, I can assure you that, in this investigation – and in all cases – we will examine the facts and the law. If we find evidence of a potential federal criminal civil rights crime, we will take appropriate action. And, at every step, the facts and the law will guide us forward.”

                • diwataman says:

                  Where is Robert E. O’Neill’s report on the investigation?


                • jello333 says:

                  “I can assure you that, in this investigation – and in all cases – we will examine the facts and the law. If we find evidence of a potential federal criminal civil rights crime, we will take appropriate action.”

                  Ok Holder, I’ll take you at your word. You investigated George, and found nothing. Fine. And so now I’ll assume that you’re investigating those who RAILROADED George… right? You’re gonna protect HIS civil rights too… aren’t you, buddy?

                  • jordan2222 says:

                    Is there an official report from them that George has been cleared and I mean from THEM, not O’Mara or anyone else?

                    I ask because, for a while, I read that they could still later come back and charge him for civil rights violations as they have done in the past when the state exonerated other defendants. So much for double jeopardy, huh?

                    The issue still nags me.

                  • jello333 says:

                    I haven’t heard of any “official” final report, other than the comments re. them not finding any racism on George’s part. And if that’s true, then I’m not sure what else they could go after him on. I mean, it’s pretty hard for a private, normal individual to violate another individual’s civil rights, except by way of racism or some other “bias”. The other main way they do it is if the person was acting “under color of law”… and that doesn’t apply to George. And just as an aside… yeah, I agree with you about civil rights charges being double jeopardy if filed in addition to normal criminal charges. Doesn’t seem right. Even if you believe that a verdict was wrong (like in the Rodney King case), it was still wrong to turn around and then re-charge under a different statute. Textbook definition of double jeopardy, if you ask me. “Let’s keep trying till we can make something stick.” Nope… that’s just wrong.

                  • jordan2222 says:

                    That was the most blatant case of double jeopardy AND racism in criminal history and set a precedent for all of us to be tried twice because we are ALL racists by someone’s standards.

                  • justfactsplz says:

                    No he won’t because George is not considered one of his people. Holder never investigated the Black Panthers for a hate crime against George.

          • libby says:

            In the comments at the slantinel, some clown says that you dont have to be there to listen in (so, they are gettign ready to hide the lies or to pretend their lies were not lies)……

        • jordan2222 says:

          I made this post there:

          Unless you have proof that federal investigators were listening in, you are lying and doing so intentionally in an attempt to lend legitimacy to this story. This is beyond absurd. Shame on you.

          • ejarra says:

            I just gave you a thumbs up!

          • rumpole2 says:

            I would say there is good chance that Traybots are reading this discussion.

            They will, I am sure, be posting how funny it is that this “mistake” is included in the article.
            They claim to know all the details of the case.. they often boast that they do, so they KNOW this claim about FBI is false.
            They wont ever get it… but this demonstrates (again) that they are NOT interested in the TRUTH nor JUSTICE at all.
            They want a conviction no matter what the facts are.

            They are a Lynch Mob… Questing for a Lynchin’ and not Justice.

            • rumpole2 says:

              Maybe we should be a little bit grateful.
              It was the “Daily Daft Posts from Justarse Quest” that alerted to this “mistake” in the Sentinel article… refuting it has meant hours of fun today :D

            • jordan2222 says:

              I do not hang out there and never respond to an idiot’s post. I make posts like I do independent of what others are saying and I usually have a specific legitimate purpose. I am truly not interested in what idiots are saying. I hear enough of it here to know where “they live.”

              Other than possibly influencing a potential jury pool, I still fail to see the purpose in participating in such crap that they KNOW to be crap. Anyone who knowingly and willfully wallows in their own crap is…. Well, you can fill in the blanks yourself.

              This is NOT a game when someone’s life is realistically at stake. I NEVER forget that and those who treat as a game are.. Well, again. you can fill in the blanks…

              I think I might would feel dirty by even responding to them. Talking to them, in itself, lends them credibility. Like Progs, they will always declare themselves the winner in any discussion. Who would ever intentionally associate with such people in real life on a daily basis? What is there to learn?

              “Guilt by association” is the way I think of it.

              I have great respect for you and the work you do here so I mean nothing disrespectful in what I say.

      • John Galt says:

        “Her account to Crump, with federal investigators listening in, largely matches what she would later tell de la Rionda in his recorded interview.”

        Largely matches? LOL We will see about that if they ever dare to put DD on the stand.

  2. JB from SoCal says:

    This must be the first time in months that we haven’t been subjected to that disheartening portrayal of Man’s Inhumanity To Man – the humiliating lead photo of George Zimmerman made to enter the courtroom in a suit and bullet-proof vest while chained, bound and shackled. To all those who are trying to break the Spirit of GZ, and that of all our collective spirits, please know that you have FAILED utterly and completely. George, our hearts are with you and your family; do not despair. We love you and will never betray you . . .

    This piece is for you George and your loved ones. The title is “Spiritual,” and it was penned by Josh Haden, the son of the legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden. [ An earlier and longer version (8 min, 21 sec) can be found on "Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny - Beyond The Missouri Sky (Short Stories)" - (1997); not chosen to be embedded here, but accessible on YT, then /watch?v=jtSpiF5q-Cg ]

    Not live, but pictured here are Joanna McGregor, piano and Andy Sheppard, tenor saxophone.

    It always gets to me, deep down where I live.

    “Spiritual” . . .

    • libby says:

      very nice sentiments

    • LouDaJew says:

      very nice. Trayvon Martin supporters are sort of sadistic, and enjoyed looking at the recent HD pic of George. they need to get beat up like George did. they think it’s impossible that a 17 year old could attack them andbeat them up. then they claim the injuries weren’t enough. again, Trayvon supporters need to get beat up by a 17 year old like Trayvon, and then we can say your injuries weren’t sufficient enough to protect yourself the only way you could.

    • LouDaJew says:

      good job ejerra. the black man wanted to charge GZ with a crime, when a crime didn’t exist. typical. just like the OJ trial when the blacks yelled in unison “Let My People Go”.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Weird that I can make comments but can still rarely read an OS article if someone posts a link to it here. I have tried every trick in the book but nothing works. Fortunately the Sun Sentinel usually has the article soon after the OS puts it online.

      • ejarra says:

        Try to empty your cache. If you have a PC go to tools (upper left gear looking thing) open it, go to safety, then delete browser history and cookies. you’ll should be able to have access to OS articles then.

        • jordan2222 says:

          Well thanks for your tip but I am on a Mac and I pretty savvy with being able to trick sites into letting me in but the OS baffles me. Long ago, I learned how to get into pw protected sites but have no need for that today.

          OS is totally unpredictable. One day, I have 15 free articles left and the next day, my limit is over but I have no issues posting there. It’s why I appreciate it when someone posts the entire article here instead of the link.

  3. For anyone who was following the old blog. I have dropped wordpress for now obviously. http://stillselfdefensestillnotguilty.blogspot.com/ I will be buying a domain soon though. Blogspot affords a little more freedom.

    • JB from SoCal says:

      Good for you — don’t give up.
      And please keep us posted.

      (Your new Blogspot site has been duly noted in my “Bookmarks.”)

    • yankeeintx says:

      I’ve missed you. Thank you for the update.

      • JB don’t worry, I will not be intimidated or silenced. These people cannot engage in all manner of misinformation, slander, harassment and lies about George, his family, or supporters and then expect us to sit quietly by and allow them to do so without question or challenge. He himself will not call us racist and stupid and sit back casually as we say nothing to counter it.

        Yankee, thanks for your support.

    • LouDaJew says:

      that elhoff. it makes it easy for me because I would never want to visit the Leatherman site. it’s funny how they can’t accept black culture. I’d love for them to spend a week in Miami Gardens, and work in that neighborhood as a white person. again, white flighters make me sick when they forgot why they left the old neighborhood.

      • The main core of his followers are ringleaders in the Doth Protest Too Much blog and a majority of them are not white. As a matter of fact, his frequent posters are a who’s who of the same small handful of folks who have been relentlessly attacking Robert Jr on twitter. But you’re right, I would love for the bigboi’s and prncss6’s to spend a week there too.

    • Sherpa1 says:

      Can’t wait till Freddy and his crowd see this new site. They will be crazy. Missed you too.

    • Alexandra M. says:

      Yea!! GO HOFF!!!!
      I appreciate your fact-based articles!
      As the “special” Xena says, but in reference to the Trayonites instead:
      “Get Em! Get em get em getemgetemgetem!”

      • Alexandra M. says:

        Quick FACT about one of the biggest GZ-haters Xena (Barbara). From public documents easily googled, she was rejected as a new –?–(60-year old) flight attendant. Major LOLZ!

  4. eastern2western says:

    did this man had any concept of circumstantial evidence when he came up with the dd narrative?
    according to him, trayvon was simply walking home in the rain, talking to his girl friend with his ear phone and carrying skittles and an arizona.
    then the following circumstantial evidences should match the reality he sold to the public
    1) the arizona and skittles should be found outside of trayvon’s body with the 7-11 bab. reality is no because the arizona and skittles were found in his pockets and the bag was some where on the lawn.
    2) if trayvon were attacked while wearing using his earphone, then the ear phone should be found being connected to his cell phone. the reality is different because the earphone and phone were found disconnected in two complete different locations.
    If I managed to picked up the bs in his dd narrative, I am surprised the media took his story without any questions while they question every photo of george zimmerman soaking in blood as being cgi.

    • LouDaJew says:

      at the end of the clip is another white flighter who wil eventually defend the
      likes of Trayvon Martin, so she will be seen as not racist. that is….once she leaves the old neighborhood.

      • brutalhonesty says:

        22 murders in 11 days in chicago. 2 of them were trayvons younger brothers, one who was actually on his porch unlike trayvon. one of them in a gang, maybe like his brother trayvon. Where is the outrage? where is the justice for group headed by a black media mogul with a pr firm helping to write the narrative? where is obama talking about they could be his kids? where is crump? natalie jackson? Where are they?
        Where are the martins saying something needs to be done and their foundation can help?

        • LouDaJew says:

          where is the poem about these boys being born, like the poem written at the Leatherman site today from kindheart101?

        • myopiafree says:

          Nat Jackson says it is all OK, b/c blacks only “need to fear” (presumed), “white men”. Clearly, according to her,”backs do not shoot other blacks”. Yes another problem is that George had some “black” in him. Why attack George??

        • justfactsplz says:

          Yes, where is the help from the Martin’s foundation? What a farce.

          • eastern2western says:

            their foundation is made to evade taxes.

            • justfactsplz says:

              Absolutely it is. I wish the IRS would audit them and everything connected to them. There goes my stomach again. They make me extremely ill.

              • eastern2western says:

                with the millions they have collected from various organizations, they do not want to pay 50 percent of it to the irs for tax income purposes which lead the creation of their foundation that has unachievable goals.

                • jordan2222 says:

                  Maybe I am wrong but I doubt very seriously that they have collected “millions” and have a hunch that it is less than what George has received..but IDK. Just saying that I think they have failed. They have hit on po black folks who just don’t much to give and that is what sucks.

                  I would love to see what organizations have contributed and how much they have given. These “organizations” are NOT a bunch of dummies and they know exactly who the money would benefit.

                  Please tell me one good reason why anyone would give them money? Who else would get that money besides them? Maybe I am missing something.

                  • eastern2western says:

                    did you even look at their justice for trayvon website? In that site, they catagorized their donors by how much money they donated. the platinum section is reserved for organizations that have donated 500 dollars or more and the section is quite big. I do not know the exact amount, but I would guess the sum is quite big for them to set up a fradulent foundation to shield their expense and taxes. now they can basically use that money to buy what ever they want under the foundation umberella.

                  • jordan2222 says:

                    Yes I see that but I have no idea what the totals are. Those $500 donors could have all donated exactly that amount to get special recognition but who wants to be recognized for giving money when they know it does not benefit anyone but the two of them. Really now, who or what else does it benefit? I am NOT arguing with you at all

        • jordan2222 says:

          There are several conclusions that one could reasonably make about crime in Chicago. I have yet to see any black leaders show any genuine concern nor have I seen any viable suggestions for solutions. If I said, “no one cares,” would that be an absurd or accurate observation?

          I could even go so far as to guess it is passive Population Control of the bad guys and its intent is to save money, and still probably would not provoke anyone to get angry enough to take corrective action.

          I often tell gun control “experts” that Chicago should be their model to show what works. If their solution works there, others MIGHT listen. I am then, of course, barraged with hate filled diatribes and I NEVER even mention race when I reference Chicago. Funny that. The words Chicago and murder in the same breath automatically conjure up the word black. Does that make everyone a racist? Humm.

          • ottawa925 says:

            Jordan, if I told you that the gangs in Chicago put money into the coffers of politicians, would you believe me? When I say they put money into the coffers, obviously they don’t do it themselves. They hand the money (the drug/prostitution/and whatever else money) over to someone else, and that someone else makes sure it finds it way to the politicians.

            To provide a lil insight on the “genuine concern” that you mentioned, please read here, and just skip down to the part entitled “Our Findings”. This is from Chicago Magazine:


            So when an innocent child is killed by the stray bullet from a gang member that can’t shoot straight, THOSE FINDINGS are why you don’t see Sharpton, Jackson, or any elected Illinois, Chicago or Cook County politicans acting too concerned or drawing too much attention to it. Only the ppl who live in the neighborhoods themselves or those who are not part of the unholy alliance are outraged. Media will only go with the story for only so long, and then they just drop the ball.

            • ottawa925 says:

              It wouldn’t hurt to read this article either, how Chicago black politicians have a dynasty. I can tell you that these are some extremely powerful people.

            • jordan2222 says:

              The paradox is that Chicago’s struggle to combat street gangs is being undermined by its own elected officials. And the alliances between lawmakers and lawbreakers raise a troubling question: Who actually rules the neighborhoods—our public servants or the gangs?

              • ottawa925 says:

                What we see more and more is Law, Politicians, POTUS, Dems, Republicans … I think you get the picture … on the take and in bed with anything that will provide money/power. Legal or illegal, but mostly illegal cause dats where the money is. Question is … how do we stop them. Can we stop them. I think I’ve seen too many movies over the years where the good guys win in the end. That has spoiled me for what is actually going on in real life. A politician once said to me … “it seems you have a total disdain for all politicians”. I replied … “that would be correct.” When I lay my head down on the pillow at night .. perhaps I would have a dream where all the good Americans are banding together, numbers growing strong like William Wallace gathering the clans to go against the heavy horse attack of the armies of the King of England. And like Wallace … we win one skirmish after another, until like Robert the Bruce at Sterling we finally have victory and oust and get rid of this vermon we call government, and begin anew … a fresh start. I will never live to see that dream come true … but THIS BATTLE and THAT DAY will come. We have beaten tyranny before … we’ll do it again, just not in my lifetime. I wanted to be on the front lines … ready to lay down my life for what’s right … I don’t think I’ll get that chance … time will run out on me.

                • jordan2222 says:

                  We have to win a few small battles first and it has not happened. I have not seen any group rise up together yet. There is no organization nor is there any leadership. All we do is talk. When will that happen?

                  The marches and protests during Viet Nam have not resurfaced unless you count OWS which initially had some merit but it was short lived. Doomed before it ever it ever got started, then hijacked. Misguided causes, no clearly defined agenda and no direction or leadership. Pathetic really but it could have been something.

        • diwataman says:

          Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter rate;
          New Orleans, Louisiana 57.6
          Detroit, Michigan 48.2
          St. Louis, Missouri 35.3
          Newark, New Jersey 33.8
          Baltimore, Maryland 31.3

        • libby says:

          I guess with no percived white guy to attach blame to, they dont know what to do.
          Taking personal responsibility is way beyond their abilities

    • John Galt says:

      Crump got the timing of the NBA allstar game correct in that video @ 6:43. He said that Trayvon went to the store before the game started, not at halftime.

    • John Galt says:

      @ 11:18 Crump said that DD said that she concluded that Trayvon was pushed because his voice changed like something interrupted his speech. I don’t think DD said that in any of the recordings.

      • libby says:

        I have been trying to figure out for months how that liar knew that a push occurred (since she cant see through the phone) or who pushed who.

    • John Galt says:

      Wow!!! @25:40 Crump doesn’t want a grand jury. Never heard that previously. As Crump would say, that connects all the dots.

  5. flaladybug says:

    I hope West and O’Mara have a still shot of the “recording device” he displays so proudly….wonder if it’s the original recording device? At 33:22…..damn that pesky little LAW thing…..what an asinine response!! Way to skirt the question there Crumpy Boy!! Lol

    • jordan2222 says:

      There are no correlating “sounds” for Yes and No in the Crumpese dialect yet. It is an evolving language filled with “and stuff,” one of the most common words.

  6. diwataman says:
    • LittleLaughter says:

      I am an idiot when it comes to twitter, or tweeter or whatever. That being said, does the above “tweet” mean that the OS is correcting it’s statment, or is someone bringing it to their attention? I am sorry for my ignorance on the matter. Thanks in advance for taking the time to educate me.

      • jordan2222 says:

        There are many of us that do not use Twitter so you are in good company. I fail to see its value and I have heard enough to believe that the risks might be great. I am comfortable being a dummy about it and have no issues issues with asking dumb questions. Sometimes, being a dummy ain’t a bad thing. I have no need to be show off…..know it all.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I don’t know much about or do Twitter either. I believe he was bringing it to their attention though.

      • libby says:

        kathy griffin calls it for what it is….twatting

    • jordan2222 says:

      Wait. what are you saying? Did they correct it?

      • LittleLaughter says:

        I have no idea what the tweet meant; if they corrected it or if someone else had told them to. I don’t understand twitter and all of the @’s and hashtags. (I only learned that word recently).

  7. jordan2222 says:

    No big deal but am having a few issues with not getting notifications of new threads and also getting responses but I can figure it out. I have also received notifications of threads that do not even exist. That is weird.

    I did make a post, I think, asking about all of DeeDee’s versions of her interview(s) with Crump. I know of at least 3 different versions, none of which are identical. I am NOT including the one with Bernie.


    How many were there and which one is the final one submitted by Crump?

    • diwataman says:

      Crump played his recording at his presser. It is the same as we got and what ABC played. ABC also played little edited snippets that may give the impression of it being different but it’s the same. Let’s not also forget that Matt most certainly has more of what she said than Crump caught on his recorder. Matt also had interviewed her later, recorded that as well and played snippets of that.

      • jordan2222 says:

        So the American Thinker article is NOT accurate? Is that right?

        • diwataman says:

          I didn’t look that deep into it to say but I saw they are all credited to ABC and I believe I have all the ABC clips that contain DeeDee;


          • jordan2222 says:

            Excerpts here:

            The Content

            The portion of the phone interview

            that was released takes just a few seconds to listen to. It was broadcast on ABC’s Young Turks and then on World News with Diane Sawyer. Dee-Dee’s actual words are

            “he say this man was watching him so he put his hoodie on. Trayvon say what you are following me for. Then the man say what you doin’ round here. Someone push Trayvon because the headset just fell.” After the first sentence a reporter interpolates: “Suddenly Martin was cornered.”

            A different version, though credited to ABC, was broadcast on CNN. This is the interview


            featured on the Parks and Crump website.

            “He was walkin’ fast when he say this man behind him again. He come an say this look like he about to do somethin’ to him. And then Trayvon come an say the man was still behind him and then I come an say run.”

            In its printed rendition,


            ABC provided still a third version:

            “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man. I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run, but he said he was not going to run.”

            “Trayvon said, ‘What are you following me for,’ and the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’ Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the head set just fell. I called him again, and he didn’t answer the phone.”

            The printed ABC version has been edited and cleaned up to emphasize two things: 1) that a frightened Martin was pursued, escaped, and then caught by George Zimmerman and 2) that Zimmerman started the fight.

            Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/04/dee-dee_trayvon_and_dj.html#ixzz2Hvc87pty
            Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

      • howie says:

        He works for ABC. If it would hurt the defense it would have been a prime time special.

    • diwataman says:

      Here ya go. I’ve combined all the ABC clips that I’m aware of along with the Crump presser clip and the O’Mara upload of the same clip. They are all from the same segment at the Crump/DeeDee interview from March 19 except for the clips that are marked as later interview(s) with her that Matt Gutman had. They also all sound like the same girl to me.

    • libby says:

      MAYBE her inconsistencies are PROOF that she is lying…trayvonites see inconsistencies as a bad thing i have been told, unless they are the inconsistencies of his fmily/friends in which case they are … (fill in the blanks)

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