In Your Face America ! President Obama New Years Eve Message on Fiscal Cliff…

Obama just had what was possibly the most insulting press event I’ve ever seen from a President — I’ll post the video when available, it will infuriate you.  But force yourself to watch it.

He spiked the football, overtly insulted Republicans and Congress, and laughed that he is on the verge of getting what he wants. Either he wants to nix any deal, or he’s actually just enjoying his victory but is emotionally incapable of being presidential about it. Everything you ever wanted to know about our dysfunctional government was on display.

It is disheartening to continually read, listen to and watch conservatives failing to recognize what is happening right in front of their face. President Obama is rapidly taking us to a place of no return. Some might actually argue we are already there. I would be hard pressed to disagree with them. Consider these facts:

President Obama has executed the Dream Act in stealth mode by executive order granting protected status to millions of illegal aliens and summarily protecting them from any deportation.

President Obama has executed the elimination of the Defense Of Marriage Act by executive order barring the Justice department from prosecuting or defending a legally binding law issued by congress. Dictatorial fiat.

President Obama took the United States to war in Libya without regard for constitutional limits on executive power. He ordered the military into offensive military engagement without seeking congressional approval. He worked around every legal angle despite the recommendations and advice of his own Office of Legal Counsel.

President Obama executed “card check” favorable rules on unionization through the use of the National Labor Relations Board, and his appointees, thereby bypassing congress and oversight. In addition despite his appointee Craig Becker being rejected by a bi-partisan Senate confirmation rejection, he used a recess appointment to place him anyway.

President Obama took control of private industry in the auto sector with federal authority against any congressional oversight. Then his self-appointed “car czar” made arbitrary decisions on dealerships to be closed based on partisan loyalties. In addition this same takeover used tax revenues to secure the retirement accounts of Unionized workers while allowing non-union workers in other companies to see their retirements wiped out. (Think Enron)

President Obama took control of the healthcare industry despite the overwhelming majority of citizens who did not support nor want government intervention. When faced with legislative walls as limits on his power and overreach he simply worked around them by initiating never before used procedural rules such as Senatorial Reconciliation to institute the takeover.

President Obama demands and writes laws that legally require citizens to purchase a product regardless of whether they will actually use it. Health insurance mandate.

President Obama and his state department sign up to autonomous United Nations regulations against sovereign United States citizens regarding the right to bear arms and own guns. Obama and his administration arbitrarily proceed and advance upon international law their willingness to restrict the freedoms of American citizens.

President Obama specifically designates his Attorney General to sue any state that tries to restrict the influence of illegal immigration into their state. While simultaneously working to grant amnesty to any illegal alien that successfully crosses the border.

President Obama with specific intent defies orders from United States Courts to stop the illegal drilling ban/moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. While simultaneously lending taxpayer money and underwriting Mexico so they can bring Brazilian oil rigs into the Gulf of Mexico and drill for oil for their country. In return we make guarantees to purchase the oil from them thereby initiating a process of internationally spreading American wealth and funding foreign nations economies while our own economy collapses. His specific illegal action (according to our own courts) causes worsening unemployment in this nation, yet advances employment in our neighbors.

President Obama initiates through his Justice Department a system of allowing illegal firearms to flow into Mexico merely to create an optic beneficial to legislation to restrict the firearms they specifically allow to be illegally purchased. Operation Fast and Furious.

President Obama initiates s system of TSA security checks that removes freedom from the individual to “opt out” of an aviation security screening by choosing not to fly. When a free American enters the security area of the airport they are unable to change their mind and choose not to fly. Any citizen once in the security area cannot leave even if you watch the proceedure and then choose to walk away you are not allowed, you will be forced to undergo security screening EVEN IF you do not board a plane or choose to fly.

President Obama initiates an unregulated system of Czars with no constitutional limits on their power or influence. He then uses the Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein to create a system of energy controls and directs the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to carry out an objective of “Cap and Trade” that he was incapable of achieving due to legislative refusal.

President Obama openly states that our system of governance is an inconvenience upon his power to arbitrarily “get things done”. He decries the 250-year-old framework of American checks and balances as ”flawed” and “no longer workable”.

President Obama told an international press corp in July of 2010 the United States needs to reform entitlements. He promises to cut his deficit spending in half by the end of his first term and further states he will challenge Congress to reform Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (G8/G20 Summit Toronto July 2010). However, 6 months later he presents a budget which specifically triples the national deficit, and grows entitlement spending. Then launches a specific campaign against a now Republican majority budget which specifically does exactly what Obama demanded they do. He begins a systematic and strategic plan to belittle and fear monger the electorate against the very ideas and concepts that he previously stated he would use to “call their bluff”.

Yet in the face of this overwhelming mountain of recent evidence Conservatives still think that this president, or his administration, will be, or can be limited in their destructive influence over our nation. Go figure.

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59 Responses to In Your Face America ! President Obama New Years Eve Message on Fiscal Cliff…

  1. Coast says:

    I hope they can work “nothing” out…no deal, unless there are significant spending cuts. I would rather have increased taxes and forced spending reductions than anything that Obama would want. Does Obama really have the power of the devil behind him? How could there be zero Congressional leadership? Pray folks..

  2. maggiemoowho says:

    I watched this disgusting clump of genetically altered cells talk today and it was infuriating. (am I allowed to call him that, if not please delete).

  3. Artist says:

    My feelings of contempt and revulsion know no bounds for this disgusting clump of human (maybe, maybe not ) garbage referenced in this post.

  4. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    Well, yeah. But just think of all the wonders he has in store for us during the next four years when he has “more flexibility.”

  5. howie says:

    Up Yours. Mr. president.

  6. sundance says:

    who the heck is clapping at the end of this video segment? Is that the press?

  7. Sal Paradise says:

    Are people really that ignorant to believe all this “Potomac Two Step” BS?

    • Sharon says:

      Those who depend on deception to retain their power will always find an audience willing to be deceived.

      • howie says:

        Never give a sucker an even break? I think I was suckered by the GOP. No more. Ya can’t fool all the people all the time.

        • ottawa925 says:

          Howie, I respect what you are saying, and yes the Republicans need to hire a THINK TANK … they are up against Chicago style politics. Now you are seeing how it works. You put your foot on the neck of your opponent. You make them offers they cannot refuse. The FIRST mistake was with Romney. Take a good look at Obama and his imperial swagger and tell me how Romney was supposed to beat him. Republicans don’t have a messiah. Republicans don’t have a plan. They’ve been out snookered. Plain and simple. And the more they will dig in … the worse it is. Obama is like a python .. as the Republicans go to to take a breath … Obama tightens his grip. NOW, where I do agree with our being suckered is their (Republicans) timing … they should have hauled Hillary’s saggy arse in during the weeks they were stuck with their story of the video … or just a little after the left claimed they checked everything out. They should have fought like wolverines over Fast and Furious, they should have pulled out ever stopper and called in EVERY favor to take Obama down. Impeach the man. Now? now it’s too late. The plan was masterminded in Chicago and basically Obama performed a coup de tat. We had a military too busy screwing around with broads and media that basically held another cabinet or czar polsition in the WH. Yes, it was a masterful plan … and all forces were behind Obama. Republicans either never saw it coming OR they were in on it. Pick one. I’ll go with they never saw it coming. Riding high on the tea party they THOUGHT they had the edge. However, like GZ, they were sucker punched and Obama has been doing an MMA style beat down on the Republicans ever since. Since the right has failed it’s mission to take this President down (oooo and let’s not forget Justice Roberts!) < that guy can kiss my butt sideways … that fricken turn coat … lemme go back … since the right has failed it's mission … only thing left to do now is step back and comeback with a master plan of it's own. and Good Luck with that ! Their moment to strike was when they put up a nominee for Prez. AND THAT should have been in the works the day Obama got elected THE FIRST TIME … no wait, it should go back even further … when they put up McCain, who even I didn't want to vote for. Gosh almighty.

  8. LouDaJew says:

    well, I won’t be getting a tax increase this year. I’d say if the top 1% want a tax hike, they need to produce in the US, and not China. yes, and we need to focus on clean energy so the US can provide jobs and not depend on the Middle East. Obama just needs to be more 2nd Amendment. that’s my only issue with him, and also the “If I had a son… comment”.

    • Sharon says:

      “. that’s my only issue”


      So you’re ok with obamacare, massive embezzlement-based spending, the dead in Benghazi, the dead SEALs in Afghanistan, the abandonment of Israel, his non-qualified appointments to the Supreme court, his interference in judicial procedures when black criminals are involved, his mocking of Christians and patriots, paying for Sandra Fluke’s entertainment expenses, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

      I didn’t know that about you, so certainly do thank you for sharing.

      • fmhayes48 says:

        Let’s not forget he signed, by PO, his own unilateral authorization on ALL communications in the USA (7/6/12) and in March gave himself authorization to unilaterally declare Martial Law in PEACE TIME, for crying out loud. How on earth can anyone have only one issue with this steaming pile of excrement ?????????

    • sundance says:

      Whoooah….. define “clean energy”? As opposed to???.

      • LouDaJew says:

        the problem I have with the Republican candidate was that he took advantage of the trade policy. he wanted to give tax breaks for the most wealthiest, but the most wealthiest were mostly CEO’s who were outsourcing American jobs. meanwhile, they were receiving tax breaks on top of cheap Chinese labor. win win for the outsourcers, lose lose with less revenue for gov’t and less jobs for American workers.
        In terms of clean energy, we all pay a cost for fossil fuels in the air. there are effects in the atmosphere that cause more natural disasters etc. there are several examples of clean energy. some countries are using corn based products as fuel. also, you have to look at the family farmers who aren’t in existence today, because of the corporate farmers who received subsidies. it used to be that family farmers only received gov’t subsidies. we have a surplus of corn, but we are still using coal. why? I don’t know, but I think with all of these corporate farmers that are receiving gov’t subsidies they should be able to provide enough energy so we don’t have to depend on oil. oil lobbyists and politicians work very close to make sure cleaner energy is never used.

  9. Sharon says:

    I really hate having a resident who speaks ESL.

    All the deals he’s getting are just spending more, spending more, spending more, spending more, spending more…and we don’t have any money now. Oh. I see. That makes sense.

    “My principle’s always been…………………….” HA!

    Hearing him talk about doing more to reduce the deficits is like talking to an arsonist about fire problems. And that lineup of fools behind him just makes me furious: either they are braindead or conscious sellouts. Nauseating.

    • thefirstab says:

      they ARE braindead – or the grey matter was sucked out when they were sleeping. Someone else referenced the Pod People. Watch the AA woman a few minutes in — her mask drops for a minute, she goes into a trance-like state, or something. Very creepy.
      How this “man” (I won’t call him president) operates is truly amazing. He is the Pot-Stirrer-in-Chief, condescending, smirking, basically pitting one side against the other… this is our president??? Every day, something else comes out of his mouth that contradicts or twists something else that came out of his mouth at an earlier date, but guaranteed to make the average joe blame .and distrust.
      Who is REALLY pulling the puppet strings?

  10. czarowniczy says:

    Hey folks, while we’ve been hypnotized by the shiny-POtuS-on-a-string he and his band of flying monkeys have been busy. He has once again slashed ICE’s ability to deport illegal aliens. He has been steadily cutting ICE”s ability to deport illegal aliens (read as: prospective Democratic voters) for the last year and it’s to the point that unless ICE can prove the illegal’s a major felon in his/her home country they are home free. With some states (notably Illinois) pushing bills through their state legislatures that will grant illegals drivers’ licenses and/or state ID cards, without exposing them to little danger there is from Federal arrest and deportation, these illegals could easily become illegal voters too. You’d think our POtuS ‘professor of Constitutional Law’ would know that…or maybe he does.

    • Sharon says:

      “…these illegals could easily become illegal voters too….” yeah….why do you think he did it?

      I am never hypnotized by the shinyPOtuSonastring. I ignore him as much as I can. And even when I intend to understand what he’s doing, I can’t keep up. Right now I gotta bake some bread. Life goes on, and will still go on after he’s in the ashbin of history.

      I march to the beat of no man’s drum–and certainly not the adolescent-in-chief’s..

      • czarowniczy says:

        There are loads of illegal voters now, add the ones pardoned by Clinton and Obama and you can see why the voting demographics of the Southeast have been changed. I believe the Democrats are pushing the mass invasion of illegals to also cement and change the voting demographics of the Midwest also. Life will go on after Obama’s in the bin but what kind of life? I’m not as concerned about marching to the drummer’s beat as I am the hoards of drummed-up marchers stomping on me and my family.

        • Sharon says:

          What kind of life? Similar to what eastern Europe struggled with for years after World War II. They were actually climbing “upwards” at the time. We’re going to be sliding “downward” for some time.

          I believe it will make the jobs of the statists more difficult that in our situation they are dealing with millions of people who know what it is to live free and be independent, personally as well as politically.

          We have not been cowed and worn out by decades of oppression and war as the eastern Europeans were. Our “we” has been horribly slow waking up–but “we” are still a generation that knows what freedom feels like, smells like and how it works. Taking our guns away is going to be the least of their problems.

          And do remember, we are not the kind of slugs who need to wait for a memo from headquarters to “tell us what to do” and “tell us how to resist.”

          Wolverines, indeed. We are of those who know that cars are not tuned up any more. We are of those who know there is no Austrian language. We are of those who don’t have to hide our passports or our education records. We are of those who don’t have to lie about who we had dinner with in order to protect our resumes.

          We’re not very happy with “our side” at the moment, but unleashed?—even if only 60% of our resistance works out the way we intend, we’re gonna drive them bananas. Even if they succeed in doing their worst–well, they haven’t seen our worst yet.

          None of that is braggadocio. I’m just sick of threats and like someone else said today about their endless threats–bring it. Just bring it. Let’s get it on.

          barackhusseinobama, you’re a coward and an unAmerican. And you can kiss my grits.

          • WeeWeed says:

            Awesome!!! Well said, GF!! One way or another, we’ll whip their collective asses. I.Also.Have.Had.Enough.

          • canadacan says:

            That’s it let’s get it on let’s make them miserable let’s drive him crazy do it we are on guerrilla warfare mode

          • czarowniczy says:

            . No disagreement with you but with the vast majority of the US population huddled in urban and immediate suburban areas I’m not looking at much more action/reaction from them than we did last November. As this year and next year pass and the POtuS continues and expands his pro-south-of-the-border immigration plans and pushes Puerto Rican statehood the masses will ignore it as they just try to live day-by-day, the tide will creep in and slowly drown them all. Bush tried to surf the immigration wave that Clinton spawned but his work-way was easily co-opted by Obama’s free-stuff-giva-way. As I said, when my sleepy rural Mississippi town is awash in illegal Latino/a immigrants, that’s a sign of the times

            • Sharon says:

              …once the power is off and the flat screen doesn’t work and the free cell phones aren’t supported by the towers any more…the farmers, who have nearly been regulated into oblivion, aren’t going to be in the mood to provide free food. I believe they will guard their cattle and pig herds with hot lead. It will not be like Zimbabwe where the white farmers were forced out. It will be nothing like that.

              • czarowniczy says:

                News Flash: we already do guard our produce. If it ain’t professional modern-day rustlers with tricked-out abattoir trucks it’s poachers trying to score some free meat, wood, produce – you name it. We have to deal with two and four-legged predators on a regular basis, all a major upset in the citys’ food supplies would do is increase our scale of predators.

                • Sharon says:

                  When our small town in MN was invaded by taxpayer supported “refugees” from Bosnia about 15 years ago, one of the things that started happening the first summer was everyone’s gardens (in the town) being stripped bare overnight once the produce was ripe. Small town came to its senses (after the feel-good nonsense that brought all the uncivilized freeloaders there to begin with) and within about 12 months, there were no more Bosnians in the town.

                  If your scale of predators goes up, I’m suspecting your opportunities for improving your marksmanship will as well. A plethora of near-misses will communicate to a portion of them. The inner city fools have taught all of their lives that the farmers are a bunch of dimwits compared to themselves–I’m confident they will be schooled. How the marvelous farmfolk will school them, is their call. But I’m confident they (and their defenders) will be schooled.

                  Is tarring and feathering against the law any more?

                  • czarowniczy says:

                    Very few go out to work their acreage out here without some sort of protection, coyotes and snakes, don’t you knwo.

        • howie says:

          The top Gop’s are there too.

  11. retire2005 says:

    Sundance, the first part of this entry is exactly the words used by Professor Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection.

    Did you copy him, or did he copy you? If you are going to repeat what another blogger wrote, you need to at least give them credit for what they wrote that you post here.

    • sundance says:

      Thanks. Yes, his introductory paragraph (for the video) was used. The embedd link did not take when I copied it over (WP is wonky like that at times) I did not catch it. The citation is embedded. Thanks again.

  12. BertDilbert says:

    Hell we should take all of LewDaJew’s income via taxation and redistribute it.

  13. ottawa925 says:

    If I were the Devil … priceless:

    • LouDaJew says:

      I remember the stories that the Air Force cops used to tell about Paul Harvey’s son who was also a cop at Ellsworth Air Force Base. man, that story was brutal. they used to say Why not Minot? freezin’s the reason. I haven’t heard from Paul Harvey since the 80’s. I used to listen to him when I served in NATO.

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