11-18 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

REMINDER – Please WATCH THE TONE and CONTENT of Commentary. Please be respectful, courteous and considerate of other readers and contributors. Please avoid hatespeak, angry rhetoric, vulgarity, personal attacks and condescension. If you wish to engage in vitriolic, racist, or bitter angry rhetoric, there are alternative sites on the internet more than welcoming to such considerations. But not here. Thank You.

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71 Responses to 11-18 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Angel says:

    Wrote this awhile back in my journal and came across it today doing some writing:

    Linking MOM to what is perceived my many to be a racist blog is way to discredit MOM and the defense. Nothing more. It’s laughable that people think that high-profile lawyers such as West and MOM are not equipped to engage in logical and critical thinking based on fact which is the foundation of putting an argument forth in the court of law and that their only hope is help from bloggers. Do people honestly believe that West and Mom will stake their rep and the freedom of their client just on the musings of bloggers? Please, people. They didn’t get their law degree from a diploma mill. I think they actually learned law while in law school unlike some I can think of.

    • Alexandra M. says:

      Well said! In addition, I’ve read that O’Mara is a well-respected defense attorney with a solid reputation behind him of DECADES of representing all kinds of people in need of criminal defense……including probably hundreds of African-American clients!! And–he was just as vigorous and through in his defense of those clients as he’s been with Zimmerman. I just DON’T GET IT where these radical race-baiters even get off thinking Mr. O’Mara is anything but a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer who is not in his first rodeo! To even THINK be is somehow “racist” is just absurd given his past history of clientele and legal advocacy.

    • raiikun says:

      Heh and for that matter, the claims that this is a racist blog is equally absurd. There’s no truth to their claims; no evidence to support it…they just need something to attack the credibility here due to a complete lack of actual facts that support their views.

      I saw someone once mention that this site is racist due to the criticism of Obama/Crump/Holder etc. I pointed out that the criticism is not related to race, it’s of their actions of individuals. The response “And they all just happen to be black, huh?”

      Which anyone who follows this blog with any kind of regularity knows that’s not true. There’s criticisms here of white individuals and black individuals. There’s also endorsements of white individuals and black individuals. That simple truth totally destroys their claims though, so they just kinda ignore it.

      • rumpole2 says:

        JQ sure is a RICH source of psychological data.. I wish I was back doing a Phd :D
        TRANSFERENCE abounds… they attribute their own foibles and psychological defects on others.
        I was shown a post by Teetowel yesterday… because it referenced “Rumpole2″ by name…. just the usual silly potty mouthed stuff mainly… but it did claim upset at “us” reading “there”… because I had posted examples of THEM reading here… not sure whether to classify that as irony or stupidity.. certainly the fact that her very complaint was only made possible by THEM lurking here was wasted on the feeble intellect of Teetowel.
        She finished her lament with a claim that I was a coward?? Also rich, since I have told the admin there to “their faces” what I think of them (and got banned for it). It is they who are afraid of hearing both sides.. hence they ban people and HIDE in shame now…. you can’t get more cowardly than that. :D

        • jello333 says:

          That, I just don’t get. Them hiding behind a password-protected gate. And banning everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Now they’ve not only got an echo chamber… it’s an echo chamber that can’t even be VIEWED by those outside, let alone contribute comments to. What exactly do they get out of it? It CAN’T be enjoyable. I’m not even making fun of them now… I do that sometime, but not now. Right now I’m being serious: I don’t understand WHY they’re doing what they’re doing. They CAN’T be enjoying themselves, can they?

          • What they get is the ability to discus their theories and come up with new ones with only like minded individuals around. It prevents outsiders from pointing out the actual evidence and irrationality of the theories. I’m sure they quite enjoy congratulating each other on their brilliance and insight as well as feeding off of each other’s delusion. Just look at Leatherman’s blog and you can see a sample of how I imagine the closed forums are like. Absolutely insane.

            • rumpole2 says:

              But half their time is spent talking about what WE post :D
              They do secretly admire us… a large number of them read here and report back to the nest under the rock.

          • rumpole2 says:

            Update: Teetowel is getting funnier. :D
            You can’t make this stuff up….
            She opines “why don’t they come here (to JQ) and post? eh????
            How delusion can you get?
            Several ppl from here, and reasonable posters from their own site, have tried and been BANNED, and now they are cowering in shame where real people can’t read, and ARE NOT ALLOWED IN TO POST lolol
            Yet..they are free to come here… most of them do.. every day, throughout the day.
            The threads here are open for ALL TO READ… and even post, if they refrain from their usual bad-mannered, potty mouthed style.

            • jello333 says:

              I told my wife about that place awhile back, just before I was banned. She read some of their stuff, and saw how they acted. At first she was mad, because she’s come to really care about George and his plight, just like the rest of us. But then, a couple hours later, you know what she said? “I don’t think you guys (referring to us here at the Treehouse) should make fun of them. I think most of those people have something wrong with them. I’m serious, either they’re not very smart, or they’re crazy, or they stay in their house all day because they have no friends, or something.” And she was being sincere. ;)

        • Sha says:

          Yeah… I read what they said and thought it was funny that they make fun of people showing compassion for George and for praying for him. GUESS WHAT I hope you can read this from the other site because, I’m gonna pray for YOU TO ….. you better run because I prayed for you to get some compassion in your heart’s for all people.

      • jello333 says:

        No matter how much I care about this case, and about George himself, I wouldn’t be at this site if it was “racist”. It’s NOT. The people here are NOT. Oh sure, once in awhile there’s a comment that isn’t “politically correct”, and is worded in a way I wouldn’t word it. But that’s NOT the same as “racist”. I now feel like I ‘m friends with a bunch of people here, and anyone who’s known me IRL, knows I wouldn’t say that if this was “a site full of racists”. I don’t do racism, I don’t like racism, and I don’t like racists. Which, by the way, is just one reason I don’t like most of the people on the Scheme Team. THEY are racists. The regulars at the Treehouse?…. NOT racists.

    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      isnt that how the scheme team operates? they didnt get their diplomas from a mill though, they got them the easy way, the affirmative action way

  2. Angel says:

    “To even THINK be is somehow “racist” is just absurd given his past history of clientele and legal advocacy.”

    Anybody defending GZ and his right to due process is a rayciss or an Uncle Tom.

  3. selfdefenseadvocate says:

    Hope If George and his family are in the “Tree” today, that they are having some fun with the rest of us kids. It is a slow news day :cool: :wink:

    • jello333 says:

      Hey George, I don’t know what you and Shellie are into as far as games go. I assume you have and XBox 360 or Wii or something, and of course there are tons of great games for them. But if you’ve never tried it, I’d suggest getting into Dungeons & Dragons. If you get deep into it (like some insane people like me did ;) ) it’ll take up a TON of your time, in both prep and gameplay. But IMO it’s worth it… there’s nothing else like it. But even if you just wanna scratch the surface, with no plans to go crazy with it, it’s still extremely fun, even just starting out. A couple people is all you need, but if you’ve got 4 or 5 available it’s even better.

      Heh, not sure why I decided to do that little promo for D&D. Oh well… ;)

      • yankeeintx says:

        Many strict Catholics stay away from DnD.

      • raiikun says:

        Hehe I’m a pretty avid D&D player myself. (Even have some of the gaming materials originally owned by Gary Gygax when it went on auction not too long ago). We’ve been working on getting a campaign set up with the playtest rules of what will become 5th edition.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Self – If George is “with us” – I just admit that is it easy for me to sit here in freedom, and quiet, and post my commentary – while you, George, are suffering. I know that I can not lessen your suffering, and I know that each one of us could be in your “situation”. So if our words get to your eyes – then all of us on TreeHouse pray for your truth and freedom.

  4. rooferx says:

    This was close to my interpretation of the walkthru and the NEN call. Good Job manybuddies!

  5. Preston says:

    hey guys i know how to post videos here but how do you post a Photo? I found a new photo of Sybrina That is a must see..!

  6. Preston says:

    Hey everyone Please go and sign this petition and ask your friends and any supporters to please sign this. It’s a petition to have the Malicious Prosecution looked in to. please lets all do this.. Thanks


  7. Preston says:

    Comment removed by Admin….

  8. Preston says:

    sorry thanks for removing That was not the Right link Sorry Sorry

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