12-2 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

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230 Responses to 12-2 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. ytz4mee says:

    It is very disheartening to me to see the Traydemarkistas gleeful that the defense didn’t “figure out” that the identity of the DeeDee presented to BDLR wasn’t a minor, until the State was finally forced to admit so, under duress. Like it’s some sort of clever prank from a reality TV show. Legal candid camera. Gotcha! This is what our country has degenerated to.

    • rumpole2 says:

      Yes. They just don’t get it.
      They genuinely believe that manoeuvring to keep “negative” evidence hidden is the equivalent of finding “positive” evidence”
      The notion that “Truth has no agenda” goes WAY over their heads.

      (mind you they do tend to hide themselves away in their private sewer, so most things go over their heads)

      Perhaps the “Toilet waste falling on things” imagery invoked by Sewer-Mama is understandable in a forum where life in the sewer means that is a common perspective whenever they look upwards.

      • ytz4mee says:

        And they honestly believe that MOM and West didn’t figure it out on their own…. does it not occur to them that alot is known and documented – they are just waiting for them to impeach themselves? Which they do, repeatedly? I can understand West’s frustration.

        Footnote 5 from the MTC
        5. In spite of repeated requests, Mr. Crump has refused to disclose to the undersigned (West) if this witness is a minor, a fact necessary under our rules to consider when scheduling a witness for deposition.


        • canadacan says:

          This is a court of law to be conducted With dignity propriety and respect for well written Responses to the court. These first grade dropouts Are the type of bread and circuses mentality That conservative despise. Non entities don’t rule and they will be ground into a fine powder. excuse me I am on a rant

    • jello333 says:

      And they’re also acting like they’re looking forward to the upcoming hearing. They seriously think Judge Nelson is gonna lay into…. MOM and West! They say she’s gonna be mad about the motion, and how MOM/West are still complaining about the prosecution not giving them stuff. Are these people INSANE? (don’t answer… rhetorical question)

      • TandCrumpettes says:

        Why would she be angry with the defense? The judge ordered Crump to supply the recording. He did not. As of the day the motion was written, no one is returning phone calls. The judge is supposed to be angry at the defense for this? HA!

        BTW – I loved the footnote that stated they offered to buy Crump a new one! haha!

        • John Galt says:

          “BTW – I loved the footnote that stated they offered to buy Crump a new one! haha!”

          From Diwataman’s info, it is a $30 item and records mp3 format on internal flash memory. Probably not rocket science to copy the mp3 file.

  2. ytz4mee says:

    So, Treeper ScubaChick75 helpfully posted on yesterday’s Open that Crumpster is out crumping in Pensacola. Rushing to try and represent a shoplifter arrested at the Wal-Mart. Things must be getting pretty rough for this “high profile” attorney if he is reduced to Wal-Mart shoplift slumming.


    • canadacan says:

      LOL. I just have this mental picture of krump chasing Walmart shopping cart instead of ambulances And crumping while he does it

    • cajunkelly says:

      Is there any gravy train the crumpster isn’t jumping on?

      Yeah, he’s on this too.

      • ytz4mee says:

        He died of cardiac arrest, brought on by heat exhaustion and exacerbated by sickle cell trait, according to the Broward County Medical Examiner.

        -Martin Anderson? — but like in Anderson, the “facts” won’t matter. Bondi will help make sure that the taxpayers of FL pay out in this latest racial spoils wealth distribution scheme.
        The parents I am sure would have been required to have a physical done and completed attesting to his good health and ability to participate in physically exerting activity – to claim they didn’t know he had “sickle cell” is a lie. It is routine screening for AA, especially if he had a prior hospital admission. This is a case of their negligence – there was a previous admission for “heat exhaustion” so they had to know the warning signs and seriousness. No lie to big to tell for cash, though.

        Crump is a disgusting shoplift slummer, but Bondi is worse. Without her help, he couldn’t help himself to the taxpayer treasury. Sick and tired of paying for Bondi’s “white guilt” for her political opportunism.

        One year after her 16-year-old son died, she’s still waiting for answers.

        Ah, the template. “Waiting for answers” when the answers are already known.

    • cajunkelly says:

      Here’s an article with the security tape of the incident. The (cough) victim claims her sleeping baby was left unattended in the shopping cart.


      At no time during this video was that cart unattended. Notice the dude in red shorts who is with her as the video begins. He stays with her and the cart until the cops take her down…then he moseys off quietly, but there are at least three people who stay with the baby and the cart.

      This happened on Thanksgiving day, IIRC. Doing a little five fingered reparations maybe?

        • cajunkelly says:

          Oh, and this was over a cell phone. I guess the dozen or so obamaphones she surely has at home wasn’t enough?

          • justfactsplz says:

            They are only supposed to have one Obama phone per household. Safe Lind must not have any balance and checks in place.

            • jello333 says:

              I haven’t mentioned this before, but I really should. When it’s not ABUSED, the phone thing is a pretty good program. It gives you a cheepo phone (no camera or anything) with about 200 minutes per month. That’s it. And yes, only one per household. I know this because my wife, who is on SSI because she has MS, has one. As does my 85-yr-old Mom who’s living on $800/mo. Social Security. So it CAN be a good thing. But I totally agree: Anyone abusing this program should be punished for it.

              (Oh, and by the way, I couldn’t care less who initiated the program, and I don’t call it “Obamaphone” because I don’t think he deserves credit for the GOOD it does for some people who really need it. The only reason he supports the program, IMO, is for political reasons, NOT because of “compassion” or whatever. No, I DON’T like the guy… as you know.)

              • jordan2222 says:

                Someone is making money on those phones. Try using more than 200 minutes and notice the cost. They rarely work inside of a building. The way they calculate minutes also means you do not actually get 200 full minutes either. My maid and handyman had them and turned them back in. Good for emergencies but that is about it.

                • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

                  “Good for emergencies but that is about it.”
                  I claim this to be true with most phones (good for emergencies).
                  When my neighbor complains his “FREE” phone only has 200 minutes, I roll my eyes in dusgust (since I had to pay for my minutes)

              • justfactsplz says:

                I am not knocking the program, just the abuse of it. When I first was on disability and not with my husband I only made $700.00 per month and I had one for awhile myself.

                • jello333 says:

                  Oh I know. And yeah, what I’m afraid is gonna happen is that so many people are abusing the program, that it’s gonna get shut down eventually. And then there’ll be people who really DID need help, unable to get it. Pretty sad.

              • The program is terrible. Any cell phone will make emergency calls, even cell phones with no plan. If these were for true emergencies, then the only cost would be for the phone itself, which is peanuts, compared to the reported $1 Billion that has been spent. Many landlines are also set up as Quick Dial Tone (QDT) services, especially inside apartments, where many “needy” people live, and can make emergency phone calls without a plan.

                The federal government should not be in the business of providing this to ANYONE, regardless of their need.

  3. ytz4mee says:

    Natalie Jackson‏@NatJackEsq

    @NatJackEsq @princss6 They pretend 2 have inside info but they don’t know JACK about case. BDLR said @ hearing “don’t even know her age.”

    Is she truly that clueless? Does she not understand that as an Officer of the Court, and part of the posse that created/produced the DeeDee to compel an arrest warrant, she had an ethical, legal and moral obligation to ensure that the defense was given all the pertinent information about this key witness in a timely manner?

    After going on national and international TV claiming their star witness with “bombshell” evidence that would blow George Zimmerman’s self-defense claims “out of the water” was a MINOR who had to be protected/hidden …. now is gloating because the witness they coughed up for the purposes of an affidavit isn’t a minor? And that there shouldn’t be any repercussions for same?

    Are they truly that arrogant and clueless?

    Still can’t wrap my head around it.

    • John Galt says:

      “Are they truly that arrogant and clueless?”

      Yes, w/o any clue. Hopefully someone saves her tweets to present to the disciplinary committee.

    • canadacan says:

      What part of discovery doesn’t she understand

    • canadacan says:

      Natalie Doesn’t know jack about the law. , The soft racism of lowered expectations. Our tax dollars at work She was admitted to the wrong bar. You get down with the sisters honey and we’re going to introduce you to a whole new set of bars.

    • rumpole2 says:

      They all seem to tweet the same language.
      Jackass fits in with Bigboi, princss, Limpappa etc.
      She is at their level… which is a very low level.

    • ottawa925 says:

      I’m so impatient on this case … was West’s motion an “emergency motion”? And although I loved that motion … I guess I’m wondering if he couldn’t have rattled the cage a little more and did a separate “emergency motion” on the issue of the false representation of DD as a minor. Yes … I’m trying to calm down, but like with obama/holder – benghazi/fastnfurious and NOTHING happening by those that COULD make it happen, this false minor claim to me is serious manipulation. The online interview with DD, and now correct me if I am wrong, the goof never asks her how old she is. Correct? We know Crump n crew that put it out there in the media that she was a minor, however, they can claim they never did, but here’s what they did not do: they did not correct the media. So even if they want to claim they did not put that in the minds of ppl through the media, they had a duty to come forward and say, NO, this individual is not a minor … not now, and not at the time of the shooting. As an officer of the court he allowed (because that was the plan) the falsehood to flourish to the point they had the defense believing at first too. This is why I think a separate motion should have been brought against Crump n crew. Our justice system was exposed for what it is on the Casey Anthony trial, and I’m not talking about the decision of the jury. I’m talking about allowing defense attorneys to make up stories that they do not have to prove just to make a case for beyond reasonable doubt. Here in the Trayvon case we have the … what was the term West used? Surrogate? the surrogate attorney Crump falsifying age of witness to keep them from defense. Not surrendering the device that has the ORIGINAL recording. Yes, it seems to me that West could have put some heat on Crump … I want this guy in jail and I want him sued for MILLIONS. I want him ruined.

      • ottawa925 says:

        Age: we need DD’s birth certificate and school records.

      • jello333 says:

        I want the same things you want…. and I think we’re gonna get them. But we’re gonna have to wait a few days. In my opinion, this motion was just the written version of what we’re gonna see in the upcoming hearing (the 11th, I think). And we are gonna see some fireworks. And remember, West alluded to several other things in that motion. Check out the last footnote… he mentions several other things Crump and the prosecution have done wrong, and said he’d be filing separate motions about all of that. So don’t worry, I think we’re gonna have plenty of fun in another week or so.

        • ottawa925 says:

          well good deal. I’ll be looking forward to all of that. I hope we will have a link up to the live courtroom cause In Session likes to break for long commercials when defense is beating up on prosecution.

          • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

            You got that right (in session sure doesnt want you to see the case for what it is)

        • justfactsplz says:

          Pop corn, libations, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, eggnog, and bacon. Let’s have a court watching party in the comfort of our homes.

          • jello333 says:

            Definitely bacon! (And I’m a vegetarian even :) )

            • justfactsplz says:

              Okay, clue me on the bacon and it”s symbolism. I know it means something here.

              • Sharon says:

                I just think we like bacon. A lot. If there’s significant symbolism to it, I don’t know what it is!

              • Ad rem says:

                Welllllllll…..I can think of two groups of people who don’t like bacon….specifically PORK. One of them is PETA and the other…… I’ll let you guess. ;-)

              • jello333 says:

                I don’t really know. Personally, I just think it sounds funny! The day after Halloween, I posted a comment here where I said something about when we got trick-or-treaters, we gave them vodka and bacon. Not sure why… it just popped into my head. ;) And there’s also some weird prank phone-call that you can find floating around the web, where a guy calls up some company and messes with them. At the very end of the call, just totally out of the blue and having nothing to do with the rest of the call, the guy says, “Roast beef!” That just cracks me up… yeah, I’m weird.

    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      Officer of the court means NOTHING anymore (The Florida Bar has gone to sleep or has died or ceases to function). Forget ethics, legality or morality. Each one of those has been thrown out the window for political expediency in favor of the GODO KIND OF HATE (racism directed at whites and identified as legitimate hate/contempt).
      Black racists and their surrogates shall be able to run rough shod over our laws and our constitution as long as it is in service of those who hate or merely have been taught to be contemptuous of whites and whites society.
      “Are they truly that arrogant and clueless?”
      I would hazard to guess they are emboldened by how quickly and easily our system of laws has broken down to abject vigilantism (as long as it is directed at whites or those percieved to be white or identified as white by the media)

  4. david says:


    I made this tonight while reading the thread. Its my tribute to the sinking scheme team ship! http://imgur.com/fcu37

  5. ejarra says:

    Does anyone here know when the judge will rule on the Motion to Compel?
    Is there a timeline for this?

    • jello333 says:

      I think this motion is the written precursor to what we’re gonna see in the hearing in about a week. All the stuff in the motion will be argued in court… and it very well could be popcorn time. If, between now and then, the judge bothers to study up on things mentioned in the motion, it could get VERY interesting for Bernie, Crump, and others. Very….

  6. hooson1st says:

    The motion filed on Friday by West gives cause for optimism for GZ in an eventual outcome.

    However, I would caution against exuberance and glee over what may transpire on December 11 and beyond, even though I, as you, anticipate progress on GZ’s behalf.

    It is always a serious issue when the judicial machine of the state is harnessed against an individual. It is a rash assumption to presume that the prosecution in this case has been plotting various machinations against GZ.

    It is highly unlikely that any sanctions will be applied to the individuals comprising the so-called Scheme Team unless clear intentional fraud is shown. As of now, what can be said with assurance is that there is a major disconnect with regards to witness #8. Only some of the dimensions of the disconnect are known, the rest remain to be exposed, as well as any elements of fraud.

    The wrangling over discovery, as evidenced in the West motion, is common occurrence in these types of proceedings. The more individuals you have involved on the prosecution side of things, the greater the chances of slip-ups on discovery obligations due to compartmentalization of evidence among the various parties. A prosecutor and the defense can look at the same deposition with the prosecutor concluding that the deposition is inculpatory and the defense counsel concluding that it is exculpatory.

    Julison is irrelevant to the issues before the court.

    Crump does not have to chase cases at Walmart. The cases will come to him because of his specialty and because of the publicity he has garnered associated with this case.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Crump does not have to chase cases at Walmart

      And yet, there he is, shoplift slumming.
      I expect that the Crumpster is not nearly as “high profile” as his mouth would have you believe.
      Competent attorneys would have so much business referring themselves to them that they would be able to cherry pick – not jump on the next available plane to try and make a case out of nothing.

    • doodahdaze says:

      How do you explain the hi-jacking from Wolfinger. That is not a rash assumption. It is fact.

      • hooson1st says:

        I think that the removal of Wolfinger was a mistake brought up on by perceived political pressure. For Wolfinger, however, it is a blessing. He won’t be tied to this pending legal calamity.

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Hooson – I see Norm differently. Had Corey-Bernie let NORMAL JUSTICE proceed conducted by Wolfinger, he would have conducted a GRAND JURY CORRECTLY. They MIGHT have produced a “Prosecution Bill” – and then this case would have proceeded to TRIAL. That is the RIGHT way to DO IT. But when Wolfinger stated that Crump was a liar, and Corey yanked him off the case – there was nothing else he could do but resign.

        • doodahdaze says:

          No he could have indicted in two minutes. But on the wrong charge for Crump.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Let’s not forget that Bernie will likely have stuff we have not seen, even it’s not substantial evidence. I can’t imagine him going to this hearing ill prepared and allowing the defense to pummel him all day. His credibility and maybe even his career are on the line. The defense in a sense, has called him a criminal.

      This is NOT a done deal for the defense and I suspect there will be fireworks. I guess we will find out if Nelson has the courage to do the right thing and not kick the can down the road. as she did at the last hearing.

      No way is Bernie going to be punching bag of the day.

      • hooson1st says:

        I see Nelson so far as proceeding cautiously, which means not as quickly as some would like it. But her rulings, so far, are solid and that is all that anyone can ask for from a judge.

        • jordan2222 says:

          Her rulings have resulted in unnecessary expenses to the defense and the MTC indicates that they do not want to incur those costs and are asking her to reconsider her decisions about DeeDee’s address and Crump’s recording device.. She cut them off at the last hearing so they were not allowed to expound on their requests. TIME IS MONEY. The state is not paying for George’s defense.

          • hooson1st says:

            I sympathize, as do you, but her main concern is not the questions of incremental expense to the defense, rather, an orderly progression in settling the legal matters before her.

            Her conduct of the proceedings last time was straightforward and bodes well for a fair resolution of this tragic situation, if she continues along the lines that have been indicated by her rulings so far.

            Given the political bs that overhangs this legal proceeding, I think it is pretty darn good, all things considered.

            • jordan2222 says:

              What law allows the State to withhold the address of a Class A witness who is the sole basis for a murder charge. What law requires the defense to search for the state’s evidence that they are required to turn over to the defense? If I recall, the legal minds said she was wrong.

        • jello333 says:

          Her ruling on telling Bernie to give Dee Dee’s address to the defense was not “solid”, though. But then again, at that time I don’t think she understood that MOM and West were basically implying fraud was taking place. But now that she’s got the latest motion, in the upcoming hearing I’m sure MOM or West will once again demand the address. And THIS time, I think the judge will agree with them.

          • John Galt says:

            The big question is going to be: Why didn’t you depose Crump and inspect/copy his original recording per my order at the last hearing?

            • jordan2222 says:

              I am a bit concerned about that, too, so don’t be surprised to see Bernie make a huge deal out of it and ask for sanctions against the defense. He is going to fight fire with fire.

          • jordan2222 says:

            Well, she should but who knows if the motion won’t piss her off. I think that depends on how Bernie responds. She almost seems a bit “afraid” of him but afraid is not the best word choice. Maybe Bernie will not use his predictable, animated, arrogant style and be so disingenuously outraged. What a phony and soooooo damn childish..

            I hope Nelson sees where this is going.

        • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

          I see Nelson working in conjunction with the persecution (and the state bar asleep at the wheel)

          • doodahdaze says:

            The defense wanted a special judge to hear discovery motions. They are expecting an epic battle ahead. Nelson refused. She seems to rely on Lester a lot. Lester did this Lester did that etc. She could end up the same way he did.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Well, he was not prepared last time and took a real beating. We shall see. He has a lot to try to overcome in a short time before the hearing.

        • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

          Bernie looks like most of his persecutions dont see the light of day and his disregard for the laws and procedures of our courts dont see the light of day most of the time. bernie is a clown oblivious to actual procedure & law next to west & mom

  7. cajunkelly says:


    Found this article by Clarice in the archives over at American Thinker. It’s dated April so it may be old news to some of you. It chronicles the many manipulations and complicity of the media.

    It contains a picture of GZ’s head wounds I’v never seen before; a large goose bump with laceration. It’s the obviously swollen/goose bump that caught my attention. While that pic/video was being shown,

    “As you watch these close-up shots, you will hear [Martin] Bashir and his guest, Joy-Ann Reid, as they keep stating the party line: There is no sign of injury to Zimmerman on these tapes! In fairness to Reid, and this is important: Reid wasn’t present in the studio. We would assume that she wasn’t able to see this new videotape. 

Why did Bashir say the things he did? Go ahead! You explain!”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/04/a_scuffle_ensued_lynch_mob_justice_in_florida.html#ixzz2DukYg6Oz

  8. TandCrumpettes says:

    This felt like an appropriate metaphor today. It gave me a good laugh, anyway.

    Children: Shellie and George
    Smurfs: The Treehouse
    Gargamel/Azriel: BDLR and Corey (funny I never noticed how much they resemble each other before)
    Guy w. Moustache – Crump

    Lots of appropriate lines here – including “Crump” to “Bernie,” “Someone as nasty as you is always of use to me in my work.”

  9. John Galt says:

    Don’t see anything from Robles or Weiner on Scheme Team lying about Dee Dee’s age:



  10. John Galt says:

    Rule 4-4.1 Truthfulness in Statements to Others

    In the course of representing a client a lawyer shall not knowingly:

    (a) make a false statement of material fact or law to a third person; or

    (b) fail to disclose a material fact to a third person when disclosure is necessary to avoid assisting a criminal or fraudulent act by a client, unless disclosure is prohibited by rule 4-1.6.


    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      The Florida Bar has a new set of rules that applies if you are on a witch hunt, race baiting against whites or just playing a race hustle: the rule is you (as an attorney) can lie as much as you want as long as you are trying to persecute a man yhou at first thought he was white (or if he is actually white) you are allowed to encourage vigilantism.

    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      The Bar allows all lies by attorneys as long as they are directed at limiting the rights of whites (or those percieved to be white) and furthering the cause of vigilantism against whites or those percieved to be white

  11. lovemygirl says:

    I guess I’m puzzled why the incorrectly identified Dee Dee had her social media scrubbed if she wasn’t involved. Any thoughts?

  12. libtardh8r says:

    Here is my thinking, such as it is….

    I believe that the defense, as has been already suggested by others, knows that the State’s case is unwinnable, and are using the criminal discovery to lay the groundwork for future criminal and civil litigation. The State has no desire to go to trial, in fact I believe they are not looking forward to the Dec. 11 heating. IANAL, but it seems to me that if DeeDee is the basis for the charging document, and she is not produced in court, that the judge would be obligated to grant a motion for dismissal as soon as the State rests. They cannot prove the charges against GZ without her testimony, and are liable to get in trouble from the court if they try.

    The defense, meanwhile, wants their day in court. I believe that O’Mara & West have the ping logs and other evidence in hand (or otherwise know what they will show), but are using the criminal discovery process to develop their case for malicious prosecution.

    Imagine this scenario…the defense knows that ping logs will fail to prove that TM was talking to DeeDee during the minutes leading to the shooting. The State has failed to produce the exculpatory documents. Stating that they are not in the State’s possession will not help, as it is my understanding that the State is obligated by law to develop and provide this evidence to the defense. To not do so would be prosecutorial misconduct. The State is in a bind. If they turn over the documents, it’s evidence that they used a sworn statement that they did know was false to issue the charging document. If they do not turn over the evidence, then they used a statement they should have known was false. They are either liars, unethical or incompetent. Furthermore, the defense can get witnesses on the record by deposing the major players now, before any of them know what cards the defense is holding.

    I have to think that the State’s best move at this point is to file a motion to dismiss all charges, but they will need to find a way to do so without exposing themselves to civil or criminal liability. Something like an announcement that DeeDee is refusing to testify, nullifying the affidavit charging GZ with murder-2.

    What I don’t know is if the State can unilaterally drop the charges in a way that still leaves GZ open to further criminal or civil liability. Can O’Mara & West oppose a motion to dismiss and insist on a SYG hearing? Can the State dismiss the charges in a way that prevents further criminal charges from being filed, but leaves GZ open to civil action?

    At this point, every day that goes by allows the defense to gather more rope with which to hang the Scheme Team. I wonder if Crump will privately pressure the State to drop the charges, thus sparing himself from being deposed, while publicly castigating them for letting poor Trayvon’s killer get away, freeing him to continue passing the trash cans in the name of “Justice”.

    • boutis says:

      The state was supposed to have their evidence before they charged someone with murder. They were supposed to have proof of a crime before they revoked bail and made the accused come up with a hundred thousand dollars to make bail and no way to make a living. They were supposed to have evidence before they charged his wife with perjury and threatened her. When George Zimmerman was charged, arrested, and jailed it is too late to say “Never mind” after hounding them to make a plea. Beyond a reasonable doubt does not mean they have some evidence that might be OK because the victims family and their legal and media team says it is. It means that they were dead certain they had proof that someone who is a reliable, sane, sentient and believable witness was an “earwitness” to murder. You do not take the word of an infamous ambulance chaser that he has a witness which he found on phone records who then refuses to turn over those same phone records to investigators to prove the ear witness was in fact on the phone with the person who the state claims was murdered. It is beyond absurd what the State of Florida has done and they cannot walk away from it.

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Boutis – That is exactly the nature of “Rail Roading” or “Framing” conducted by Corey-Bernie and the total perversion of so-called “Justice” in the State of Florida. I could not have said it better myself. Thanks!

      • jordan2222 says:

        Well said and I agree with you with one POSSIBLE exception:

        You said:

        When George Zimmerman was charged, arrested, and jailed it is too late to say “Never mind” after hounding them to make a plea.

        While I, like others here, believe that they expected George to make a plea deal, I have yet to see any evidence that the state has ever offered him one. As far as I know, George cannot offer to make a deal. That must originate with the state.

        I am not a lawyer so I may be wrong but I am certain I read that on a legal blog.

        If a deal was offered, wouldn’t we know about it by now? This has “bothered” me a bit for a long while.

        • boutis says:

          I agree that no deal has been offered but I mean his “plea” of not guilty rather than fessing up and going to prison and not causing problems for all of these nice people. /s/

      • Well said and I completely agree!

    • howie says:

      I think the best move for Corey now is to sue. Sue Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, and Georgetown. They are teaching people law that she does not like. How dare they!!! She might even throw Cornell in to the case too.

  13. John Galt says:

    Dee Dee apparently stated that her age was 18 at the April 2 BDLR interview. Crump was in attendance. Accordingly Crump, and through him the entire Scheme Team, must have known Dee Dee’s correct age not later than April 2.

    Are there any Scheme Team references to Dee Dee as a minor after April 2 ?

    • eastern2western says:

      I knew it man. crump was waving cue cards in front of dd because she could not remember the whole script.

      • ottawa925 says:

        ooooo geez … never thought of that. You may be right. omg … I would love to see her deposed.

        • jello333 says:

          I keep envisioning what it would be like to see her testify.

          MOM: “Your honor! Objection! Mr. di la Rionda is actually holding up cue-cards to assist the witness in answering the questions!”

          Judge: “Mr. di la Rionda, you can’t do that…”

          Bernie: “But your honor, it’s the only way this girl can give the answers we need!”

          MOM: “Your honor, this is outrageous!”

          Judge: “Normally, Mr. O’Mara, I would agree. But we’ve all seen the difficulty this witness has with answering simple questions. So under the circumstances, I’m going to allow this. Your objection is overruled. You may continue…”

    • ftsk420 says:

      I have been trying to find some but haven’t yet. Maybe he mentioned her at the hearing where he was told to turn over the tape.

    • James F says:

      On the evening of April 2, Parks said it during a live interview. Grace airs live at 8 p.m. eastern.

      PARKS: Well, part of the problem is she`s a minor so it`s a very delicate situation.


    • sundance says:

      John Galt that is an inaccurate reading of the evidence. What has been submitted to the court states:

      Witness #8 is 18-years-old and was 18 at the time of Mr Crump’s interview of her according to her sworn statement to the prosecutor on April 02, 2012

      Mr. Crump’s interview with DeeDee was on 3/19/12 – So the earliest known date of W#8 (DeeDee) being 18-years-old is March 19th.

      • John Galt says:

        “So the earliest known date of W#8 (DeeDee) being 18-years-old is March 19th.”

        What I am driving at is the earliest provable date that Crump had knowledge that she wasn’t a minor. Since Crump attended the April 2 BDLR interview, that seems to be the earliest provable date. Can you prove that Crump knew that Dee Dee wasn’t a minor prior to April 2 ?

  14. eastern2western says:

    Judging from the clarity of gutman’s recording of dd, I think the first interview was done with very professional equipments.

    • jello333 says:

      Something just dawned on me when you said that. Some of us have been asking why MOM/West haven’t just subpoenaed Gutman’s recording. After all, it would be MUCH clearer, and they then wouldn’t have to worry about trying to get a better copy of Crump’s recording. I’ve been assuming they want Crump’s original recording for more reasons than just to hear it clearly…. I’m assuming it was to prove fraud on his part. But thinking about Gutman, something falls into place. What if they ALREADY have Gutman’s tape, and so they know precisely what Dee Dee and everyone else said? Maybe the tape was even recording during the ENTIRE meeting, not just during the Dee Dee interview? If so, then the whole reason for MOM/West fighting so hard to get Crump’s tape, is as evidence AGAINST Crump and the prosecution. Oh how I hope this is what’s going on… and if it is, Crump and others are gonna be in HUGE trouble much sooner than I thought.

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Jello – I think you are RIGHT – subtle but correct. Then need to get Crump – to testify, to be deposed, to be cross-examined on all the bullshit he has spread over this case. It is a very clever strategy.

      • sundance says:

        If that consideration were a possibility there would be a record of a Court Order directing ABC or Matt Gutman to turn over his recording. I don’t think there is and I doubt he would *volunteer* the recording without legal compulsion.

        • jello333 says:

          Oh yeah, I know there’s apparently been no court order or anything like that. I was thinking more “voluntary”, in hopes of avoiding the train barreling toward the Scheme Team. But of course you’re right… it’s very unlikely Gutman would do that. It’s just a thought.

          • Gutman (and his bosses) should voluntarily comply with any and every request of the defense. Otherwise, Gutman’s actions in collusion with Julison and the Schemers could be considered collaborative in nature and/or criminal conspiracy in producing and/or editing facts in a “crumped up” murder charge.

            • jello333 says:

              Yep. Which is why I think it’s possible he IS now cooperating. Not out the goodness of his heart, or because he’s come to realize the problems he has helped create… but rather out of self-preservation. (same goes for his bosses)

  15. John Galt says:

    Listen to Corey expound on her truth quest. LMAO

  16. Not sure if this was posted before. Searched Zimmerman and Twitter and saw this:

    George Zimmerman’s Brother Writes Open Letter To GlobalGrind

    …In the beginning of this tragedy, I noticed that the narrative being promoted by a select few relied on three words togive traction to their story: “white”, “black” and “gated community”. Words have power. It was clear that the race-card deck-shufflers were going to rely on the unfortunate reality that there is still racial polarization in our country and that exploiting itby using a few choice words would prove to be their golden ticket to vast rewards that lie far outside the scope and spirit of justice. As others chimed in and could not resist sharing in the work of expanding the terms of “white” to “white vigilante” or to “white armed racist” they quickly set their sights on the word “black”, and we saw it metamorphose into terms like “un-armed black”, “hunted-down black child”, etc. There was now a movement that had gained enough traction to interject thenotion that you and others did that somehow an operator-solicited description of a person’s attire who happened to be wearing a hoodie was the ‘icing-on-the-cake’ irrefutable proof that the person who gave that description must be a racist – Period. Despite there being no evidentiary basis to suggest that a hoodie was what made my brother suspicious, the race-card had been tossed on the table and rebuttal would not be tolerated nor would the result of an official investigation be relevant or applicable here… someone had been declared a racist and that was all that many needed to hear – missionaccomplished, for the time being…..


  17. December11th‏@LilClassyCOBB__

    George Zimmerman got life in prison?! May sound crazy to a few but I know that’s right!

  18. Ricky Jimenez says:

    I expect the judge to dismiss charges in a similar manner to what the late Judge Byrne did almost 40 years ago. There is a difference in that extreme government misconduct in the Pentagon Papers Case didn’t come to light until the trial began. I don’t think the Martin/Zimmerman case will even get to the immunity hearing stage.

    Los Angeles, May 11 — Citing what he called “improper Government conduct shielded so long from public view,” the judge in the Pentagon papers trial dismissed today all charges against Dr. Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony J. Russo Jr.

    And he made it clear in his ruling that the two men would not be tried again on charges of stealing and copying the Pentagon papers.

    “The conduct of the Government has placed the case in such a posture that it precludes the fair, dispassionate resolution of these issues by a jury,” he said.

    David R. Nissen, the chief prosecutor, said, “It appears that the posture is such that no appeal will be possible.”

  19. sundance says:

    Twitter people – Follow Natalie Jackson closely.

    Also, I am told last night she refused to answer a direct question about the age of DeeDee. Can you confirm?

    “simple question: how old is DeeDee the person you presented as Trayvon’s girlfriend/ear-witness”?

    Also, have any of you asked her, Natalie Jackson, directly?
    or Crump?
    or Gutman?
    or Jasmine Rand?
    or Parks?
    or Julison?
    or Sharpton?
    or Triplett?
    or Bonepart?
    or Corrine Brown?
    or pink cowboy hat?

    Also, If you can confirm that she refused to answer that question, SCREEN CAPTURE it and send it to our email please. Thanks.

  20. arkansasmimi says:

    Ummm PEACE AND JUSTICE AWARD? All I can think of is riots not PEACE.
    Benjamin Crump, Esq.‏@attorneycrump 12 min ago
    Congratulations Sybrina and Tracy on receiving the Peace and Justice Award from the Detroit Central United Methodist Church. #TrayvonMartin

  21. doodahdaze says:

    Maybe someone should give an award to George Zimmerman.

  22. ytz4mee says:

    Crump, crumping the Template for the Narrative $$$$$$ in Ernest Hoskins case:
    The arrest is only the first step on the long journey for justice.”


  23. mung says:

    Why hasn’t anyone prosecuted Dee Dee for being 18 and messing with a 12 year old?

  24. lovemygirl says:

    I just tire of the race baiting 4 decades after it was appropriate.

  25. david says:

    Once the Dee Dee fabrication is fully exposed West and O’Mara can attack the APC and it’s game over for the Trayvon cultists

    • John Galt says:

      “it’s game over for the Trayvon cultists”

      The True Believer (Eric Hoffer book) is not easily persuaded. The cultists will continue on, protesting the injustice of the dismissal or acquittal.

      • jordan2222 says:

        Tragically, you are probably correct. That is why I think the truth of what happened should be shown publicly in the most believable way possible even if it does not convince everyone. I wonder if the defense will create an animated 3D reenactment with indisputable time lines. At most, only 80 seconds cannot be documented. What could actually happen during those 80 seconds?

        I also hope that a decision for immunity will be announced with kid gloves and great care.

    • The cultists really don’t have power any more. When the Scheme Team was in control of the flow of information (narrative), being essentially the only source of information, they had their run of social media and the press. Since the arrest and the discovery began they lost that influence.

      The cultists still try but they see their efforts not having as much of an effect as they once did. A good example is your petition and the one the cultists created in response. They have nowhere near the number of signatures they would have just a few months ago while yours has about the same number as theirs.

      The only thing they have now is easily manipulated and biased people like Robles. That frustrates them to no end. That’s why they are more aggressively lashing out at George supporters and develop more desperate and insane theories.

  26. recoverydotgod says:

    Top News Stories: #5 Trayvon Martin case
    By Ron Recinto | Yahoo! News


    • dmoseylou says:

      Disgusting. MSM just can not give up the false narrative.

      “[...] a 911 operator, who advised Zimmerman to wait for police, he instead confronted the unarmed teen.”
      “A charge might not have been filed, but his parents made the case public by filing a petition through Change.org, asking that charges be brought.”

  27. ottawa925 says:

    Are we not identifying DD for a reason of liability or something? … cause CallofthePatriot has identified her.

    • jordan2222 says:

      I have not seen that.

      • rumpole2 says:

        CallofthePatriot blog seems to link back to old articles here?

        • jello333 says:

          Yep, and they name the same girl we’ve talked about here. I never heard of that site before, but I just looked to see.

          • ottawa925 says:

            Here’s a link: http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com/2012/04/update-10-part-2-trayvon-martin.html

            But you can also add the last name Mitchell to the name in the above link

            • rumpole2 says:

              Thanks. But I think 18yr old DD is another person… I have no idea who.

              • rumpole2 says:

                As Sundance has outlined Dee Dee18 turned up for BDLR “deposition” (more like scripted radio play). She is named now in association with discovery transcript of that interview. That name known by defence, but not public as far as I am aware. There is no address associated with that name known by defence let alone publically, in fact that address has been refused to defence. That is as much as we know unless Nelson orders otherwise. As things stand, some person will turn up for a deposition by MOM and/or West….. who knows who that might be?

                • John Galt says:

                  “As things stand, some person will turn up for a deposition by MOM and/or West….. who knows who that might be?”

                  The funny thing is, I think there are sufficient impeachment materials that it really doesn’t matter.

                • ottawa925 says:

                  rumpole, I tend to agree with you. BTW, the link I gave is not the only internet source that cites the same name, and all the more reason to be skeptical of it. And your use of the term “more like scripted radio play”? well, you wouldn’t call BDLR the police would you? He said who he was to DD at the beginning of the interview. There was an officer present, so they say. Yet, you have sites all over the internet stating she was interviewed by a police officer and gave almost verbatim answers that she did to BDLR. For example:


                  so, yes … it does sound like a script. Asked and answered in the same order. So there are two interviews apparently … not just one.

                  • ottawa925 says:

                    Ok, total confusion here. The democracynow.org link describes BDLR as police. There is a big difference between sanford police and a Florida state prosecutor.

                  • rumpole2 says:

                    Where is your confusion?
                    The link is to a media report… they simply got it wrong when they said “interviewed by police”
                    They get things wrong a lot…. often you can put it down to sloppy attention to details.. often it is clearly a bare faced lie.
                    It is annoying… but not confusing. :D

                  • doodahdaze says:

                    He had Osteen there as cover.

                  • ottawa925 says:

                    guys? … the only confusion is on my part. But let me give you a for instance. Should someone have said GZ was interviewed by police, but he really was interviewed by BDLR, that would make a BIG difference … wouldn’t it? … since the person who is going to prosecute him is asking the questions. Remember these reports are early on reports putting words and pictures in the minds of people, people who never bothered to then follow up to get clarification.

                  • jello333 says:

                    Very good point. Some of the early stuff has stuck with some people. I had a person just the other day ask me if George wasn’t a racist, why would he call Trayvon a “coon”?! And I still have a LOT of people saying, “Well, if he would have just stayed in his truck like the cops told him to do…” Ummm…..

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