Benjamin Crump Speaks With “In Session” TV….And Digs Himself A Sizable Hole – (Video)

Trayvon Martin’s family attorney Ben Crump, speaks with “In Session” TV correspondent Jean Casarez…and attempts to explain (as only he can) why he interviewed DeeDee shortly after Martin was shot.

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270 Responses to Benjamin Crump Speaks With “In Session” TV….And Digs Himself A Sizable Hole – (Video)

  1. ytz4mee says:

    “Sanford Police had told Tracy Martin…. they were not going to arrest the killer of his son, in fact they were adamant about it…”

    Yes, because, dumbazz, they had no “ebidense” that this was anything other than a self-defense case. Florida statutes state you can not charge or detain someone who used force for self-defense.

    Crump admits they “pushed” this witness solely to press the State into an arres’.

    Guess what, Crump – when you lie for financial gain, you should expect to come “under attack”.

  2. jordan2222 says:

    Will someone please explain to me what he said?

  3. howie says:

    I do not understand. I thought the SA was going to a grand jury to get an indictment. Suddenly a Bulldozer “darted” out in front and hi-jacked the case. Maybe he means the SPD was not going to “arress” without probable cause.

    • myopiafree says:

      HI Howie – That is both obstruction of justice, and obstruction of a police investigation – IN PROGRESS. Further, while BLOCKING the LE investigation, he then accuses the PD of being “liars”. The women was 18 years-old. There were no “hordes” of people attempting to “attack” her – as Crump insists. Sociopath Crump does it again.

    • ksincfl says:

      No way Crump wanted Grand Jury. He IS a lawyer & knows the law (although sometimes I do wonder LOL) and what is required to charge in SYG. A failed Grand Jury indictment woulda been an END

  4. ncobserver says:

    “This call was the last person Trayvon talked to.”

    “Trayvon daddy called Crump.”

    “Crump told Trayvon daddy to call this person.”

    WE PUSHED HER TO MAKE A STATEMENT.” (wish I knew how to bold)

    Admin: Fixed it for ya

    • ytz4mee says:

      NatJack is on the record stating their PI found the DeeDee.

      Why is no one in these media interviews asking Crump why he advised Tracy Martin to refuse to provide the PIN number for the account info for the phone, so the FDLE could fully access what is held in the phone memory?

      For an academic scholar who majored in cheerfulness, that should be a no-brainer. After all, they are concerned about Traydemark’s “reputation” so this is an opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings that Traydemark was an aggressive, violent thug. Right? I’m sure all he has on there is lol catz and bugs bunny cartoon clips.

      • cajunkelly says:

        I’ve been thinkin this for a while;

        He didn’t want to give the PIN for the *account* because it would expose what HE (traydaddy) had been doing on his OWN phone as well.

        • ytz4mee says:

          I have no proof, but I am pretty confident Tracy knows, or at a minimum, is very concerned that the phone will have further examples of Traydemark using MMA style fighting and videotaping it, or it is a track record of his petty drug-dealing.

          In any case, the behavior and refusal to cooperate says more than any formal excuse they could come up with.

          • justfactsplz says:

            You are right about the fighting.

          • cajunkelly says:

            Oh I’m sure there’s that, but IIRC there are FOUR phones on that account, and I feel certain one of those phones is traydaddy’s. Think about it, if he gave them the PIN, they could also access HIS phone, and expose HIS shenanigans via cell phone.

            Remember, they sought the PIN for the *account* for him, not just traydmark’s phone.

            • Doubtful there’s over 6 hours of phone conversation on any of the phones assigned to Tracey’s account unless Tracey accidentally left his phone connected to 1-800-milfs. I’m expecting the cut/paste/copy phone records are a forgery. Remember that “Queen Schemer” gave a public statement that they had to hire a private investigator to access the phone records & chase down the information which lead to the discovery of DeeDee? Queenie, Benjy & Tracy all gave different stories for how DeeDee was discovered to have been the last friend Trayvon spoke to. Guaranteed the Scheme Team attempted to wipe the phone Trayvon had of any stored memory, pictures & video recordings as soon as the SPD asked for the pin number. I expect the Prosecution is going to float the probability of a motion (in chambers) for a hearing to dismiss the 2nd degree murder charge & agree to George being granted immunity protection. BDLR is going to claim they’ve discovered evidence was fabricated (phone call records & 2-DeeDee’s) & blame the Scheme Team for duping them into filing unsubstantiated charges. The defense is going to object so they can use the power of the Court to force depositions & continue gathering evidence until the scheduled immunity hearing in April.

    • howie says:

      They had to send the FDLE out to find her…someplace. 1st Q from BDLR…You are not on drugs are you?….Can’t Pee?….Sign of heavy drug use. Hmmmmm? 18 yr. old black female in the hellhole of Miami….??? No job, no future. Hmmmm. ??? Oh well I am sure there is a total PC answer lurking. Somewhere.

  5. casparweinburger says:


  6. Justice4All says:

    What does Crump mean by “his community”?

    Seems a little racist to me.

  7. sundance says:

    Game – Set – Match

    As previously reported by us: on Tuesday March 13 Sanford Police Dept. held a presser and said there was NO evidence to contradict George Zimmerman’s account. On Friday March 16th Police Chief Lee met with Tracy and Sybrina and reaffirmed there was no evidence to support an arrest.

    Tracy and Ben Crump made up the DeeDee narrative on Sunday March 18th. Did the ABC Gutman interview on Mon 19th and delivered the fabricated story of her to the world on Tue March 20th….

    Crump just re-affirmed the entire intent. He is however attempting to parse distance between himself and Tracy, as if Tracy was the origin of the Scheme… you can hear it in the words he is now using.

    Note also he said “can you call *her*, not can you call *them*, how did he know it was a girls phone number if Tracy did not even recognize it, and give Tracy instructions to call *her*.

    I’m more certain than ever, there was no phone call to her, from her, or to/from anyone else at the time of the encounter. sure there might have been a call en-route back from the 7-11…. but not during the time of incident – that’s fake. The “change of mind” Crump speaks of is more than likely second thoughts about lying…..

    … the entire 2nd degree murder case is built around a figment….. and Ryan Julison was “not part of those meetings”…. Got it.


    ps. Crump will NOT be in the courthouse on December 11th. No-way, no-how. None of them will be.

    • boutis says:

      The timeline gives it up too. Now the crawfishing begins.

    • Sharon says:

      Crump will NOT be in the courthouse on December 11th. No-way, no-how. None of them will be.

      So we’ll be spared another one of those group pictures where they’ve got their hands all over each other. At least there’s that.

    • arkansasmimi says:

      Yep SD NO way NOw how None of them will be back in court TILL THEY ARE ORDERED TO. JMHO

    • ottawa925 says:

      How can Crump NOT be there, when there still is the issue of the original recording and original device. BDLR cannot be a go between for that. It was Crump that was ordered by the Court, and if they have none of this by 12/11, then it’s Crump who has to come up with the answers … not BDLR acting as a reverse surrogate. Crump is part of this case whether he likes it or not. If he is withholding evidence he needs to be in Court on Tuesday. So come on … don’t you think the Judge will wonder where the heck he is?

      • ytz4mee says:

        According to MOM and West, Crump is now a Witness. Who tampered with ebidense and interfered with Witness testimony. lol.

        • marie says:

          No, he tampered “wif ebidense…”.
          :) What college, what law school gave the man a degree? And how the hell did he pass the FLA bar?

          Whoops, forgot…affirmative action got him the first two.

          • Sharon says:

            I deliberately listened this time, and yes, he absolutely says “wif….” It’s just beyond belief. There is absolutely zero need to make anything up in this mess. He does not speak English.

        • ottawa925 says:

          in the words of rosannadana: nevermind …. lol

          Ok, now riddle me this …. can a WITNESS who is attorney for family claim attorney/client privilege? We are now back to the Woody Allen as Attorney and Witness, except he won’t be asking himself questions this time. A hostile witness that probably will not disclose anything and claim attorney/client priv … he represents the family … he represents Tracy … so how does he end up coughing up what is necessary? This is at GZ’s expense, but you know, this truly is a facinating case because of all the twists and turns and how far reaching it is. Stuff is being done on this case that has never been done before.

          • LetJusticePrevail says:

            “Stuff is being done on this case that has never been done before.”

            I disagree. Stuff is being *seen* in this case that has never been *seen* before, but it has been done many many times before this. We just finally got to *see* it for what it really is.

            • ottawa925 says:

              What is not a common practice is for a lawfirm to have a website for a particular case, like MOM does, and allows you to follow the discovery like this. We can in a State like Florida follow the pleadings, motions and notices through a court’s website. They have attached excerpts from deps as Exhibits, but I’d like to take it one step further and that is to see the transcript of each deposition. So yes, we can “see” things that we haven’t been able to previously see, however, if MOM didn’t put the discovery up there, we wouldn’t “see” it. We can follow all kinds of high profile cases, but I don’t recall any that allowed you to follow the discovery like this case. MOM is in a unique position because his client is innocent. If a client is probably guilty, a defense would not be anxious to allow the public to see the damning evidence.

        • John Galt says:

          I expect Scheme Team phone records eventually subpoenaed, crime-fraud exception piercing of any privileges asserted by Scheme Team.

      • ottawa925 says:

        Plus he previously admitted as much that they said she was 16 to protect her … from attacks. He stated in that above video: “and that’s exactly what happened, they had so many ppl tried to attack this young girl” Where is the evidence of this “so many ppl tried to attack this young girl”? This feeding more of a false narriative to the press has to be stopped by somebody.

        • ytz4mee says:

          He just doesn’t learn, does he?
          Even today, Traydemark is a “chile” and 18 year old the Dee is a “young girl”.
          Give it up, Crumpster. Please.

        • jello333 says:

          I believe he’s talking about US. He thinks calling her not credible, calling her a liar, calling her inarticulate, etc… he’s thinks all those are “attacks”. And yeah, I know when the Dee Dee surfaced, this site (or any other) hadn’t yet said a negative word about her, and that all that occurred much later, Benny is just conflating the two time periods. By his definition, we HAVE “attacked” the Dee Dee… though of course that had absolutely nothing to do with why they kept her hidden at first. He’s just using that now as a distraction, now that things have begun to spin out of control for him.

      • jordan2222 says:

        This is contempt IF Nelson does the right thing. A warrant for his arrest might be in order. BLDR has NO say in this. If BLDR tries to speak for Crump, it seems to me that he would be admitting to conspiring with him.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Wouldnt it be funny if he not and Judge Nelson orders him brought there?

      • ksincfl says:

        –ps. Crump will NOT be in the courthouse on December 11th. No-way, no-how. None of them will be.–
        Nope. All will be mysteriously absent despite the fact the Motion to Modify Bond is on the table too. The potential for “let’s have him clarify to the court, here and now…under oath” is a bad thing for schemers and good for justice.

    • froggielegs says:

      “Note also he said “can you call *her*, not can you call *them*, how did he know it was a girls phone number if Tracy did not even recognize it, and give Tracy instructions to call *her*.”

      That’s exactly what I was wondering when I watch his interview. How did he know it was a she who called?

      • jordan2222 says:

        He just does not get it that he is in serious trouble. What a fool.

        Anyone have a link to the entire In Session show today?

      • eastern2western says:

        using the word her could be do to a after thought. It is true that he did not know it was her at first, but he could use her after he learned the number is from a her. This word does not incriminate her, but the bad part is he framed the story that made it sound like she was a creation of desperation. again, this show is a christmas gift for the defense, thank you crump. Judging the complexity of the current case, I feel like crump is getting ready to take his money to the caymen islands, mccaffe style.

      • jello333 says:

        On Trayvon’s phone records, the girls’ numbers were in pink, and the boys’ in blue.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Sundance – I agree. TM was probably on the phone at the 7-11. (But the previous 6 hours – according to Crump – probably drained the battery for the last 15 minutes.) But Crump had a “golden story” – the police told him what happened, including what GZ said. So all Crump had to do was to “package” the story, and find several “DeeDee’s” to “tell this farce”. I also agree that the FIRST DeeDee – was not the last DeeDee. Blocking access of the LE is indeed obstruction of justice. What penalty awaits for DeeDee, we do not know. But probably none.

      • Remember we floated the double DeeDee conspiracy at the “Axiom Amnausiating” witness John video, It was on my mind for quite a while but I just through it out there to shut those pr–ks up. LOL if it’s proven true.

    • ytz4mee says:

      “Something is afoot….”

    • waltherppk says:

      Now I am entirely confused about how many DeeDees there are …..or maybe it’s just me ?? Which DeeDee is Crump talking about, the one that NatJack said was found by their PI, or the one that was 16, or the one that was at the funeral, or the one that was in the hospital, or the other one that is 18 and was deposed by BDLR ? Exactly how many DeeDee’s are there and does the voice analysis by the FBI match the Gutman recorded DeeDee ( is that yet another DeeDee ) with the DeeDee that BDLR deposed ? I can’t keep track of all the different DeeDee’s so maybe they should give them different W numbers like the other witnesses and maybe charter a bus for them. How many DeeDee’s in total are there ? …. I lost count.

      • tara says:

        I was just listening to the two interviews last night. Sounds like a totally different person! Crump DeeDee speaks very rapidly and has a higher voice. BDLR DeeDee speaks so slowly, has a deeper voice, and sounds like she’s missing half of her brain.

        • griz1234 says:

          Maybe same person, different drugs?

        • sundance says:

          I agree. I know many feel it is the same person, and perhaps they are right, but my gut tells me the 3/20 DeeDee is not the 4/2 version.

          I think the 3/20 DeeDee was a minor, as stated, but the story was not truthful – it was intentionally exaggerated/manipulated…. and it sounds it too.

          Then Mom got spooked – worried – nervous about peering eyes and being a part of a fraud. So DeeDee was retracted….. but they needed one to push the State Case.

          Enter 4/2 18-year-old version DeeDee, who’s entire story was created.

          Regardless, the Scheme is so filled with riddles and enigma it most certainly is NOT what was told / sold / spun….. not even close.

          • tara says:

            I was just wondering if perhaps the 18 year old DeeDee goofed during her interview and was supposed to say she was 16 but revealed her true age.

            I think your theory about the real DeeDee and her mother not wanting to get mixed up in this BS. When did this web site out DeeDee as Daisha? Was it before BDLR’s interview or after? Do you remember?

          • ctdar says:

            Remember Brandys drug dealing petty thief sister Zakiya Laurent Richardson, has a friend named Tabatha Green who has a young daughter named deedee.


          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            My thoughts exactly except that I believe that the first Double Dee Dee’s story was fabricated along with the phone records that were used to substantiate the story. Do not forget that Crump did not introduce Double Dee Dee until after Mayor Triplett had released GZ’s NEN call and other evidence to Crump. Also remember that someone, most likely now Night Patrolman Serino, released a cell phone copy of the Sally port video, so Crump probably got other “ebidence” too. All of this information was then used by Crump to fabricate a story for the first Double Dee Dee (who I suspect is someone Trayvon actually knew) which was used to exert political pressure. When Double Dee Dee #1’s mom objected to her daughter committing perjury, Crump recruited Double Dee Dee #2 to give a deposition under oath to BDLR.

            This of course raises interesting questions about the name or names used by the Double Dee Dees. Crump claims he misstated her age to “protect” her, so it is likely that he used a pseudonym until Double Dee Dee #2 gave a deposition to BDLR. If so, the Double Dee Dee #2 might have used her real name and presented genuine ID so that she could use her own, habitual signature. This Double Dee Dee can and will be found by the defense for a deposition. Crump will not have an opportunity to present a third Double Dee Dee for Mom and West to depose (A Triple Dee Dee? Shal we call her Pam Grier?). This Double Dee Dee will not continue Crump’s ruse for him.

            How much you bet thatbwe getba very dramatic news conference on Monday or early Tuesday morning in which MoM and West introduce one or both of the Double Dee Dees who publicly recant their testimony and explain how Crump convinced them that they needed to commit perjury in order to get ban arrest and justice for Trayvon. No doubt MoM and West indemnified these women from slander and libel suits to win their cooperation. The Beasley law firm has non doubt guar teed them legal representation in the event that BDLR or Corey were stupid and vindictive enough to file perjury charges against them when BDLR and Corey were so obviously complicit in the perjury.

        • jordan2222 says:

          sounds like she’s missing half of her brain.
          Holy crap

      • nameofthepen says:

        waltherppk says: “How many DeeDee’s in total are there ? …. I lost count.”

        It’s not Crump’s fault. The Witness Transporter simply malfunctioned.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Walther, if we lucky :) might find out on the 11th giggle giggle, they have 3 hrs slotted, does anyone here think will go longer than 3? I feel like it just might :)

    • justfactsplz says:

      At this point I am sure Bernie doesn’t even want to show up. Dee Dee is a figment and they will prove it!

      • tara says:

        Well, the phone records do prove that Trademark was on the phone with someone, and DeeDee’s statements as I’ve heard them (from the Crump excerpts and the full BDLR interview) are actually quite reasonable and are in agreement with GZ’s version of the incident with the sole exception of the 18 year old ringer’s claim (thanks to BDLR’s urging) that Trademark said “Get off”. I’ll bet that’s not in the real DeeDee’s interview.

        • justfactsplz says:

          Those are cut and paste phone records from Tracey Martin to Benjamin Crump. I think they are as bogus as the whole Dee Dee narrative.

          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            Crump did the cutting and pasting of the phone records. You can’t do that with the PDF Read Only software that most people have. You need an office or pro version.

            I am still wondering why Tracy Martin wanted to unlock Trayvon’s phone when it was allegedly in police custody. I still think TM got to BG’s to recruit Chad to be the videographer for his beat down of GZ. Chad ran away with the phone after videoing the fight and shooting. The phone would have locked itself after a short time. Was Tracy wanting to access the phone so he could watch the video? Did the FDLE getbthat phone from Tracy as documents state?

            • Chip Bennett says:

              Crump did the cutting and pasting of the phone records. You can’t do that with the PDF Read Only software that most people have. You need an office or pro version.

              Nah, it’s easier than that. Just print it, chop it up, hack it back together, and re-scan it.

              My money would be on it being a Crump job. I’m not sure Tracy Martin can even spell “PDF”.

            • justfactsplz says:

              I believe that they did.

            • nameofthepen says:

              Knuckledraggingwino – What if TM’s last phone call was really to Chad, telling him, “Quick! Put on your shoes, and meet me at the back door. Bring my other phone with ya. We’re gonna have some fun…” :|

        • jordan2222 says:

          What phone records do you mean? As far as I know, the defense still does not have them and they are not in discovery.

          • tara says:

            Ooh, I think you’re right! I was just looking at the Motion to Compel Additional Discovery, page 2. It appears O’Mara is seeking all documents related the phone records. I assumed he had them already! I still think the ones Crump showed are real and that DeeDee exists and she was on the phone with him right before he was shot, but maybe I’m wrong! Maybe it’s just a total fabrication. Wow.

            • tara says:

              I think I’m beginning to pick up what you’re all putting down … DeeDee exists but she wasn’t on the phone with Trademark, but she agreed to participate in this BS story, then backed out. Crump had already given his press conference and they need DeeDee’s testimony, but she needed to be interviewed by FDLE, deposed by O’Mara, and appear in court if the case goes to trial. So enter DeeDee #2, the 18 year old who forgot to state that she was 16, or else Crump was just hoping nobody would notice the 2 year age difference (spontaneous aging?).

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Tara – The problem is that we have yet to see the ORIGINAL PHONE RECORDS. We know Crump to be a liar. It is up to “Discovery” to do the research, and get the records. They would include, TM’s phone and DeeDee’s phone – and time they were talking. Tracy has those records. Crump “edited” them. It is time for Bernie to find and publish them.

          • John Galt says:

            “It is time for Bernie to find and publish them.”

            It is time for MOM / West to get them directly from the source.

    • stringplayer55 says:

      I initially considered the reference to her as telling. However, I’m willing to give the Crumpster the benefit of the doubt on his reference to her. When speaking of a past event with “knowledge” gained following the event in question, one may use some of the knowledge which was not available at the time when speaking of the event.

      I’m not saying that the Crumpster is not making things up as he goes. But I would not hang him for his reference to her just yet.

    • What do you mean by ” and Ryan Julison was “not part of those meetings”…. Got it.” ?

    • Chip Bennett says:

      So, at the risk of false dichotomy, was Crump’s appearance for this interview bravado, or buffoonery? I don’t see a third alternative. Either he’s so arrogant that he thinks he’s above being held accountable, or else he is so stupid that he doesn’t understand that he just hoisted himself on his own petard.

      • jello333 says:

        I think he was attempting to do damage control…. and made the damage much worse. (a combo of bravado and buffoonery, maybe?)

  8. cajunkelly says:

    It’s so unfair for witnesses to be attaked, eh?

    Yeah, what about a witness for GEORGE who has been attacked, exposed and because of it lost his job?

    • jordan2222 says:

      How and when was she attacked? Who was attacking her? The only people who knew she even existed were those who were present during her interview.

      • tara says:

        I think by “attacked” Crump really means “exposed”, because the girl had so much stuff on the internet for everyone to see, and we all started looking at it! Crump should have been smart and had all of that stuff wiped out BEFORE he held the press conference. What a dummy he is. And he should have coached the DeeDee ringer to state that she was 16, not 18.

  9. sundance says:

    My manners suck. Thanks paws for putting this video for all to watch. You’re the best.

    ps. any chance you can find (((*shhhh)))) pirate the Mark O’Mara bits? ;) Thanks again.

  10. yankeeintx says:

    Sounds like he is getting ready to throw Tracy under the bus. He even admits there was a “plan”, that she would come forward and give a statement, without the involvement of himself or the family. He even makes it clear that the interview happened because SPD told Tracy that they weren’t going to make an arrest. They probably told him they didn’t have the evidence to make an arrest, so he had to come up with some evidence…cue DD, enter stage left.

    • ytz4mee says:

      He can try, but it’s not going to work.

      But you know who has gone radio silent, no longer gives interviews or on-the-record accounts? Someone who had a lot to say in the beginning of all of this, but now has nothing to add in the public square, hoping that people forget about their role in all of this?

      The Black Queen of the Scheme Team.

      • myopiafree says:

        Cute! Note that Corey got BERNIE to sign the PCA – never Corey. Looks like Bernie will spent some time “…under the bus – after all”. Indeed he went to the home 200 miles away, and coached DeeDee. He sat with all the people who wanted to hear a “made-up” story by DeeDee to FORCE a false arrest. Yes, Corey did not know Bernie was part of this plan to subvert justice. She never asked him to “cook” a witness or to file a made-up, and FALSE CHARGE against the innocent George Zimmerman. She thought he would have more ethical common-sense than to do something STUPID like that.

      • yankeeintx says:

        For a lawyer, she is not very bright. Maybe since her son is grown, she wanted to find a way to give up law and move on to something else less demanding?

  11. lovemygirl says:

    I have to settle back here with sane people. Just had a discussion with a George hater and they had never heard of Dee Dee.

  12. Tim says:

    So Crump says that Dee Dee’s mom said no to the interview. Yet Dee Dee was interviewed anyway. What Crump says makes no sense at all.

  13. sundance says:

    Bernie De La Rionda took Benjamin Crump fishing to discuss their exit strategy.

    BDLR heard Crump say something about ebidents, Dee Dee and dropping bombs…..

    That’s the last thing he can recall at the moment.


  14. Bongo says:

    So BDLR tampered with States Evidence when he multi-generationally photocopied that color HD photo of GZ’s facial injuries before he sent it to M.O.M. for the first round of Discovery. Now we find Crump copied and recopied the original DeeDee interview so it would be mostly unintelligible.

    And here I thought tampering with evidence was a crime.

  15. tara says:

    I’ve always thought that the funniest thing about this so called “star witness” for the prosecution is that not only does she not refute any of GZ’s account of the incident, she actually provides some info that is helpful to GZ! Specifically, the info that Trademark was “right by” Brandi’s apartment, and that it was Trademark who confronted GZ first, not the other way around.. Instead of going into the apartment, he stayed outside to give GZ some sh*t.

    • myopiafree says:

      HI Tara – DeeDee also confirmed that George DID NOT FOLLOW TM. This is what George said, the he LOST TM in the gloom. DeeDee also confirms that TM (on his own inititave WENT BACK to “get” George. The only real lie (assuming the story is true) is that TM was in FEAR OF GEORGE. But that is only an inflection in DeeDee’s mind. There is no proof of “depraved indifference”. Corey had no evidence of that AT ALL – even if you take DeeDee’s statement seriously.

    • That’s probably because the Scheme Team concocted the entire DeeDee narrative from the Sanford Police investigation that Mayor Jeff Triplett provided them access to on March 16th. Funny thing is; The SPD didn’t have the 7/11 video evidence so they had no idea Trayvon met up with the 3 stooges or the time he left the 7/11. I’m baffled how they screwed up by stating that Trayvon supposedly left for the 7/11 during the NBA All Star Game halftime. I still flop back & forth whether the Scheme Team pulled the halftime departure time from their arse & fed it to us by way of Chad/DeeDee or Chad made that story up to cover his own ass. Chad lying scenario more often makes better sense because if he was outside on the back patio when Trayvon came running to that patio, then he could’ve informed Trayvon that George was the “pussy ass cracka” neighborhood watch dude. They could’ve decided to videotape a beat-down of George for YouTube. If so then it’s very likely Chad was in physical possession of the T-Mobile Comet phone with the intent to video record Trayvon’s attempt at Knockout King. Chad dropping the phone & fleeing at the sound of the shot is a plausible alternate reason why the Police recovered the cell-phone so far from Trayvon’s deceased body. Here’s where Chad’s motive to lie is greater that the Scheme Team’s inability to choose a much closer time for Trayvon’s departure to 7/11. Suppose Chad was video recording an attempted felony assault & battery (Knockout King attack) that led to Trayvon’s death, that makes Chad complicit to the felony act of attacking George & Chad could’ve been charged as an adult for felony murder of Trayvon, Although capital punishment wouldn’t be applicable for a minor charged as an adult, Angela Corey lives to overcharge cases such as that & she’d see him sentenced to life without parole. That’s why I figured it’s much more likely that the incorrect time was actually caused by Chad lying to the Scheme Team. That could also account for why Chad claimed he was wearing headphones & remained completely oblivious to the Police presence until well after 2:30am. Which scenario would you consider more plausible? That a 14 year old teen panicked & lied regarding the time to save his ass or the Scheme Team was too stupid to subtract a half hour from the reported time of death? Bottom line is that the Scheme Team isn’t very thorough at verifying information prior to announcing it through the media. Either way it plays out they shot themselves in the foot.

      • ottway says:

        Yes, this. I have been wanting to post/ask about Chad for days now. I woke up with a bolt in the wee morning hours a few days ago and the only thought in my head was “Chad”.

        It doesn’t pass the smell test that he was completely unaware of the police, ambulance, media, helicopters, etc. It.just.doesn’t. This in combination with the idea that perhaps Chad was filming Trayvon and the questions to Julison about the minimizing of both Brandi and Chad just do not set well in my mind. IMO, Chad saw/heard/knows a lot more about that night.

        So what I have been wanting to ask is– has/is anyone going to question Chad further about that night?

        • mcfyre2012 says:

          “It doesn’t pass the smell test that he was completely unaware of the police, ambulance, media, helicopters, etc.”

          Perhaps he was in a drug-induced slumber…or more likely…not even there at all.

        • nameofthepen says:

          ottway says: “I have been wanting to post/ask about Chad for days now.”

          Yes, others are starting to go there, too. Knuckledraggingwino has been wondering about Chad for some time now. I think you guys could be onto something…

        • I was only thinking out loud, merely attempting to reconcile a couple off issues that don’t add up. There’s something wrong with the Chad, Brandy & Masonic meeting but I can’t put my finger on what’s causing it. It’s the sense that a veil is shrouding us from the truth yet there are distant glimpses of that hidden truth. I haven’t any proof that Chad was involved up to his eyeballs so I’m not willing to call him a liar. There are several other Treepers that have the resources to connect the dots, hopefully one of them will see through the fog.

          • ottway says:

            I was thinking out loud also. This has been rolling around in my head and when I saw your post I took the opportunity to reply.

            When I was about 9, there was some issue/commotion at a neighbor’s house. I remember people milling about outdoors, police and a search helicopter a short distance away. I don’t know what was going on that night, but it made enough of an impression on me that I asked my mom about some 15 or so years later

            I don’t know if there is anything more to Chad’s story, and I’ve no ill-intent towards a 14 yeaer old. I only know, that of the possibilities I can think of off hand, Chad not seeing, hearing or noticing anything because he had headphones on is one of the least plausable.

            Sorry for the delay in reply, I haven’t had much time to be online today.

            • Hey no problemo with the delay. I’m an active outdoors person, shot 500 rounds while training this weekend. Due to mountainous terrain & infrequent cell towers up north, there’s rarely phone or internet service available for me to be aware I’ve messages. I’m more guilty of delayed reply than you are.

          • ejarra says:

            Months ago I said that Chad was NOT home that night. They is MORE proof, although circumstantial, that he was NOT home that night, than there is that he was. Starting with Tracy’s call the next morning where he was asked when the last time he saw Trayvon. We all know he never saw him that evening, yet he answered 8:30. That time claim , came from Chad who obviously made it up; hence, the reference to half-time of the NBA All-Star game.

            Second, Trayvon, no-keys, Martin was probably locked out and THAT was what caused Trayvon to get so mad. Mad enough to attack George.

            Third, Chad, I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing, Joseph; for me, that is imposible.

            He was NOT home that night. No way, no how.

            • jello333 says:

              Heh, believe it or not, I hadn’t yet seen your comment when I wrote mine…”I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.” ;)

            • I previously shared the opinion that Chad wasn’t home. I had believed he was in Orlando with Tracey & Brandy or at a relatives place but I’m now leaning towards the probability that he was home. I’m entertaining the probability that he was involved with the attack Trayvon perpetrated against George. I’m not sure regarding Florida law but in many States, if Chad were complicit to Trayvon’s attack against George he’d be charged with felony murder for Trayvon’s death. My opinion: That’s the reason they did so much to deflect attention from the Greene’s & continue to do so. The greater reason Tracey appeared to abandon Brandy & Chad is though he resents Chad for not discouraging the beat-down that cost Trayvon his life, he’s protecting Chad from catching a murder charge. Like I stated previously, just my opinion due to a nagging gut feeling I’ve been attempting to ignore. I’ve no proof so therefore I’m not calling Chad a liar.

              • Knuckledraggingwino says:

                I had suggested Chad’s potentials prosecution for felony murder months ago. This would be possible in many states. However; I’ve been informed by lawyers on this site that in Florida, felony murder does not apply in such a situation. Chad would still ge complicit in feloneous assault.

                Perhaps more pertinent is the potential impact on the GZ prosecution. Presume Chad videod the assault on GZ and shooting. Further assume that it conclusively confirms GZ’s account. The scheme team doesn’t want that video found. Which phone did Chad use? If it was not the phone found at the scene, then the scheme team looses or destroys the phone. However; if it was the phone found at the scene, they have HUGE problems. This explains all of the obfuscation and delay on the phone forensics and ping logs. Keeping attention off Chad minimizes the chances that the phone will be carefully examined and the video exposed. From the latest discovery demands, it appears that the gig is up on that count.

                Think of the implications of Chad videoing the assault and that video being discoverred.

                It proves premeditation.
                It proves conspiracy.
                It proves TM assaulting GZ when TM could have avoided the confrontation.
                It proves that TM threw not just the first punch but the only punches. (see autopsy)
                It proves that TM’s assault on GZ was prolonged, unrelenting and brutal.
                It proves that GZ didn’t shoot TM until TM announced an unambiguous intention to kill him while reaching for the gun.

                • ” I had suggested Chad’s potentials prosecution for felony murder months ago.” Good job, sorry I missed it or disagreed at the time… I recently saw comment that Tracey could’ve used a home computer to erase all stored data from the phone’s memory/chip. If true; Is there any indication the Feds prevented remote access to the phone. Would there be a record if remote access to the phone occurred & if so, could it be determined the date & location of the individual that accessed the phone. I’m hoping that the chip in the phone shares the characteristic of computer chips, that you can never completely delete data from the device.

                • ftsk420 says:

                  I believe Chad knows something I have no clue if he was there or not but he knows more then what he’s saying. The story about him not hearing or seeing any emergency lights is a big crock.

                • jordan2222 says:

                  Are you and 70scarrestoguy drinking buddies? LOL. You are both on a roll.

              • jordan2222 says:


                If I did not know and respect you, I would say you are nuts or have been drinking heavily.

                For now, I will accept/agree that what you say actually is possible simply because NO ONE ELSE knows the truth either so your theory is just as good as another.

                There is so much mystery surrounding all of the various cell phones in this case, I would not be surprised if some of the altercation will later be found to be on one.

                I just do not get why all of these damn cell phones, records, ping logs, and stuff and whatever…..continue to be such a damn secret. Even the Keystone Cops could resolve this.

                This is why Nelson should step in and say, “Cut the BS. You Children, give ME the damn phones and I will figure it out.” LMAO

                Interesting theory.

                • “If I did not know and respect you, I would say you are nuts or have been drinking heavily.” Apparently your feelings are still hurt. Not that it’s any of your business; Though I’ll have 3-4 drinks over a span of 2-3 hours on evenings that I’m celebrating, I haven’t been drunk for well over 25 years. I’ll BBQ, have a few drinks & light some fireworks to celebrate an event in Florida on the 11th.

                • howie says:

                  Unless Nelson is compromised. Like Lester might have been. I think in a case like this it is a good idea to subtract. Subtract Crump. Subtract NAACP. Subtract Sharpton, Subtract Obama, Subtract Jackson, Subtract CRS, Subtract Corey, Subtract ABC, Subtract Julison, Subtract NBC, Subtract Bondi, Subtract Black Panthers, Subtract the Flash Robs by Miami Students, Subtract the Black Caucus, Subtract Gov. Scott, Subtract the election, Subtract the politics, Subtract Bonaparte, Subtract everything regarding race, Now you might be coming closer to the truth. I really do not know how anything I have subtracted is relevant to the truth.

            • “We all know he never saw him that evening, yet he answered 8:30. That time claim , came from Chad who obviously made it up; hence, the reference to half-time of the NBA All-Star game.” Agreed so far but here’s where we diverge from agreement. I was aboard the Chad wasn’t home train until I considered the relationship of parallel deceptions. #1 The “T-Mobile Comet” phone was recovered a good distance from Trayvon’s corpse & in the opposite direction from where the attack originated. #2 The battery was severely drained, rendering the phone unresponsive. Indicative of the cell-phone being suddenly dropped while in video recording mode & the battery drained while the SPD assessed the situation & conducted their initial investigation. #3 combines 2 interconnected issues; Upon reading that Tracey very likely knocked up Brandy Greene that weekend in Orlando, the odds that Chad was with them (unless yuck: she was impregnated while Chad was present) went down considerably. Tracey brought Trayvon to Brandy Greene’s during that weekend for multiple reasons, the reason pertinent to Chad being present when Trayvon was killed is that Tracey paid Trayvon to supervise Chad for the weekend. That allowed Tracey the privacy to smooth talk Brandy into letting him/them move in with her. #4 I highly doubt the Scheme Team is incapable of subtracting a 1/2 hour to an hour from Trayvon’s estimated time of death & stating that’s when he departed to fetch Arizona Tea & Skittles for Chad. That’s probably the detail that gnaws at me the most, nobody in their position is that idiotic, it’s an intentional act of disinformation to distract our attention from Chad. We see the obvious discrepancy in the timeline, our reaction is to immediately cry foul & accuse that Chad couldn’t have possibly been there. That’s bullsh-t: Like the proverbial horse, they may have lead us to an obvious eureka moment but that doesn’t mean we have to be naive enough to buy into their lame attempt to distance Chad from the tragic incident! #5 I ponder why they’d want to distance Chad from the scene of tragedy & the most logical explanation so far is that he was directly involved with the attack perpetrated against George Zimmerman. The eyewitness John doesn’t mention seeing anybody besides the two men struggling on the ground. That leads me to believe Chad was probably obscured from the “John’s” vision (wearing dark clothing?) video recording the attack using the T-Mobile “Comet” cell phone. #6 My belief is that Tracey & Brandy arrived home Monday morning, Chad confided that they were involved in attacking George that Sunday evening. Chad informed them he was video recording when Trayvon may have shot the guy, that he dropped the cell-phone at the sound of the gunshot & fled with Austins dog on his heels. #7a Tracey assumed Trayvon had shot the guy (George) he had jumped, hence Tracey stated that he first called his good responsible nephew who lives not too far away. Tracey proceeded to call the juvenile authorities expecting they had Trayvon in custody. When that didn’t pan out he resorted to calling the SPD & was later informed Trayvon was deceased. #7b I’ll bet that with Brandy being in juvenile services she knew damn well her son was complicit to a felony that resulted in a mans death, they called the family attorney immediately to protect Chad from the law & Crump was aware sooner than reported. #8 The media interview with Chad comes off as completely phony, it’s intensely rehearsed to where it appears artificial & Brandy Greene comes off as the mama bear protecting her lying cub. I discounted that interview start to stop the first time I watched it. That’s why shortly later we were intentionally fed the dish of diverting Red Herring disinformation…. I’m a distrusting person when the gov, media or large sums of unearned money are involved, the above makes sense to myself whereas others have stated otherwise. I’m told KDW wrote similar comments in disbelief of Chad, he’s a sharp guy & I intend to review them this week. Take my comment with the proverbial grain of salt but consider why they so quickly threw us the NBA All Star Game halftime red herring, why the phone was recovered nearly 30′ from Trayvon’s body & why Tracey sought to locate Trayvon in Police custody. Chad: It comes back to Chad & I’ve stated how I believe so while scratching that gnawing deceptive fog they’ve cast upon us.

              • ejarra says:

                A few months ago I initiated the idea that Trayvon was brought up to Sanford to watch Chad while Tracy and Brandi played footsie at the convention in Orlando. I still believe that. I don’t believe for a minute that Chad was involved in any way by watching or videoing the beatdown of Georgie. I do believe that he was at a friends house either in the complex or someplace else. The other possibility was that he was playing footsie and locked out Trayvon. Whether he had gone to a friends house or he had a visitor that night, either will remain silent.

                This is what I believe as the most logical occurrence concerning Chad Joseph.

                • Your idea sounds plausible, you’re probably correct we’ll never have confirmation of just which role chad played that evening. Do you have any indirect information that helps support your Chad theory? I’m all ears, tell us more.

                  • ejarra says:

                    Indirect? Yes, that fact that TM had no keys on him he was still outside for at least 3 to 4 minutes while George was on the phone and the time afterwards. I believe that he tried to go home and did not want to confront George, but was locked out. Locked out, probably high from smoking that blunt and some guy talking on the phone to the cops, probably talking about him; he just went berserk and took it out on Georgie. The rest is history. How’s that for indirect?

              • jordan2222 says:

                You said: I’m told KDW wrote similar comments in disbelief of Chad, he’s a sharp guy & I intend to review them this week.

                Who is KDW?

          • jello333 says:

            Oh, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to call him a liar. Of course we don’t yet know WHAT he was lying about, but it’s almost certain that he WAS lying. If he was home like he says, then he’s gotta be lying when he claims I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing. On the other hand, if he WASN’T home… well, then he’s lying when he says he was.

            • Agreed that he’s probably lying regarding his whereabouts but I’m not ready to accuse him of lying. There’s more regarding Chad’s involvement with the tragic events of that evening. Same with Austin Brown for that matter, no way he ran off prior to the fatal shot being fired. Off topic opinion: Austin was a non-complicit witness to the attack & beating of George. The gunshot frightened Austin, he dropped the dog-leash & the dog ran after Chad as he fled to the front door of the townhouse. Austin followed them, retrieved the dog & fled to his residence. I think Chad was videotaping the attack, making him complicit to the felony assault & battery which means he can be charged with felony murder for Trayvon’s death.

              • jordan2222 says:

                Your explanation of Austin’s behavior makes sense. However, he has been brainwashed so much, he may not remember what actually happened. He also lives in fear and that may affect him forever but no one cares about that.

      • jordan2222 says:

        Even Bernie didn’t the times of the All Star games and fed right into the false narrative. This part of the interview is significant.

        I still flop back & forth whether the Scheme Team pulled the halftime departure time from their arse & fed it to us by way of Chad/DeeDee or Chad made that story up to cover his own ass.

        • howie says:

          I think you got it. Disproving the concocted false narrative. Placing the burden of proof on the defendant when it should be upon the state. That is what this is all about.

  16. rumpole2 says:

    Scheme Team – Crump “Tap Dancing”

  17. david says:

    Photoshop fun

  18. 22tula says:

    Get Involved Mr. Crump? Why wasn’t Tracy Martin more involved with his son? Was Tracy Martin at Brandi’s apartment? If not, where was he? Why would Tracy Martin leave his son without proper adult supervision? Did Tracy leave Trayvon at Brandi’s Apartment or drop him off somewhere else? Why isn’t Tracy Martin, Brandi Green, and Brandi’s son Chad Green on the witness list?

    George Zimmerman was not ordered to stay in his vehicle. In fact, George Zimmerman did stay in his vehicle and was on the phone with the police as Trayvon circled the car and left. The only reason George left his vehicle, (George was told by the SPD operator, that he didn’t have to do that.), was to see where Trayvon was heading and to get and give the exact location/street to the PD. What George didn’t realize is that Trayvon was Watching Him.

    Why would Trayvon do that?
    Trayvon Martin would never have pulled this stunt, if he knew his Father was at home,(Brandi’s place) waiting for him. I believe that Trayvon would have gone straight home and told his father. I also believe that Trayvon would never have pulled this stunt, if he had permission to stay at Brandi’s house in the first place. If the police showed up at Brand’s door, all Trayvon would have to do is call his Father, to verify to the police that, Yes Trayvon has permission to stay at Brandi’s apartment. I think Brandi would have said Yes, Trayvon has permission to stay, whether he did or not. Either way Trayvon should have gone back to the apartment. I guess Trayvon wasn’t thinking straight, which means he needed adult supervision, like his Father.

    Trayvon saw George on the phone and probably thought that George was on the phone with the police. Assuming Trayvon did not have permission to stay at Brandis place he will have to make other plans; since the police will be paying a visit soon. He is on the phone with DeeDee,(or his Cuz), and tells her what is going on. He tells DeeDee that he is going to call his Cuz to pick him up. That is why DeeDee was not concerned with Trayvon’s safety. That is why she didn’t call anyone. Trayvon was going to his cousin’s house. But before Trayvon Martin leaves for his ride he is going to give George Zimmerman a Beat Down, because he messed with his plans.

    Tracy and Brandi arrive home from their weekend, only to find Brand’s apartment a mess. They start making phone calls. They find out about a shooting. It is Tracy’s son. Why was Trayvon here? I dropped him off there? Is this possible? Is this how it went down? Where were they: Tracy Martin, Brandi Green & Chad Green, on the day before leading up to the day of the shooting? Maybe I missed something. It’s possible.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Interesting perspective. I, too, have had doubts about who, if anyone, was at Brandi’s apartment that night. With all that was going on outside, how is that everyone else in the area knew something was going on except for the occupant (s) of Brandi’s place? This commotion went on for hours. If Chad was there and waiting on a drink and candy, then wouldn’t he at least peek outside or call his Mom or Trayvon? That makes very little sense. This makes it seem possible that he did go outside, saw what happened and raced back inside, scared to death about what to do next.

      If what DeeDee says is true that Trayvon was near Brandi’s place, then it’s also possible that he did tell Chad what he was going to do about George, except that version does not answer the question of why he didn’t leave the drink and candy. In the end, IDK.

    • Obamao says:

      Bottom Line –

      – There is no evidence that Trayvon was staying at Brandi’s place at the time (no keys, no overnight bag, no one missing him with emergency lights going till 2 am after ‘not coming back’).
      – Testimony that he was staying there is inconsistent with the facts (WRT getting snacks at half-time).

      • justfactsplz says:

        I don’t believe he or Tracey were staying there. Were they registered guests?

        • I’d guess that residents don’t always register their guests as they’re supposed to. I can’t decide whether it’s more likely Tracy/Trayvon were at the Greene’s residence for the Masonic weekend. By default Trayvon was the designated supervision for Chad while Tracey & Brandy were gone all weekend or whether Tracey & Brandy had Chad staying at the hotel with them. My impression of Tracey is that he wouldn’t waste the weekend with Brandy in a hotel room by allowing her son Chad to be the party pooper. I believe it’s been stated that Tracey knocked-up Brandy Greene during that Masonic weekend. If that’s the case then my money is on Chad not being present at the hotel but rather being at home with Trayvon. That would place Steven Martin & Trayvon at Brandy Greene’s garage (blazing blunts while Chad’s present?) the previous evening rather than Trayvon & Steven Martin blazing away in his garage the previous evening.

          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            Someone knocked up Brandy Green on or about that weekend, but given the nature f these pseudoMasonic conventions it might have been any ne of several men. I suspect that Tracy Martin’s sperm got their little tails whipped, again.

          • mcfyre2012 says:

            Somehow, I just can’t take black Masons seriously…especially if they are made up with members like Tracy Martin. It all seems like a big joke. Are they for real?

            • My beef with Tracey Martin is that he was too busy with his own life to help teach his son a moral code to live by & what it means to be a man. Due to Tracey’s inaction & inability to parent his son,Trayvon looked to other overgrown adolescents for guidance. Trayvon chose the wrong role models & it eventually cost him his life. That’s a tragedy, I’d prefer Tracey or Sybrina were instead laying in Trayvon’s resting place. No comment to the rest.

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Obamao – Further, due to inconsistent lies – there is no real evidence that Chad was in the apartment. He MIGHT have been there a 6:00 when TM departed (we are told). But, if he were there at 7:00, he would have LET TM IN THE DOOR. All TM had to do was ASK. Even DeeDee insisted that TM got that far. But the incredible thing is that Chad (presumed in the apartment, watching T/V and waiting for his tea and Skittles, never ONCE GOT OFF HIS ASS, AND LOOKS 70 YARDS OF THE SIDE-WALK, TO SEE IF TM WAS COMING BACK FOR HIM. After 4 hours, there was not a “peep” about any of this – although he probably had a cell phone. This was in fact a convenient “invention” of Crump to “prove” that TM was “taking care of his little brother, Chad. Yet another Crump lie – fed and repeated by Julison.

  19. ytz4mee says:

    State vs. Michael Monahan, 2011.
    Double murder charges dismissed.

    “….The judge countered with the fact that the statute does not call for the assailants to be armed or to commit physical violence, only to have created the perception of imminent violence. The most relevant part of the statute reads:”

    Another good overview from a Jacksonville attorney firm:
    (cites the Legislature’s decision to uphold the right to true immunity in self-defense cases)

    “The Petersen decision definitively established that Section 776.032 was created by the Florida Legislature to establish a “true immunity” and not merely an affirmative defense.”

  20. nobaddog says:

    Does this mean that the baby daddy’s lawyer is going to need a lawyer? Maybe we can get a picture of all of them handcuffed together just like the one with their arms all knotted up. Wont all of them, even the prosecution be charged with conspiracy?
    The justice for Travon people are going bananas! This is worse than death to them. They have devoted their existence to get GZ. The racist white man. They don’t use the word Hispanic. Watch there going to flop over to the guy that shot the black angel over loud music.

    • tara says:

      They have devoted their entire existence to parroting sound bites and spent zero time researching the facts of the case. If their rioting were limited to just hurting each other, I’d encourage it. But I know there will be innocent victims. Such a shame. We have unprecented access to information but still there are so many who wish to be ignorant.

  21. tara says:

    Will the riots be limited to just Florida or should I, in Chicago, be a little concerned? Looks like I’m going to have to do some disaster preparation here. For Y2K I got 3 big bottles of Evian water and $600 cash. :)

  22. minor4 says:

    I have a question. The initial phone interview that Crump did with various others in the room — is that the same interview that Gutman listened to and aired? Or did Crump call her again with Gutman for the recording that he aired in his exclusive?

  23. jordan2222 says:

    I saw this today and it alarmed me because the hate crime issues was over with. What slimy black bastards. Yes I know the rules.

    Despite the correct and just decision of the local prosecutor not to lodge charges against Zimmerman, a higher level of politics, fueled in part by the President of the United States and abetted by the Federal Department of Justice, took over, making Zimmerman’s arrest a foregone conclusion. The fact that the FBI’s investigation found no real evidence of racial animus in Zimmerman’s background—quite the opposite—should not be taken as absolute evidence that no federal charges will be brought against Zimmerman. In fact, should Zimmerman’s self-defense claim prevail in the Florida courts (as I believe it must), I would be surprised indeed if the Holder DOJ simply let the case drop. After all, Trayvon Martin was one of the AG’s “people,” and there will surely still be some racial hay to be made for the benefit of our “post-racial president” and his supporters.

  24. jordan2222 says:

    Does Crump know that he has a speech problem and that it can be corrected? OTH, is it possible that he intentionally talks like he does?

    Hos does one get through law school talking like that?

  25. eastern2western says:

    let this be a warning because crump is preparing to throw the martins into the fire. In today’s interview, he is no longer claimming him self as the hero because he is planning to dump all responsibilities on the martins. He said it was tracy who discovered the girl and it was also tracy who called the girl. Plain and simple and the plan is dump and run. This case is no longer profittable for crump and he is willing to burn any body to keep his license. sos, the martins need to get a brand new lawyer asap because crump is planning to burn them.

  26. boricuafudd says:

    E2W, I think that Tracy’s is far more involved with the “Narrative”, that has been previously disclosed. It was Tracy that started the narrative by saying that Trayvon went to the 7-11 at half time to get a snack for Chad, and originally claimed that TM only went to the store because he begged Tracy for permission. Everything began with him, I don’t doubt that Crump and Co. ran with what Tracy told them and even expanded on it, but the origin was always Tracy, who had received some basic facts from Serino, earlier the day after. I think we at the Treehouse have overlooked Tracy’s culpability in all of this.

    • ytz4mee says:

      He also lied on the NEN call the following day to police reporting Traydemark missing about when he last saw him. The time he gave was after Traydemark was already dead and slabbed. Trashcan sperm donor had been covering up for Traydemark for years.

      • boricuafudd says:

        That’s the point, we have focused on Crump and pretty much have given Tracy a pass on his involvement on the lies that were told. He was also involved, IMO though the Prince Hall connection to involved NOBLE and assert pressure.

  27. howie says:

    Let me get this straight.He asks what was the family supposed to do. First of all they should co-operate with the police who are investigating the death of their son. Instead they hid evidence from the police and called Mr. Crump. They should have given the information to the police right away. This brings Mr. Crump’s credibility and motives in to play. His statements are inconsistent.

  28. Angel says:

    If DD was a legitimate witness, Crump would or should have notified LE immediately. He should have never interviewed her. The fact that he did not immediately notify authorities (notwithstanding his claims DD refused) is all I need to know that this witness is suspect.

    If he had notifed LE (whether Federal or State) the moment he found out about her, they could have overcome her objections to testify with a subpoena. At the very least, Crump could have set it up where witness 8 could have done her interview with LE with his entourage present. Nope, that interview was by invitation only.

    • Angel says:

      And it certainly sounds like Crump is throwing Tracy under the bus and getting ready to drive all over him at full speed.. Don’t quite remember the previous interviews where it was discussed how DD was contacted, but I do believe Crump said Tracy contacted him and gave him the number to this girl and he took it from their. Have to go look at the CNN transcript for that.

  29. James F says:

    Crump must be psychic since he somehow knew she went to the hospital, despite this supposedly being the first time and only time he ever spoke with her.

    Crump: Okay. Well, thank you so much and tell your mother thank you 12:07 and uh when his mom and dad they’ll call next week. Oh, I did want to say this. I understand that you can’t come to the wake because you had to go to the hospital. Can you tell me about that?

    • John Galt says:

      “Oh, I did want to say this. I understand that you can’t come to the wake because you had to go to the hospital. Can you tell me about that?”

      Objection, lacks foundation.
      Objection, leading.

  30. akathesob says:

    Crump haa ha haaa ha haaa!

  31. John Galt says:

    Maximize the size of the video by clicking the box at the lower right. Watch Crump’s eyes at the beginning of the video. Note what happens to Crump’s eyes when she asks “how did you locate witness 8?”

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