Update: Sandy Hook – Can You Discredit This? Update: Yes, actually, it’s not hard to discredit this one.

These came in the mail.   I think the first is floating around the web… the second is proprietary, but verifiable via twitter.

James Holmes

UPDATE:  I think we can call this discredited.  These two ladies don’t look similar to me:

Laura Phelps lg  Tamara Brady lg

Laura Phelps (left) Sandy Hook Mom – vsTamara Brady (right) Aurora CO Shooter

They look like two different people to me.

splat tweet

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111 Responses to Update: Sandy Hook – Can You Discredit This? Update: Yes, actually, it’s not hard to discredit this one.

  1. howie says:

    Maybe they are identical twins? Or it could be something far more sinister. It sure seems like the media had its ducks lined up instantly. But noooo. That is kook thought. Fast and Furious too. And Benghazi. And the Birth Certs. All that crazy stuff.

  2. eastern2western says:

    all white people look the same.

    • howie says:

      I have had a felling for a long time that the media is engaged in psyops. The mantra is parroted daily as shown in the long time coverage by Rush of the “template.” They all say the same thing about the promoted issue of the day.

      • ottawa925 says:

        Howie, after the total lack on info on the supposed shooter, I began to distrust what happened at Sandy Hook. The father doesn’t claim the body for almost a month? Who claimed the mother’s body? This kid was a total black hole. Nobody knows nothing about him. How could they keep quiet that there were other shooters?

  3. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    Here’s an interesting article, about what’s being left out of the coverage; I’m not sure the link will work. I hate gmail!

    • howie says:

      I suspect the common link in all these senseless murders are the drugs and the therapy given by the shrinks. It seems to be the only thing that binds…aside from the gun. So then the logic is because crazed drug induced psychopaths killed with a gun then all the citizens should be disarmed….except the criminals. I think a hearing should be called with all the shrinks and all the medical records to be examined.

      • cj says:

        Well, not only that, but now they want all shrinks to determine who should be disarmed based on their therapy sessions and diagnoses of their patients. Talk about no confidentiality.

  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    When I saw the similiarity in the fathers of the shooters I got curious…this is weird….

    • howie says:

      In the photo the nose looks a little different. But the hair is the same. After finding out about CRS nothing would surprise me at this point. I keep coming back to the old….winning the hearts and minds thing.

  5. howie says:

    Wow. As the Holms Atty. She looks different too. The nose.

  6. diwataman says:

    Well, it’s really up to the one who makes the claim to prove it. I don’t see any proof here other than similar looking people. I ran into a guy on youtube that did a lot of this, going out and scouring the internet for similar looking people then claim they were the same people, I bet he’s the origin of the photo thing.

    Similarly with the white house photo where I saw some claims of possible photoshopping, let’s not forget the tryvonits rabidly attacked the photo of George with accusations of photoshopping(which we can actually show to be false with the exif data) but we are not always in position to do that like with the bloody head photo W13 took, they can claim photoshopping there if they wanted and I wouldn’t be able to disprove it but that doesn’t mean they proved it just because I didn’t disprove it.

    • lovemygirl says:

      Extraordinary claims requiore extraordinary proof. I might look it up but Holmes lawer was probably in Court in CO at the time the other lady’s picture was taken in CT.

      • mung says:

        To a lot of our friends on here Occam’s Razor is a 5 blade with a pull out trimmer and when you use it the weather changes in Tokyo.

  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    This is floating around FB….So Far Snopes is still investigating it. A bit on the scary side considering what is happening to our country…..

    America Truly is the Greatest Country in the World. Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away
    By: Kitty Werthmann

  8. 22tula says:

    Realist news reported on this. Website Link to that video posted below video.

    dallasgoldbug is the YouTube Channel that also has this video posted.
    Tin Foil Hat Time.

    • nameofthepen says:

      I stay far away from Dallasgoldbug. He reeks of pure disinfo to me. And possibly, like Alex Jones, his jobby-job is to sound like a nut, and thus, to disgrace those of us who won’t drink the media’s kool-aid.

      “I have proved that Lady GaGa is Jon Benét Ramsey.” – Dallas Goldbug

  9. diwataman says:

    As far as the second one goes, with the tweets(not that I want to defend NBC, yikes), there’s no doubt it was thought even by police there were multiple shooters, all one has to do is listen to the police radio transmissions and look at the early reporting. But that could easily be explained and though I would like to hear some follow up on that would you if you were the guy who was arrested and later let go for having nothing to do with it, come out in public? Hell no, I know I wouldn’t.

  10. JAS says:

    I have to warn you that stuff like this really hurts your website’s credibility….. If this was the case the media would be all over it. Even the hair is going the wrong way .

    • howie says:


      • lovemygirl says:

        JAS is partially right, these are not the same women at all and the second gunman, Felon’s car are equally absurd.

        • howie says:

          Nobody said they are. But just think. Many believe they might be. Me, I would not even be surprised. But Ahhh Dunno. And that there is the problem.

          • lovemygirl says:

            I guess I just got tired after debunking the 9/11 truthers time and time again. There are always conspiracy kids out there that get a kick doing this.

        • sundance says:

          How did you figure out they are not the same person.? I’ll put it up top. Thanks.

          • lovemygirl says:

            The jowls are different, the chin is different, the spacing between the eyes is different, the part of the hair is opposite etc. I’ll check the court dockets in CO if I can to satisfy your curiosity but all of it is a silly internet conspiracy without any facts as far as I have seen thus far. Trying to prove something crazy is not true, especially coming from a known kook as explained in the first video above – dalasgoldbug, is typically a waste of time

            • Chip Bennett says:

              My thoughts as well, in my very amateur assessment of the photos.

              The Sandy Hook/FL comparison photos make one say, “Hmmm”; but I don’t think the CO woman is the same as the Sandy Hook woman. If you want, explore the former; I think the latter will probably prove to be a waste of time.

              Again: only my opinion. And while I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I put absolutely nothing past this administration.

          • Arkindole says:

            SD…Go to this page when you get a chance…
            If, for some reason you can’t open I have it saved locally.
            This is apparently a doc dump/request compliance from the univerisity for all info/correspondence related to James Holme’s application to the Neuroscience program at IL.
            Go to page 130
            Look at the picture of Holmes and the Llama. (everyone keeps talking about that in emails).
            What do you think? Is that the James Homes we’re seeing in the media photos?
            (I posted this here because you said your email was being attacked–couldn’t find any of your comments in above posts)

    • emmieaz says:

      Are you serious? The media would be all over it? Lololololololol

    • sundance says:

      LOL…. the website credibility stands on it’s own. Take the research and use it at your own leisure. Again, nothing here is ever considered proprietary. NOTHING.

      If the truth becomes more TRUTHFUL when it is shared by CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC or Al Jazeera then so-be-it. Who gives a crap.

      LOL….. But thanks for caring….. about, well, something of irrelevance to me.

      Anyone who questions things is now a racist, terrorist, extremist, bitter clinging, bible thumping, jihadist, neo-con, right wing-nut, conspiracy theorist.

      Brilliant !


      ps. I’ve got two words for ya: “Kerry Ladka” ! (look it up) :)

      • kinthenorthwest says:

        That is the part that really makes me sick about what is happening in our nation..”THE RACE CARD” .H3LL that is the biggest excuse that kids use in schools now a days when caught breaking the rules…Some schools punish students who try to use it, some just let it slide while other school punish the teachers….Still trying to figure out how a Hispanic school worker can be racist towards a Hispanic, or a Black school worker be racist towards a black student…(You Get The Picture)..

        Just look at what the students are learning from the people they are supposed to be looking up too…The Role Models that they are supposed to look up to and the movies/TV shows that are supposed to instill values Like the song Mrs Robinson says “ust look at what the students are learning from the people they are supposed to be looking up too…The Role Models that they are supposed to look Tell me who the kids are supposed to get good values from in this country…It sure ain’t DC or the entertainment they have blasted at them on a daily basis.
        Just my two cents Thanks for reading my rant…

      • JAS says:

        Sorry SD. Didn’t mean to offend you. Its just that the whole thing was so obviously false to me that I felt it would be to all of the rest that read this thing. I do take all of what you post seriously, just not this one….


  11. lovemygirl says:

    OK, there are other pictures of his lawyer and she doesn’t look much like the CT pictures.

    • sundance says:

      What are their names so I can do a few side by side comparisons?

    • diwataman says:

      See, now you are getting sucked in as the one who has the burden when it’s the one who makes the claim that had the burden of proof. But okay, fine, here we go…I find there are more photos it seems when searching “james holems attorney” rather than her name “Tamara Brady” which pulls up a lot of the same photos of the courthouse shot.

      What is the name of the other lady?

      • sundance says:

        I think the other side, per se’, is just using the physical characteristics as “proof”, so disproving/discrediting would best be done using the same method – showing how dissimilar they are. No?

        • lovemygirl says:

          I don’t have any but facial recognition software uses things like the triangle formed between the eyes and tip of the nose or chin. Finding a couple of face on photos should do it.

        • diwataman says:

          It depends on who makes the claim and what they’re willing to accept as showing they’re wrong. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the exercise, often times it’s actually fun, as long as it’s understood who the burden of proof falls upon.

          So in other words you may find yourself wrapped up in all kinds of logical fallacies, that is, let’s say you find some photos of the public defender and of the other woman, the goal post may be shifted, or some red herring may be thrown in, perhaps just flat out denial, or you yourself may become a conspirator of sorts, a shill that is or CIA plant, who knows but that’s the problem when the burden of proof gets shifted and why it’s often a futile effort.

        • lovemygirl says:

          BTW, superimposing 2 similar pictures and lining up the eyes will do it fairly quickly. It’s kind of hard to change the interocular distance as a disguise. :) If the rest of the face does not line up then you have pretty solid proof they are not the same people.

          • diwataman says:

            I’ve always found that very difficult to do especially with similar looking people because you’re often dealing with different cameras, lenses, focal lengths, lens distortions, people at different time of their lives, different weights(good grief, just look at George, he’s like a chameleon), all kinds of problems. I think despite the claims of manufacturers of facial recognition devices, who are looking for fat contracts from governments, it’s not nearly as good as they claim and any publicly available software will be worse.

            • lovemygirl says:

              :) Of course they claim it is great, just like the body scanners and the “expert” that said it wasn’t George screaming! People selling software aside, lining up the eyes taken at the same angle does insure a number of things. It may or may not be definitive but sometimes it is. If the eyes line up, the rest should be somewhat close. If the mouth, chin, ears, cheekbones seem way off then something is amiss.

        • cajunkelly says:

          With the new close up pics it’s easy. Brow line different. Chins are totally different.

          Different side hair parting …,meh…women change that often enough…at least I do.

  12. If Sandy Hook fades, expect another “Hearts & Minds” event until the Administration completes its mission. But if the curtain parts on American mass shootings, the regime will be forced to go for broke. :evil:

    Pray for America

  13. howie says:

    All in all. Now. Why do not the leaders in the government come out and state…..OK you are all wrong. We believe 100% in the constitution. All these conspiracies are wrong. Just plain silly. Nobody is willing to address it. Why? I want to hear it. I want to see someone address the truth. Like state the facts of the debt clock and explain how all of this is gonna work. How we gonna make do borrowing half of what we spend every month? All I see is psychobabble on TV. I can’t get no satisfaction.

  14. emmieaz says:

    Sandy hook is not off of the hook yet, too many inconsistencies, but I don’t believe that those are the same person. More compelling is the resemblance to the Green woman, hubby too.

    • ottawa925 says:

      Things I’m noting from this site and the first video. Medical Examiner (that big bald headed guy) says shooter did not kill himself.

    • michellc says:

      The medical examiner is very strange. The cop avoiding the question about the Mother annoyed me the first time I heard him answer the question with something totally off the wall. The cop threatening to prosecute people for posting on social networking aggravated me. Maybe it’s not helpful, but people have been spreading misinformation and gossiping for ages about tragic events, it’s just now they do it more with their fingers than their mouths.
      I’m a horrible judge on grief and crying. I remember way back when and that woman drowned her two little boys by pushing the car into the lake, I was crying my eyes out as I was watching her plead on tv. My husband, infuriated me when he said, something isn’t right about that girl, she’s lying and she isn’t crying. I asked him how cruel can you be to say something like that about a hysterical woman whose kids have been kidnapped. Well he was right and I was wrong and I haven’t gotten any better at judging real crying to fake crying since.

      • ctdar says:

        I knew right away she was guilty coz my first thought was what mother would get out of car without her children? I’d risk taking the bullet in my back to pull my kids out of car before I would ever walk away from them.

        • michellc says:

          See I couldn’t get past her being hysterical. I just couldn’t wrap my head around a Mother being able to do something to her children at the time.
          I still want to give every mother the benefit of the doubt and hope they had nothing to do with it, but I’m more likely to think they did.

          I see in those videos that some of the videos look like fake crying, but I don’t know how much of that is because of my own reactions to death, which is usually losing total control and giving an interview is not something I would do in a million years after losing my child. So I could be seeing what I see because I’m putting myself in that position. I don’t handle death well even though I know in my heart they’re in a better place. So losing a child is something I can’t even imagine.

  15. Andrew E. Reid says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time an actor as used to help the official story get laid out,,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0wHeekgPqk

  16. ottawa925 says:

    OMG I think I hit the motherload on pics that SD put up:

    I found the above by going here, which puts this couple at the last three mass shootings:

    • ottawa925 says:

      Ok to clarify. It was 9 year old Christina Taylor Green of Tucson that was killed in the Gifflords shooting. Doesn’t matter, this above video shows the 9 year old is alive and well and is the daughter of the couple shown above by SD, Jennifer Sexton is the mother.

  17. diwataman says:

    Ugh, good luck finding many photos of Laura Phelps;

    “Laura and Nick Phelps have a 6-year-old boy who is a first-grader and a daughter in the third grade. Both got out safely.”

    I can only find the video source so far;

  18. mung says:

    I am going to start marketing extra thick tinfoil hats.

  19. LouDaJew says:

    well Sundance, if you look at WWII, it was started by a false flag incident.
    1 day after the Gleiwitz Incident

  20. lovemygirl says:

    Dang rabbit holes with no exits.
    See what you started SD? ;)

    • sundance says:

      Yeah, I guess. L :) L …. won’t do that again. I Posted the side by side up top so people can see these ain’t the same two ladies.

      Who starts this stuff.?

      People look like eachother all over the planet. That doesn’t mean they are the same person. After all, everyone tells me I look just like Robert Redford…. no, wait… ;)

      • lovemygirl says:

        When I was younger they told me I looked like Peter Frampton (yes I did have that hair back then), later, Christopher Reeves when I cut my hair. Now it is more like that guy that used to yell at us to get off his grass.

        • justfactsplz says:

          Those were the days. When I was young they told me I looked like Sally Field. A few years later it was Delta Burke. Now my kids say I look like Ms Kay on Duck Dynasty. I do not find that amusing, Lol.

      • diwataman says:

        I’m pretty sure that dallasgoldbug youtube guy is the one I ran into a long time ago. He does a lot of this stuff. This no doubt started with him and your comparison nor mine will cause him to waiver.


  21. michellc says:

    Yep those two don’t look alike. However, I found a link to a picture of the Sextons and the Sexton lady does kind of look like the Phelps lady. However, that’s with going back and forth between your picture of the Phelps lady and the picture of the Sexton lady. I found the link on this forum who is discussing it.http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2083489/pg1

    Here’s the link to the Sexton pic:

    • lovemygirl says:

      Here come the Red Herrings ;) You predicted it D-Man.

      • michellc says:

        Hey, I didn’t think they looked alike when I first saw it, but I was trying to find pics and found that forum and that pic of the Sexton lady(if it is the Sexton lady) looks like the Phelps lady.
        I have no idea who or what that forum is or who or what dallasgoldbug is.

        I was just actually lazy and wanted to see them side by side and wanted SD to do the work.
        However, I do like tin foil and own stock in Reynolds, it’s my favorite.

        I do have questions though about the shooting, there are some things that still don’t make sense. I just can’t go so far as some of the stuff I’m reading that deaths were faked.

        • lovemygirl says:

          Sorry, the things you are worried about don’t exist. The internet is full of looney stuff. BTW, the car belonged to his mother, it was his car to drive, it was never owned by a Felon, that part of a YouTube video was faked as D-Man pointed out above. It was a shotgun in the trunk, not an AR15. There was no second shooter, just someone fleeing the sound of gunfire.

          • mung says:

            And there is no secret society of psychiatrists that are using psychotropic meds to brainwash people to commit these acts. There are just some very narcissistic and crappy doctors out there.

          • michellc says:

            And exactly how do you know what I am worried about?

            I think there are some obvious questions about the shooting, things that just don’t add up. Sundance has posted some of those questions before, some have been answered, others have not.
            I think the ME is very strange and said some odd things. I think the cop avoiding the question about the mother is strange and don’t understand why he didn’t just say, no comment or we’re investigating if he didn’t want to answer.

            As for thinking the shooting was faked, I don’t think that. I never said anything about the cars or the guns.
            I simply said the Sexton lady that is in the bottom picture looks like the Phelps lady. So you seem to be making a lot of observations of what I think exist off of that statement.

            And to address Mung, I didn’t say I thought there was a secret society of psychiatrists. I question drugs that are given to children and people who are depressed or have a mental illness that list on the warning label, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, depression, delusions, etc. I question why our government approved such drugs and I question why doctors would prescribe such drugs.
            However, one thing I will never do is accept the word of those in authority as the full truth and nothing but the truth. I will never have the false impression that our government couldn’t or wouldn’t do something. Our government is not to be trusted and they have proven they can’t be trusted, so there is nothing that would shock me.

            • mung says:

              I had a fairly long reply then my browser crashed, so I will summarize. First many of the comments were directed as the other posters that were talking about the other parts of the conspiracy.

              As far as why meds with side effects are prescribed to people. Everyone has a different body chemistry. What helps one person may have a negative effect on another. That is why the need to be taken with care. Even something as tame as cold medicine has side effects and effects different people differently. If 1 out of 1000 people may have a negative reaction to a drug should the other 999 be denied the help it may give them?

              • michellc says:

                How many people are prescribed these drugs? Lets say 20 million a year to be on the very conservative side. According to the WND article just one of these drugs was prescribed to 19.2 million. So that means 20,000 people will have homicidal thoughts and who knows how many act on those homicidal thoughts. So yes, I think if anyone really wants to look at the problem of mass shootings, drugs should be part of the conversation.
                Looking at drugs and seeing if there is something there sure as heck makes a lot more sense than gun control.
                I honestly don’t understand why you want to so easily write everything off to chemical imbalance. You seem to think evil doesn’t exist, everyone is just crazy, that there is no possibility of black helicopters. No chance our government could be planning to ship us off to fema camps. No way our government could plan mass murder or plan the murder of a family.
                I think you need to open your mind and as much as I’m a gun nut, I know you obtaining a CCP is not going to save you from our government. My guns make me feel safe against intruders and wild animals, but they don’t give me much comfort where the government is concerned. I think you’re missing the big picture, the gun control is not about guns, it is about control, when people want to control you, you have to worry about what lengths they will go to control you. History has shown that evil men and women don’t have boundaries.
                Those without boundaries can and do plan things that even Hollywood can’t dream up.

                • mung says:

                  Just like it is wrong to blame guns for this tragic event, it is wrong to blame drugs. It is that hard to understand that the reason that these people who have done these heinous acts were on these drugs is because they were crazy? The drugs didn’t make them crazy they were crazy first. Yes the drugs can have adverse effects on some people which is why there are different drugs for the same disorders. I am sorry but none of your ranting is going to convince me that the conspiracy is as thick as you think it is. Our government is simply not efficient enough to accomplish the things you guys give them credit for.

                  • michellc says:

                    Were the crazy to begin with? You got proof of that?
                    I already told the story of the kid who was prescribed a pill for acne, he was not crazy to begin with, he was a normal teenage boy who had acne. His mother took him to a doctor for his acne, the doctor said oh this pill is great and didn’t discuss any side effects, the pharmacist didn’t discuss any side effects, the mother should have read the warning label, so that much she can be blamed for. A few days on the pill he started becoming withdrawn and depressed. The mother then thought about the pill and called his doctor, then she was told sometimes that is a side effect. She threw the pills in the trash. He said he didn’t understand what was going on, he felt like he was a screw-up and had nothing to live for and was thinking of ways to kill himself. It took a few weeks of not taking the pill before he returned to normal. He was not crazy before or after.
                    My niece was depressed, I won’t go into why she was depressed, but her doctor prescribed her an anti-depressant, her mood totally changed, she was no longer depressed but she was a hag and nobody could stand to spend 5 minutes with her. She would not listen that the pill was making her nuts. Her husband went to her doctor and he said mood swings are a side effect, they will level off, it’s nothing to worry about. This went on for a few months and thankfully she became pregnant and was taken off the drug. Once the fogginess of the drug wore off, she realized the drug made her nuts, she said she hated everyone and thought everyone was plotting behind her back and she would get so angry she would literally think about killing all of us especially her husband.

                    So yes, I think we should look at these pills, I don’t know that they are to blame for murders. It does though deserve looking into if they could be a factor. A gun is a tool, not a mind altering drug. If doctors are going to prescribe these mind altering drugs, he/she should inform the patients all of the what ifs, so they can make an informed decision. Too many people put their full trust in their doctor and often even if they do read the warning label think well if this was true my doctor wouldn’t have prescribed it to me. I am not in anyway shielding the patient from not doing their homework before they just swallow a pill.
                    Once again though why are you so against even considering if the drugs could play a role in why people commit murder?

                    You see personally I believe people who look at human life as nothing more valuable than an ant as evil, not crazy. I believe evil exists in this world and believe a lot that we call crazy is a result of evil. I though am open minded and I have witnessed with my own eyes the changes in two people who were prescribed drugs, so I’m not about to say there is not a chance a drug could have caused someone to murder. I’m also not so close minded that I’m going to label people who are prescribed a drug as being crazy to begin with or they wouldn’t have been taking the drug.

                    I believe drugs are a great thing and drugs have found a cure for a lot of diseases that were once untreatable. That doesn’t mean every drug that is invented is a good drug.

                  • ctdar says:

                    “Our government is simply not efficient enough to accomplish the things you guys give them credit for.”
                    Check your US history Mung about 80 years ago:

            • howie says:

              The communist’s had a goal to take over and infiltrate the Psychology profession. Maybe it worked.

  22. justfactsplz says:

    That was quite a rabbit hole you guys got in. Wolverines, questioning everything, exposing the truth.

  23. justfactsplz says:

    Just wondering why my comment is awaiting moderation. What did I do?

  24. lovemygirl says:

    I was going to post this on the open thread, but I’m here.
    I tried to have a moment of silence and play taps with my family while burying my beloved Stinky. Stinky was my pillow for a decade. Stinky absorbed my manly odors and even after repeated washings he hung on to those comforting pheromones. My family bought me a new one for Christmas and I accidentally forgot to bury him. I turned the TV off, started playing Taps in the background, asked for a moment of silence but my daughter grabbed it and ran it to the garbage can. Oh, the humanity! I now ask you to listen to taps in honor of Stinky, my favorite pillow to date.

  25. knuckledragingwino says:

    I certainly don’t have the facial recognition capability to offer an opinion.

    For me the relavant question is multiple shooters. The number of rounds allegedly fired pushes the envelope on how man rounds a person could carry in addition to a rifle and multiple handguns. I want to see a full count of empty cases, full magazines, empty magazines and ballistics on empty cases to exclude multiple rifles and other firearmsnot at the scene.

    • Brook says:

      Yes, and the bullet holes in sub teacher Rousseau’s car — only her car. Those shots were fired from the school toward the car — as if someone was hiding behind it. Could it be the guy in the camo pants hiding in the woods was running away from someone who was trying to kill him? Was that Chris Rodia — the guy who allegedly owns the Civic, and has since been caught with a bogus alibi that doesn’t hold up?

  26. brutalhonesty says:

    e · 7 · 5 minutes ago ·

    Black Talk Radio Network
    This is weird and very suspicious, Google indexed a CT United Way page about the Sandy Hook shootings dated Dec 11, 2012 except the shootings did not occur until Dec 14, 2012.

    Lets say I mistakenly set the wrong date on a page to publish in the past, will it be indexed by Google today but listed in results for three days ago? Will Google go by the date I set the article to be published or the actual date it is published? Blogger allows you to back date when publishing a page. I looked at the source file and it has no publish date. Interesting. I don’t know what software they are using for the website but the vendor is OneEach Technologies. – Scotty Reid

    sandy hook united way – Google Search
    Share · 2 · 14 minutes ago ·


  27. nameofthepen says:

    So…what do you think, guys?

  28. Adrian says:

    The photo that you posted is not of Laura Phelps, it’s of Jennifer Greenberg the actress that everyone is saying that they’re all the same. Bologna. All three look different. The mother from Sandy hood has a very distinctive nose, eyebrow arch, and sunken eyes, quite different from the other 2 women.

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