“Oh No You Dittent” – East Saint Louis Council Woman and Hubby Smack Down 61 Year Old Best Buy Doorman For Requesting Receipt….

Receipt axin’ be raciss…   Gurrl, you so cra-cra…   

(Via GWP) East Saint Louis -  It’s considered normal procedure by most to be asked for your receipt while leaving a busy store like Best Buy with expensive items. But Latoya Greenwood, 38, didn’t take kindly to the request.

Police say she began shouting obscenities at the 61-year-old Fairview Heights Best Buy employee at the exit door. Her husband got into the act and smacked the man across the face, sending him down to the ground while his wife didn’t flinch and kept the curse words flying.

The husband, 39-year-old Hickey Thompson, is charged with felony aggravated battery and is held on $20,000 bond. Greenwood is charged with disorderly conduct. (read more)

Another Report - A former metro-east football star was charged with aggravated battery, a class 3 felony, Thursday by the St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office following an incident at Best Buy in Fairview Heights.

According to police, Hickey D. Thompson, who earned a mention in Sports Illustrated as the star of Althoff Catholic High School’s football teams that won back-to-back state championships in 1989 and 1990, allegedly hit a Best Buy employee in the face during an altercation at about 12:45 p.m. Wednesday. The employee was identified in court records as Gary Thompson.

Hickey Thompson’s companion, Latoya N. Greenwood, an East St. Louis councilwoman, was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor. Greenwood works at East St. Louis School District 189.

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105 Responses to “Oh No You Dittent” – East Saint Louis Council Woman and Hubby Smack Down 61 Year Old Best Buy Doorman For Requesting Receipt….

  1. akathesob says:

    Such class some people show. Both should have been charged with stupidity in public as well.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank God for the internet. They can’t hide under regional secrecy any more. The word is spreading…as sickening as it is….the fact is there’s a growing awareness that, guess what, decent people????? It ain’t about us!!! We’re not the jerks! There’s nothing for us to be guilted about! We’re not the ones causing the problems in this country.

    Now…as we become disillusioned–as rapidly as possible–our indignation and fury at what’s been done to our nation in the name of “the rights” of the “downtrodden” liars like these two will supply some energy I’m suspecting.

    Feral “adults” holding office across the nation, right to the top. THAT is the problem.

    • Coast says:

      Wait a minute…are you sure about all that. Best Buy didn’t build that…someone else did. And Greenwood and Thompson were just trying to set an example of proper black citizenship. After all, no one gots a right to see nothing.

    • akathesob says:

      Feral! WOW it just sounds so sweet the way you say it. All proper and such… just sayen!

      • Sharon says:

        Why, thank you. ;) I’m workin’ on it. Even phony ‘proper and such’ doesn’t come easy on some of these days….in my past life, I tried really hard not to get truly angry more than once every 10 years or so. Let’s just say it left a trail, took a lot of me and those around.

  3. yadent says:

    I wonder if this screws up Ms Greenwood’s chance at a CCW permit to protect the children in East St Louis School District 189? OMG, what if she already has one!!

    • Sharon says:

      Well, if she doesn’t already have one, I’m sure they’ll have an affirmative action program to put her to the head of the line….training and background check bypassed, cuz she’s already suffered enough and stuff.

  4. LittleLaughter says:

    Did no one in that store bother to put the smack-down on that thug when he hit the employee? You know it was crowded, with plenty of people around. Someone…if not a whole bunch of someones…should’ve laid that jerk out. He should have been picking up his gold teef off of the floor.

    • dmoseylou says:

      ” gold teef”

      Bwahahahahahahah! :D

      • dmoseylou says:

        I have a 6’4, 215# former United States Marine Corp son who would have smacked that ex-footballer into unconsiousness with one move, without a one-second pause.

        • Sharon says:

          I have one of those, too, but he’s not quite as tall (mine’s 6’1″) as yours and not quite as heavy….but they’re something, aren’t they? They’re not confused either about what’s wrong or what’s right with this country.

          • LittleLaughter says:

            Mine would’ve knocked his teef down his throat. Then the thug could’ve waited for a return on his deposit. Good for your sons dmoseylous and Sharon.

            • Sharon says:

              “teef” is a stand-alone word that always just make me laugh!

              • LittleLaughter says:

                My son use to say “teef” when he was 2. It cracked me up. He also called people “meanerds” when he felt they were being mean to him. By the end of his kindergarten year, all of the kids said “meanerd”, as did the teacher! (“Johnny, do not be a meanerd to Cindy!”) It is a word we still use to this day and he is 20! :-D SO, DON’T BE A MEANERD AND GO BRUSH YOUR TEEF!

                • Sharon says:

                  Our older son couldn’t say “hamburger” for the longest time–it always came out “hang-gerber”!

                  • LittleLaughter says:

                    I shall order it that way the next time I go thru Mickey D’s!

                  • cajunkelly says:

                    (chuckle) Amazing how one word can lead to another, and then another, and take us all off on a trail of memories.
                    My oldest couldn’t say “french fries”…it was “pinch eyes”. He was addicted to ‘em! Hell, I’d drive five miles out of the way to prevent him seeing those blasted golden arches.
                    PINCH EYES MOMMA, PINCH EYES! he’d cry.
                    Middle son said “here’s mine” for never mind.
                    Oh, youngest son had a fascination with “trucks”, except he substituted an f for the t. :shock: If we had other people in the vehicle with us and saw a truck, we’d quickly cover his mouth. :lol: He’d start yelling…LOOK, LOOK! a …well, ya get it I’m sure.

                    Ex BIL when he was young couldn’t say blue jeans…it was heboogies. A popcicle was a hituhpotte.

    • jordan2222 says:

      What is the real scoop with blacks and gold teeth? Is it a looks thing or a show of wealth and/or status?

      • Sharon says:

        I hate to tell you that my teeth were apparently used in an earlier lifetime by someone else, because by the time I was 19, I had a row of crowns all the way across the top front….and I was that farm kid who only drank milk and never had candy, and had regular dental care every 6 months…. go figure. Genetics. My sisters had the same kind of teeth–we have personally sent a number of dentists on amazing vacations in our lives. Anyway–bottom line–my first round of crowns were gold. I’m sure my mother would have paid for caps, but they were way, way more expensive, and I had to have six done at one time. That was traumatic in a number of ways in 1963. They all turned to lovely caps a few years later courtesy of another dentist in California who also had some nice vacation time. Anyway, I wouldn’t assume it’s wealth or status—it actually might just be habit over a couple of generations of gold being less expensive. Of course, I’m talking about 50 years ago, so maybe my experience has absolutely nothing to do with their reasonings.

        • jordan2222 says:

          I am 66. My family was poor. We used sweet gum twigs which I have described in previous posts.

          The first time I ever saw a dentist was when I entered military service… I had no cavities. I do have some crowns now and lost 2 rear teeth due to bad dentistry after having stress fractures.

          My father, now 89, still has all of his teeth, but some have been crowned. He still uses sweet gum twigs.

          I still do not get the gold thing with blacks.

          • cajunkelly says:

            Most I have seen aren’t even caps are crowns. They’re “clip on” and they call ‘em “grills”.
            Yeah, I think they’re status symbols for them, much like those gawdy fake gold HUGE necklaces and fake diamond HUGE earrings.

          • Bongo says:

            I recommend NOT getting gold crowns on your teeth. I have one gold crown on a lower “cruncher” and every time I accidentally touch a metal fork to it, it sends a very unnerving tingle to my jawbone that is very annoying. I had a cruncher crowned on the other side with a porcelain crown and it gives me no trouble at all.

      • dmoseylou says:

        Check it out, Jordan! LAUGH ALERT! Remove small sleeping children and / or snoozing pets from earshot before clicking on this link. Grillz at they’s finest.

        We are the makers of the original gold teeth grillz.
        KrunkGrillz.com will make your teeth Krunk!

        • jordan2222 says:

          OK, I am a dummy. I still do not get it. What kind of success?

          • LittleLaughter says:

            HAHAHA! dmoseylou! And Jordan, you’re not a dummy, but nah, you will never get it. None of us do. Just like we will never get why anyone would wear pants that they had to constantly use one hand to hold onto or they’ll fall down around their ankles. Just shake your head and move on. ;-)

            • jordan2222 says:

              I once thought I understood black behavior including their fetishes but I know very little today. I grew up with blacks in cotton and tobacco fields where I was the only white kid.

              I do know that their younger generation is very different today. They respect nothing including each other. One has only to look at Chicago to see it.

              I miss Angel because she was honest and you could ask her these questions.

              Hey Angel, if you are tuned in, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

              • nate says:

                I’m not Angel. But I am black. And you can ask me.

                • jordan2222 says:

                  When I was growing up in SC, I worked on my sharecropper uncle’s farm, cropping tobacco. I was the only white kid. In the fields, the black guys all sang while we worked and often, in the middle of a song, they would sing in unison, “Hi Yo, Silver.”

                  During that era, they drew beautiful pictures on the sides of the tobacco barns in that region of the country. Almost all of the barns had a picture of the Lone Ranger on his horse alongside of Tonto and the words. “Hi Yo, Silver” were in a circle pointed to the Lone Ranger to indicate he was saying that.

                  I do know that “Hi Yo, Silver” is used in a lot of older black music but I have never figured out the significance.

              • ftsk420 says:

                Being black is no longer about skin color it’s a way of life. I saw it with my own eyes when I watched CNN they had a girl who was black and white but grew up around white people. Black people said she didn’t know how to be black.

            • ftsk420 says:

              Grillz from what I remember started in the 90′s I remember when Wu-Tang came out all of a sudden everyone had these gold teeth in their mouth. Baggy jeans also became the thing to wear in the 90′s even though they originally started in prison. I still wear baggy jeans but I always use a belt it’s not for fashion or to fit in it’s because they are comfortable.

          • kathyca says:

            grillz tutorial for ya Jordan, right outtha STL….Shine for me daddy LOL

            • jordan2222 says:

              I grew up in the South. Maybe I was “lucky” to know the black people I did but the mutual respect between the races back then does not exist today. Yes, there were exceptions and schools were segregated. Blacks preferred to live together just like many do today.

              Most white kids loved the black music of that era. We also ate the same food. Maybe that’s it.

            • jordan2222 says:


              I watched the vid but I still don’t get how having gold teeth is attractive. Most people I know want pearly white teeth. If they get crowns or caps. they want a perfect match with their other teeth.

              • kathyca says:

                It’s not just gold. It’s diamonds and every other expensive gem you can think of. It’s a sign of wealth, no matter how that wealth was acquired, and chicks dig it — well, certain chicks dig it, apparently. I’ve also heard rumors that it’s a whole lot easier to hang on to your drug dealing money if it’s a part of your skull, but I have no idea whether there’s any truth to that or not.

                • kathyca says:

                  To clarify that last part, the “grill” trend supposedly started when drug dealers started embedding diamonds, etc. in their teeth. The removable grill came after that and was supposed to emulate it. At least that’s what I’ve heard.
                  A couple of your comments got caught in spam–don’t know why yet. –Admin

                • ftsk420 says:

                  I haven’t heard about the drug dealer part but I guess it’s possible. I always remember Rap music and gold grills. Flavor Flav Kool G Rap Big Daddy Kane all had them.

                  • kathyca says:

                    What I heard is that (1) it’s a good way to take your “wealth” with you when you’re incarcerated (although, personally, I’d worry about having my teeth forcibly removed) and (2) that it prevents Fed confiscation — I guess they won’t take the caps and crowns right out of your head. I guess those two things are related know that I think about it. Idk, though. You’re the one with the street cred. So if you’ve never heard it, it’s probably not true.

                  • ftsk420 says:

                    It’s possible I can’t sit here and say it’s 100% false because drug dealers change things up all the time.

                  • kathyca says:

                    Thought I hit post, but maybe not. I was shocked to find a case where the feds actually tried to confiscate a grill. lmbo


                    From the link:

                    TACOMA, Washington (AP) – Talk about taking a bite out of crime _ government lawyers tried to remove and confiscate the gold dental work known as “grills” or “grillz” from the mouths of two men facing drug charges.

                    “I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and I have never heard of anything like this,” said Richard J. Troberman, a forfeiture specialist and past president of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. “It sounds like Nazi Germany when they were removing the gold teeth from the bodies, but at least then they waited until they were dead.”

                    According to documents and lawyers involved in the case in U.S. District Court, Flenard T. Neal Jr. and Donald Jamar Lewis, charged with several drug and weapon violations, were taken on Tuesday from the Federal Detention Center to the U.S. marshal’s office, where they were told the government had a warrant to seize the grills.

                • jordan2222 says:

                  At one time, I traveled frequently in airplanes.. as much as 350 flights in one year. During that era I was “married” to my business and had no desire to get into a relationship so I was somewhat oblivious to any kind of female attention or attraction to me. My oldest daughter made many trips with me when she was younger.

                  One day, she asked me why black women of a “certain physical type” came onto me which I had never noticed but it was not because I had gold teeth.

                  • kathyca says:

                    ahaha… What a coincidence. I held a similar attraction in my youth. I was once voted the May Queen at my school over the most popular girl in the school, who also happened to be two years older than me. The vote was by pennies. Guess who stuffed the piggy banks for me. lol. I have a couple more stories from college that are slightly little too racy for here. But suffice it to say, I must have been quite “bootylicious” back in the day…:)

                  • jordan2222 says:

                    An older guy used to tell me that lust almost always precedes love.

                    I know that I was always attracted to females with certain physical attributes. I considered all other girls to be “safe,” meaning I could actually be friends with them. LOL.

        • yankeeintx says:

          Your link explains it:

          “For the Real Thugs, players, pimps, hustlers, down chicks, soldiers, club hoppers, chopped and screwed riders, ghost whip riders, and Gangsta’s use our SHOP GRILLZ tool now go from click to KRUNK in DAYS!”

          I am assuming that their use of the word “soldiers” that they are not referring to anyone in the United States Military, such tackiness would never be allowed by someone in uniform.

        • cajunkelly says:

          oops, shoulda read your post before making my post above…
          from that site:
          Remember, gold grillz symbolize success!

        • Josh says:

          I’ll bet the people who get these are great conversationalists!

      • TandCrumpettes says:

        I got a gold crown after a root canal. Its a molar, so only my dentist knows about it! ha! Had it been visible when I smile, I would have chosen white.

        Well, its kind of unique, anyway. I kind of like having it. I feel like a pirate.

        But pirate or no, I don’t understand why anyone would want a whole mouthful.

      • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

        Gold the metal is useful (I think) because it doesn’t oxidize/rust and has very good antibacterial qualities (recall they said George Washington’s teeth were made of wood).
        On the other hand, much of what we see or are discussing is cosmetic in nature (Bling).

        • mcfyre2012 says:

          I have no dental work, except for a porcelain-filled filling. I have a couple of friends with porcelain crowns. Gold is for “Look at me” bling.

        • Libby says:

          Gold alloys are used in restorative dentistry, especially in tooth restorations, such as crowns and permanent bridges. The gold alloys’ slight malleability facilitates the creation of a superior molar mating surface with other teeth and produces results that are generally more satisfactory than those produced by the creation of porcelain crowns. The use of gold crowns in more prominent teeth such as incisors is favored in some cultures and discouraged in others.
          (from wikipedia)

  5. LittleLaughter says:

    Twenty years ago, I was a bank teller in a big city. We had a lot of fraud and were expected to be able to thwart it. In fact, if I were to have cashed a fraudulent check and I had not written down the DL number & birthdate, I could be fired. On one occassion, I asked a black female for i.d. before cashing her check (I asked every person for i.d., every single time). This lady went off; cursed me and said I was a racist. Went to my bank manager (a white female) and raised heck. Bank manager told me never to ask for her i.d. again. She should have told the lady that everyone is required to show i.d. But she was skeered she, too, would be called a racist. That woman did not even have an account with our bank.

  6. Inkraven says:

    While I don’t condone her husband’s actions, having been a former customer of BB in the past, I can certainly see her side of it. I’ve never been made to feel more unwelcome than in one of those stores. The fact of the matter is that they can try to stop you at the door and ask for your receipt all they want, but you are not required to stop or show it. The last time I was in one, they tried this stunt on me; I just said “No,” and kept walking.

    • Sharon says:

      I don’t think there’s a law that says I have to show Costco my receipts either, but we show them every single time we leave the store. It’s their business, and if they need to control theft by checking receipts, sounds like good business to me. Never occurred to me to take it personally. Maybe I’ll try that next time and see how it goes.

    • LouDaJew says:

      Inkraven, you act just like the people in the story. it’s their store. show the receipt and show respect.

      • Inkraven says:

        Disagree, because 1) I didn’t raise my voice or be belligerent in any way and 2) respect is a two way street. Being vigilant is fine, but don’t treat paying customers as criminals.

        A little background – at the time, I was the only customer anywhere near the entrance (the store had just opened), and the guy at the door watched me take my purchase up to the register and pay for it, then tried to hassle me.

        • jordan2222 says:

          Are you seriously making an issue about being asked to show a receipt? I know it’s a policy in some stores. If it offended me, I would not shop there but I never considered it until you made your post. I cannot imagine how you would act when going to the airport. I would love to see you in action.

          • Sharon says:

            Not me. I’m gittin’ behind my potted plant if yer followin’ Inkraven to the TSA place. 8O

            • dmoseylou says:

              O>M>Goodness! Lucky me…I have a screen / keyboard protector on my PC> or I would be cleaning hot chocolate off of it for quite a while. Sticky stuff, that real chocolate is.

          • LouDaJew says:

            I agree Jordan. if someone felt uncomfortable with their experience, don’t shop there anymore. it’s the security person’s job, so let them do it. they are there for the stores benefit. electronics are expensive, plus they don’t have the best job in the world. me personally, I just show them my bag, and greet them on my way out with a smile. have you read the story in which woman beat up an elderly WalMart greeter? I found the aftermath video.

            • LouDaJew says:

              and you think the people who were surrounding JAcquetta’s car were liberals? no remember, they just mind their own business, just like they say George should have. self centered b@st@rds. me personally, I would have been right there making sure that POS thug Jacquetta didn’t get away.

        • cajunkelly says:

          Inkraven, did you have an unbagged item? Something the size of…ohhh…a 12 roll pack of tp? I asked a lady that I’ve known since childhood, who works as a door greeter at WalMart what the criteria is for checking receipts.
          According to her they are required to check the receipt of any customer leaving the store who has unbagged items in their cart.
          She has checked *me* several times, an has known me most of my life, but only when I have large unbagged items.

    • marie says:

      Hey, the more a store controls shoplifting, the less the have to recover their losses by raising prices on me. I’m for what they do. I trade with two Best Buys and don’t mind their policy at all. If I did, I wouldn’t trade there and don’t have to trade there. Neither did this couple.
      The woman’s and her husband’s behavior (not a simple, “No, you may not see my receipt” but their feral response) illustrate the bind that businesses find themselves in.

      They study the crime stats in their area scrupulously but aren’t allowed to do much about what they learn from that data other than not building a store there (but demographics change fairly rapidly these days, at least where I live). If they were legally able, they could put signs in their windows which read, “No (fill in gender) between the ages of (fill-in), of (fill in) race allowed in our store.”

      So, in light of their not being able to do that, I think asking for a receipt is the civil thing to do. People not liking that policy can exercise their right not to trade there.

      • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

        For a couple of years, when I would enter my local Walmart, the “Greeters” would seem to do the following: give a big warm “Hello” to African Americans as they entered the store and turn their backs on the whites as they entered the store. Six months ago, I went to return something early on a Sunday morning. Having passed several employees (including a manager) to get into the return area, I shouldn’t have expected to be served right away (I was not). After waiting a minute or two I sat down to relieve my pain-have medical issues. As soon as a pair of African American customers arrived, so did the store employees to help them.
        Daring to insist on fair treatment, I asked if this was “first come, last served”?
        The AA employee says, “Oh, I thought you were just sitting on the bench”.
        I say, “Yeah, I woke up just to come sit on your bench here and be ignored”
        She then says, “I didn’t see you” which is contradicted by her prior statement that she thought I was their to enjoy Walmart’s wonderful bench on a Sunday morning in the return area.
        I then just went racial and said, “I can see why you would serve the black customers first and ignore the white one”.
        Black racism is not subtle. They rarely try to hide it. Even when caught serving you last because you are white, they deny it (and I call em out anyway)

        • LouDaJew says:

          good for you. it’s about time someone spoke up about how African Americans play favorites with other black Americans.

          • Josh says:

            …and about this “African American” stuff. I don’t play it. I try not to use color when describing someone because, I’ve found, that it often is not necessary. I’ve had two different black girls, on two different occassions, get upset with me when I used the term “African American”. “I’m not from Africa” was their reply. Ya’ can’t win for loosing, as the saying goes, but it is part of the plan to make good people afraid to say anything.

            • The Tundra PA says:

              I wish more blacks would respond like those two girls. American blacks have no more connection to Africa than I have to my five-generations-back German ancestry. I don’t call myself German-American.

              At the height of ridiculousness during the London Olympics, I saw a reporter interviewing a black British athlete. One question began “As an African American, do you feel…” She stopped when she noticed the athlete looking at her quizzically.

            • cajunkelly says:

              I, a while ago, began using the term “non caucasians” due to all the changing demands. Haven’t used it here before now, as I wasn’t sure how it would be perceived and/or accepted.

        • howie says:

          Like I say. I am avoiding AA’s as much as I can unless I know them well. With these laws and attitudes it is a wise thing. I have absolutely seen the hate they project.

        • Josh says:

          A friend of mine went to a school meeting to speak about safety. While there a woman spoke of an incident where a student (thug) pulled a knife on another student while riding the bus and actually cut the other student’s throat. The school refused to pull the thug from riding the bus because it would have been “discriminatory”. What did the school mean by “discriminatory”? Is it based on the color of the thug’s epidermis? or the thug’s gender? or height? or “sexual orientation”? or hair color? What? I don’t understand this. I know nothing of the thug other than they acted as a thug and should be reprimanded as a thug should be reprimanded.

  7. dmoseylou says:

    It is routine at Sam’s Club to present your receipt at the exit door. Unfortunately, shoplifting is a very profitable business. I feel any business has a right to verify that goods have been paid for, while the customer is still inside the store.

    • griz1234 says:

      At the club stores, you have a membership agreement that includes language about having your receipt inspected at exit.

      Absent another agreement, when you PAY for YOUR merchandise, the transaction is complete. How would you feel if they were searching you on ENTRY? Most stores prohibit photography to prevent other stores from doing competitive research… Does that give them the right to detain you?

      What is horrible about this story is not that someone objected to having their receipt inspected… It’s that rather than making a reasonable response, like saying “No, thanks!” and keeping on walking, or simply not patronizing businesses that insult their good customers because they can’t hire competent staff to properly ring up sales and watch for theft… These people “chimped out” on a seasoned citizen.

  8. czarowniczy says:

    Ummmm…we’re talkin’ East St Louis here – and you expected what?

  9. Justice4All says:

    If they felt that he”possibly” racially profiled them…..then……according to Al Sharpton and his followers they had the right to “put the bangaz on the crackaz”.

  10. LittleLaughter says:

    I don’t think tracy worries much about the number of lies he’s told, rahter he is too busy thinking up his next fable.

  11. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    It is a loss control procedure.

    It is nondiscriminatory. Everyone is asked forbtheir receipt.

    Contrary to ignorant statements made here, the store doeshave the legal right to ask to see your receipt as you exit the store. Failure to have a receipt the merchandise you haves prima facia evidence of theft and suffecient evidence to get you CONVICTED.

  12. medtech says:

    i often refuse to show my reciept. Just give a polite no thank you, and keep going. sure the store can ask me to show the reciept but they have no legal right to detain me. They can call the cops if they want. Checking me for a reciept is like airport security checking a nun or US marine. It;s all for show because i’ve never stolen anything and never will.

    • kathyca says:

      I also have politely declined occasionally. What I don’t like about it is that they are not allowed to exercise any judgment, as you say (which is not their fault, I know). That grates — much the same way the schools’ “zero tolerance” policies grate. I’ve never gotten any kind of reaction from the employee. In fact, they have been either quite pleasant in return, or neutral at worst.

  13. Rand says:

    I have a friend that works the exit door at Costco. He told me that they actually find more instances of the customer being over charged for items not in the cart.

  14. cmsiq2 says:

    I can’t believe in a country of 300 million plus an incident such as this occurred.

    • Josh says:

      Not sure why you can’t believe it. It is the way “we” are being raised by the evil ones. ALWAYS BE OFFENDED. ALWAYS BE A VICTIM. So sad…

  15. mung says:

    They need to prosecute them for elderly abuse. Seems like the feds should be brought in to investigate this hate crime.

  16. brutalhonesty says:

    few notes: tracy martin is from east st louis
    and east st louis is a bastion of crime. prostitutes, drugs, liquer stores, strip clubs, thats it, no reputable businesses. the government is corrupt and so are the cops. the 97% black town is racist as all hell too. they lost a race discrimination case for firing 2 blacks from the board because they dared recommend a white man for the position of police chief. they mayor said the city wasnt ready for a white chief, while america had elected a black potus. so they instead hired convicted felon baxton to the position, and he subsequently had to resign after being caught in a sting operation. he was stealing x-boxes from cars in the impound.

  17. LouDaJew says:

    the sucker punch given by Jacquetta Simmons.

  18. ed357 says:

    This was also on Drudge but didn’t mention anyone’s race or that the perpetrator was a council woman………

    Glad the facts came out……

    Sometimes the truth hurts……but it’s still the truth.

  19. cajunkelly says:

    It troubles me that more discussion here centers on checking receipts, rather than the feral, felonious response which is the true topic.
    This sort of brutality is becoming all too common with a certain feral segment of WalMart, Target, Best Buy, etc. shoppers.
    Who wants to start a betting pool on how long it takes the crumpster to show up in East St. Louis?

    • kathyca says:

      You’re right. I guess I thought it was implicit in my post. When I have declined, I’ve done so politely and was permitted to simply leave with my purchases. Maybe because I didn’t deck the dude just for asking!

      • cajunkelly says:

        (shrug) It never occurs to me to decline. This is done to deter theft. The more theft that is prevented, the lower the prices I will pay. These people are hired to do a job. They are doing that job. It’s not personal and there is no profiling. I know this because I’ve been checked after several not of my race walked right through.

        Most of the time I keep my receipt in my hand. As I near the door I wave it at ‘em, and nine times outta ten I’m waved on through with a smile.

        In a store such as WalMart, where ther are 40 some odd registers, there’s no way the greeter can see whether or not you just came through checkout. Additionally, I’ve heard of the nefarious type taking used WalMart bags into the store in a large purse and bag the items in the store as they “shop”, then attempt to walk out.

        We’ve had some *really* brave ones here lately. They simply fill their cart and sashay out the door with nothing bagged.

        • kathyca says:

          Oh, I know why they do it and that they have no choice. And THEY don’t grate on me. The fact that they’d get their pants sued off if the exercised any kind of obvious judgment whatsoever and that the law supports that result is what grates.

          I don’t decline in some kind of protest about it. I just know that I can and if I’m in a hurry to get out of the store with a lot of stuff and a bratty kid, for example, I’ll just wave and say not today please, or something like that. I think they’re as anxious for us to leave as I am :)

          • jordan2222 says:

            The people at my Sam’s Club do not actually check what’s in my basket to the receipt. On occasion, they pretend to count the number of items and match it against the receipt. Nothing is bagged at my Sam’s Club.

            They simply make a long highlighter mark on the receipt. I usually jokingly say something like, “They made me pay for everything today.” It goes so quickly, there is rarely a line. If a line forms, someone else comes along. Actually, I never thought much of it.

  20. mcfyre2012 says:

    Very confusing…The CBS report calls Hickey, “the husband,” while the BND report calls Greenwood his “companion.” Are they married to each other…or is he “stayin’ at her place?” (While the average peson would ask, “Where do you live?” … blacks usually ask, “Where you stay?”)

    Remember National Lampoon’s “Vacation” where the family mistakenly gets off the interstate and ends up the the St. Louis ghetto? That was no exaggeration and is still that way today. East St. Louis is still the cess pool it always has been.

    • cajunkelly says:

      There is a town East of me that is becoming the same sort of cesspool. Very few caucasians left in positions of power. Fraud is rampant and crime is unbelievable. Now they’re complaining about caucasian flight, especially since the recent census put them below that magical number that allows them all sorts of “free” federal funding. They demanded a recount (can’t be losin’ that free money yanno!) and it came back with even less residents.

      The only way I enter the limits of that city is when I’m traveling East and the interstate goes right through it. God forbid I ever break down there. I’d lock my car doors and call for help *after* I placed The Judge (what I call my carry piece) in my lap.

      No, The Judge I carry isn’t the multi-ammo one on the market. I have one, but ain’t NO way that’ll be my go-to. My carry is a Taurus PT111PRO

  21. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    I once made the mistake of trying to see Christmas trees to some tree lots in Compton California ran by an African. American couple. They would insist that they wanted fresh cut trees, then play games by waiting until the last moment to notify me when and if the truck would arrive. They would send me an Email confirming an order for 1,000 trees and expect me to roundup my crew, cut the trees, bale the trees and have the trees sitting on the dock ready to load when the truck arrived at noon. I even got stupid enough to extend credit to them and shipped load worth $8,000 to me but probably $40,000 retail with the understanding that they would pay when they sold part of the trees then would ship additional trees. They called up to argue and complain about the quality of the trees, demanding reduced price. Given the fact that they had the trees already, I gave them a discount. They then wanted 5,000 more trees at the reduced price. Given the confirmation that I was being cheated, I “agreed” to ship the additional trees after I had been paid for the first load. Rather than pay for the first load as agreed, they had two more trucks show up with only an hours notification expecting me to ship more trees on credit with no payment. When I refused, ingot a series of phone calls that started out with Shucking and Jiving then became increasingly hostile and threatening.

    My attitude towards Black people is that I will avoid doing business with them.

  22. theparagons says:

    Are they really married?

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