11-23 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

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79 Responses to 11-23 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. diwataman says:

    Still frustrated with O’Mara. There’s been two Notice of Depositions filed, 11/14 & 11/21 that I can’t find;

    For some reason when the state took down the 9th supplemental they also took down the 11/8 notice of deposition of the ME and his asst.;

    Those two items are available on O’Mara’s website;

    But the 11/14 and 11/21 notice of depositions are not available anywhere as far as I know. I could have sworn I read somewhere someone would be posting ALL PUBLIC DOCUMENTS in this case, now we aren’t even getting court filings muchless anything of value.

    Oh, and I’ve started a list of missing discovery, if we can’t even get a court filing I doubt we’ll ever see this stuff;

  2. Sha says:

    Zimmerman Family , I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day . Keep your head up George don’t let hateful people brake you down. There lives are full of unhappiness . Pray for them and let God take care of them for you.

  3. Sha says:

    This is off subject , but Tandcrumpettes where are you ? Don’t you let those hateful people with the rude remark’s run you off. They need to take care of there own lives before they worry about what we do at this site. I’m sure they make fun of me , but GUESS WHAT I DON”T CARE !!!! If there talking about me at least there giving someone else a break. :D

    • jello333 says:

      Not sure what you’re referring to, but if it’s something the JQers or the Dog Pound said about T&C, then absolutely…. NO reason to worry about that! In fact, on the rare occasion that they mention (and attack) me by name, I take it as a badge of honor.

      • Sha says:

        jello333 :She hasn’t posted since some of the JQ post where posted over here . The one’s where she had the dream and me you and her where talking.

        • jello333 says:

          Oh wow, yeah the dream about George. The idiots over there made jokes about the part where MOM was a nurse or something… they thought they were being really insulting and making some valid point. Well sorry, idiots, we ALL joked about the MOM part of that dream. I have bizarre dreams almost nightly, and some of them are downright hilarious. I guess the JQers aren’t human like the rest of us. Who knew?… But I find it pretty telling that those people also left out the main point of T&C’s dream. That being the natural emotional reaction she had to meeting George. And if I recall correctly, you and I and others AGREED with her: Sometimes I wish I could just give George and Shellie a hug and tell them things are gonna be alright.

          So anyway, I hope that’s not why T&C has been missing recently. There was NOTHING wrong with that dream, or telling us about it. Part of it (MOM as a nurse) was just the typical goofy stuff ALL of us stick into our dreams. And the other part, about your/our feelings toward George. Well, be proud of that… it just shows what a good person YOU are.

    • justfactsplz says:

      They have appeared at ClickOrlando.com. and are quite hateful towards the whole Zimmerman family and their friends.

      • Sha says:

        justfactsplz: Misery need’s company. There trying to harrass anyone who supports the Zimmerman’s .

        • Sha says:

          oop’s to many r’s on harass :oops:

        • justfactsplz says:

          I know. I find it interesting that they are searching out new stomping grounds. They need a lot of prayer because they are so filled with downright hate. You know, I have not read anything from George’s supporters that they hate the Martin camp. No wishing they rot in prison, no death threats towards any of them or their children. I don’t hate them but I feel they should be held accountable according to the LAW for their evil deeds, but only according to the law and constitution of the United States of America. The last I knew, racial hate crimes were to be prosecuted. Just saying.

          • Sha says:

            justfactsplz : I don’t hate anyone. I might not agree with the thing’s they do , but I don’t hate them. I feel sorry for them. To be filled with so much anger and hate for someone you don’t even know has to be a terrible life. There has to be something wrong with someone to wish so much harm on another person.

  4. ftsk420 says:

    I was just looking at Tracy Martin twitter for a little something to Trayvon for Thanksgiving and there was nothing. Nothing from his cousin either. I thought the first Thanksgiving without him would have been a big deal.

    • James F says:

      Apparently there is no longer any money to be made from public displays of grief, so why bother.

    • hooson1st says:

      No matter what they do at this point, it will be open to further criticism.
      If they say nothing – why are they saying nothing?
      If they say something – see they are continuing their campaign.
      Bottom line, what they say or don’t say is irrelevant to GZ’s ongoing court battles.

  5. Eric says:


    When your family really isn’t a family, it’s not surprising to say the least.

  6. jello333 says:

    Hmm… that made me a little sad. Every once in awhile I start feeling a little sympathy toward Trayvon. What he did to George that night was terrible, and Trayvon was old enough to know better, and therefore deserves the blame he gets. But it’s also true that he didn’t arrive at that point in his life all on his own. I think he had a LOT of help getting there, which is just one reason I CAN’T find any sympathy toward his parents. I mean Tracy, Sybrina, and to a lesser extent Alicia (since she apparently at least hasn’t “benefited” from Trayvon’s death).

    • justfactsplz says:

      I agree, that young man was a product of his environment and it is very sad.

    • Sha says:

      I have help raise 4 boy’s beside’s my own . The hardiest thing in the world is to bring a teen back to being a kid from parent’s who treat them like there grown. Some parent’s won’t to be there friend not there parent. I can’t speak for Tracy or Sabrina are the way they raised Trayvon, but I have had boy’s who act like him. They take alot of attention and someone one step behind them. I have fought to save my boy’s and I love them all . I have even fought there parent’s about the way they were raising them. I don’t know a perfect way to raise a child . I just know you have to make time for them and what’s going on in there lives and above all else they need to know they are loved.

    • Alexandra M. says:

      I agree with you guys. I alternate between sadness AND anger that Trayvon didn’t have his OWN PARENTS involved enough in his life to get him back on track. Or what about caring about Trayvon enough to monitor his social media accounts? He did not have the absolute right to privacy as a minor with his “parents”. What about Big Brothers programs and other mentoring opportunities? What about helping your own son full out applications for his first PT job? Or sitting down to dinner and TALKING?. I just think Trayvon had so little structure and consistency that he was already headed for big trouble. I swear I wish that night never even had to happen. But self-defense is what this is 100% and Trayvon should have been grounded while on school suspension! Grounded as in no phone, no freedom to go out of the house for 7-11 “items”, etc.
      Sorry for the rant. Just so many things that could have been preventative for this round man’s quality of life. His biggest obstacles to success? MOM and DAD.

  7. Mike says:

    ftsk420 says:
    November 23, 2012 at 2:40 pm
    I was just looking at Tracy Martin twitter for a little something to Trayvon for Thanksgiving and there was nothing. Nothing from his cousin either. I thought the first Thanksgiving without him would have been a big deal.


    And I would expect that if Mr. Martin did twitter a message about his son Trayvon, you would post the message here. I can’t even imagine the grief Trayvon’s family must be going through. To lose a child at such a young age is a tragedy. Let’s all take a moment and say a prayer for Trayvon and family.

    • jello333 says:

      Read my other comment about that point. I personally DO sometimes feel sympathy for Travyon, despite what he did that night. And under normal circumstances, I COULD feel some sympathy toward his parents. But not now! Not after all the lies they’ve told, and everything they’ve done with their patented grief tour. It’s bad enough that they are exploiting the death of their own son (Tracy and Sybrina… I don’t think Alicia has done much of that). But they’ve also spent every waking hour for the past several months trying to DESTROY George and his whole family. They KNOW he’s innocent, and yet they see a benefit ($$$$$$ and otherwise) to making George out to be a terrible person. And THAT is kinda hard to just ignore or forgive.

    • Sha says:

      Mike : Unlike the people who wish horrible thing’s on GZ and his family we don’t wish bad thing’s on TM’s family. I have said a prayer for his family and for him , just because I don’t agree with the things they have done doesn’t mean I don’t understand they have lost there child. What you need to understand is GZ is someone’s son also and he could have died that night instead of TM. He has a family also and he has a right to live and to defend himself.

      • Angel says:

        ” Unlike the people who wish horrible thing’s on GZ and his family we don’t wish bad thing’s on TM’s family. I have said a prayer for his family and for him , just because I don’t agree with the things they have done doesn’t mean I don’t understand they have lost there child.

        I said a prayer for the Martin family when I said a prayer for GZ and his family on Thanksgiving Day. Loss of a loved one is hard especially the first holidays without them.

    • I can’t imagine the grief they must be experiencing since they now must realize that they’re not going to profit from the tragic death of their son as they had been promised. I’m sure that Tracey & Sybrina wont regret not burying Trayvon in peace rather than causing international exposure of Trayvon’s failing education (drop out), social media & school police records. Yeah: Since Travelers told the Scheme Team to shove their extortion racket, the family & the Scheme Team has been all but absent from the media circus. I’d guess they’ve re-upped for the “Trash-Can tour” across America. Yep: Praise Jesus & pass the trash-cans in support of the new mother of civil rights

    • Alexandra M. says:

      Just so you know, I do pray for Trayvon and his friends HOWEVER I also pray for George and his family. They BOTH have my sincerest prayers!

  8. Mike says:

    Unless we are in someone’s shoes, we have no idea how we would react. This family lost their son, brother. Please don’t judge them. Trayvon is dead and buried. Why all the nonsense? If Mr. Martin wanted to tweet about his son, then so be it. And if he didn’t tweet about his son, are we all to believe he never cared or loved his son? Who has the right to measure how the family felt about their son? I truly believe they loved him very much, and miss him deeply. It is so sad to read some of these comments about a 17 year old. Why all this hate? I just don’t understand it.

    • Sha says:

      Mike : If you won’t to see hate , try reading some of the comment’s aimed at GZ and his family, try explaining why people think raping a man is o.k. . Try explaining to the Zimmerman’s why they have to hide because of what happened between TM and GZ. Try explaining to Robert Jr why he is being harassed on his twitter account with hate filled comments. You tell me where the value of one life is worth more than another.

      • Angel says:

        ” Try explaining to Robert Jr why he is being harassed on his twitter account with hate filled comments”

        And he is being harassed non-stop by Bigboithedog and some others on twitter.

        • jello333 says:

          From reading Bigboi and some of her buddies, they’re just…. I mean, we all know how hate-filled and vile they are. But sometimes it’s the STUPID that stands out more than anything else. They really, seriously don’t seem to understand where this is all headed. They go on and on about how “We’re one day closer to seeing Zimmerman sentenced to 25 to life.” They talk about how the evidence is all against George. On and on. I don’t know, maybe it’s wrong of us to even assume those people actually know what that evidence is. I mean, anyone, ANYONE who has studied the evidence knows that it’s precisely the opposite of what Bigboi and the others claim. The evidence is almost totally IN GEORGE’S FAVOR. How can they not see that? Oh god, and their new theory… “front to back shot”, “it proves Zimmerman had his arm extended when he shot”, blah, blah, blah. Are they REALLY that stupid? Sometimes I think that LMPapa guy is just playing with these people. Sort of a gullibility experiment. He makes a video that any sane person who has followed this case can discredit in 5 seconds, and yet the JQers and Dog Pound all drool over it. It’s almost embarrassing to watch the process, since it’s the same, over and over, day after day.

          Oh well, they’ll figure it out soon enough. These people are in for a RUDE awakening. And it might even happen before we reach the immunity hearing. Why do these people think Serino hired Baez? Why do they think Crump and his buddies have been back-peddling so furiously? Why do they think the majority of the media are no longer in their corner? Why do they think insurance companies are refusing the Scheme Team’s extortion attempts? Connect the dots, people!

          • rumpole2 says:

            They were bad from the outset… swallowed the initial narrative but they were at least seeing posts suggesting the other (correct) side of things. You get this sort of “Lynch ‘em” mentality from a very vocal minority with every case. What made this batch worse than the usual, at least as far as JQ goes, was the endorsement of them by the site owner. To shut down one side of the argument and to bully and ban people to remove them from all discussion, or at least drive them away from this case, left them festering in their own secretions. To then further hide from any light of reason and truth with a block on normal public scrutiny was tantamount to spreading themselves like a vile infection on agar in a dark and humid place to grow and fester on their own little petri dish.
            They reinforce each others stupid notions… awarding “Post of The Day” to the very dopiest of posts :D
            Their notions breed with each other.. with no outside information it is the worst sort of inbreeding…. you almost hear the strain of “Dueling Banjos” as you open the JQ index page :D

        • Sha says:

          Angel: I know ….. I check in on him every once in a while. He is a sweet young man, because my temper would have got the best of me by now if I where him.

    • kathyca says:

      Speaking only for myself, I “hate” that these parents and those whom they’ve chosen to surround themselves with have decided to ruin the life of another human being and his entire family for the sole purpose of financial gain to be achieved by exploiting the death of their son based on a narrative that they know to be so far from the truth that it is laughable to suggest otherwise. Not to mention that, in the process, they have succeeded (indeed, reveled) in creating a racial schism where none exists. Manufactured out of whole cloth to support their “payday.” For that I judge them, with no hesitation or apology.

      • jello333 says:

        Perfectly put, Kathy

      • myopiafree says:

        Well said – it is the truth of it.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I agree.:)

      • Knuckledragginwino says:

        I too hate TM’s “parents” for lynching GZ for their financial gain. I could understand their shock and denial that made them reluctanct to admit that their son got himself killed because they raised him up to be a thug. However; I have nothing but hatred for all of the poverty pimps that encouraged and nurtured that denial for their financial and political gain. There must be a special place in hell for Crump, Parks, jullison, Jacksons (Natalie and Jesse), Sharpton, Farakan and the New Black Panther Party who incited violent riots and threatened even more violence to line their pockets. However; my most extreme hatred is reserved for our poverty pimp-in-chief, Barack (not not that Hussien) Obama who inflamed and exploited racial tensions with his “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin” comment. Obama’s unfortunate victory and general contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law convinces me that he will emulate his good friend Morsi of Egypt by declaring himself dictator. I now have no doubt that the politics of the United States will degenerate into a civil war and that I will be compelled to hunt down exterminate the bastard sons and daughters of Obama to preserve my freedom.

        • Angel says:

          I now have no doubt that the politics of the United States will degenerate into a civil war and that I will be compelled to hunt down exterminate the bastard sons and daughters of Obama to preserve my freedom.

          You can leave me in peace because I am an orphan ;-).

          • Angel says:

            oops – From “I down to preserve my freedom” should be quotes as I am quoting from a post that appeared before mine.

          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            That is the saddest aspect of civil wars, they force people to take sides.

            There was once upon a time when Lebanon was referred to as “The Swtzerland of the Middle East” because it was predominantly Christian but with large minorities of Sunni and Shite Muslims who live in peace and a smaller minority of Jews. They lived in peace because Winston Churchill had geremanderred the border to create a safe have for Christians. The political structure of the country had been designed with the. Intention of ensuring Christian control but with enough representation by Muslims to protect their rights. Unfortunately; the Muslims out bred the Christians and asserted dominance. The resulting civil war was iconic. Many, many people who had prided themselves on their tolerance and their friendships with people of different religions were compelked to support their own group to survive. The same thing happened in Rowanda where the Government’s insistence in inciting a genocidal civil war compelled people to choose factions and become militant.

            President Obama and his supporters were not content with the evolving tolerance in the United States that had enable Colin Powell (Colon Bowell) and Cndoleza Rice ton serve with destinction in a Republican administration. I had been very proud to see them in their positions, yet the left felt compelled to villifynthem as Uncle Toms. Obama’s race baiting politics has changed that. Colon Bowell’s photo op with Farakan at the Olypics illustrates confirms my reservations about him. Although I knew that Condi Rice didn’t share my views on all issues, I liked her (and not just because she is hot) but now I would never trust her to be VP much less President. Even Allen West issued a statement condemning GZ.

            When Obama and his ilk succeed in provoking a civil war, I will be very cognizant of the fact that some Black people and Hispanics didn’t support Obama and even many of the people in the huge majority who did support Obama were not evil. However; when President Obama finally escalates his usurpation of the Constitution and rule of law as Morsi of Egypt has, I will not have the luxury of sorting out who is who. Because I understand that demography is destiny, I will not even have the luxury of not engaging engaging those people of particular groups who avoid confrontation. My goal will be to do what I can to transform the demographics of the US so that never again will someone like Obama have any chance of being elected. Since women supported Obama so overwhelmingly, the existence of so many wonderful women such as Bachman, Palin and Mia Love will not dissuade me from favoring repeal of the 19th Amendment.
            If you no of a way to restore the Republic without resorting to such drastic measures, I would be willing to consider it.

    • Mike – If you were describing Mr. and Mrs. Jones, or Smith, or (________) fill in the blank, you might be right.

      Alas, you are not. You are attaching, actually projecting, emotion onto the emotionless, character to the unscrupled, dignity to the undignfied, and selflessness to the most selfish of all persons…..

      For Sybrina Trayvon was an annoyance in life,…. for Tracy a responsibility he did not want…. In Death he became a free lunch, a meal ticket, a golden goose – nothing more and nothing less.

      THAT, is sad indeed.

  9. anwtex says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this. So this over sized 17 y/o football player traps a guy on his back, commits a felony assault by repeatedly banging his head onto the concrete (ADW) and in so doing he is honored.
    With messages like this (and all the other backwards garbage spewed by the likes of JJ, Sharpton and others of their ilk) going out there is zero minus 2 hope for that community.
    Stop the world I want to get off!

    “Trayvon Martin Makes Ebony Magazine’s 2012 Power 100″

    With its Dec./Jan. issue—hitting newsstands the week of November 5—EBONY magazine reveals its 2012 Power 100 list of the nation’s most influential African Americans. The annual Power 100 is a broad-range listing of politicians and athletes, entertainers and CEOs, authors and digerati. Top players in the worlds of religion, business, media, the creative arts and more are celebrated based on their impactful ideas and influence. “In this issue, EBONY selects the 100 primary influencers and game changers who have made vital accomplishments during the past year.” …


  10. dmoseylou says:

    “Let me see if I’ve got this.”
    Yep, I’d say you have got this exactly right. Good to see you, I have been wondering where you have been. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. :D :D

  11. Mike says:

    Sha says:
    November 23, 2012 at 6:00 pm
    Mike : If you won’t to see hate , try reading some of the comment’s aimed at GZ and his family, try explaining why people think raping a man is o.k. . Try explaining to the Zimmerman’s why they have to hide because of what happened between TM and GZ. Try explaining to Robert Jr why he is being harassed on his twitter account with hate filled comments. You tell me where the value of one life is worth more than another.


    Well Sha, I choose not to search for those sort of comments. I try to keep up on the latest doc dump, and occassionally will search around to see what if anything has come out pertaining to the facts of the case. I sometimes run across comments that I feel are out of line, and might make a comment, but not meant as an attack…sometimes I become disappointed on what people are saying, but I guess some folks just enjoy badgering others. I really have nothing more to add, so I will politely sign off.

  12. James F says:

    Somebody should tell this bigot that Mexican is a nationality, not a race. Mexicans come in all size’s, shapes, colors, religions and races. Assuming all Mexican’s fit your preconceived stereotype is as offensive as assuming all Canadian’s are white, Laura.

  13. Sharon says:

    What’s happening to George and his family is a massive mess, worthy of consideration and understanding, but the non-Treehouse groupies are taking up an awful lot of time and effort with these types of conversations (discussing and responding to [here] what they said somewhere else) giving them, secondhand, the attention they obviously crave.

    Why give them the satisfaction?

  14. strat4evr says:

    Fact…… The Zimmerman family has gone public. Whether they have made money on their public appearances I don’t know. Shellies family has refused to go public or accept any monies though they have been offered. Believe it cause it is a fact…..

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