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ABC screenshot1.)  Working on final “backup” sourcing confirmation for update on ABC video manipulation of Sanford Police Dept. Booking video.

2.)  This whole DeeDee narrative is going to be the undoing of Ben Crump. Stanley McDaniel Manor Blog has an interesting note on the Dee Dee manipulation.  Outlining something previously overlooked.   In the FDLE interview report (which we thought a little odd at the time) Kenneth Wayne Moore of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement specifically outlines that Dee Dee was/is reported as a minor at the time the report was filed.

Dee Dee Report

Note at the very bottom of page #1 All personal information relating to this “girlfriend” has been blacked out in the report. BUT THE REPORT SAYS : “The information in this report contains information about a JUVENILE that may be privileged or confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law.” We now know that “Trayvon’s girlfriend” is Dee Dee, AKA Witness 8, even though she was coy at best about her relationship with Martin during the interview.

SA Moore also wrote that when they arrived at the location of the interviews (that too was redacted), Benjamin Crump was there and Daryl Parks and Natalie Jackson arrived sometime thereafter. Fulton gave a statement at about 1540 and Tracy Martin gave a statement sometime after 1630, but they had some difficulty locating Dee Dee, who was finally found and “escorted to” Fulton’s home where she gave an interview sometime after 1830.

This is a most unusual report. Officers often assist fellow officers from other jurisdictions, but seldom write reports about it. They virtually never write reports that essentially say they drove them around and helped them find a few people. In fact, officers providing such minimal assistance commonly write reports only if they actually participated in some law enforcement function, in which case, they document exactly what they did.

In this case, SA Moore essentially says: “I picked these guys up at the airport, drove them to a place where they interviewed a couple of people, and when they were done, drove them back to the airport,” making a very odd police report indeed. Moore does not say or imply he did anything else. He does not say he sat in on any interviews. He does not say whether he waited where the interviews took place, or merely returned when they were done to provide transport. He uses passive language, giving no hint that he did anything affirmative to find anyone, or even to escort Dee Dee to Fulton’s home.

On the other hand, police officers often write reports to cover their tender posteriors, particularly if they suspect those posteriors might be in danger of exposure. If that’s the case here, being sure to mention the names of Crump, Parks and Jackson does makes sense. Notice too that the personal information of Dee Dee was redacted, yet those redacting the report let slip one interesting bit of information: Dee Dee was “escorted” to Sybrina Fulton’s residence where she was interviewed.

Keep in mind too that Crump has apparently been playing fast and loose with Dee Dee’s age. It’s possible SA Moore was told Dee Dee was a juvenile, which explains the redactions and aforementioned note about privileged juvenile information. If SA Moore or others in the FDLE subsequently learned they had been played—particularly if they suspected de la Rionda was in on it–that might explain why this document has been released. (visit McDaniel Manor for more)

It would appear that people within the construct of the FDLE network around this case know something is afoot with the Dee Dee false persona.   At least this Agent “Moore” appears unwilling to construct or participate in the construction of dishonest application.

Again yesterday in court, despite BDLR saying he was going to deliver the recording of the 3/19/12 Dee Dee interview – He did not;  Not yet.  Still.  Again.    In addition the state continues to obfuscate around what device actually recorded the interview segment Benjamin Crump used.

And it does not go unnoticed that not a single member of the Scheme Team went to the court yesterday.   What are they afraid of ?  Why ?   The TRUTH has nothing to hide, nor does anyone in possession of truthful information.

Why twist in pretzel like contortions around both Dee Dee interviews?

Why Lie about her age?

Why try to hide the original 3/19/12 interview?

Why keep dragging this aspect of discovery out? 

Why try to hide the truth instead of plainly speaking it?

We know Matt Gutman has the original, and presumably only full recording of that interview.   What is there to hide?  and whatever it is, the FDLE has some people within its ranks apparently uncomfortable with the entire Scheme.

Gutman tweet 2


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172 Responses to General Zimmerman Stuff In The Pipeline

  1. boutis says:

    He says W8 was there in person. I thought Crump said it was a phone interview thus the bad connection or whatever when he had to start and stop his Little Tykes tape recorder that would not pick up W8’s voice off of a telephone interview. This says she was THERE in person. AND a MINOR.

    • floridianne says:

      This is the second Dee Dee interview in which BDLR interviewed a Dee Dee in person. The first Dee Dee interview was done by Crump/Gutman via phone.

      • boutis says:

        OK. I am confused by how many times W8 has been interviewed by someone. So first time is Crump by phone. Second time by BDLR with the Scheme team hanging around and they had to go find her and bring her back to the Fulton house. Third time W8 flown somewhere to be deposed, talked to, or whatever by BDLR again. Again I think this is a big fat mess conducted by a clown circus.

        • tara says:

          Technically, the first to meet with DeeDee was Sybrina Fulton. In the discovery docs, Sybrina told BDLR that shortly after she found out DeeDee was the last person to talk to Trademark, she invited DeeDee to her house to have a talk. Sybrina told BDLR that DeeDee arrived with an unnamed black female and someone else dropped them off, and that DeeDee and Sybrina went outside to have a talk. I thought that was interesting, DeeDee is at Sybrina’s house, a private residence, and they have to go outside to talk? I wonder who else was there and who else went outside to talk? And who is this other female? Perhaps DD2 when DD1 backed out?

    • Chip Bennett says:

      I thought Crump said it was a phone interview…

      That was the March DeeDee statement. This FDLE report documents the April DeeDee interview, conducted [sic] by BDLR.

    • jordan2222 says:


      This should help:

      Here is Dee Dee #1’s interview with Gutman and/or Chump or someone or something and other stuff…..3 versions with discussion.

      This is DeeDee #2. It is her interview with Bernie. It’s the one in which she talks to the grass and claims he was rushing back to finish watching the All Star game that had not even started yet. She says he had gone to the store to buy some food for an imaginary little brother. When asked if GZ got out of car and chased TM she replies, “You want that too?” Ebonics is helpful to translate everything.

  2. anwtex says:

    Pants on fire again??

    • boutis says:

      Has a single thing he has said been true and factual? When they realized that a bunch of plaintiff’s attorneys were sitting in on an interview for a criminal case to have someone arrested looked really bad and clearly implicated them in witness tampering and collusion with the prosecution, they claimed it was a telephone interview to minimize their complicity. Too bad a cop spilled the beans.

  3. Don P. says:

    How come Gutman was not listed as being there by FDLE. They listed everyone else.

    • myopiafree says:

      HI Don – I think Omara-West need to put the “squeeze” on liar-Crump. Only after they have the edited tape form Crump – will they “go after” Gutman. Gutman will “lie low”. Once they have Crump’s recording – they can then compare it against Gutman’s recording.

      • tara says:

        I think Gutman is already lying low. He seems to have totally ignored Trademark since this web site started focusing attention on his BS reports. I still think GZ should sue him and ABC for all of the damaging misinformation they broadcast.

        • John Galt says:

          “I still think GZ should sue him and ABC for all of the damaging misinformation they broadcast.”

          I wonder if Gutman’s selection and editing of the broadcast portions of his Dee Dee recording(s) will factor into that decision.

    • Don P. says:

      I am just curious as to whether Gutman really has the only recording and why he was there. FDLE even stated that they had surveillance ahead of time to make sure the media was not present. Because he was not listed makes me believe someone else made the recording.

      • I agree with you. This particular meeting/interview appears not to have been accompanied by Gutman, otherwise it would have been noted in the FDLE report and there would have been no mention of making sure media wasn’t present. Another fishy aspect, it seems.

    • tara says:

      Gutman was present for the unofficial Crump interview with DeeDee, not the official FDLE interview.

      • Don P. says:

        If FDLE interviewed her they would have a full recording. They don’t take notes they record and with video.

        • tara says:

          They have the full recording that they did with DD2. It’s available to the public, I don’t have the link at this moment.

          • tara says:

            I want to add that this interview is absolutely laughable. Instead of investigating, BDLR is clearly leading DD2, filling in details for her, avoiding questions which would elicit factual information or reveal contradictions, etc.

            I think this is the full interview here:

            • floridianne says:

              I like your take on this subject. We have unofficial and official interviews. Some are over the phone with civil attorneys and the media present, some are in person with the prosecutor and civil attorneys present and others require sending a search party out to locate witness(es). Beyond. Stoopid.

    • recoverydotgod says:

      The FDLE report is of the 4/2 W8 interview by BDLR.

      Matt Gutman was at the 3/19 W8 interview by Crump.

  4. myopiafree says:

    If ever O’Mara-West Depose this woman (and assuming she tells the truth), then your questions will be answered:
    Why twist in pretzel like contortions around both Dee Dee interviews?
    Free> Because Crump needs to keep the TRUTH out of this case!!
    Why Lie about her age?
    Free> To allow a false witness against George. To INVENT as “story” of a “mean White Man”. To somehow claim that George “confronted” TM – when her own statement is that TM WENT BACK to “confront” George Zimmerman.
    Why try to hide the original 3/19/12 interview?
    Free> To prevent an honest LE interview.
    Why keep dragging this aspect of discovery out?
    Free> To prevent Corey’s false charge from coming out.
    Why try to hide the truth instead of plainly speaking it?
    Free> To continue a false case against George – when Corey and Bernie HAVE NO CASE AT ALL.
    This is indeed Corey-Fong – AT ITS WORST.

  5. Alexandra M. says:

    Did they travel to the mall to find this particular DD?
    Was he Mani-pedi perhaps interrupted??

  6. ejarra says:

    On Monday I wanted to start a thread with the idea of, “If I were MOM/West, what questions would I ask DD2 in the depo.”.
    Some examples: If you were on the cell w/ Trayvon after he left the 7-11, do you know why it took him so long to get back to Twin Lakes?
    Why did you say, “It is now.” when referencing the phone number?
    Why did you allow Crump to lie about your age?
    What made you afraid to do the BLRD interview?
    Why didn’t you call 911 when you heard an altercation and not be able to contact Trayvon?
    Why didn’t you come forward immediately after finding out that Trayvon died of a gunshot wound?
    How is it that you knew Trayvon since kindergarten when you are at least a year or two older?

    I’m sure there are lots of question that this group would like to ask as well. If so, please add to this thread as I’ll bet we come up with some that MOM/West may not think of; since they obviously have someone reading the CTH, it may help.

    • Alexandra M. says:

      Great idea!!

    • Here are a few:

      What is your phone number?
      Please describe your relationship with Mr. Martin.
      Who told you about Mr. Martin’s passing?
      When you heard the news of Mr. Martin’s passing, what actions did you take? Did you call anyone?
      Who are the friends/family you spoke with in the days after, and about, Mr. Martin’s passing? We will need their full names and contact numbers, if you have them.
      What hospital were you admitted to in the days after Mr. Martin’s passing?
      Who was present during your previous interviews?
      You previously stated that Mr. Martin was a “momma’s boy”. What examples can you provide of that?
      Did Mr. Martin play sports?
      You previously stated that Mr. Martin said he was being followed by a “white man”. Did Mr. Martin say that to you or are you inferring that from media reports? Consider before you answer that Mr. Zimmerman has a darker complexion and it was nighttime, with very little light in the area.

      And, potentially:
      Did Mr. Martin supply illegal substances to you?
      Do you know if Mr. Martin supplied illegal substances to anyone?

  7. TandCrumpettes says:

    Hold the phone!

    This is in reference to the BDLR depo, isn’t it? To me, this reads as if they’re saying, “March 15, we received a call letting us know they’d like our help on SOMETHING… then on April 2, we helped with that SOMETHING and it turned out we drove some people around and got DD…blah blah.”


    If I am correct, they called for assistance on the DD matter on March 15, four days prior to DDs interview with Crump. And this is three days prior to when Crump claims he “found” her.

    • floridianne says:

      Are they related? The call on the 15th was Wolfinger’s office for assistance on the shooting inquiry. The call on the 2nd was from Corey’s office for assistance with an interview?

      • TandCrumpettes says:

        I don’t know legalese very well, obviously. But notice how you worded your first call: “assistance on the shooting inquiry.” You said “the,” and I would have too, if I meant the general case itself.

        But the report states, “assist their office with AN inquiry into…” It reads as if there were something specific being asked for. I mean, it doesn’t even say, “investigation,” which as using the word, “the” would imply, assistance in the general case itself.

        It just reads to me that FDLE is saying, “Wolfinger’s office called to ask us if we’d help them out with something…” that something being explained in the next paragraph.

        Anyway, if the two dates are not related, then why are they both in the report? It seems to me that the report should begin at the second paragraph if all they’re telling us about is a go-fer trip.

    • tara says:

      Your timeline is correct, but I’m reading that statement about Mar 15 to simply mean that this is when the State’s Attorney reqeusted that FDLE start doing work on the case. Any work, not just the interview with DD.

      • TandCrumpettes says:

        Yes, now that I stare at the sentence I can see where they mean to say “the inquiry” or perhaps “their inquiry.”

        I still don’t like it, especially plopped right on top of the exciting events of April 2. It makes it sound related, even if it wasn’t intentional

        • boricuafudd says:

          TC, you might be unto something, it does appear that there was a particular inquiry that required their help, and then it jumps to 4-2 request. Could there be another report out there? Is this just the summary? I was also wondering if DD was known to the local authorities, which is why they included this report, to CYA themselves.

      • nettles18 says:

        In these August reports, the March 15th explanation in also included and you’ll note the reference to a juvenile is no longer at the bottom of these reports.

        • TandCrumpettes says:

          Thanks so much!

          I noticed that the reports in your link refer to “investigation” rather than “inquiry.” Reads much better that way.

          It does kind of tick me off that the governor asked FDLE to assist the following Monday (as if they weren’t)…sigh…and we see here they were helping all along.

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      The timing is a critical detail.

      Until now we have been led to believe that Scott, Bondi and Corey were allowing the SPD investigation to proceed normally with Wolfinger representing the State until Crump did his famous press conference to reveal that first interview that he and Guttman did with the first Double Dee Dee. This memo reveals that a special investigation by the FDLE and SAs other than Wolfinger were already involving themselves.

      While focusing on the impropriety of yawing Crump and Nasty Natalie Jackson present at the official deposition that BDLR took, we must consider the possibility that BDLR and Corey were at least aware of if not present at that first interview of Double Dee Dee that Crump did over the phone. We must also remember that while BDLR might not have been with Crump and Guttman who were interviewing double Dee Dee over the phone, they might have been with Double Dee Dee herself. This seems all of themore likely if the Double Dee Dee was in Juivie or the Broward County jail. If Double Dee Dee was in jail at the time of the interview, was she in jail at the time of the TM shooting? If so, how could she have been on the phone with TM? If Double Dee Dee was in jail, did Crump. Corey and BDLR offer her some type of deal to provide perjured testimony against GZ?

  8. AghastInFL says:

    Regards 1.) The ABC manipulation of the video in my mind is as egregious as the NBC edit, namely the shifting and placement of the ABC logo and Exclusive news logo intentionally placed to hide and/or disguise the actual video content.
    I reviewed the video again just to be sure… if you have not seen it for awhile you should.

    • CMSIQ says:

      Agreed, it was a competition between ABC and NBC who could distort the news worse to manufacture racial animosity.

      The mess they created can’t be taken back. Gutman deserves a good deal of the blame, and should have been fired a long time ago.

  9. CMSIQ says:

    Was DeeDee a minor during the event but has since turned 18?

    As little as I think of Gutman, Crump and Team Skittles would never coach the witness in front of him. It needed to be done before.

    Frankly, I think the “coaching” was done very cautiously by Team Skittles, maybe just a quick mention of what would really hurt or help their case to Deedee, and a wink. After all, if Deedee told the police she was coached, their careers would be over, and most likely go to jail. Attempting to frame somebody for murder is a felony.

    Deedee’s testimony was not even especially damaging to GZ. For example, she confirms TM made it back to his house. Her testimony is so full of holes it is obvious from a very confused girl who has no idea what to say. Considering there is very little doubt she skewed her testimony to the st skittles side. You know her real testimony would have ended this thing, because she knows Trademark was pissed he was being followed, and I am quite convinced, Trademark told Deedee he was going to mess up this guy eyeballing him.. Deedee has the ability to end all of this (avoid riots and violence), all she has to do is do the right thing and tell the truth.

    • tara says:

      Crump said DD was 16 at the time he interviewed her on Mar 19. But when FDLE interviewed her on Apr 2 she was allegedly 18. No way she could have aged two years within a couple of weeks. 16 -> 17 would have been plausible.

    • jello333 says:

      No, it was coached big time. A lot of what she says comes directly from the NEN call and other reports and statements, that by then Crump had access to. For instance, there is NO reason Trayvon would describe, in detail, the “mail thing”, “like the little shed” (can’t recall the exact words right now). Or “I’m putting my hoodie up now”. Or telling her exactly how much it’s raining. Or “now I’m walking”, “now I’m running”, “now I’m right by my father’s house”… blah, blah, blah. It’s virtually ALL made up, and not by just Dee Dee.

  10. John Galt says:

    “BUT THE REPORT SAYS : “The information in this report contains information about a JUVENILE that may be privileged or confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law.”

    A juvenile? Did somebody lie to the cops? Isn’t that a crime?

    • Don P. says:

      If FDLE were lied to its their fault. One of the first things that you do when taking statements under oath or marandized is get some form of identification.

    • recoverydotgod says:

      An unforgettable line offered that same day…

      Voice Analysis Says It`s Not Zimmerman`s Screams
      Aired April 2, 2012 – 20:00 ET

      PARKS: Well, part of the problem is she`s a minor so it`s a very delicate situation.

      • tara says:

        Oh geez, Matt Gutman spouting again, talking to Nancy Grace:

        Gutman: “Now, the degree of those injuries, as you mentioned earlier, could not have been that bad because one of the ambulances was recalled from the scene.

        And Nancy Grace herself condemns GZ:

        Grace: “Clearly, following him when he is told by 911 dispatch– that`s the police– when the police say, Stop, him continuing makes him the aggressor.

        More lawsuit targets?

        By the way, did you notice how Parks introduces himself as the President of the National Bar Association? That’s a group of black attorneys. The hispanic attorneys also have their own association but at least they don’t try to pass it off as racially diverse, they call it the Hispanic Bar Association. The important association, the one for all attorneys, is the American Bar Association.

        • John Galt says:

          “The important association, the one for all attorneys, is the American Bar Association.”

          The important one for Crump is the Florida bar. They have the authority to punch his ticket in the event of serious misconduct.

      • tara says:

        Interesting … Nancy Grace grills Parks on why DD1 wasn’t interviewed right away.

        PARKS: Well, number one, this young lady was very traumatized from this event. She in fact had to go to the hospital immediately after his death because it was such a traumatic event for her. [...]

        GRACE: Well, something stinks to me, and I don`t know, I`m not getting a clear answer from you about who — about what the issue is. But I know this much and I`m going to go out right now to Lisa Lockwood, former police detective and author.

        Lisa, on every murder or shooting case I`ve ever been on, I go to every single witness whether they`re laying in a hospital bed or not, because the more time that passes —


        GRACE: — the more that witness can get cross-examined on trial. Now when they put this girl up on the stand if there is a trial, they`re going to tear her to shreds saying, why wouldn`t you talk to police? Why did it take six weeks for you to finally speak to police? Whether it`s true or not, they could still cross-examine her like that. So every minute that passes —

        LOCKWOOD: That`s right.

        GRACE: — it`s worse for her credibility.

        This Nancy Grace show was aired on Apr 2, the day DD2 was interviewed by FDLE. Crump had given his press conference on Mar 20, that’s when he said they just found out about DD1. So why didn’t Parks just admit that the reason why DD1 or DD2 weren’t interviewed by FDLE right after the shooting was because nobody knew about her and she never called the police even the next day when she found out Trademark was dead? Why does Parks claim that DD1 or DD2 weren’t interviewed by FDLE because she was in the hospital???? Crump and Parks are at the same law firm, they are associates, and I think it’s obvious that Parks was assigned to talk about the case. So surely he knew what was going on. DO THESE PEOPLE EVER TELL THE TRUTH??

  11. Knucklrdraggingwino says:

    Notice the notations of where This Double Dee Dee possibly lived then was found? The second notation of where she was found is obviously some type f County facility that can be accurately described without benefit of a physical address. Is it possible thatbthese officers were expecting tobfind this Double Dee Dee in a juvenile detention facility but found her in the adult jail?

    Anyone with an aptitude for computerized scrabble might look upnthe names of these two facilities and see if the names fit the redacted blocks of text.

    • TandCrumpettes says:

      You’re right. On two occasions they say she lives “in the” – and the first “in the” they tried was not correct, so they tried another “in the.”

      I’ve always lived AT places, how about you?

      But if it were a jail, would they really allow an inmate to leave for an interview conducted in a home? That just doesn’t seem right – not that anything else here makes sense either.

      • Don P. says:

        They would with FDLE.

      • Knuckledraggingwino says:

        If you are in juvie or jail, are you allowed to have a cell phone in your possession.

        Was this Double Dee Dee in juvie or jail on thrnight TM was shot?

        If so, does this make it impossible for her to have been on the phone with TM on the night he was shot?

      • maggiemoowho says:

        Could they be blocking out a geographical location. For example, in the Southwest or Northwest section of Broward county. If an attempt was made to pick her up at (example) McDonalds on 123 street and she wasn’t at that McDonalds so the try a McDonalds at 456 street in the something block/section of Broward county. I know the streets in Miami have many numerical names and many of the same names. They also have sections like the Little Havana, Lemon City and so on.

      • ftsk420 says:

        Maybe “in the” refers to a certain block she lives on. Like say the 1400 block of Miami Gardens maybe.

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      If this Double Dee Dee was in the Browvard County jail at the time of the deposition with BDLR, would notbthe jail be the proper place to interview her rather than transport her to the private office or residence where Sabrina, Tracy, Crump and Nasty Natalie were present to tamper with the witness?

      If these deductions are valid, then BDLR and Corey are absolutely knowing accomplices in fabricating the Double Dee Dee testimony rather than victims of the Crump – Jackson scam.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        JMO, anything is possible, but I don’t think she was in a Juvie detention or jail. My guess is they had agreed to meet her at some place that had more than one location, like a Burger King, McDonalds or Publix and they went to the wrong one or she went to the wrong one.

  12. minor4 says:

    Haven’t read comments yet, but wanted to mention that the report referencing protected information about a juvenile is likely referring to Trayvon.

    • sundance says:

      There’s nothing in the report about Trayvon.

      • John Galt says:

        Lying to the cops in a murder investigation. That sounds like obstruction of justice.

      • MJW says:

        There’s nothing in the FDLE report of the interview with Wendy Dorival (pg. 74/284) about Martin either, but it contains the same statement. There are many other examples of FDLE reports from the Zimmerman case which contain the statement even though Martin isn’t referred to and the subject of the report isn’t a juvenile.

      • jordan2222 says:


        I may be wrong but I think I saw that same thing about a juvenile at the bottom of another document pertaining to DeeDee.

        • MJW says:

          Again, look at the 284 page PDF file of the second big discovery dump. The “juvenile” statement is at the end of most FDLE documents, even when they don’t concern Martin directly, and no one else mentioned in the report is a juvenile. For one example of many, the report on page 85 of Zimmerman’s firearm instructor. The statement seems to added because the investigation is into the death of a minor, nothing more. There are plenty of odd things to investigate in regard to DeeDee, but this one is, I believe, barking up the wrong tree.

  13. freedom says:

    What if the DD statement is true, how does what she said get linked back to GZ? Where the other people at the 7-11 white? if so did TM rob one of them and is that the white person he was running from?

  14. Are we missing the point in the tweets between Matt Gutman and GLPiggy/Chuck Rudd? GLPiggy asks, “Did you actually hear the recording of the phone call between Martin and his girlfriend?” Then Matt answers, ” I am the only one with that recording.” In which GLPiggy replies, “Can you verify that it contains what Martin’s gf reported? And how did they come by a recording of this cell call?”

    He is not asking did you record the meeting between the Girlfriend and Ben Crump. But did he hear the recording OF THE ACTUAL CALL BETWEEN TM AND DD. So when Matt answers that he is the only one with that recording he is really answering YES to that. Therefore GLPiggy follows up with does this recording of the actual cell call between TM and DD match what DD told Crump? And, How did you get this recording of the actual cell call between TM and DD?

    What am I missing here — for all I see in reference to this exchange is that Matt recorded the meeting between Crump and DD and no one is asking or mentioning that is not what this conversation is about. Matt is saying he has a recording of the actually phone call from Feb 26 @ 7:12 – 7:16.

    Am I wrong? If I’m losing it and crazy tell me -

    • jello333 says:

      No, you’re correct in what you’re reading in the tweets. But the reason we’re not mentioning that, is because we’re all just assuming Gutman wasn’t paying close attention to the question… he just assumed the question was about the DeeDee/Crump interview. But you’re right, if he WAS talking about a tape of DeeDee & Trayvon… WOW! But of course he wasn’t really. And now that you mention it, I agree that it’s confusing, and I think whenever the screencap of those tweets is posted, we should add a little note clarifying it.

  15. david says:

    yesterday it was revealed that there are two entire case files at FDLE (Norm Wolfinger’s and I forget the other) that baldy hasnt handed over yet the T-tards insist he is not witholding evidence

  16. Thanks recoverydotgod — I thought I’d done lost my mind by missing that all this time — I see it was just Matt Gutman sensationalizing the case even more. Thanks again.

  17. Justice4All says:

    Racial barrier >>>>> The thin blue line

    Doubt that this will be the last white officer from FDLE to throw Bernie under the bus.

  18. tara says:

    Uh, this is weird. I was reading through a transcript of a Nancy Grace show that recoverydotgod posted above, and I saw this conversation between Nancy Grace and Ronquavis Fulton, one of Trademark’s cousins:

    GRACE: Ronquavis Fulton, I want to talk to you about Trayvon Martin. Do you know this girl he was talking to on the phone that evening?

    FULTON: No, but I met her at the funeral.

    GRACE: You did?

    FULTON: Yes.

    GRACE: Did you have any opportunity to talk to her?

    FULTON: No, not personally. Just a meet — just a formal meeting.

    GRACE: Mm-hmm. Because as of last week we were told she had not been interviewed by police. Do you know about that?

    FULTON: No, ma`am.

    I’m confused. I thought DD1 didn’t go to the funeral. Can someone set me straight here?

    • John Galt says:

      “I’m confused. I thought DD1 didn’t go to the funeral. Can someone set me straight here?”

      Sure. Natalie Jackson’s PI discovered DD by going through phone records. She met Ronquavis and Crump at the funeral / wake circa March 2, 3 that she didn’t attend because she was in the hospital, alternatively because she couldn’t pee or because she had high blood pressure. While at the funeral / wake that she didn’t attend, Crump informed her that she was the last person to speak with Trayvon before he died. Meanwhile, Tracy Martin discovered DD by looking for the phone PIN which he didn’t provide to the police or alternatively looking at his phone bill. As a result, Crump interviewed DD on March 19th, which is the first and only time that Crump ever spoke with DD, in spite of his attendance at the April 2 BDLR interview of DD.

      Clear now?

      • CMSIQ says:

        Post of the year!

      • rumpole2 says:

        Thanks John.
        Good summary. Only addition I would make would be in regards age.
        Unlike for most people, it is not a set value.. varying in direct proportion to time, but rather it is a variable that can have various values, a function rather than a descrete number, requiring a quadratic equation that can be worked to give multiple alternative solutions, depending on which occasion, which DeeDee, plus a C (The Crump Factor).

        DD(A) = Fn(X) + C

        D D(A) = Age of Dee Dee
        Fn(X) = A function depending on which Dee Dee and which occasion.
        C = “Crump Factor” (an “adjustment” variable which can be positive or negative)

      • mung says:

        It all depends on which D^2 you are talking about! They each met a different one at different times. The big question was D^2 cloned at age 2 and so there is a 16 year old and 18 year old version or…..does D^2 have a Tardis and the 18 year old version was in the same time stream as her 16 year old self?

        • rumpole2 says:

          I am picking (Fn3)DD was in fact the result of an “In Vitro” experiment…

          TRIPLETS….. that split from a single fertilised egg.

          Frozen then each implanted in a different surrogate mother over a period of three years.

          They are identical triplets.. but birthday varies over the 3 year period.

        • tara says:

          Does anyone have a link to the document showing that DD2 was 18 at the time she was interviewed by BDLR? I only see the footnote in GZ’s defense team Motion, I can’t find the actual affidavit DD2 signed.

          • John Galt says:

            My understanding is that West obtained the information from the unredacted version of the April 2 DD interview, belatedly provided to the defense, and which is not available to the public.

      • jordan2222 says:

        You left out the investigator.

    • CMSIQ says:

      Excellent find. I’m positive I read that double D was too distraught to make the funeral too

      This is yet another example of how everything that comes out of the Team Scheme mouths are lies. What a tangled web they weave.

  19. mung says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but I could have sworn I read in one of the states replies to a motion(or another similar document) that D^2 traveled to Jacksonville and met with them? I am so confused by all of these D^2s that I am not sure how many there are now.

    • mung says:

      OK. I guess I will correct myself. I guess I had it backwards and BDLR said he traveled from Jax to meet with D^2.

      • justfactsplz says:

        After that Dee was flown to Jax. to meet with Corey also.

      • LetJusticePrevail says:

        No, you are not wrong. BDLR traveled to Miami in April for the purpose of *getting* her statement, but she was ALSO flown to Jax in August for some purpose. MO’M is now asking for records from that meeting.

  20. C'mon Man says:

    In the April 2 interview, DeeDee says she hears the bump, the grass, and then the phone “just shut off.” She sounds relieved to get to the end of the phone call description. Next BDLR asks if she heard anything else — she pauses and then remembers she heard a “little get off, like a little get off.” They talk over each other with BDLR trying to get her to say if she can confirm it’s Trayvon saying that and she agrees it is. This matters because the 911 tapes include the words get off at the beginning of the screaming for help. BDLR was making sure DeeDee claimed she could hear Trayvon saying get off since at that point the witnesses said it was George screaming.

    Was this included in the Crump interview which was done around the time the 911 tapes were released?

    • ftsk420 says:

      I always wondered if Dee Dee was on the phone if she heard the screams.

      • mung says:

        Looking at the interview and the timeline the phone went dead first. Who knows though. Everything has been twisted so much I doubt those involved even know the truth anymore.

      • C'mon Man says:

        The phone records compared to the 911 call timing could confirm whether she was still on the line. When she talks about hearing the “get off” she says she “could hear a little bit, like a little get off.” On the 911 tape it’s pretty loud if it can be picked up by a phone inside a home. She doesn’t want to own what she is saying. I’ve wondered too if she was on the phone and heard everything and knows Trayvon was the instigator — that would explain why she kept quiet about it that night instead of calling 911 herself.

    • John Galt says:

      “Was this included in the Crump interview which was done around the time the 911 tapes were released?”

      The Crump interview recording sound quality sucks. But, as far as I can tell, it does not contain “get off, get off”. It does contain a portion (starting at about 10:00) where DD expounds on Crump’s racial hoodie profiling theory, a feature not found in the April 2 BDLR interview.

      • C'mon Man says:

        Thanks, I believe then that was why BDLR was dogging her to come up with the “get off” recollection. Both sides need to own the “get off” to indicate a wish to end hostilities — regardless of who instigated — that’s part of SYG I think

      • recoverydotgod says:

        Speaking of DD expounding on the racial hoodie profiling theory via Matt and Seni’s reporting [transcription?] was that he put his hoodie on because he was being watched, not being watched because he had a hoodie on.

        Trayvon Martin’s Last Phone Call Triggers Demand for Arrest ‘Right Now’
        SANFORD, Fla., March 20, 2012

        “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man,” Martin’s friend said. “I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run, but he said he was not going to run.”

        • ftsk420 says:

          But I thought she said he put his hoodie on cause of the little bit dripping water.

        • C'mon Man says:

          Refusing to run made him sound brave, promising to “walk fast” drew out the the timeline long enough to explain why Trayvon didn’t outrun Zimmerman and make it home — either he went back or hid in the bushes waiting for him. Also, on the 4/2 interview it’s pretty clear that Trayvon was not a “very special person” to DeeDee. I can’t see not breaking down or at least shedding a tear during that type of testimony. BDLR starts out saying he knows this is going to be hard for her, but really, she seems fine, when not struggling with remembering the script.

    • tara says:

      Which 9-1-1 tape includes “get off” at the beginning of the screaming? Can you post a link?

      • C'mon Man says:

        The first 911 call beginning at 7:16:11, you have to be ready to listen to the first second or two of the call, the screams quickly change to help.

        • tara says:

          Well, I’ve listened to it a bunch of times and I’m listening through high quality headphones and I’ve got good hearing … and I’m just not hearing “get off” necessarily. There is a long drawn out sound that could potentially be “off”, but I’m not sure. One thing I can say with certainty though, I feel awful listening to this because I can only imagine how horrible it was for GZ to have TM on top of him punching him in the face, and how even more horrible it was for GZ to scream for help for such a long time but nobody came to his aid, and yet more horrible for GZ to feel that his only recourse was to pull out his gun and shoot TM. It reminds me of the people jumping out of the World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks, doing something awful because the alternative would be even worse.

          • jello333 says:

            “I feel awful listening to this”

            Me too :(

          • C'mon Man says:

            It’s unfortunate you can’t hear it, Crump did after the 911 tapes were released. That’s why DeeDee’s testimony is constructed to what is on the recordings and most importantly why she includes just barely hearing Trayvon saying “get off,” after BDLR prodded her. Below is the SYG law text. It’s the only thing that really matters in this case and it figures that it’s the thing that is most overlooked. Occam’s Razor….

            776.041 Use of force by aggressor.—

            The justification described in the preceding sections of this chapter is not available to a person who:

            (1) Is attempting to commit, committing, or escaping after the commission of, a forcible felony; or

            (2) Initially provokes the use of force against himself or herself, unless:

            (a) Such force is so great that the person reasonably believes that he or she is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that he or she has exhausted every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to the assailant; or

            (b) In good faith, the person withdraws from physical contact with the assailant and indicates clearly to the assailant that he or she desires to withdraw and terminate the use of force, but the assailant continues or resumes the use of force.

            History.—s. 13, ch. 74-383; s. 1190, ch. 97-102.

            • Chip Bennett says:

              That’s why DeeDee’s testimony is constructed to what is on the recordings and most importantly why she includes just barely hearing Trayvon saying “get off,” after BDLR prodded her. Below is the SYG law text. It’s the only thing that really matters in this case and it figures that it’s the thing that is most overlooked.

              If the State bases its entire pretense that Zimmerman started the altercation on the following transcript, then they’ll get laughed out of court. I doubt a single word of this will even be admissible, and even if it were, it would not withstand cross-examination:

              BDLR: OK, and uh…when you heard that noise…something hitting somebody…you didn’t…did you hear the man say anything, or did you hear Trayvon say anything?

              Dee Dee: I can hear a little bit…[inflected to emphasize "a little bit"]

              BDLR: OK, what could you hear?

              Dee Dee: I could just hear like…like, it’s like…the headphone…cause the headphones, he might got off. But I can still hear a little bit…like….

              BDLR: OK, what could you hear?

              Dee Dee: Like a little ‘get off’ some stuff…

              BDLR: You heard ‘get off’?

              Dee Dee: Like a little ‘Get off’ [unintelligible—sounds like "now college"]…

              BDLR: Could you tell who was saying that?

              Dee Dee: I couldn’ know Trayvon.

              BDLR: I’m sorry.

              Dee Dee: I couldn’t hear Trayvon…Trayvon.

              BDLR: OK, let me make sure I understand…you could hear Trayvon saying that?

              Dee Dee: Yeah. That’s why I was calling his name.

              BDLR: And he was saying what now?

              Dee Dee: Like “get off.”

              BDLR: “Get off?” Is that clear that you were hearing that, or you think you heard that?

              Dee Dee: Yeah, I could hear it a little bit…”get off…get off,” then the phone just hung up.

              Really? She could hear a “little bit”, the phone was no longer on Martin’s person, and it was raining. But – after some leading by BDLR, she is sure that it was Martin’s voice, and that he was saying “get off”.

              Of course, there are no eye-witnesses that saw Zimmerman on top of Martin, and there are multiple witnesses who saw Martin on top of Zimmerman.

              And even worse for Miss Star Witness: if the “get off” can be heard in the 911 call, then it was uttered while Martin was on top of Zimmerman, as corroborated by those multiple eye-witnesses.

              • C'mon Man says:

                Hey Chip, glad you read my post. I’ve believed from the moment I heard the 911 call that that “get off” was the key to this case. It’s the reason they have to have Trayvon saying it because one of the lines of thought was — of course he attacked, he was in fear for his life from this strange man, but if he attacked and then said “get off” well he indicated a desire to end hostilities — then he’s in the clear and GZ was wrong to shoot him.

                • ftsk420 says:

                  We know TM was on top of George so it only makes sense that it’s George saying get off.

                  • C'mon Man says:

                    Right, so if it’s GZ saying “get off” then he’s indicated a desire to end hostilities, even if he was the aggressor, so he’s covered under SYG law text. See the point is no one, absolutely no one, saw the beginning of the physical confrontation, GZ is only guilty if TM said “get off” and he shot him anyway and GZ is innocent if he said “get off” and TM continued to MMA style beat him until GZ shot TM. It’s been almost a year, I would like to know if they’ve come up with any better technology to identify that voice.

                  • Chip Bennett says:

                    Right, so if it’s GZ saying “get off” then he’s indicated a desire to end hostilities, even if he was the aggressor, so he’s covered under SYG law text.

                    It is important to keep in mind that SYG won’t even be invoked at all, unless the State comes up with some evidence that Zimmerman was the aggressor. To date, the State has no such evidence.

                    See the point is no one, absolutely no one, saw the beginning of the physical confrontation…

                    Not “no one”. In fact, Zimmerman saw the beginning of the physical confrontation. Under FL statute, the State must rely on his testimony, unless the State has evidence that directly refutes that testimony.

                    …GZ is only guilty if TM said “get off” and he shot him anyway…

                    Not quite. Zimmerman was justified at the time of the shooting, regardless of who said “get off”. The only difference is that, if it can be proven that Zimmerman was the aggressor, then he will not be afforded immunity from civil suits, even if he is immune from criminal suits.

                    …and GZ is innocent if he said “get off” and TM continued to MMA style beat him until GZ shot TM. It’s been almost a year, I would like to know if they’ve come up with any better technology to identify that voice.

                    I think existing evidence proves beyond any doubt who said “get off”. At the time the words are uttered (assuming those are actually the words uttered on the 911 call recording), Martin is on top of Zimmerman, beating Zimmerman, according to multiple eye-witnesses.

                    It is ludicrous to argue that Martin, being on top of Zimmerman, would have said, “get off.” (Which means, of course, that that is probably exactly what BDLR will try to do.)

                  • jello333 says:

                    The dreaded Florida Rain Spider. Their eggs are so tiny and light that they float up in the clouds until just the right conditions occur, and then down they come with the rain. The fastest-growing living organism, they hatch and grow to many times their original size (up to about an inch in diameter) before reaching the ground. And for some as-yet unknown reason, when humans are in the vicinity, they tend to land on Hispanics far, far more than any other race. Poor George. And poor Trayvon… all he was trying to do was get the spiders off George. So yeah… it WAS Trayvon screaming “Get off!”, as he slapped at the spiders covering George’s face. And…

                    (Ah, ok… I’m done. As someone said about another thread… this is just getting silly now.)

    • froggielegs says:

      If you listen carefully to the BDLR interview of DeeDee @11:26 Dee Dee actually says…
      Dee Dee: Yeah..and I hear, I hear something like bump. You could hear that Trayvon bump (She pauses then says) somebody bumped Trayvon cause I could hear the grass
      BDLR: OK, so you could hear that there was something going on
      Dee Dee: Yeah.
      BDLR: Like something hitting something?
      Dee Dee: Yeah.
      BDLR: OK.
      Dee Dee: You could hear Tray (again she pauses and then says) I could hear the grass thing.
      Both times she messed up and caught herself and changed what she said.

  21. Maybe DD did here the screams and said NOT Trayvon? And that is why MOM/West pushing for any and ALL discovery about identifying the screams???

    • howie says:

      Does he look more like Cheech, or Chong? The judge is for sure a ringer for Janis.

      • John Galt says:

        “He did what he was told, according to O’Connor. Just above Serino’s signature, the veteran investigator wrote, “I believe there exists probable cause for issuance of a capias charging George Michael Zimmerman with manslaughter.”

        O’Connor told the Sentinel in July, “Basically, the implied order was, ‘Get it out the door’… We wrote up what we had, the context of what we had … with the understanding that there was still insufficient evidence for the State Attorney to charge.”

        Probable cause = facts that would lead a reasonably intelligent and prudent person to believe that an accused person has committed a crime.

        By definition, if there was probable cause, there was sufficient evidence for the SA to charge.

        Seems like they are perilously close to confessing to malicious prosecution.

        • howie says:

          I am done. This can not be assessed in a rational logical way. This circuit is crazy. The new judge something else. Not prepared to try the case and worse than Lester. I am thinking. This is an important case and she claims she is unprepared???? Long time lead. Won’t appoint a judge for discovery cause she has plenty time?????? WTF. The defense is getting screwed. What a Turd.

  22. pet says:

    Would love to see the Timeline Big Board in MOM’s war room about now. It’s gotta be 60 feet long by 10 feet high with a terabyte of data pinned to it. Or whatever you call those things in the legal circle.

  23. howie says:

    OK. I can’t take it. i am overloaded. Lets just make a plan to bust Zim out of prison.
    Note to readers from other sites who really dislike the CTH and read here only to find things which can be quoted out of context in order to make accusations about the content and purpose of the CTH:

    Howie is indulging in a bit of hyperbole, probably because of overload ;) . Howie does not plan to bust anyone out of prison. The CTH does not condone and will not participate in jailbreaks. The CTH does not have any direct knowledge of anyone intending to break any law on the books, including those having to do with jailbreaks past, present or future. Howie is tired of the circular reasoning and the glacial pace of justice in this case. (Glacial just means it’s taking a real long time)


  24. jordan2222 says:

    It should not be difficult to find if there are more than one DeeDee’s. Maybe I am missing something here.

    Isn’t the defense entitled to depose the DeeDee that Cump interviewed and to verify that they are one and the same? And aren’t they entitled to depose the DeeDee that Bernie deposed?

    How can the State not have the addresses of both of them?

    I have brought up the subpoena before that was issued to require her appearance before the Grand Jury. Surely someone knew her address at that time and it should be on the subpoena. Where is that document?

    And surely, Bernie has the address of the DeeDee he interviewed.

    If Nelson cannot see the importance of the Defense having this information so they can investigate “them” before a depo, then maybe we are foolish to believe that she would ever grant immunity to George.

    Just saying.

    • howie says:

      Is the state, and the court, seeking the truth? I am. I really think it is bottom line. Now, show me evidence.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Jordan – This is part of Crump’s, “Game Plan”. 1) Develop a “coached witness”. 2) Refuse to allow the Police to interview her 3) Claim that the police lied 4) Claim she is “under age” 5) Claim she is a “Bombshell”. 6) Develop or THREATEN, “Thug Riots” and 7) Force a “Star Chamber” interview – to prevent BOTH the police and Defense from truly “checking her out” – but insist that the “press” be INFORMED. 8) Then based on her “mild” statements (that duplicate was George said) – get 9) Corey and Bernie to write a totally “cooked” and un-justified Probably Cause Document – so they can 10) Force George to accept a “plea deal”. When that does not work 11) Obfuscate, distort, and claim “George lied”, (with no evidence that he did) and then ignore direct evidence that George was violently attacked, smashed in the face and in the skull then 12) Claim that DeeDee is the ONLY WITNESS anyone will believe or is “Truthful” – even though there is evidence that a. Battery was dead b. Ear-phones DISCONNECTED. Then, 13) Prevent O’mara from ever finding out who the hell she is. (Have I missed anything?)

      • jordan2222 says:

        There is no way that Crump or the State can prevent O’Mara from ever finding out who she is. At some point, either Nelson or the DCA will require the information to be revealed. I cannot even imagine a court allowing such a person to remain a secret.

        My guess is that the Defense may already have investigated who she is. Don’t you believe that someone who knows her also recognizes her voice? I suspect a lot of people know who she is and it would be virtually impossible to silence all of them.

        The Defense may very well be playing along with this silly game to nail Crump or Bernie or both. They may even be forcing the State to call her as a witness. When you think through this logically, there is no basis for the charge without her testimony in a court of law.

        I now believe that Bernie is the fall guy for Corey if this implodes. I think he does exactly what he is told to do and that Corey probably instructed him about what to do to keep from being called as a witness in this case.

        That does not mean it will work but Corey is not going to give up on this case.

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Jordan, With all due respect – you are totally missing the point. Virtually any reasonable police person or un-biased lawyer – knows this is justified SELF-DEFENSE. The “game” of Bernie-Crump is to DELAY THIS FOREVER – IF POSSIBLE.

          “My guess is that the Defense may already have investigated who she is. Don’t you believe that someone who knows her also recognizes her voice? I suspect a lot of people know who she is and it would be virtually impossible to silence all of them.”

          O’mara – West must make Bernnie-Crump “cough up” DeeDee – along with the public-media people – OFFICIALLY. He must show that Crump’s tape was EDITED. He needs to get that first. Then he needs Gutman’s tape – to show the editing. Then he needs DeeDee (the right one – the 18 year-old). He needs to show the “secret star-chamber” work – to hide the false charge.

          Corey is like Nifong before her. She will NEVER GIVE UP. Having lied so drastically, in the PCA, she will NEVER ADMIT TO WHAT SHE HAD DONE. She will either go to TRIAL – or go DOWN WITH HER SHIP – WITH BERNIE HOLDING THE “TILLER”. Glub…Glub.

        • Chip Bennett says:

          …Corey probably instructed him about what to do to keep from being called as a witness in this case.

          If so, then she failed miserably. BDLR conducting that interview (with all due respect to the term interview) with DeeDee, rather than having Investigator O’Steen conduct the interview directly opens BDLR up to being called to the stand as a witness.

          • John Galt says:

            Osteen was there as cover. State will argue that defense can depose O’Steen instead of BDLR. I previously posted an opposition filed by the State of Florida in response to an attempt to take a prosecutor’s deposition in another case.

  25. LetJusticePrevail says:

    The disclaimer at the bottom of the report will not be significant. That disclaimer appears at the bottom of all reports pertaining to this case because the deceased was a minor.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Yes, I realize that now, but I had not noticed it until recently.

    • jordan2222 says:

      This is why we are team working toward the same goal. I do not know how many heads are here but there is certainly more than one.. enough to catch even the smallest details. We are like a bunch of starving private eyes looking for evidence within the evidence.

      • LetJusticePrevail says:

        Yes, we certainly seem to digging through the trash, so to speak. At times, we have uncovered significant details. At other times we pursue the trivial endlessly. Such is the nature of what we choose to do.

        • jordan2222 says:

          I like it that we leave no stone unturned and I bet O’Mara, West and George do, too. The research that some of our clan conduct here would cost a bit of money. I know that most of us surf the web for new stuff but do we have a list of the serious researchers here?

          DMan is always on the prowl and our 29 year old multi-talented Canadian lady disappears once in a while on secret missions and it ain’t just for vocabulary building.

          • arkansasmimi says:

            I feel positive there are MANY behind the scene that are conducting secret missions too! And lest not forget SD!! WOLVERINES!!!

      • jello333 says:


  26. MJW says:

    The April 2 FDLE report provides another test case for redacted DeeDee name spacing. The text is:

    Upon arrival at the location, we were met by attorney Benjamin Crump and later by attorney Daryl Parks and attorney Natalie Jackson, who works with Parks and Crump. Sybrina Fulton arrived and a statement was taken by DCSAO members at approximately 1540 hours. Tracy Martin arrived later (approximately 1630) and subsequently gave a statement to DCSAO. At the completions of the statements by DCSAO, an attempt was made to locate ***************** at

    There appears to be an extra space between “were and “met” and “later” and “by.” The program seems to be Word, the font is 10 pt. Arial (not Microsoft Sans Serif), and the margins are 6 apart.

    • MJW says:

      I’m not completely sure the font is Arial instead of Microsoft Sans Serif. Those fonts are so similar. The biggest difference I know of is that the Arial uppercase “G” is a single curve, while the Sans Serif “G” has an extra stroke at the front of the character from the crossbar to the baseline. I don’t see the stroke, but that’s the kind of feature that gets lost in a copy.

      I don’t see the stroke in the SAO documents either, but I think they’re in Sans Serif due to the words at which lines are broken. In every case I’ve tested, the breaks occur at the correct places for Sans Serif, but sometimes in the wrong places for Arial.

      • jordan2222 says:

        I do not know enough about current fonts to comment except to say that fonts to a great degree inspired Steve Jobs to take the direction he did.

        I did notice that DMan once was trying to figure out names with the use of fonts.

        What is her name, Dman?

        • jordan2222 says:

          Maybe the two of you figure it out. Two heads are usually better than one on this kind of mission but what would we do with that info?

          • MJW says:

            I’d certainly welcome any suggestions from DiwataMan. I believe if someone suggested the correct name, I could confirm it with good to very good confidence. I’ve tried every candidate name I can think of, and so far I don’t think I’ve hit upon DeeDee’s actual name.

  27. James F says:

    The name “Aiyanna Fleming” seems like it would fit in the redacted space…

    • ejarra says:

      Like MJW said, too long; also she’s 17. The name MUST fit alphabetically between Brandi Green and Christina Johnson. None of the 3 girlfriends are DD2, since none were 18 at the time of the BLDR/DD2 interview. However, I do believe that one, most likely Ashley (although she could have been Tia or Aiyanna) was DD1 and is NOT W8. There was mention that DD1 had a black female friend with her at the time of the Crump taping which makes me think that they are involved. I wonder if MOM can depose them. Ashely DID say she talked to Trayvon that morning. Would that be enough?

      • jello333 says:

        Well, “Jackson” fits nicely between “Green” and “Johnson”. Wonder how many teenage nieces or cousins Miss Nasty has? Nah… ain’t no way she’s that dumb.

  28. nomorebsplease says:

    She said he put on his hoody to hide from george. Crump once said it was due to the rain iirc. These were stated before the 711 video, which showed he always had it on. Same as his famous justice photo. Care to guess why this matters?

    • jello333 says:

      Because it’s just another example of how Dee Dee’s statements are based on what Crump and others knew from evidence THEY had seen, heard, or been told about. They knew George had mentioned the hoodie, so they decided to make that into something important…. and therefore Dee Dee is all over it. Same goes for “the mail thing” and many other things. EVERYTHING Dee Dee said can be traced back to stuff that Crump or others already knew about, and could easily have fed to her. But they didn’t yet have the 7-11 video, so… oops!

  29. recoverydotgod says:

    ABC news had some police station surveillance footage “enhanced” by Forensic Protection. Were they enhancing the footage ABC news had exclusively gotten or were they enhancing the surveillance footage released by the Sanford Police? [my guess is that they enhanced the latter]–abc-news-topstories.html

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      The footage which they claim is an *enhancement* is the surveillance footage that was released by the SPD themselves. The questions are: Did they actually “enhance” the official police footage, or simply use the “enhancement” story to obfuscate the fact that the first video (released as an “exclusive” by them) was actually an illegally obtained screen capture? I think we all know the answer to that.

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