Pat Caddell in Texas….. “Something is about to happen”….

Pat Caddell is a Democrat. But he is an American first. As he eloquently states” the political class swears an oath to the constitution, not their party. They exist at the consent of the governed and something is about to explode… something…..

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25 Responses to Pat Caddell in Texas….. “Something is about to happen”….

  1. Omar says:

    I certainly wish this guy had more of a national stage!! What he says is so true! And I KNOW he does have a national stage, but why have so few HEARD him? His message should resonate with everyone who loves this country! I certainly pray that a sustainable, effective, energetic and focused grass roots movement storms the walls in 2014. It’s definitely time to clean our political house of the trash in both parties!

    • howie says:

      He knows the “Safety Net” is getting larger and netting up more people. As the Green Curtain starts to encompass the nation. Too many voters are caught in the net with no exit. You know you are in trouble when they start seriously considering trillion dollar coins. Next up the quadrillion dollar coin.

    • elvischupacabra says:

      Sadly, your message can be spot-on, but in the watered-down media world, targeted at the low-information voter with a short attention span, Caddell is missing one thing. He isn’t pretty. He’s on the low end of average (yeah, I can say that).

      Oh, he’s also a Democrat who left the reservation, which makes him untouchable to all except Fox.

      • canadacan says:

        I understand that Pat Caddell isn’t pretty like some of the others Rubio and others . but Pat Caddell is awesome to listen to have a lot of good things to say
        Fox has a huge audience and Pat Caddell is a regular.

      • marie says:

        As long as a commentator appears on Fox, the other networks ignore him. Only Krauthammer, who writes a syndicated column and appears on PBS, Bill Krisol, whose ideas also appear in “The Weekly Standard” and whose father was a beloved lion of conservatism in the eyes of many, and a couple of others, aren’t totally left off the reservation for being Fox mainstays.

        Conservatives or anti-progressives must start appearing on a regular basis not on network news shows but on the pop culture shows that influence most Americans—the morning shows like Today or GMA, and sadly, in order to mainstream their ideas, they must start appearing on dumb talk shows like Ellen and Leno, etc. I know, I know, but hey, it works. The only way ideas in America aren’t made fun of is if they can get sunshine. Face it, the average American doesn’t read and doesn’t pay attention to hard news (and also, hard news is hard to come buy on tv these days), so if they don’t see people associated with those ideas on their regularly watched shows, they either don’t know they exist or they think that they are ideas that would only be tossed around by “eggheads on that PBS s–t.”

        You have to also remember how long it takes an idea to catch hold and if you need an example of an idea that was thought laughable as little as 15 years ago, impossible as little as 10 years ago, think about gay “marriage.”

        Remember–we are fighting what kids are taught (or not taught) in our schools and universities. Remember that you could go out on the street of the average town right now, ggrab a 100 people and be lucky if you found one that knew what the Federalist Papers were. You’d be lucky to get 5 to know what the concept of the separation of powers is and from what it is derived, you’d probably get none who had heard of “enumerated powers.”

        All that has to be taught in the pop culture. Over and over and over…..

        • lovemygirl says:

          Make Big Bird a Constitutional Professor! He’s smarter than that other guy that was and worked as a community organizer.

  2. howie says:

    When there is no check on an unconstitutional law, there is no constitution. By mutual consent. Thus we become a socialist democracy doomed to destruction. It is only a matter of time. I doubt it will be an explosion. You will be able to watch it happen on TV.

  3. howie says:

    Also don’t think that the Supreme Court is going to help us on this one. The legislation clearly identifies the approach to grandfathered weapons as a tax, and the Supreme Court has recently dealt with this issue on Obamacare, and refused to strike it down. Our swing vote, the George W. Bush appointed Justice Stevens, has already demonstrated that he will not strike down major legislation from the bench if he can find a way to avoid it, and this tax approach to our guns won’t even make the Supreme Court. You may think that the original 2nd Amendment guaranteed us the right to the same guns at the government (muskets at the time), but there is plenty of Federal case law from the 1986 machinegun ban that has laid the groundwork for this Feinstein bill. It will pass, and it will stand.

    This is from an email from GOA. I agree with it. Robert’s paved the way. Thanks George. I think they confused Stevens with Robert’s. Obama will be on solid legal ground.

    • Brook says:

      Forget about the feds — use your state reps to stop this. WY already has an excellent bill ready to vote on that will nullify anything Biden is doing…

      Cut and paste this and send it to your state reps. Demand they get a bill going in your state. This is a major battle coming, folks, but we are dealing with a ruthless mafia. Two gun advocates John Noveske and Keith Radcliff died mysteriously this week. This is no coincidence. The Chicago Mafia is in full-blown intimidation mode.

      • canadacan says:

        The states is where we will make our stand that is the uniqueness of America.

      • czarowniczy says:

        There’s case law at the Supreme Court level which could (and most likely will) be applied that will nullify any attempts by a state to circumvent Federal law in this matter. Montana had its law protecting any firearm wholly made inside of the state from Federal oversight and DoJ/ATF have already poo-pooed it using case law. I do not think the Supreme Court will overrule these previous decisions, looks more and more like the SCOTUS is trashing the Constitution it’s supposed to protect in favor of becoming a politically-motivated Sanhedrin of its own.

        • howie says:

          I think they are doing their thing. The Congress has delegated all their controlling authority to the executive branch agencies. The writing of the reg’s becomes law. So if there is no check there is no constitution. Or no constitutional republic. Right now it is so corrupt that anything goes. All the agency has to do is find a statute and write reg’s. The Congress is a joke.

        • Brook says:

          The Montana law is going to the 9th Circuit next. Any guesses on that outcome? If CO can legalize Mary Jane, then conservative states should be able to have loose gun laws.

          • czarowniczy says:

            There is case law centered around the Interstate Commerce clause that basically say that the Feds can regulate production inside of a state as the item(s) produced ‘may’ find their way into interstate commerce. For those of you who still believe the 10th Amendment is alive and breathing I offer the SCOTUS decision United States v, Sprague: “The Tenth Amendment added nothing to the Constitution as originally ratified, and lends no support to the contention that the people did not delegate this power to Congress in matters affecting their own personal liberty.”
            As far as the 9th Circuit is concerned, a decision in the 9th Circuit court will only apply to those states inside of the 9th Circuit. Even if the 9th upholds the Montana law it will still end up in the Supreme Court and then it’s a whole new ballgame. The history of the SCOTUS overturning earlier SCOTUS rulings is about as short and spotty as Obama’s personal history.

  4. The economy is absolutely teetering and there really is no mathematical solution that is gonna fix it. We produce nothing, have an insane balance of trade and no work ethic. It’s only a matter of time until the whole house of cards falls. I believe the elite are trying to goad 2A people into doing something stupid, that way the upcoming collapse can be blamed on Constitutionalists.

    • Brook says:

      Yes, they tried it with Occupy on the left and it fizzled. They couldn’t get enough pawns to be cannon fodder. People are waking up on both sides. If we handle this through our state govs and nullify this bastard, that’s a peaceful solution we can all live with. There are 7 red state Dem Senators that want no part of this gun law. They’ll be more than happy for the House to kill it. Anything Obama does at that point with EO, the states simply laugh off and challenge him to do something about it.

  5. czarowniczy says:

    Again the POtuS is using an issue to smoke-and-mirror things that pose a danger to the US but fit right into his agenda. Unannounced by the MSM, the Russians have just launched the first of its new fleet of state-of-the-art nuclear attack subs. While Obama’s crying crocodile tears about dead children and asking for the US population to be disarmed he’s also gutting the US military in the face of Russian expansion. As the Russian basically dry-docked their mediocre boomers post-meltdown (both their government and their subs) the US let its anti-sub capabilities slip and Obama is trying to drown what’s left. Chances are we won’t be launching any new nuke attack subs, that leaves Obama his opportunity to reestablish the Cold War world with multiple poles-of-power and the US with the possibility of facing-off, in an unbalanced position, against any two powers that do not like us.

    • cjmartel says:

      If you want to see what is coming next, read “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William Shirer, it appears to be the primary play book this administration is using. Any gun law, any, must be considered as an act of war against the American public, I won’t even mention if barry attempts to use executive fiat, then all bets are off! People ARE starting to wake up, they are now beginning to see that we were not paranoid, we just happen to understand more faster. I have seen Pat on Fox news, and I have been impressed, the man really is an American first, a democrat second, I just hope he can wake up more democrats to the incredible multi pronged threat this nation is facing; an economy that for all intents and purposes should have failed a long time ago, an administration that is governing in the same manner as despots all through history have done, An increasingly beligerent China, who by the way appears to be stockpiling just about everything in huge quantities, they must know something we don’t, and a government that celebrates abortion and destruction of the family unit in favor of gay, transgender, or God only knows what, more than likely bestiality will soon gain acceptance, I’d bet a paycheck on it!!

  6. JAS says:

    We live in a republic. A republic is by definition a federation of states. The states represent the will of the people therein and mandate the goals of the republic. Forget Washington D.C, forget the federal government, forget presidential elections. It starts, and it ends, with the states. It is the states that reflect the will of the people. Therefore,


  7. akathesob says:

    And when it all goes, it will not be pretty.

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