Thursday Open Thread – January 3rd

Tomb of the Unknown ChristmasOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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103 Responses to Thursday Open Thread – January 3rd

  1. ctdar says:

    Just saw this over on Ulsterman so thought I’d post as an FYI.

  2. WeeWeed says:

    Friday-eve, peeps!! Good morning!


  3. cajunkelly says:


    You asked about a source for shipping in lobster. For us it’s not about cheapest price. My FIL worked with these people 40 years ago so for us it was knowing the seller and knowing the product they sell. We ordered two 4-pounders at Thanksgiving. They came in overnight, were packed well and arrived very fresh, lively and healthy.
    You’ll have to contact them re pricing. Each day’s price fluctuates with the market and of course size will dictate price.
    Happy eatin! :)
    P.S. You probably know this, but be conservative with size. A 4 pounder is dang near more than you can eat. :shock:

    • jordan2222 says:

      I do not see a link to their prices.

      • cajunkelly says:

        Jordan, the price fluctuates daily. That’s why it says “market”. No one will post firm prices on fresh lobster. This company buys the lobster daily off the boats and they pay based on the daily market. You’ll have to contact them for pricing. Keep in mind these are true cold water lobster. The colder the water the sweeter the lobster.

        • jordan2222 says:

          Gotcha. They are on sale this weekend at Albertson’s here.. live.. for $5.99 per pound. Cooked ones are BOGO. I have good luck with them there.

          • cajunkelly says:

            What size? Chicks? (lb. or less) The ones we bought locally were 2 pounders.
            We got a 7 pounder once from Gosman’s. Big boy!

            We just like the “straight off the boat and picked up by FedEx” option with Gosman.
            When DH was young (he’s a twin) the fishermen would save a couple of lobsters for him and his sister routinely. His dad would ask (with colorful language, which is routine on the docks) where *his* lobster was. The fisherman would respond with equally colorful language “you can,…blank blank…catch your own!”
            DH has a picture from when he was about eleven, holding one up by its claws way over his head and its tail was touching the dock.

      • cajunkelly says:

        It’s not as if they’re being evasive Jordan, and this isn’t out of the ordinary. Any fresh seafood restaurant will have “market” on their menu for those items. You have to ask the wait person for the price.

        You asked for a recommendation. DH’s family has a long history with these people. We trust them. DH’s sister ordered a couple and on one, the pincher claw was damaged/small aea cracked. The crusher claw was fine as was the rest of the lobster. She called and they gave her a significant refund. They didn’t even question her, didn’t ask for a photo as proof.

        Since I have no experience with any other source for live lobster , I can’t offer any other recommendation. Additionally, it wouldn’t help for me to tell you what we paid for two reasons; market fluctuation and family history. I do see they have now closed their lobster bar (they have restaurants as well) for the season.

        If you’re price shopping just google live lobster overnight. I just did and there are many listings.

    • cajunkelly says:

      So, algore had rather have terrorists’ money than a conservative’s money.

      Lord I need a :jackass: emoticon. :evil:
      I know there’s one showing :beating a dead horse: but that one doesn’t express enough anger.

    • cajunkelly says:

      I guess *this* ‘splains it, eh?

      Glenn Beck has confirmed that he had approached Current TV about buying the cable channel but was turned down because he was not “aligned” with the network’s point of view. So is it any surprise that Al Jazeera was given the go-ahead?

  4. cajunkelly says:

    ugg, woke up with full blown case of flu…cough, sniff, snort
    Y’all have a good Thursday. I’m probably about to grab a box of tissues and mosey on back to bed.

      • cajunkelly says:

        yeah…sad face fer sure…I just knew I was gonna avoid this…I’m on antibiotics (have been for a week) trying to keep from catching this from hubby…been taking zinc, B complex and C in addition to all my other supplements…and BAM it got me :(
        I’m calling for a Z pack as soon as doc’s office opens. That’s really the only thing that helped DH.

  5. cajunkelly says:

    “I just thought it was what we needed to do,” Alexander said Wednesday.

    He said he didn’t want to see taxes rise on anyone, but he noted that the Bush-era tax cuts already had technically expired when the House voted on the last-minute fiscal deal. So, Alexander said he was supporting a tax cut for most people around the country.

    “What we were voting on was the largest tax decrease in the history of the nation. What we did was we lowered taxes for 98 percent of the American public, and we made them permanent,” he said.

    This is our (LA) Republican Representative. I do believe he’s lost his racka fracka mind. He’s claiming he voted for “the biggest tax cut in HISTORY”???? We’ve run into this dude around town at various and sundry functions. DH has had many in depth discussions with him and has even tossed around the idea of running against him.
    This takes the cake. IMO he’s no longer mentally fit for office. He and Vitter *WILL* be hearing from us. (insert about 30 or so angry faces)

  6. texan59 says:

    The tree-huggers don’t really like animals after all. It’s all about “the cause”. :evil:

    • michellc says:

      The environmentalists really don’t care about the environment, humans or animals. The same as the animal rights groups don’t care about humans or animals.
      They’re all the same whether they’re gun grabbers, anti-business, pro-abortion, etc. and they all have the same goal of destruction.

  7. WeeWeed says:

    Iz cold today – everybody have a good breakfast before venturing out to do battle!


  8. cajunkelly says:

    Dang it I need me one of these EBT cards. Maybe I can buy guns and/or ammo with it? :evil:

    So this low information voter is trying to buy TWO ipads with an EBT card? Just how much money in food stamps was she gettin?

    So, when one WalMart won’t complete the sale she steals the ipads, running out of the store with them…THEN goes to another WalMart and tries it again???

  9. aliashubbatch says:

    Theater from Aurora shooting gonna reopen, and not everyone is happy. Maybe I’m just a heartless s.o.b. these days, but to the victims’ families that are ‘offended’ by this, the people who own that theater don’t have to do shit for you anyway. They didn’t murder your family, “Joker” Holmes did.

    • ThatOldGuy says:


      It’s not their property. The families don’t own the theatre. It really is sad what happened there, but a massacre does not redistribute property rights from the owners of the theatre to the families of the victims of the assailant.

    • Sharon says:

      They were not unhappy about the theatre being reopened.

      They never asked for the people who owned the theater to do anything for them. The people who owned the theater should have just reopened it…apparently the language of the invitations specifically sent to to families of those murdered there was suggesting to them that it would be a helpful part of their grieving to attend this business opening on the site where their loved one died.

      Their response/reaction to that invitation is a reflection of their personal opinion with regard to the invitation being issued.

  10. michellc says:

    This is very sad. Is there anything that is safe from these people? Say goodbye to the Daughters Of the American Revolution.
    The Daughters of the American Revolution, whose motto is “God, home and country”, removed all references to God and Christianity from all of its official books. Chaplains were told to stop using the name of Jesus.
    The DAR even removed “America the Beautiful” from its official documents because it mentions God.

    • waltherppk says:

      So what in the hell are they doing ….making DAR into a Scottish Rite Temple ?

    • canadacan says:

      This is a joke. My grandmother was a darbut it seems to me these people are always doing the wrong thing

    • ctdar says:

      I find that hard to believe as we say the Pledge of Allegiance and end with a prayer in every meeting. I just sent note to my Regent & will share what I learn.

      • waltherppk says:

        If it does turn out to be Scottish Rite influence, tell them Scottish Rite has been overruled York Rite and Knights Templars and welcome them to challenge that if they think it wise.

        • cajunkelly says:

          What is the attitude of Scottish Rite with respect to religion?
          Like the Symbolic Craft, Scottish Rite does not seek to intrude upon the prerogatives of the Church nor does it attempt to teach any creed. Scottish Rite is not a religion and does not pretend to be a substitute for religion. Its rituals do not hold out the hope of heavenly rewards.

          The Rite does require that its adherents profess a monotheistic belief in Almighty God and encourages its members to become active participants in their respective churches. The Fraternity is a meeting place for Christians, Hebrews, Moslems, Parsees and any other believers in a monotheistic faith. As such, it has become the handmaiden of religion. To inject or discuss religious creeds could only be divisive.

          Scottish Rite does seek to teach its members a system of morality and thereby develop in our brethren virtues and character which make men worth while.

          Check out the information on their caps…described as “prayer caps”.

          • Sharon says:

            Moslems? Is the Scottish Rite leadership unaware that some of their members’ monotheistic faiths require them to kill other of their members in order to fulfill their obligations to their particular version of a monotheism?

      • michellc says:

        From what I gather it started out as not mandated but now is being mandated from D.C.

        I went to the President General’s Blog and found it being discussed last year.
        During all of these Holy Week services, I prayed fervently regarding the opposing views that have surfaced about the beautifully, thoughtfully prepared NSDAR Ritual and Missal which was published last fall. The Executive Committee unanimously endorsed making the prayers and rituals more inclusive of all faiths. Most members have praised its inclusiveness.

        Each one of us finds our spirituality in different ways. The National Society is comprised of women of many faiths as well as some who choose other ways of recognizing their being.

        However, NSDAR was not organized to promote religion.
        The eligibility to belong to the National Society is for any woman, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who is at least eighteen years of age and who is lineally descended from a man or woman who provided unfailing loyalty to the cause of American Independence. Our DAR Motto was originally: “Home and Country” and it wasn’t until 1978 that it was revised to be “God, Home and Country.”

        The Executive Officers believe that the new Ritual and Missal can be used by members of any faith, substituting words as they wish, changing the prayers to suit the needs of the meeting in which they are being used. At our Executive meetings, knowing that we are all Christian, we pray in the Name of Jesus. When those are present whose faith is unknown, we pray in God’s name. However, we all recognize that when Christians pray in God’s name we are, indeed, praying in Christ’s name because the Christian faith believes in the Trinity of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We also understand that our Jewish members know God as Jehovah or Yahweh, Muslim members use the name Allah for God and there are those whose spirituality may have a still different higher power or none at all.

        We have in no way mandated that one must or must not use the name of Jesus Christ in the prayers. In our DAR rituals, prayers are included. Most of the prayers begin with “Our Father” or “Almighty God” and end “in Your Holy Name.” Christ’s prayer, known as The Lord’s Prayer, the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, Easter and Passover prayers and prayers for other religious observances are included.
        This is an address to comments.

        • michellc says:

          Some members of The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), a non-profit women’s organization devoted to promoting patriotism, are outraged over some purported changes that the group has made to its official book. According to a subset of DAR devotees, all references and mentions of Jesus Christ have been removed from the book. Additionally, poems and prayers have been axed, with members allegedly being told to refrain from praying in Christ’s name.

          The debate over these changes has been going on now for more than a year after a revised version of DAR’s Ritual and Missal books was published in Dec. 2011. This book, the primary guide for chaplains to follow, is sparking quite a bit of angst among members who stand firmly opposed to the removal of Christ from the group’s practices.

          “A group of us went through the Ritual and Missal and compared the old version and the new version,” one member told Fox News Todd Starnes. “Every single prayer closing in the name of Jesus Christ no longer included the name of Jesus Christ.”
          Some of these outraged members spoke with Starnes anonymously about their feelings and concerns. From ignoring the Founding Fathers to rewriting history, they are waging pointed charges against DAR leadership over its handling of the Ritual and Missal books.

          “They are changing the legacy and intent of the Founding Ladies and rewriting the history of the Daughters of the American Revolution,” one member said. “How dare they? They’re supposed to be doing it out of inclusion. To me, it’s exclusion.”

          • michellc says:

            They’re denying the reports.
            NSDAR is disappointed to learn that false and incorrect information has recently been circulated regarding the 2011 edition of the DAR Ritual and Missal and the use of the name Jesus Christ in prayers and other ceremonial events of the National Society. The purpose of this message is to clarify NSDAR’s position on the matter for anyone who has not previously viewed the blogs written by President General Merry Ann T. Wright.

            First, the question was posed by a national media group that if the motto of DAR is God, Home and Country, then “…why is DAR taking out references to God…” in its printed material. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as currently written, the 113 page Ritual and Missal contains over 300 references to “Almighty God,” “Great God our King” (America hymn), “Our Heavenly Father,” “Heavenly Father,” “God of Hosts,” “God,” “Lord,” “Eternal God,” “Your Holy Spirit,” “Lord your God,” “Gracious Lord,” “Almighty and Everlasting God,” “Gracious Father,” and similar variations.

            Second, the allegation has been leveled that Chaplains and others have been told not to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Again, this is an absolute falsehood. Each Chaplain and other officers are strongly encouraged to create their own prayers into which they may insert the name of Jesus Christ as deemed appropriate for the occasion and the audience. This is what the President General wrote in her blog of April 10, 2012 when questions about the change to the Ritual and Missal first arose:

            The above passage also addresses the last major falsehood: that the name of Christ has been totally removed from the Ritual and Missal. That simply is not the case.

            In promoting the importance of freedom of religion upon which our country was founded, our Founding Fathers intended for all religions and not one specific faith to be allowed and respected. The Constitution of the United States of America is clear on this issue as are many of the letters and writings of these great leaders. It was in the spirit of our Founding Fathers desire for freedom of religion that the most recent changes to the Ritual and Missal were made. For those wishing to access prayers, songs, poems, etc. from past Rituals and Missals, they have all previously been posted to the website and are available for use by all members at:

    • Sharon says:

      Aside the subject and accuracy of this specific report, the simple answer to your question,. “Is there anything that is safe from these people?” is “No.”

  11. texan59 says:

    Many years ago, the French sent us a nice little present. Well look what they’ve been up to recently. :D


  12. WeeWeed says:

    I nominate County Clerk Dennis Sant, as this year’s (so far!!) Great American!!!

  13. cajunkelly says:

    that jackass boehner is up there bawling again, :evil:

  14. cajunkelly says:

    God *please* bless that County Clerk in Putnam County, NY for standing his ground in front of the furnace door and *refusing* to release the list of gun permit holders.

  15. cajunkelly says:

    (SMH) at this story…..

    Yes, SD, in response to your question a couple of weeks ago….


    And since the most barbaric rapist is a “minor” he faces no more than 3 years in prison.

    • cajunkelly says:


      …wondering WTH is wrong with me lately…can’t seem to correctly express my thoughts in words
      FIFY. –Admin

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      But he’s “only” 17. Now where have we seen that before? <–rhetorical question

  16. waltherppk says:

    Green Energy scams continue “forward” in the spirit of renewable and sustainable racketeeering

    The NDAA is already unconstitutional in its very conception so what is surprising about any B.S. green energy scam also in it for extra seasoning in a rotten stew ? BTW Romney supported NDAA …..but Ron Paul sure as hell did NOT and called it the unconstitutional and unlawful piece of crap legislation that NDAA assuredly is.

  17. Patriot Dreamer says:

    10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions as Illustrated by Cats

  18. Sharon says:

    Rush opened his show today by noting that after four years of Obama, the inside-the-beltway GOP establishment still doesn’t understand who they’re dealing with because they still believe Obama’s going to concede and begin to cut spending. And Rush wants to know how many core beliefs are we going to give up to get to that misguided idea?

    Ok. I have to say it.

    I have to wonder what Rush’s problem with comprehension is. Has he not been watching the same republicans I’ve been watching. “Stunned” disbelief….? Really?

    Come on, Rush. You’re the one who’s always telling your audience that you live in Realville. Apparently you don’t.

    I am not one bit surprised. Not one itsy, teensy bit.

    • Menagerie says:

      I agree with you. They are not stunned victims, they are willing participants in the destruction of America.

      • howie says:

        Today he was talking about the “asset wealthy” who are getting special treatment. As usual he is right about it. The taxes are on an individuals labor and work. (income from work) Cruel.

    • howie says:

      He is trying to still justify staying with the 2 party system. Struggling with the fact he might be wrong. I doubt that the Repubs will keep the house in 2012. After that who knows. Gonna have to get a lot worse before better….if ever.

      • Sharon says:

        Well, if you’re right about the “trying to justify” the 2 party system, then he’s intellectually dishonest in a way I would not have assumed he would be. Oh well, I just listen to Levin any more: at least he’s teaching me something every time I’m listening, and I can be learning and thinking productively, as far as I’m able..

        • howie says:

          I always listen to Rush at work. Since he started. He will prolly retire soon. I think the GOP is “Whigging out” if ya know what I mean.

  19. aliashubbatch says:

    I’m sure someone else has posted it, but for the Texan treepers here, Cruz was sworn in today.

  20. texan59 says:

    Wanna know how all the crap got into Harry Reid’s sh*t sandwich. :evil:

  21. dmoseylou says:

    This is from 12/20/2012, apologies if posted previously.
    “Your Child’s Safety;
    Your Peace of Mind,
    Is Our Business
    Bulletproff Backpacks”

    New reality? Bulletproof backpack sales up

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