01-07 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

REMINDER – Please WATCH THE TONE and CONTENT of Commentary. Please be respectful, courteous and considerate of other readers and contributors. Please avoid hatespeak, angry rhetoric, vulgarity, personal attacks and condescension. If you wish to engage in vitriolic, racist, or bitter angry rhetoric, there are alternative sites on the internet more than welcoming to such considerations. But not here. Thank You.

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159 Responses to 01-07 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. diwataman says:

    Ahhh, a new day begins and just in case I miss it at 5pm EST, O’Mara will then have 18 business days left to file anything that moves the case forward.

    • rumpole2 says:

      Over at JQ they are praying for a “Doc Dump”… getting quite anxious in fact… like addicts in need of a fix. :D
      I have no idea what they HOPE might be in it.. the description looked tame.. and anything new they deny anyway??
      Funny that they always do this… clamour for a doc dump, but then don’t bother to read it or at least comprehend what it says?
      Most of the Mob admit not reading… they wait for the Alpha Cretins to tell them what the docs say. :D

  2. diwataman says:

    I don’t recall seeing this here, apologies if it’s a repeat;

    “Atty. Crump concluded if Mr. Zimmerman is not held accountable, Stand Your Ground killings will flourish. “It’s something we’re already starting to see with Jordan Davis, Ernest Hoskins, all around America,” Atty. Crump said.”

    Jan 1, 2013

    • howie says:

      That right there should be enough to get him sanctioned by Flabar. Sounds like he is calling for a lynching. Guilty or not is irrelevant.

      • diwataman says:

        HA! That aint neva gonna happen!

        July 2011

        “Bar sends Gov. Scott JNC recommendations

        The Bar Board of Governors has nominated three lawyers for each of the upcoming vacancies on the state’s 26 judicial nominating commissions.”

        - For the Second Circuit JNC: James C. Banks, Tallahassee, Benjamin Crump, Tallahassee, and Bruce A. Leinback, Monticello.


        • howie says:

          I said should be…not will be. To say Zimmerman should be convicted without evidence is akin to lynching. To relate his conviction to stopping SYG cases is about the worst thing I have heard yet.

        • Chip Bennett says:

          …which just goes to show exactly how corrupt Bar associations are.

          Set aside the matter of Crump’s criminal involvement in the Zimmerman case; besides that, he’s just a bad lawyer.

          • pbunyan says:

            “besides that, he’s just a bad lawyer.”

            Plus there’s ample ebidents that the ambalance chaser can’t even speak English.

        • Lee says:

          The Bar Board of Governors should be ashamed and the people of Florida should speak up for their right to have a non-racist, educated, and ethical jurist. Benjamin Crump – no.

      • libby says:

        It is hard to remain optimistic about the florida bar with reghards this case

        • Sha says:

          libby : Chin up this thing isn’t over with yet ! Wolverines !!!! :D

          • jello333 says:

            I have supreme confidence in George being exonerated. That’s gonna happen… I have NO doubt. But as for whether or not the conspirators are gonna be brought to justice (either with ethics, or preferably criminal sanctions) my confidence changes day to day. Today I might think it’s a long-shot, while tomorrow I might be visualizing their prison cells being made ready as we speak. If we’re only considering how things SHOULD work, and if justice is key, then no doubt they’re headed to jail. But if we consider some of the people pulling the strings at high levels, then I start to have my doubts.

            Oh well… we shall see…

            • janc1955 says:

              Many of us who watched the Anthony catastrophe unfold over 3+ years can’t muster any confidence at all in the Florida justice system. Anthony should be on death row, but instead she struts among us, free to make as many more little Caylees as she chooses.

            • dmoseylou says:

              “I have supreme confidence in George being exonerated. That’s gonna happen… I have NO doubt.”

              Nor do I. George will win a dismissal of charges and immunity from civil suits. I also completely believe that most of the Scheming Scammers Team will be sanctioned, severely. I say this b/c George has Alan Dershowitz on his side. Nothing, IMO, compares to his assertion on national TV when he held up a copy of the PCA and stated that this “is a crime.” And that Corey needed to get an attorney.
              Yeah, the Scheme Team had the Prez in the Rose Garden. Big deal.

              George has Alan Dershowitz. THAT is impressive.

    • crossdraw says:

      but 99 percent of the stand your grounds shooting kills the thugs off the street

    • jello333 says:

      Ok, fine Crump. To make you happy, we’ll just throw out all self-defense statutes in Florida… in every state, in the entire country. Because that’s what you’re saying, idiot. This case has nothing to do with SYG… and you know it! So just admit that it’s simple, everyday, self-defense laws that bother you. They make it tougher for you to play your race-bating game, after all. Bad for business.

    • janc1955 says:

      Gee, he didn’t mention anything about all the “Justice for Trayvon” beatings and killings?

  3. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft Posts From Justarse Quest

    There is no shortage of daft posts at JQ Trayvon Zone… every post is a gem, but it is mostly about RZ’s twitter. Even such case discussion as RZ raises is not part of the case, and the Traybots focus on personal abuse anyway.
    So…. Thought I would give the mythical “Rumpole’s Mole” a some time off :D

    Today’s daft posting is from the a public JQ forum:

    JQ THREAD TOPIC: ‘disembowelled’ pedophile is killed in jail attack
    “A source close to the prison said: ‘To all intents and purposes he had been disembowelled. There was blood everywhere.”

    Check out the HATE filled posts, and the Site Madam’s reaction to rabid posting, some examples of posts and a screen shot at…….

    Random Topics

    • raiikun says:

      This really kind of epitomizes why I call the place LynchQuest rather than JQ…what they “quest” for really is nothing resembling Justice, so to call it that is a blatant misnomer.

      • rumpole2 says:

        You have a PM at RT :D

      • rumpole2 says:

        They have no shame as far as this stuff goes. They just don’t get it, but it shows them to be livid with pure HATE and really as one with the most vile and evil inmates in prison. They often refer to this sort of “Justice”… see the inmates as “their guys” who mwill dish out “Justice” for them when the judicial system lets them down an gives too light a sentence, or is unable to dish out DP.
        As I said at RT: The inmates doing the disembowelling are in effect JQ Members… it is just the Enforcement arm of JQ.

        • libby says:

          they claim they are entirely against vigilantism and they brag about how hopeful they are that GZ will meet a nasty fate with a bunch of black vigilantes

      • jello333 says:

        I hope you guys can all forgive me about how I interacted with those scumbags the first few times I posted over there. I was trying to “be nice”, and thinking maybe some of them were worth reasoning with. But for awhile now, it’s been clear to me that the vast majority of those people are worthless human beings. They ENJOY watching other people go through pain and suffering. I know now that my talking with them in a civilized way was not only a waste of time, but was actually kinda insulting to all the decent people of the world. I mean, if I’m “nice” to EVERYONE, even some of the vile occupants of JQ and the Twitter feeds, then what’s so special about me also being “nice” to people who really deserve it?

        (Hopefully that makes sense.)

        • rumpole2 says:

          Don’t sweat it Jello. :)
          It is normal to “be nice” as a first option. What ever place you visit. You showed great class over there. (I think I told you that at the time). That reflected well on you, and also help highlight their nastiness by comparison. So your honour is intact… theirs is not.

  4. eastern2western says:

    llma papa should keep making this type of stupid videos because he just openly admites zimmerman’s injury did occured. this guy is so stupid for picking on the blood flow, but not realizing the direction of the blood flow is changed by standing up for hours while being questioned by the officers and also being treated by the emts. some of these trayvonites really need to stop watching csi and go back to college.

    • raiikun says:

      And equally importantly, that side of George’s head was banged against the concrete too. You can see Singleton point out that side of the head while remarking about the swelling in the recreation video.

      So, since we know that George had his head turned to the sides at some point while yelling for help, there’s no issue at all with the blood flowing that way.

      As always, LLMPapa’s videos kinda fall apart once taken in context with all the evidence he leaves out that proves him wrong.

    • LouDaJew says:

      LLM seeks attention, because in the real world he’s a first class loser who is ignored

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Such complaints are simply asinine.

      A photograph of blood flowing on Zimmerman’s head, taken in a police station, perhaps hours after the altercation, and at a minimum, taken after Zimmerman was initially cleaned up on the scene are utterly irrelevant with respect to how blood may or may not have flowed during or immediately after the altercation.

      And in fact, I would say that any photo that shows flowing blood on Zimmerman’s head, even after he had been cleaned up and transported to the police station, is further proof that Zimmerman sustained real, physical injuries to his head during the altercation.

      Does LMPapa really believe the stuff he’s selling?

      • Jim Brown says:

        Zimmerman swung at Trayvon and missed

        • Chip Bennett says:

          Zimmerman swung at Trayvon and missed

          The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

        • mung says:

          Let’s just play devil’s advocate and say he did. So what? George still had the right to defend himself from being killed when Trayvon was beating him into the ground and threatening to kill him.

          As I have said before, I am tired of the lame excuses that somehow George should have died at the hands of Trayvon because of some made up justifications for the assault that Trayvon was committing on George. Any one of you lame Trayonites would have done the exact same thing in the same situation and you know it. It is so easy to arm chair quarterback and say that you would have stayed in the truck, blah, blah blah, but if you take that out of the picture and beam yourself right to the time of the actual altercation, there isn’t one of you that doesn’t pull that trigger.

          I really wish there were black boxes for life like on airplanes so that we could do like they do in crash re-enactments. These idiots wouldn’t get the option to not leave the airport only to take over the controls at the time of the engine failure and see if they could land the plane.

        • justfactsplz says:

          No he didn’t.

        • dizzymissl says:

          Please provide the video.

  5. diwataman says:

    His latest video, titled ” Wagner” is just, well, I don’t know what to call it. Are they still on the photoshop thing? He said this at the end of the video about Ofc Wagner and the photo;

    “You got any more creative expression of the photographic arts you wanna give a whirl?”

    Wat is that? Just like a really weird way to insinuate it was photoshopped? We can prove it wasn’t photoshopped so why are the still on this silliness?

  6. diwataman says:
  7. diwataman says:

    I did not know about this twitter account;


  8. raiikun says:

    So one of the Traynuts is arguing on twitter that George’s recollection of time is irrelevant, only his account of his movement is.

    They’re abandoning basic science apparently, since movement is measured in….distance over time.

    Amazing how they can say one thing is relevant and then discard half of the variables that makes up what they say is relevant.

    • lovemygirl says:

      George’s physical movements exonerate him. How did the fight start near the “T” on the sidewalk that led to George’s truck minutes later if Trayvon did not instigate it?

      • Knuckledraggingwino says:

        Searching for the answers to these questions first brought me to the CTH.

        This was the first place where I found a map showing the relative positions of GZ’s truck, Brandy Green’s condo, and TM’s carcass. The positional information in context with the time info in GZ’s NEN call and the 911 call destroy the argument that GZ hunted TM down like a dog. Given the medical reports, photographs, 911 call time data, and autopsy evidence that confirm that GZ shot TM at very Close range only after TM attacked him like a rabid dog; there are no credible doubts about GZ’s innocence.

        This entire case is founded on anti gun bigotry and racial resentment. Unfortunately; Crump and Obama have so poisoned the minds of the Black community that GZ’s acquittal will inevitably provoke thug riots. Since I am unwilling to live in a society that will crucify an innocent man to appease the mob (Biblical reference intentional), my attitude is “bring it on!”

      • myopiafree says:

        Yes, even “bomb-shell” DeeDee said that TM “went back” – to “see” George, and “speak to him” – with TM’s fists.

      • tara says:

        As a juror, I would need the prosecution to explain Trademark’s path, because all of the evidence appears to point to him back-tracking and there is zero evidence to indicate that he made an effort to return to Brandy’s. So much for the “scare chile” theory of the prosecution.

    • rumpole2 says:

      The laws of physics do not apply in the Twilight Zone, nor in the Trayvon Zone which is an offshoot.

      • LetJusticePrevail says:

        From a recent post I made at another site:

        “You forgot the distortion of the space-time continuim that surrounds the “dogwalk”.

        According to TrayHuggers there’s a mysterious “disturbance in the force” which:

        Stops time so that all events, such as head bashing, smothering, and reaching for guns MUST ALL OCCUR SIMULTANEOUSLY. This theory postulates that the simultaneity effect is accompanied by the spontaneous generation of extra hands to explain the ability to accomplish multiple things in a single instant of time. Very similar to the way yardsticks grow and shrink, and clocks speed up and slow down in Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

        Another curious phenomenon witnessed here is that people can run for minutes, and actually not move a single yard (the deceased managed to run for 2 minutes, but his actual progress was ZERO yards.) According to Einstein, this must mean he approached the speed of light and either his watch moved infinitely fast, or his yardstick became infinitely long–depending on your point of reference

        More curious properties:

        1) Stumbling doesn’t happen. People are required to fall down immediately
        2) Bullets cannot travel in straight trajectories and enter bodies perpendicularly
        3) Blood is required to flow uphill when people lean forward
        4) People MUST continue to scream if they haven’t been shot
        5) Grass is audible on cell phones
        6) Cell phones continue to transmit *after* calls disconnect
        7) Phones and flashlights are *not* as close as they appear in pictures (I call this the *negative side view mirror effect*)

        on and on”

        • jello333 says:

          All true. And I can just imagine how frustrated they must be that no one believes them. Because I’ve had just such an issue for as long as I can remember. That being, the knowledge that it’s impossible to ever really touch anything. It’s a fact, and yet nobody believes me. But think about it:

          Let’s say you’re standing with your fingertip 4 feet away from a wall. You move halfway to the wall, so that you’re not only 2 feet away. Then you move halfway again, and now you’re only 1 foot away. Keep doing this, over and over, going halfway each time. Next you’re 6″ away. Then 3″. Then 1.5″. Etc, etc. Eventually you get VERY close, until you’re only one-thousandth of an inch away. Eventually one-ten-thousandth, then one-hundred-thousandth. And now you’re only one-billionth of an inch away. So you go halfway again and… ARGGHHH! You’re STILL not there!

          (Yes, I’m insane…. you’re just jealous!)

      • nomatter_nevermind says:

        I have conjectured that the events happened in a Zeno’s Paradox space. Martin could not get to the townhome, and Zimmerman could not get to his truck, no matter how much time either spent moving toward their respective destinations.

  9. Jim Brown says:

    GZ is sooo guilty. I can come up with 50 ways to convice t him. I don’t care about the fight. For staters I’ve been in a few and I rarely allow someone to hit me, so it’s very liekly Zimmerman swung and missed. It’s very likely Zimmemran lost his balance and fell. And trayvon did have injuries from the fight, a bullrt that blew up his heart.

    • dmoseylou says:


      • Sha says:

        {{ Double YaaaaaaaWWWWWWnnnnnnnn}}

        • justfactsplz says:

          Sha, pray for me before I lose it!

          • Sha says:

            justfactsplz: Check out the fourth on the GZ thread at the bottom the troll…. that one was worse than this one. Keep it togeather girl ! this trash can’t break us down not even for a moment. Alot of them are just warped and looking for attention….. why else would you go to someone elses house and insult them.

    • diwataman says:

      Well that was convincing.

    • AghastInFL says:

      Put quite simply what you describe is the difference between a fight and an attack. There was no fight GZ was attacked; a prolonged attack in which he was significantly injured and ended only by his use of justifiable force.
      Very likely is not/will not meet the burden of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    • myopiafree says:

      Oh, I got it. TM came up to GZ and said something nasty. GZ got angry, and “swung” at TM, slipped and fell and his is NOSE on the cement. That really made GZ angry, so he got up again, and took another “swing” at TM, who was taunting him – since he was over-weight and could not “keep up” with TM. With the second swing, GZ slipped again, and then hit the BACK OF HIS HEAD on the cement (poor guy). No GZ is all bloody, and TM does not have a mark on him.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      GZ is sooo guilty. I can come up with 50 ways to convice t him.

      The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

      I don’t care about the fight. For staters I’ve been in a few and I rarely allow someone to hit me, so it’s very liekly Zimmerman swung and missed.

      The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

      It’s very likely Zimmemran lost his balance and fell.

      The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

      And trayvon did have injuries from the fight, a bullrt that blew up his heart.

      Fact: Zimmerman committed a homicide, through the lethal use of force.

      Fact: the state has charged Zimmerman with murder in the second degree, as a result of said use of lethal force.

      Question under consideration: was Zimmerman’s use of lethal force legally justified on the basis of self-defense, as defined in relevant Florida statutes. In other words: was said homicide justified or unjustified, legally.

      Please try to keep up.

      • jim brown says:

        FACT: Zimmerman told Serino when questions that there was no arguing.
        FACT: 3 witnesses said they heard arguing between 2 men, one younger and one older for quite a while, that caused them to look outside.

        Please try to keep up. Yawn!

        • Chip Bennett says:

          FACT: Zimmerman told Serino when questions that there was no arguing.
          FACT: 3 witnesses said they heard arguing between 2 men, one younger and one older for quite a while, that caused them to look outside.

          Exact quotes, please. What exactly did Zimmerman tell Serino, and what exactly did the witnesses state, with respect to the nature and duration of the verbal confrontation?

          Regardless, you honestly believe that detail is sufficient to provide a preponderance of evidence that Zimmerman wasn’t acting in self-defense, much less prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed murder in the second degree?

          Here’s a fact for you: even if Zimmerman had gotten into a shouting match with Martin, said shouting match would not legally justify the felony aggravated battery Martin committed against Zimmerman; on the other hand, the felony aggravated battery did, by explicit statutory definition, give Zimmerman the right to use lethal force in self defense.

    • eastern2western says:

      Lets be honest in here, which country are you from? I know that big companies out sourced their telephone sales department to other countries to save money and india is usually the favorite country because english is required as part of the education system. the major problem with this indian operators is that their english is british english and they also lack of understanding of american culture and its laws. One of the most obvious clue is that they always repeat the company line without actually understanding what they are saying, this guy represents one of them. He believes zimmerman is guilty and he can come up with 50 ways to convict him, but offeres no support of his comments. another thing is he does not understand a conviction needs the prosecution to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt and convince a jury of twelve to agree completely. One disagreement among the twelve can produce a hang jury. However, he does seem to lack of any knowledge of this system and believes he can some how convict zimmerman by just coming up with a bizarro theory. No dude, your opinion without a support can not convict zimmerman. another thing is you can not ignore the fight because the fight is the most pivotal part of this whole case. can you please contact your employer before you make such foolish opinion?

    • eastern2western says:

      can you please explain what is the country of your origin and your education level because your comment lacks the most basic understanding of the american legal system. I can not believe any one with a basic understanding of the american criminal law could form such opinion.

    • mung says:

      Hooked on phonics works for me!

      I don’t know what convice t means, but I will guess that you mean convict. You said 50 ways and you don’t name one.

      It is very helpful when you want to try to make a case that you start by taking the evidence that has been presented and show how that evidence is not accurate. Until you do that we have to take the evidence as accurate and that shows that George was acting in self defense. Now go back to kindergarten, it is nap time.

    • tara says:

      Jim Brown, please do yourself a favor and GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

    • howie says:

      Ah Ha! I bet T-con was only on top of him to try and help him get up. What a nice little kid.

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Good troll, dude. Now you can tell all your idiot friends that you came here and got everyone ALL stirred up. YAWWWWWWWWWWN

    • pbunyan says:

      The problem here is that all you treepers are talking about the “evidence” but the Travonites like Jim Brown are basing their conclusions on “ebidents” not “evidence”.

      eb·i·dents noun \ˈeb-i-dents\
      Definition of EBIDENTS
      1 : mendacius information released at press conferences arranged and scripted by Ryan Julison
      2 : unfounded conclusions based on logical fallacies as well as staments and data that have been proven to be false

    • LittleLaughter says:

      There’s plenty of space here…Post your 50 ways to convict GZ so the rest of us can be enlightened too.

    • justfactsplz says:

      George is absolutely innocent. In America you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. You have no facts or evidence that George took a swing at St. Skittles.

  10. ejarra says:

    Did anyone see this discusting rant?

    “The defendant showed no mercy and then shot the victim in the chest as the victim pleaded for mercy and help, which the screams for help were halted by the stated gunshot. The defendant then lunged at the victim, pinning the victim facedown, asphyxiating the victim. The defendant than started molesting the victim by rubbing his hands all over the dying kid’s body.”


    • ejarra says:

      Can’ remember if I checked the notify box

    • diwataman says:

      I really do laugh when I read stuff like that because the sad thing is some actually believe it but no doubt it’s absolutely reckless rhetoric. You know you have reached the stinking lowest bowels of the internet when you find that stuff but again some people, who you might think would otherwise be clear thinking people actually believe it or something close to that effect. Very sad indeed.

      • LetJusticePrevail says:

        You can bet that the person who wrote that comment is also a regular visitor at the Leatherhead’s blog. Asphyxia indeed!

    • tara says:

      Wow, this guy knows a lot ! He should be a prosecution witness ! Would love to see him on the stand. :)

    • eastern2western says:

      sure, the victim was so scare of the defendant’s gun that he was punching him for nearly 2 minutes while yelling for help. lets not forget this important part.

  11. eastern2western says:

    creative swirl? come on pappa! could he come up with some thing better?

  12. diwataman says:

    If you’re interested I finally took the time to blog about the supposed photoshoped photo of George. I have no doubt it will NOT have any effect on the people on the other side and it’s nothing that no doubt many here already know about, because you’re all just that cool, lolz, but hey, it gives me something to do since nothing else has been going on with the case itself for so long;


    • rumpole2 says:

      I read it Dman – Thanks.
      You lay it out clearly… as you say…. us cool CTH dudes knew that already (mostly from your posting), but it’s good to see it brought together and spelled out.
      Good place to link Trolls to.. though perhaps it needs to be in the form of a video mash with music and cockatoo song in the background? :D

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Okay, time to put this whole photoshopped-image nonsense to rest, once and for all.

      Here is the Error-Level Analysis of the Zimmerman photo, at the 95% error level (perhaps a CTH admin would be so kind as to embed it for me, since the IMG tag below is going to get stripped):

      Reproducibility: go here, and try it for yourself (grab the original from Diwataman’s post).

      Explanation of Error-Level Analysis.

      (Cross-posted to D-man’s post.)

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Another thing you may wish to add to your blog is an explanation of WHY the photo was taken by Officer Wagner. He was on the crime scene talking to witness 11 (the first 911 caller) and wanted her to identify George. She was reluctant to venture outside, so he took the photo with his phone and showed it to her.

      This is made known to Detective Serino when witness 11 relates this info to him during their *recorded* interview on 3/2. Witness 11 will be able to testify in court as to whether or not the photo appears to have been altered between the time when she first saw it (on 2/26) and the present time.

      This eliminates any claims that a “computer mastermind” altered the information embedded in the photo, because there is no possible way for Wagner to take the photo, rush to a computer and photoshop it, then rush back to show it to witness 11.

    • eastern2western says:

      dude, you should not waste your time answering one of the many conspiracy theories out there. the cgi theory has beeen out there since the first photo came out. there is also the self infliction theory that no one can explain when did zimmerman had enough time to cause such severe injury to himself. some wacked out dude even claimed that zimmerman beated him self up before he started chasing after trayvon which makes no sense because his blood would probably splatter all over the cement side walks. the most funny part is that they constantly conflict each other with out knowing it. this papa guy claims that zimmerman lied about trayvon using hand to covered his mouth because no blood was found on trayvon’s hands, but he contradicts himself by making another video that claims wagner manipulated the photo. at this point, twitter probably still have idiots who claim that zimmerman is some racist and he killed trayvon as some kind of initiation for the kkk. then there is also people who are still hanging on to the conspiracy theory of the whole sanford police deparment trying to save zimmerman’s ass because his dad is a retired judge from virginia. there are just simply too many wacky theories out there and all of the authors probably still have not even finished their geds yet because they have the dream of making it to the nba or becoming a rapper.

      • diwataman says:

        You are being facetious I suppose considering the majority of your posts consist of the very thing you’re describing. The particular instance I covered occurred upon the release of the color photo a month ago as mentioned in the blog.

  13. Angel says:

    Got a thank you care from GZ for the donation I made way back in April or May of 2012. Didn’t do it for the “autograph” as that was not even a topic of discussion then but it was touching to see GZ’s signature. and that he took the time to say thank you!

  14. eastern2western says:

    for the next evidence release, I would like to see a photo of trayvon martin’s pants or a report on his pants.

      • eastern2western says:

        you are right about many of them. It is kind of weird that there is trul never any signed testimony of dd or even a sworn testimony of her. the one de la rionda did seem to be bizarro because of the location.

      • eastern2western says:

        the defense should also need to look at the head phone of trayvon because I have never heard of any head phone that can pick up breath sounds from a distance.

        • crossdraw says:

          ya and these headphones can pick up grass noise according to dd then teleport into TM pocket where found at the scene

          • eastern2western says:

            dude, those are some good phones trayvon has. It gotta be beats.

          • dexter says:

            For some insane reason, I had to try this. I phoned my brother, jumped on the grass, rolled around on the grass, walked on the grass. My brother failed to hear the grass over my cellphone. Hopefully. I’m not as nuts as DD.

          • nomatter_nevermind says:

            I think Tara Mulphers will testify that she collected the earphones from the ground, where everyone who actually saw them says they were.

            • MJW says:

              I’m not saying they weren’t collected from the ground, but if they were, they should have been marked with an evidence marker, like the cellphone, flashlights, and even the plastic bags.

            • rumpole2 says:

              The 184 page document dump has evidence logs including headphones “from victims pocket”

              DMS•10 PERSONAL EFFECTS
              One (1) red “711/1 brand name lighter, photo button, bag of skittles, and headphones.
              and collected from with in the victim’s pockets.

              this is repeated on pages 07, 22, 31, 45, 51, 58, 66, 75, and 82

              • rumpole2 says:

                I don’t think this case is going to be fought down in the weeds of details like this.

                The overall “Gestalt” of the case is overwhelmingly that TM attacked GZ and he (reasonably) shot in self defence in fear for his life.

                • howie says:

                  I have been thinking about this too. Corey is going to say that GZ was not acting as a reasonable person when he “got out of his car.” They keep coming back to that. How she gets there is what I can not figger out. How she has any evidence of this is beyond me. Objective/Subjective etc. Where she can come up with Mens Rea is also a mystery. What a travesty. Top to bottom. These type of arguments go round and round and usually end up at an impasse. But it is all she has to work on.

                • howie says:

                  A condominium is a form of real property ownership in which an individual owns a unit exclusively and owns common elements jointly with all other unit owners in the condominium. Condominiums come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. Condominiums may be created at the time of initial construction or by converting previously existing apartments, townhouses, and hotels/motels to the condominium form of ownership. Other examples of condominiums include mobile home sites, recreational vehicle sites, boat docks, and office parks. Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes, commonly known as the Condominium Act, and the corresponding administrative rules found in Chapters 61B-15 through 61B-24, Florida Administrative Code, are the basis for the information in this brochure and apply only to the condominium form of ownership.
                  Common elements are those portions of the condominium property which are not included in the units. All unit owners share ownership of the common elements in an undivided manner. The structure of the building including the roof, walls, conduit and hallways, and recreation facilities are examples of items that are usually part of the common elements. Common elements are legally attached to each unit and are transferred with the unit when it is sold. Therefore, a deed to a unit conveys the unit to a purchaser together with its proportionate ownership interest in the common elements.

                  According to these Florida Statutes, GZ should be considered to be on his own property during the incident, I think. If so, it would be entirely reasonable for him to act as he did, in my opinion.

  15. brutalhonesty says:

    Published on Apr 10, 2012
    Brooke Harris (Pontiac Academy for Excellence ) says she was fired for teaching her students about Trayvon Martin.

    Wonder what ever happened with this.

    • brutalhonesty says:

      misguided souls, and their hoody things on lockers lmfao

    • LittleLaughter says:

      So, what if the situation were reversed, & the teacher & her students wanted to raise money for GZ & his legal fund? Would that “REV” and the community still plan a protest to defend the student’s right to “free speech?” I think not. Moving right along…

  16. jordan2222 says:

    To what FBI agents did DeeDee talk?

  17. dmoseylou says:

    Will $ybrina get royalties off of this? One of her Traydemarks includes DVD’s.

    Nobody: Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant Tribute & Scholarship Fund

  18. eastern2western says:

    finally found the larry elder’s interview with robert zimmerman. very good and objective and elders is right because there is no law against anyone for leaving their car and follow a person who appeared to be a stranger.

  19. eastern2western says:

    hey, when will the defense submit this video to the prosecution as a evidence that proves crump’s witness manipulation?

    • LouDaJew says:

      Tracy Martin is a sleaze gangster who has gang tattoos on his neck and covers them up for interviews. he is also a Mason who flashes gang signs for pictures. the media needs to show that.

      • janc1955 says:

        And don’t forget his fondness for lap dances and the requisite X many children by X many baby mommas. All in all, quite the role model for his teenage son. Beyond the ridiculous tattoo and come hither look she wore in that embarrassing picture, I don’t know a thing about Sybrina’s lifestyle, but Tracy’s general approach to life certainly didn’t scream Father of the Year to me. But hey — Trayvon’s troubles were just “average kid” troubles and when his troubles got him killed, it became everyone else’s fault. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with lousy parenting.

      • diwataman says:

        I have no doubt if photos emerged of George with some questionable people or settings the media would’ve spread them like wildfire. Even when they got a hold of his MySpace the focus was on the content that contained his remarks on soft-ass wanna be thug Mexicans instead of the photos of his BLACK friends or the U.N. photo of him, a white guy, a black guy and maybe a Puerto Rican, someone needs to teach George proper racism.

        Tracy is not a gangsta in my opinion, though I’m sure his earlier life in East St. Louis has something going on. The Cat tattoo is Alicia’s nickname so I believe that’s what it was and he replaced it because he was finally completely leaving her for Brandy. He no doubt hangs with some dubious characters though.

        • Chip Bennett says:

          Hey, D-man, speaking of photos: I left you a present over on your site…

          • diwataman says:

            Yes thank you. I didn’t feel there was a need at this point to go into the forensics of digital photography, a fledgling field I might add, or the other good points LetJusticePrevail brought up. I agree with y’all who say that this particular issue won’t come up in the courtroom though I wouldn’t put anything past Bernie “took em’ down” de la Rionda.

            • eastern2western says:

              there is probably no lawyer in the galaxy who is crazy enough to submit an altered photo as evidence in a high profile case.

            • Chip Bennett says:

              I’m of the school of thought that one can more-easily manipulate EXIF data than mask pixel-level changes to an image. In fact, one of the most common use cases for needing to edit EXIF data is, “my camera’s date/time was reset, and I want to correct the date/time for all the photos I took.”

              Editing EXIF data is simple. I just made a copy of the crime scene photo, and edited the EXIF data to indicate that it was taken at the same time, on the day before, using an iPhone 7. I can upload it, too, if you want. :)

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Good lord! It was soooo funny to listen to Ben Crump try to avoid the question about whether the tape was edited! He ADMITTED that he had to stop, rewind and re-record the call, and totally avoids answering the direct question! That would be the same thing as a CONFESSION in any precinct station that I know of!

      Also remarkable how he switched the order of what DeeDee claims George and the deceased said, presumably to make it look like George was the initiator of the exchange.

      Worse than that, the interviewer just HAD to insert phrases like “shot the teen for no reason” and “interesting that the defense will try to exclude the testimony of the only person who who was talking to him at the time”. Is this guy for REAL?

    • rooferx says:

      “disallow W8 from even testifying”
      MOM had this case nailed in the first bond hearing. Back up and listen to what he says and how he completely deconstructs the affidavit. West is simply there to bury them deep.
      There is no case here. This is a complete waste of tax payer dollars to please a mob propped up by the greedy media.

    • brutalhonesty says:

      6:00 the bias is blatant “what a parent should do when their child is shot and killed for no reason” ugh how long will that misnomer persist?

  20. maggiemoowho says:

    I read this story tonight about a gang member in Miami who turned police informant, interesting story, however what caught my attention was his behavioral changes as he started to deal with this gang. He was an honors student until the 6th grade and then started stealing and skipping school. Reminded me a lot of TM’s behavioral changes. Link below.

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