Friday Open Thread – November 9th

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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216 Responses to Friday Open Thread – November 9th

  1. jello333 says:

    Haven’t seen this mentioned here yet. Yesterday it was announced that Iran (supposedly) tried to shoot down a drone just off their coast. Supposedly in international waters. Obama is saber-rattling about it.

    Can anyone say Gulf of Tonkin?

  2. 22tula says:

    “I’m Sean Hannity and I’ve EVOLVED on illegal immigration”

    Alan Keyes – Immigration

    In a Sane World He Would Be President

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      After President Reagan passed immigration reform in the 1980s, George H.W. Bush actually got LESS support from the hispanic/latino community.

    • ragnar says:

      WOW! woo hoo. This is the point. Who in their right mind would gamble in a game without any chance to win? You can only win such a game by not playing it.

  3. texan59 says:

    One of our Treepers mentioned the ORCA project the other day. Here’s Ace’s take on it. Happy Friday all. ;)

  4. texan59 says:

    Here is someone who has actually studied the Hispanics and why “they” don’t vote for republicans. It ain’t because of illegal aliens.

  5. texan59 says:

    Isn’t it amazing how so many things come out a day or two after the elections. :evil:

  6. texan59 says:

    I’m hung up. :roll:

  7. ragnar says:

    The Libs are not happy today. They are trying to suck the stupid GOP in to co-operating with them bi-partisan, so they can blame it on us. The GOP will comply.

  8. texan59 says:

    Someone mentioned how we are going to have to rebuild this Country from the ground up. It is happening. While there are going to be places it will never happen, a Red Revolution is happening. Since clueless wonders like Boehner & Co. won’t do it we must.

  9. texan59 says:

    The ever classy Beyonce’ must’ve made a stop in sunny CA. :evil:

  10. WeeWeed says:

    Sounds like General Honore needs to go fix Noo Yawk and Joisey. How’d that Ben Ghazi vote go for y’all?

  11. texan59 says:

    For some reason, this kinda reminds me of Tuesday. Seemed to be cruisin’ to a win and them KABOOM!

  12. GracieD says:

    I told all of my friends up North that they should move South, but only if they are Conservative. :D

    • cajunkelly says:

      I hear ya Gracie. DH has family in NY…Islip to be exact. They’re struggling after the storm, and if that happened to them here in the cypress trees they *would* have better resources.

      They’re welcome here, but only if they can prove they didn’t vote for obama. /snark

    • michellc says:

      I’m home today because we have people coming to look at a calf, one lady that called yesterday about her doesn’t like me very much anymore. I was asking her where she was coming from in order to give her directions. She started telling me where she lived and I remembered on election day seeing an Obama/Biden sign by their driveway, so I asked her, “is that the house that has the Obama sign?” She cheerfully said it was. This was the only sign I saw anywhere in this entire county. I told her she didn’t need directions, that as long as I had some rights I could refuse to sell my animals and I would not sell my calf to someone who voted and campaigned for Obama and the destruction of our country. She told me that was discrimination and against the law. I told her to call the sheriff or sue me.

      Petty I know, but it made me feel good for a minute.

      • GracieD says:

        You could always say that you were our of saleable calves at the moment, but you would call them back when you had more stock. :D

        • michellc says:

          My husband said we were going to have the ACLU knocking on our door. I told him screw the ACLU. She’s white, I’ve saw her waiting beside her mailbox before, probably waiting on her government check. The ACLU can show me where the law says I can’t refuse to sell my property to a liberal idiot and last I checked they say whites can’t be discriminated

          I told him we didn’t get sued when you refused to sell a goat to a Muslim and told him he had a sick ass religion when he wanted to buy the goat and kill it on our land so the blood would purify the land or some kind of crazy crap.

      • ctdar says:

        You could say sorry, she needs to ask the gimmidat government for a calf….I’m sure they would get right on it in a few years.
        I asked a middle aged (white) woman the other day that had a O/B bumperticker on her car (is it my imagination but seems I’ve seen more since the election?) why did she vote for him…she couldn’t answer me and
        kept walking. I was friendly, curious not confrontational & just asked as we were walking same direction as our cars in CVS parking lot.
        Everyone should start asking questions to those you know supported O/B…i know most will probably be stoic but mayybe could make some think about their decision and maybe just maybe as the economy continues its downward path they might have a tinge of conscience?

        • yankeeintx says:

          Wow, so you got out of your vehicle, profiled her(O bumper sticker), stalked her(went in the same direction) and then confronted her(Asked her a question)? You better be careful. There is a whole group of people that probably think you should be arrested, and that she would have had the legal right to then turn and viciously assault you.

        • True story: on Thursday, the general manager, who voted for Obama, was in my office bitching about the unions and what bullies and extortionists they are. Then we were talking about our healthcare premiums (which just went up again) and I said, :But Obamacare is gonna fix all that.” He snarled “No it won’t. It’ll just get more and more expensive because we’re gonna be stuck paying for all the people who won’t pay for themselves.”

          At this point I was just staring at him incredulously. He knew exactly what I was thinking. “What? I didn’t say I liked everything about the guy.” I asked him to name one thing he did like. At first he said “i can’t” but then quickly came up with something about reduced federal spending. I just shook my head and walked away.

      • Good for you michellc, there is NOTHING illegal about discrimination based on political affiliation. Nothing at all. It is quite legal to discriminate based on political party. Political parties are not protected classes – you can quote me on that.

        • ctdar says:

          “Political parties are not protected classes”
          sounds like a SD bumpersticker

        • michellc says:

          Well, no sheriff and she’s probably too stupid to find the number to ACLU. lol

          All in all it’s been a good day and evening, sold the calf to a nice country boy who is as ticked and disgusted as the rest of us.
          My daughter and her fiance took us out to dinner and we had a good time. Okies are not happy. It was pretty busy and everyone was talking about what we can do.
          Then we went to a farm store and my daughter’s fiance had spilled coke on his jacket and he had a shoulder harness on and was going to sit in the car, we told him you don’t have to sit in the car, we have open carry and if they don’t like it then they can kiss your butt. So him and my husband walked in before my daughter and I and this girl in her early twenties said OMG he has a gun. Then she gets on the walkie talkie and tells all the employees there is someone with a gun on. My daughter is about to blow her top, I thought it was funny. So all of these young people are finding him in the store and staring at him and talking about it. My daughter says let’s go through her line, then as we’re walking to the cash register she tells the other girl, “see I told you he had a gun.”

          My daughter goes off on her(as my husband says she is my daughter), she tells her you do know we have open carry right and that he is allowed to carry his gun where you can see it? The girl says, “yeah I know.” SO my daughter says, “then why are you making such a big deal out of it.” The girl doesn’t say a word just starts ringing everything up. My daughter wasn’t through though. She goes on to tell her you live in Oklahoma it wasn’t that long ago where every truck in the parking lot had a gun rack with loaded guns in the window. Everyday at least half the people who walk in this store have a gun concealed. Grow up and get a brain, you people make me totally ashamed of my generation. You go into girly meltdowns because you see a gun in freaking Oklahoma. If you voted at all you probably did like the rest of the idiot young people and voted for Obama, because you’re too stupid to realize you voted to have your rights stripped away. Your too stupid to realize when you vote for more government and you vote for dependency on government, you’re voting to be nothing more than a ward of the state. I hope they put everyone of you idiot sheep in concentration camps when you line up with your hand out.”
          By this time I had to walk out, I was laughing too hard at the look on this girl’s face.

          Then my husband walks out and he’s laughing followed my daughter and her fiance who are also laughing. So I ask them if she ever said anything and they said she told them how much it was and to have a good night. Then told the other girl as they were walking out, they should understand guns scare people and she didn’t have to be so mean and how did she know who I voted for anyway and then do you have any idea what she meant about a camp. That was what had them all dying laughing.

          We laughed all the way home. Then we all started saying how we can spot the 33% of Oklahomans who voted for Obama, just walk around with your gun in plain sight, see who’s using their ebt card, who waits beside their mailbox around the first of the month and go around asking random people what a concentration camp is. I still can’t stop laughing.

          • cajunkelly says:

            LOL I have a name for those who wait by their mailboxes;

            box buzzards

          • cajunkelly says:

            Oh and I *so* wish one of you had vid-camed that! Woulda gone viral on youtube.

            • michellc says:

              That’s what my son said when he found about it. He was mad that we didn’t, so he could of saw it.
              My daughter told him that she honestly wasn’t going to say anything she just wanted to go through her line because she was acting so stupid and make her have to stare at the gun, but then right in front of us she still couldn’t shutup and after days of boiling and seeing on fb how many of her generation voted for him again, she just couldn’t stop herself.
              So none of us even thought about it until it was too late.

              I still can’t stop laughing at the look on her face. My husband keeps cracking me up asking what kind of camp is Obama going to take me too.

      • Patriot Dreamer says:

        Not all discrimination is illegal. ;)

        • ragnar says:

          Fire all Democrats.

            • michellc says:

              I’ve been reading on some comments around the internet that some bosses are targeting democrats. I read one guy who said that he knew Wed. morning that Obamacare was here to stay and he had no choice but to let 3 people go in order to get under the 50 and he was agonizing over it, but then he heard two of his employees talking cheerfully about Obama being re-elected and his decision became much easier and that he told them he couldn’t afford Obamacare so three had to go and since they voted for Obamacare they were 2 of the 3.

              So I guess that is one way to fire democrats, but then it just puts more on our dime.

  13. cajunkelly says:

    Someone *please* git me outta the moderation cell! I’s claustrophic and these bars are givin me a rash! :)

    • stellap says:

      Sorry! Youse been targeted, but I let you out. Can’t promise it won’t happen again, but will try to keep an eye on things.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Cajunkelly – I feel your pain. It happened to me a while back. It’s the program WordPress, not the mods. There’s nothing they can do but patrol the spam bucket, and release the trapped posts, which they do really quickly.

      Eventually, as suddenly and mysteriously as the persecution started, it will also end. And no one will know why. :D

      Meanwhile, just relax, and be as cheerful and trusting as you can.

      “And this too shall pass” – Old Chinese saying

    • WeeWeed says:

      Log out of WP, then log back in. You’ve misspelled your email address and I guess WP “knows” it. See what happens, anyway…..

  14. cajunkelly says:

    BTW folks, I’ve made an excecutive decision regarding my empty chair and tumped over, ragged lookin Greek columns.

    THOSE sumbeaches are gonna SIT right there for FOUR years! The columns are made from some sort of cast material…looks like chalk, and as they deteriorate I will take pictures….document the decay.

  15. 22tula says:

    If You Want It Here It Is Come And Get It…

    … But You Better Hurry ‘Cause It Will Not Last

  16. ragnar says:

    It just dawned on me. The House is our last chance to stop them. But our General is John Boner. All is lost.

    • GracieD says:

      I have already contacted my congresscritter and told him to ditch Boehner! You cn bet that I will give as much as possible to whomever primaries him in ’14!

      • Ms.Tee says:

        I told a friend two years ago that Paul Ryan should have been majority leader and not Boehner’s trifling behind. My friend laughed at me..Boehner is a part of the K Street crowd–he was never going to work for us to begin with!

      • Sharon says:

        Serious question: what good would that do under the present lawless condition of the cowardly congress in general? It would be a fine a statement to make, but it wouldn’t change what’s happening.

  17. cajunkelly says:

    Wanna read somethin sad?

    Just got notice that our idiot leader is gonna speak on the channel I was watchin,..

    So I switched over and I’m watching midget stripper/booty shakin competions on Springer.

  18. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Good News: Obama Won County in Ohio with 108% Voter Registration

    • michellc says:

      Isn’t that nice and I guess he’s so darn lucky that he also won 99% of the vote where they kicked out the Republican poll watchers. I’m sure it’s all on the up and up though.

  19. stellap says:

    General Petraeus has resigned?

    • cajunkelly says:

      Yep, just submitted his letter of resignation…per the headlines on FOX home page.

    • The Tundra PA says:

      Yeah, just saw that Stella. And I don’t believe it for a minute! No expose (sp?), no leaks to the media, what, he just suddenly was consumed by a crisis of conscience? And even though no one knew about it, he had to resign because of what it said about his poor judgement? Just not buyin’ it. How many ways can you spell Benghazi?

  20. dreamerspirit says:

    The chumps…oops, chips are beginning to fall. David Patraeus Resigns. Obama brings down another star.

  21. cajunkelly says:

    Oh hell, y’all be right! Three Ps instead of two.

    I’m on pain meds…that’s my excuse and I’m stickin with it….

  22. cajunkelly says:

    but my lil thingie at the top that alerts me when someone replies to a post I made ain’t workin….

    I’ma make me a tinfoil hat now….

  23. dreamerspirit says:

    David Patraeus resigns over extra-marital affair.

  24. Sharon says:

    On Wednesday, Murray also laid off 54 people at American Coal, one of his subsidiary companies, and 102 at Utah American Energy, blaming a “war on coal” by the administration of President Barack Obama.”

    Murray Energy is the country’s largest privately owned coal mining company, with about 3,000 employees producing about 30 million tons of bituminous coal a year, according to its Web site.

  25. Pingback: 'Republicans' Rush To Help Obama Destroy America: Sean Hannity, "I've Evolved On Immigration" | Sad Hill News

  26. John Denney says:

    Been seeing a lot of talk about going off the grid (going Galt). Maybe the Amish had the right idea all along . . .

  27. WeeWeed says:

    Bar!! Beer!! We’re hangin’ at Ragnar’s joint tonight!! And now – this has been an ugly week. I need something in the key of Elvis.


    Arrrrgghh!! :D

  28. ragnar says:

    Sign the articles matey. Now is the time. Breakout. Bust out. Detach and prepare. I can smell it coming. A big ole storm.

  29. Sharon says:

    I know we have a bunch of sooper-texans here and we’d crawl across cactus for ya–but I got a little Cruz rant I need to do. He’s just now being interviewed by Mark Levin and speaking wonderfully about fine things. And then he says something along these lines, “If this administration actually wants to get control of spending, …..I will help….blahblahblahblah….but if this administration claims they have a mandate to keep do what they they are doing I will fight them every day blahblahblahblah…”

    News bulletin for the marvelous Senator-elect Cruz: Teh Won has already claimed a mandate to double down.

    I’m screaming now, but what’s the point of even going all caps: Why do elected Republicans persist in the delusional nonsense of giving them the language of surrender. The nice language of “I really don’t want to fight.” Why. Pounding head on desk. Screaming now ceased. Makes my head hurt.

    More bacon, please.

    • WeeWeed says:

      I’ma waitin’ to see if he, too, stabs us in the back. Naive, he is, but won’t be for long. Cornyn and Conaway will corrupt him in the long run. We shall see. Oh, and here….


    • michellc says:

      Don’t you know Sharon, people don’t want fighting, they want everyone to get along and roast marshmallows around the campfire, that’s what we will hear more and more of as time goes by.
      It’s up to us now to rise up, we can’t do it through congress. We all need to channel our founding Fathers to see how we go about doing that.
      That’s what I’ve been asking God, reveal to me what we should do and how we should do it.

      • Sharon says:

        Yes, I know that. But I am disgusted that someone with the apparent comprehension of Sen.-Elect Cruz apparently does not know how ignorant he sounds when he talks as though he really believes that there is any getting along with these thugs.

        I think we need to start giving IQ tests to candidates for office. If he’s that stupid (yes, I went there) then he’s no better than the rest of them already.

        • ragnar says:

          We must stop putting faith in elected officials. It is futile. They have to be elected. if you get my drift. Why bet on a Nag.

          • Sharon says:

            I am not putting one ounce of faith in them. I did not think he was lying throughout the whole campaign. I have read that the people of Texas think a great deal of him. Now I have to wonder why. Apparently they didn’t know either that he’s not truthful.

            Apparently beyond not putting faith in them, we have to let them all know that we will assume they are evil, lying, deceived, incompetent, ignorant, nation-destroying fools from the git-go. And if they want us to think otherwise, they’re going to have to prove it.

        • michellc says:

          Not that I think anything about elections or congress amounts to a hill of beans anymore, but the best thing I know is refuse to vote for anyone who has been any type of politician, but then I think Washington corrupts them the second they’re elected.

          I honestly wish I had the answers, but I don’t. Like I said, I think it will be the people who have to rise up and it’s kind of sad but with a lot more ways to communicate and ban together we’re far behind the great men and women who actually did do that to build this nation. Of course they didn’t have drones, tanks and heat seeking missiles to contend with either.
          So I think the country has to hit rock bottom and we all have to go through hell before anything will ever change.

          • ragnar says:

            Know any good programs to sign on to help drain the treasury faster? I want to get it over with.

            • michellc says:

              Give him a much larger stimulus this time. Then I’m going to pretend to build solar panels and batteries, but not really build them, just going to lease a huge building and hire people at minimum wage, but less than 50 so I don’t waste any of that government money on Obamacare, to play cards all day, then I’m going to turn all that stimulus money into silver and gold.
              I’m already doing the paperwork for that grant.

      • cajunkelly says:

        Only if you let *them* tell you which stick to use and how long it can be. They also have to tell you what brand of marshmallows you can use, and just how long you can roast ‘em.

  30. Josh says:

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (UPI) — Defense officials denied political motives in not reporting for a week that Iranian fighter planes shot at an unarmed U.S. drone five days before Election Day

    Read more:

  31. WeeWeed says:


  32. WeeWeed says:

    And for us tejanos.

  33. GracieD says:

    Two of Louisiana’s favorite sons: Eddy Raven and Jo-El Sonnier ( an old friend of this Cajun Lady).

  34. WeeWeed says:

    And some Allman Brothers for grins.

  35. cajunkelly says:

    This is what I see us, the treepers, being for each other.

    God knows times are rough right now.

  36. cajunkelly says:

    This song, more than any other, I know exactly where I was, and when it was that I heard it first.

  37. WeeWeed says:

    And Ben Ghazi’s theme song – for the rest of us peasants.

  38. WeeWeed says:

    Sums up my week – tomorrow, peeps!! Old songs, for an OLD problem.

  39. cajunkelly says:

    Give *me* 10 minutes with this….dammit…adjectives fail me….

    • Sharon says:

      “unfortunately she was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Scott said.

      Well, clearly she was in the wrong. You do see that, don’t you, CK?

      If she had just stayed off the bus, this would never have happened. And now this burden of being called a rapist has been added to the poor black man’s life. She’s probably a racist.

  40. cajunkelly says:

    Lying sumbitches…paragraph one and three do not compute;

    It was the third rape so far this year on county buses that annually carry millions of people.

    Bus drivers are trained to call transit dispatchers when they become aware of a possible crime, said Marc Littman, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. If a crime is in progress, there is a silent alarm on board that can be tripped.

    “This is an extremely rare occurrence,” he said.

    • Sharon says:

      Wonder if this was one of obama’s sons? Looks like.

    • Sharon says:

      If you consider 3 rapes a year “routine” then it does compute. To them, 3 rapes a year makes it extremely rare. It would have to get up to 40 or 50 rapes a year to be an issue. Sheesh. Lighten up.

      (Sorry. I’m so angry I can’t think straight)…….

  41. cajunkelly says:

    I am so disgusted I won’t watch ANY news. Seeing FOX as my home page pisses me off.

    I’ve resorted to playing a lot of bubbles games along with angry bird.

    My brain is scrambled, and I have no where to place my anger.

    I think I’m takin my toys to the range tomorrow. :evil:

  42. ragnar says:

    Plant kicked Robinsons ass 2nite…Go Panthers!!!

  43. scubachick75 says:

    Love this teacher!

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